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The MFC Dead. 7X09: Thank You (Part 2)


MJZ kept look out of the window, watching for Terminal, Riddle and Nick arriving. He was safe two floors up but hearing the walkers growling below him wasn’t leaving him with much hope. He thought back to home, back when it was just him and jimmy and Threat... and Duane. He hadn’t thought about his son in a long time, too busy trying to get by to look back.

Seeing movement in the corner of his eye, MJZ looked up to see Terminal and the others closing in, he quickly opened the window for them.

MJZ: That’s them here.

TheChanges and RandomQU33N ran in to help, the window was big enough to fit through but the awkward angle meant they needed help pulling themselves in.

Terminal: Everything good?

RandomQU33N: We’re set, who’s first.

Slick Nick: Riddle, he’s the smallest. We get him over and we only have to worry about ourselves.

Terminal looked at Nick, trying to see if there was a hidden motive to his decision. But there wasn’t, Nick had already seen one child die today, as much as he hated Term he wasn’t about to blame the son for the sins of the father.

Terminal: Alright, you ok Riddle?

Riddle; Yeah, I can do this.

Terminal: Good, just watch the ice now ok.

With his father holding one hand, Riddle reached out across the gap to take MJZ’s hand, once he had a grip Riddle jumped over, using his other hand to grab QU33N’s. Together they pulled him inside.

Terminal: You wanna go next?

Slick Nick: Yeah. Why?

Terminal: I got one hand, can’t get as good a grip, if I fall I don’t want to take anyone with me so the more people over there the better.

Slick Nick: You assume I’m going to help you.

Terminal stayed silent, not wanting to argue at this moment, Nick recognised the silence and took a leap over the alleyway, catching the window ledge with his elbows. TheChanges and QU33N pulled him inside. Once on his feet, QU33N grabbed him in a hug.

RandomQU33N: I heard what happened to Roberts and Trey, I’m so sorry.

Slick Nick: It’s fine, just... forget it.

MJZ: You got this Term?

Terminal: Let’s hope so.

Terminal took a running jump to get over the gap, but in his haste his foot slipped on a patch of ice. Term managed to correct himself but his momentum was lost and he didn’t make a strong jump, he managed to grab the window ledge with his one hand but without his other he couldn’t get a good grip on the edge and felt himself being pulled down.

That was until he felt someone grabbing the neck of his shirt, Term looked up to see Nick holding onto him. Without saying anything, Nick hoisted Terminal up enough for him to hook his arms over the ledge and pull himself through the window; MJZ shut it right behind him.

Terminal: Why did you...?

Slick Nick: You’re a shit Term, but I’m not taking a father away from his child. That’s the difference between us.

Nick left the room and went downstairs.

TheChanges23: What was that about?

Terminal: He blames me for Robert’s death, and truth be told he’s not entirely wrong for it. I’ll explain later let’s just get downstairs.

MJZ: We heard a gunshot earlier, was that you?

Terminal: No, that was further out, closer to the main gate, no idea who it was but I hope they didn’t use it on themselves.

The group reached downstairs to find goNADS suiting up to leave and taping pieces of the leather sofa to his arms and legs.

Terminal: What’s going on here?

goNADSgo69: Protection, if the Rotters get me I got a little extra between their bites, might just be enough.

Terminal: I mean what are you doing? Are you actually thinking of leaving?

goNADSgo69: I have to Term, I’m the only one here that can get into that tower and use the bow. We’re cut off from everyone and I can fix that.

RandomQU33N: goNADS it’s too dangerous out there, you can’t...

goNADSgo69: But I have to, QU33N this is my home and it’ being torn apart and if I can do anything to help it I will. I know it’s dangerous but out of everyone here I’ve been outside the most, I have the best experience and I can find a way through the Rotters. Besides, I promised Johnny I’d go back for him.

TheChanges23: You sure about this?

goNADSgo69: No, but that’s why I have to go.

