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The MFC Dead. 7X09: Thank You (Part 3)


Joe watched the front doors of the Town Hall, even with the desks and chairs blocking the way he wasn’t certain of the door’s ability to keep the walker out.

Righteous_faustus: You alright?

Joe turned to Righteous, two beers in his hand.

Joe Scorpio: Where’d you get them?

Righteous_faustus: Fridge in back had a six pack, figured I’d share them out. Want one?

Joe Scorpio: Sure.

Righteous opened one of the bottles and gave it to Joe before opening the other one for himself.

Righteous_faustus: So what’s on your mind?

Joe Scorpio: You sure that door will hold.

Righteous_faustus: Fuckin A it will, that thing’s reinforced to hell. Only way you get through that is with a battering ram.

A loud thump upstairs suddenly stole their attention.

Joe Scorpio: There’s your battering ram.

Righteous_faustus: JOHN, JEN, upstairs, now.

Righteous picked up a pistol and led the way with John and Jen following, John with his crossbow, Jen with the katana.

JenGirl: Where’d you think that came from?

Righteous_faustus: Sounded like the bedroom where you lot came in.

JohnLocke: How the fuck did the walkers get up there, surely the walkers haven’t learnt to climb.

Righteous_faustus: I’m more worried that it’s not a walker. Chaos like this would be a perfect time for Cochise to attack us right now.

Reaching the bedroom door, John and Jen got on either side of Righteous as he took a boot to the door, cracking it open and rushing inside, pointing his gun at the figure on the floor.

Righteous_faustus: Freeze fuckstain!

The figure started laughing, it stood up and Righteous lowered his weapon.

goNADSgo69: Think I misjudged the landing.

Righteous_faustus: Jesus goNADS, what the shit?

The two of them hugged, goNADS winced a little at the pain.

Righteous_faustus: Fuck, you ok?

goNADSgo69: Yeah, just bashed my ankle, I’ll be fine.

JohnLocke: Did you climb all the way here from Blizzo’s?

goNADSgo69: Yeah, got lucky with the roofs, snow’s not so bad on a lot of them.

JenGirl: Christ man that’s halfway across town.

goNADSgo69: It was nothing, had no other option.

Righteous_faustus: Shit man, let’s get you downstairs, the others will want to see you.

With his arm on Righteous’ shoulder for balance, goNADS followed the group downstairs, Rebellion was the first to see him.

Rebellion_Reborn: Holy shit, I was wondering what that noise was. Good to see you goNADS.

goNADSgo69: You too Reb?

JohnnyPHreak: goNADS?

goNADS turned and saw Johnny in the doorway, not quite believing that it was him. Johnny walked over to him, still in a daze, before he finally lept forward and took him in his arms.

JohnnyPHreak: I didn’t think I’d see you again.

goNADSgo69: Told you I’d be back, didn’t I.

JohnnyPHreak: Yeah, yeah you did.

goNADSgo69: Don’t get too excited though, I won’t be staying too long.

JohnnyPHreak: What, why?

goNADSgo69: Someone needs to get into that tower so we can get in contact with the other, we’re still cut off from everyone else. Just cause I made it here doesn’t mean everyone can.

DropDeadFred: Here’s right, them at the Medical Centre are trapped, no way they’ll be able to get out without any weapons.

Joe Scorpio: Even so, getting to that tower’s gonna be just as difficult, those things aren’t giving you any chances.

goNADSgo69: If it wasn’t worth doing I wouldn’t be suggesting it, I know it’s difficult so I’m not asking any of you to join me.

JohnLocke: You can’t go out there alone, it’s suicide.

JenGirl: He won’t be alone.

Everyone turned to look at Jen, the katana tied to her hip and a rifle slung over her shoulder.

JenGirl: I’m going with him.


Across town, Critical dissected the corpse in front of him.

Critical: Jesus fuck that stinks. Sorry Cobb.

Cobb: It’s fine, it does smell quite bad.

Laksmikanti: Remind me to slap you when all this is over Critical.

Critical took a handful of guts and rubbed it onto Laksmikanti’s shoulders, they had found some bin-liners in the cupboard and were wearing them as to protect themselves from the walker guts. Though they did little to hide the smell.

Laksmikanti: I think I might throw up again.

Critical: That might actually help the smell.

Laksmikanti: Fuck you.

Critical: You alright to get yourself Cobb?

Cobb: Yeah, I think so.

Cobb took a handful and rubbed it onto his chest, he was tentative at first but held his breath and dug in, trying to get it over as soon as possible. Together the three of them covered themselves in the decaying muck of the corpse, Critical couldn’t help but notice that this one smelt even worse than the one in Atlanta, perhaps rot really had hit the walkers harder than he thought.

