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The MFC Dead. 7X09: Thank You (Part 1)


Critical stared at the torch in Blizzo’s hands, ready to be thrown into the oil-drenched pit of Walkers by the garage, but due to the run-off, he, Laks and Cobb would be burnt with them.

Laksmikanti: Shit, what the hell are we gonna do?

Critical looked around the room, trying to find anything they could use to warn Blizzo, and found his eyes locking in on the pistols.

Critical: Is that front door secure?

Laksmikanti: Should be, why?

Critical: Cause I’m about to do something stupid.

Critical grabbed one of the pistols and ran upstairs, taking both flights of stairs to the top level of the house. He sprinted to the window facing the front, from there he could see Blizzo pulling back his arm, ready to throw the torch. Not wasting anytime, Critical fired a single bullet through the window.

Hearing the gunshot, WalkAway and Mr.Blizzo looked up, trying to locate the source of the noise, WalkAway found it first, looking up through the cracked window into the face of her husband.


The gunshot didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the town, Rebellion looked out the window trying to pinpoint where he’d heard the sound coming from. Instead he saw John and his team making their way up through the alleyways, he motioned for them to head to the side where it was quieter, Righteous had set up some of the rope from the basement to allow people to climb onto the second floor balcony, Jen ran up first with quidditchmom’s katana and sliced through a couple of the walkers next to the rope.

JohnLocke: Alright, Fred you go first.

Joe Scorpio: Why him?

JohnLocke: Because the rest of us are quicker, if he can get up first the rest of us can follow without having to worry about the walkers.

DropDeadFred: He’s right, I’m more useful up there than down here. Don’t worry, I’ve climbed ropes before, never liked it but I can do it.

JenGirl: Well do it faster before those motherfuckers realise we’re here.

Fred took the rope and pulled himself up, silently thanking the lack of food for his apparent weight loss. He bit his cheek to keep from grunting with exertion as he tried to get himself higher. Suddenly felt himself lurch upwards, Fred looked up to see Righteous pulling him up on the rope.

Righteous_faustus: It's alright, I got you.

Righteous got Fred just high enough to grab the balcony before dropping the rope and taking his friend’s hand to pull him over. The two friends embraced, even with everything they’d been through together they were still happy to see each other.

Righteous_faustus: You’re a sight for sore eyes Fred.

DropDeadFred: I’d say the same but statistically speaking you were...

Rightous_faustus: Learn to shut up and enjoy the silence man.

Back at the bottom, the other three readied themselves.

JohnLocke: Joe you go next, Jen and I have the weapons so we can hold off any that come by.

Joe Scorpio: If you’re sure.

JohnLocke: I am.

Joe grabbed the rope and hoisted himself up, making the lift without any issues.

JenGirl: You go up next John.

JohnLocke: What, no listen...

JenGirl: This ain’t the time for the ladies first shite John, just get up there. I can get through more walkers than you with this thing, just don’t argue with me on this.

JohnLocke: Jen, you’re half suicidal, I can’t risk losing you like this.

Jen spotted a Walker coming round the corner, it looked up and snarled at her. Jen quickly turned to John.

JenGirl: You won’t.

And with that she kissed him, as passionate as she’d ever done before. John was still in shock as they pulled apart.

JenGirl: Now move.

Jen ran towards the walker and swung the sword at him, slicing through its skull. John went to run after her but knew the place would be swarmed soon, against his better judgement he took the rope and climbed.

After killing the first walker, Jen spun and killed another that was closing in on her, she wasn’t use to the up-close-and-personal approach, preferring to use her sniper to pick off from a distance, but needs must. She could’ve stayed there all day chopping walker, but she knew she couldn’t so seizing her window, she ran to the rope and pulled herself up, nearly dropping the sword as she tried to carry it with her. Once at the top Righteous pulled the rope back up to keep it out of the walkers way, Jen laughed, the adrenaline pumping through her.

JenGirl: When the fuck did this turn into a fucking action movie.

JohnnyPHreak: The minute you people arrived.

JenGirl: Who the fuck is you people?

JohnnyPHreak: Oh, no-one important.

Jen laughed again and hugged Johnny, happy to see he was still alive.

Rebellion_Reborn: That gunshot, was that you?

JohnLock: No, we heard it, came from nearer the front, by the garage.

JohnnyPHreak: The garage? Who the hell would be that close to the thick of it.

DropDeadFred: I know Blizzo was that way before the tower fell, only logical he’d still be there.

Righteous_faustus: Fuck, Laks is there as well, I told her to gather weapons and she went to take some of the pistols from behind the garage. Fuck she’s probably with him right now.

Joe Scorpio: Ease up there, we don’t know where a lot of people are right now, has anyone been in contact yet, Term said you had a radio.

Rebellion_Reborn: Yeah, through in the other room. grelber, snoop and oscar are all at the medical centre, K1NG, QU33N, goNADS, TheChanges and MJZ are at Blizzo’s house. Term and the others are heading up there now.

JohnLocke: All of them? Seems dangerous, especially with Trey I don’t know if he could make the jumps between the roofs.

Rebellion and Righteous looked at each other, both unsure how best to break the news.

JenGirl: What is it?

Rebellion_reborn: I think we better sit down for this.


Back near the front, WalkAway grabbed Blizzo’s arm to stop him from throwing the torch.

WalkAway: Look, it’s Critical, he’s alive.

Mr.Blizzo: Jesus, why would he....

Blizzo stopped when he saw the oil trail running down to the basement where Critical was, through the basement windows he could see Laksmikanti and Cobb.

WalkAway: We almost killed them, we almost...

Mr.Blizzo: But we didn’t, and that’s all that matters.

quidditchmom came up behind them, climbing up from the ladder.

quidditchmom: What the hell was that noise, there was something like a gun-shot just now.

Mr.Blizzo: Not like, was. Critical’s across the road, shot through the window to keep is from burning him alive.

quiddtichmom: Shit, that must’ve been close.

WalkAway: Too close.

Critical and WalkAway locked eyes, both smiling at each other but being separated by the walkers was killing them. Critical had an idea and signed to his wife that he’d be gone for a moment.

Downstairs, Laks and Cobb watched the front door get bashed by the incoming walker horde trying to get inside.

Laksmikanti: I hope you have a plan because as strong as that door is, it won’t hold forever.

Critical: I got something in mind, hand over that marker pen.

Laks passed over the pen stuck to the fridge as Critical took down one of the pictures from the wall and flipped it over to write on the back. Laks watched him as he wrote down his message to the others.

Laksmikanti: ‘We’re coming to you’? How do you figure we’ll be doing that?

Cobb: I hate to agree with her but she has a point, those lost souls will tear into us as soon as the door opens.

Laksmikanti: There’s no way to get past the walkers Critical, I’m sorry.

Critical: Actually, there is one.

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