Terminal: Good luck.

goNADSgo69: Thanks, you too.

goNADS finished his rudimentary armour and went upstairs, climbing out the same window Terminal used to get inside. Once on the roof across the alley, he made his way towards the Town Hall.


Back near the front, Laksmikanti and Cobb tried to come to terms with Critical’s plan.

Laksmikanti: You want us to cover ourselves in walker guts.

Critical: It’s worked before, me and Term did it back in Atlanta, so long as we don’t get any in our mouths or any open cut we’ll be fine.

Cobb: This is insane.

Critical: I know it sounds horrid but...

Cobb: Horrid? You’re talking about butchering a person and wearing their organs like a raincoat, how can that be anything other than horrid? It’s downright satanic.

Critical: Cobb, I understand your trepidation but you have to...

Cobb: No I don’t, I’ve not had to do anything but you all still think that I have to fall in line and listen to you all. I use to think that the dead were my punishment for failing my congregation but I was wrong, it’s you. You are my damnation and I won’t sit here and be bullied by you any longer.

Critical: Bullied? Cobb I’m trying to save your life here, what do I have to do to make you see that?.

Cobb: Save it, you don’t care about me, you never have.

Critical felt like giving up, he couldn’t get through to Cobb, he was too far gone with anger. But at that moment, so was Critical.

Critical: You’re right, I don’t care about you. Frankly I feel like I should leave you for the walkers after everything you’ve done against us, cause I all I really want is to get back to my wife. But I’m not going to leave you here, because I’ve listened to you Cobb, I’ve watched us tear you down and cast you aside and I didn’t do anything to stop it. Call it my attempts at redemption but I’m not leaving you here to die because I don’t leave anyone to die, it’s the right thing to do and even an asshole like you deserves to live.

Cobb turned away, not wanting to argue with Critical anymore, and yet his words rang in his ears.

Laksmikanti: Nice speech.

Critical: Wasn’t a speech, I meant every word of it.

Laksmikanti: You’re sure we can use walker guts to get out?

Critical: It’s been nearly a year and a half since we tried it, but if anything the rot’s just gotten stronger on them since then. Yeah, I think we can make it, only question is how.

Laksmikanti: I might have an idea there, but it’s just as stupid as shooting out a window.

Critical: Let’s hear it.

Laksmikanti: All the walkers are at the front door right? None of them have gone anywhere near the basement windows. I say we grab one from outside, pull them in and go from there.

Critical: You’re right, that is stupid. But I don’t hear anything better so let’s give it a try.

Luckily there was quite a few walkers scrapping along the wall of the house, with limited room at the door most of the overspill had taking to trying to bite their way through the walls. Critical carefully opened the window, immediately the stench of 1000 corpse hit him.

Critical: Christ, that’s revolting.

Laksmikanti: I know, but this won’t take long. Look for one with the skinniest legs so they won’t get stuck in the frame.

Critical: That one, to the right, that should do.

Critical and Laksmikanti readied themselves, both ready to grab an ankle and pull.

Critical: On three ok? One, two, THREE.

The two of them grabbed and pulled, the unaware walkers slammed into the ground and was dragged inside the house... only for their chin to get stuck on the frame. The sudden stop caused Critical and Laks to fall to the ground, the walker fought and snarled as it hung awkwardly in the air, Laks recovered first, quickly she grabbed the walker’s shoulders and pulled down, its neck almost immediately split from its body which fell to the floor, spitting blood and bile into Laks’ face. Critical shut the window to keep any walkers from following while Laks threw up.

Critical: You ok?

Laksmikanti: Fine, just grossed out is all. There’s a knife on the table if you want to start cutting it.

Critical turned to the table but saw Cobb there first, the knife in his hand.

Critical: Cobb, what are you doing?

Cobb: You say you can get us out of here?

Critical: Cobb, please, put the knife down.

Cobb walked forward, stopping just a few steps in front of Critical, the knife aimed for his stomach. But instead of killing him, Cobb flipped the knife over so the handle was facing Critical.

Cobb: Then get us out of here.

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