After a while, the three of them were covered, a few stray flies had already started circling them.

Critical: Alright, now when we open that door there’s gonna be a lot of them coming in at once, we’d be best to hold back, wait for them to realise there’s nobody here, then file out with during the lull.

Laksmikanti: Your pinning a lot on them not noticing us.

Critical: Hope is necessary in times like these.

Laksmikanti: You still got that gun Cobb?

Cobb felt for the pistol tucked into his hip, still there.

Cobb: Yeah.

Laksmikanti: Good, that’s a last resort thing, don’t use it unless you’re surrounded and even then just make an escape route and run.

Critical: Is that even an option?

Laksmikanti: Let’s find out.

The three of them went upstairs to the front door, all careful not to go too fast and alert the walkers outside, Critical took the door handle, standing at the side so he could open it without getting in the way of the walkers.

Critical: You all ready?

Laksmikanti: No.

Cobb: Critical, before we do this, I wanted to say thanks for...

Critical: Don’t thank me for anything yet Cobb, I told you I’d get you out of here and you can thank me when we’re safe.

Cobb nodded in agreement, still not sure if he was ready to go out there.

Critical: Ok, let’s do this.

Critical turned the lock and opened the door, as expected the walkers piled in, a few of them falling in with the sudden space. Critical could only watch as more and more shuffled inside, he knew the town was overrun but there seemed an endless stream of them coming into the house. A few walkers looked over to where they were standing but didn’t pay them any mind, after a few minutes Critical noticed a decrease in the number of walkers coming inside, he nodded to Laks and Cobb and the three of them left.

The sight in front of them nearly stopped them dead, there wasn’t a patch of ground to be seen, it was smothered by the dead, this wasn’t a herd, it was a damn extinction event. Critical looked across the road and saw WalkAway on the roof, her eyes locked on him, remembering what he was fighting for, Critical composed himself and walked forward, Laks and Cobb following him.

Cobb was the most shocked by the sight, he’d been convinced the walkers were lost souls in need of salvation, but this was barbaric, nothing about them made any sense. He was starting to feel afraid, and noticed a few walkers looking his way, as though they knew he was scared.

Cobb: This can’t be happening.

Laksmikanti: Shh.

Cobb: No, no this isn’t right, this is...

Cobb looked over and his eyes locked with a walker, the walker looked at Cobb and instinctively knew he wasn’t one of them. But Cobb looked at the walker and saw nothing, no soul, no humanity, just a demonic husk.

He had been so wrong about them.

The walker stumbled toward him, snarling at the intruder, lost in his realisation, Cobb took out his pistol and shot the walker in the head. Time froze at the sound, everyone, living and dead, turned toward the noise, Critical realised their cover was gone and they would have to run. He grabbed Laks and pushed her towards the garage.

Critical: GO!

Laks took her opening and ran to the garage, Mr.Blizzo threw an arm down to her and lifted her onto the roof. Critical ran for Cobb, the priest finally snapping under the stress.


Cobb was cut off by a walker knocking him down, he fought and punched and kicked it as it tried to claw its way into Cobb’s stomach. Suddenly Critical appeared, he kicked the walker in the head and pulled Cobb to his feet.

Critical: Stay with me Cobb, stay with me.

Critical looked desperately, they couldn’t make the garage, no clear route. But he noticed a house nearby with a porch. It wasn’t high off the ground but he could get to the roof and that would be enough to recover.

Critical: Follow me, let’s go.

Critical ran ahead, shoving walkers out of his way as he cleared a path towards the house. He used his momentum to leap upwards and grab the porch roof, he pulled himself up and turned back for Cobb.

Critical: Cobb, come on, give me your hand.

Cobb either didn’t hear him or chose not to, he stayed where he was and shot more of the walkers.

Critical: COBB!

Breaking out of his stupor, Cobb turned round and took Critical’s hand, the two of them working together to get him onto the roof. Cobb noted a pain in his side from the strain.

Once on the roof, Cobb looked out at the sea of corpses, if he wasn’t exhausted he would’ve cried.

Cobb: How was I so wrong, how did I not see it?

Critical: Cobb, hey Cobb, look at me, look at me.

Cobb turned to Critical, feeling the pain in his side again, he looked down and almost laughed at the sight. He’d been bitten, he didn’t know when or how, but clear as day was the bite mark in his side.

Cobb looked back up at Critical, placing a hand on his shoulder, for the first time since the outbreak began, Cobb was smiling.

Cobb: Thank you.

Before Critical could stop him, Cobb placed his pistol to his temple and pulled the trigger.

Critical was so shocked at the cloud of blood hitting him in the face that by the time he realised Cobb’s body was pulling him off the roof, they were already tumbling down, straight into the middle of the walker horde.

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