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Top 100 Disney Songs

It's been a while since I've done a top 100 list. To be honest I'm not sure why I brought it back, maybe I really am that stupid.

Anyway, feeling the Disney mood lately so figured I'd cash in out that and put down my top 100 Disney songs. I would link each of the songs but that's just too much effort and you're all adults, you can look them up in your own time.


Yodel Hell: Home On The Range – 100

Savages: Pocahontas

What Makes The Red Man Red : Peter Pan

No Way Out - Brother Bear

With A Smile & A Song: Snow White

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: Cinderella

Look Through My Eyes: Brother Bear

Mine Mine Mine: Pocahontas

I’m Still Here - Treasure Planet

Second Star To The Right: Peter Pan

Bella Notte: Lady & The Tramp – 90

Your Mother & Mine: Peter Pan

Baby Mine: Dumbo

Some Day My Prince Will Come: Snow White

Bells Of Notre Dame: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

When Will My Life Begin: Tangled

Whistle While You Work: Snow White

Ma Belle Evageline: Princess & The Frog

Know Who You Are: Moana

The Gospel Truth: Hercules

Following The Leader: Peter Pan - 80

Dig A Little Deeper: Princess & The Frog

Court Of Miracles: Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Reflection - Mulan

You Can Fly - Peter Pan

Dwarves Yodel: Snow White

Out There: Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Love Is An Open Door: Frozen

We Know The Way: Moana

When You Wish Upon A Star: Pinocchio

Fixer Upper: Frozen – 70

Topsy Turvy: Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Siamese Cat Song: Lady & The Tramp

I’ve Got A Dream: Tangled

God Help The Outcasts: Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Try Everything: Zootopia

Down In New Orleans: Princess & The Frog

Colonol Hathi’s March: Jungle Book

Where You Are: Moana

Frozen Heart: Frozen

Zero to Hero: Hercules – 60

Trust In Me: Jungle Book

Go The Distance: Hercules

For The First Time In Forever: Frozen

When We’re Human: Princess & The Frog

Honour To Us All: Mulan

Gonna Take Your There: Princess & The Frog

You’ll Be In My Heart: Tarzan

Hi Diddly Dee (An Actor’s Life For Me): Pinocchio

Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo: Cinderella

I Won’t Say I’m In Love: Hercules – 50

The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind: Basil The Great Mouse Detective

Winnie The Pooh: The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

I’ve Got No Strings: Pinocchio

One Jump Ahead: Aladdin

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers: The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

I See The Light: Tangled

Two Worlds: Tarzan

Something There: Beauty & The Beast

Prince Ali: Aladdin

Almost There: Princess & The Frog – 40

Heigh-Ho: Snow White

Just Around The River Bend: Pocahontas

Cruella De Vill: 101 Dalmatians

Belle: Beauty & The Beast

Friend Like Me: Aladdin

Heffalumps & Woozles: Winnie The Pooh

Part Of Your World: Little Mermaid

Pink Elephants On Parade: Dumbo

He’s A Tramp: Lady & The Tramp

Do You Want To Build A Snowman: Frozen - 30

I Am Moana: Moana

In Summer: Frozen

Colours Of The Wind: Pocahontas

A Girl Worth Fighting For: Mulan

Gaston: Beauty & The Beast

Son Of Man: Tarzan

The Mob Song: Beauty & The Beast

I Just Can’t Wait To Be King: The Lion King

The Bare Necessities: Jungle Book

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat: The Aristocats - 20

Hellfire: Hunchback Of Notre Dame

You’re Welcome: Moana

I Wanna Be Like You: Jungle Book

Why Should I Worry: Oliver & Company

Mother Knows Best: Tangled

Under The Sea: Little Mermaid

Be Our Guest: Beauty & The Beast

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You: Mulan

Shiny: Moana

Friends On The Other Side: Princess & The Frog -10

Hakuna Matata: Lion King

Poor Unfortunate Souls: Little Mermaid

Be Prepared: Lion King

Kiss The Girl: Little Mermaid

How Far I’ll Go: Moana

Circle Of Life: Lion King

Let It Go: Frozen

Tale As Old As Time: Beauty & The Beast

Can You Feel The Love Tonight: Lion King - 1

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BATeMAN at 01:59 PM May 15

Must...Not...Copy...Another...OKC Top 100 List!
Great list. I've heard most of these but some i'm not sure or just don't remember. I haven't watched much Disney for a long, long time now. The songs from The Lion King, Jungle Book and Aladdin are some of my favorites.

Scotch at 03:31 PM May 15

A+ list my friend!

timmyd at 05:47 PM May 15

great job , buddy . excellent list .

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