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The MFC Dead. 7X08: Sorry (Part 1)


Jen walked in just as John fired another bolt into the head of a Walker, he’d killed close to 20 of them and was starting to run low on ammo but he’d barely made a dent in their numbers.

JenGirl: How goes it?

JohnLocke: At this point I think I’m just doing this because I can’t think of anything else to do. I feel worthless just sitting here.

JenGirl: Not a lot else to be done. We’re safe at least, the fridge is making it impossible for those things to get in.

JohnLocke: So what, we just wait it out?

JenGirl: Yeah, we’ll lock ourselves away, surviving on roasted bedsheets and fucking.

JohnLocke: That doesn’t actually sound half-bad.

Jen playfully punched John in the arm.

JenGirl: Shut up you. Anything from across the street?

JohnLocke: No, not since they last came outside. I know they’re safe but knowing I can’t just talk to them and figure out a plan, it’s killing me.

Jen gave John a hug from behind, resting her head on his shoulder. She knew how important his friends were to her, they’d become almost as important to her as well, and wanted to help anyway she could. Taking a look out the side window she saw right through into the neighbouring house, Terminal’s house. And the window looked pretty close...

JenGirl: John, I think I have an idea.


Across the road, things weren’t quite so relaxed, the backdoor was starting to show the strain of the Walker horde and there was very little in the way of extra protection to keep them out. Everyone knew they’d have to leave soon, the question was how long before they did.

XSsoCX: I say we go now.

Terminal: We can’t, the sun’s up, they’ll see us moving.

XSsoCX: They’ll see us regardless, if we move now we have a better chance of catching them off-guard.

Terminal: There is no catching them off-guard, they don’t think like normal people, they work of sight and sound and smell, any little thing that catches their attention will be enough, we have to wait until it’s dark. It won’t be that long, it’s winter, a few hours at most.

XSsoCX: Term, we don’t have a few hours, we need to get up on the roof and start making our way towards K1NG and QU33N, you can see the road from upstairs, it’s clear enough.

Terminal: It’s not the road that I’m worried about, it’s how it’ll take us to get there and how many Walkers will follow us before we even get to the door.

While XS and Terminal argues, Roberts found Nick on the couch and took a seat next to him.

MLRoberts: Hey, not joining the discussion.

Slick Nick: What? Oh, nah. No I’m just waiting for the decision to be made, if we move we move, if we stay we stay. Either way I’m prepared. What about you, any thoughts on the matter?

MLRoberts: So long as I can keep Trey safe I’m happy.

Slick Nick: Where is he?

MLRoberts: Upstairs with Riddle, they’re setting up the mattresses so we can block the stairs when it’s time to run.

Slick Nick: Good plan.

MLRoberts: Nick, I’ve been meaning to talk to you, about the kiss.

Slick Nick: Look I didn’t mean anything by it, I just... fuck I don’t even know why I did it.

MLRoberts: Did you mean it, that you wanted to do that for years?

Slick Nick:.... Yeah, yeah I did. I’m sorry Roberts, I didn’t mean to spring that on you, I thought if I was gonna die out there I wanted to at least say something.

MLRoberts: Why didn’t you?

Slick Nick: You were Fab’s wife, my best friend’s missus, I couldn’t say anything and if he was still alive I wouldn’t have said anything. I just kept out your way as best I could, maybe that’s why it was so easy for me to ignore what Fab was doing to you.

MLRoberts: Nick, I’m not gonna say I’m shocked and I’m not gonna say that Fab isn’t still on my mind. But... if we make it out of this thing, let’s see how this turns out.

Nick stared at his friend, slightly bemused at what she was saying, but when she took his hand to show that she was serious, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

Upstairs, Riddle and Trey lent one of the mattresses against the wall, tired from lugging it off the bed.

Riddle: I almost forgot hard work was a thing living here.

TreyTheMovieMan: You sound like your dad.

Riddle: God help me then.

TreyTheMovieMan: Riddle, for what it’s worth, and I know I should’ve said this earlier, but I don’t hold anything against your dad for killing mine. I miss him like hell, but I don’t at the same time and I just...

Riddle: I know what you mean, I miss my mum but at the same time with everything we’ve been through since she died, I can’t help but feel that her dying was for the better.

TreyTheMovieMan: Do you think we’d been here now if my dad was still alive?

Riddle: Doesn’t matter what I think, he’s your dad, what do you think?

Trey thought for a moment, remembering how his father use to be.

TreyTheMovieMan: No, no I think we’d be dead by now if he was still here.

Before Riddle could say anything he noticed a spot of light bouncing off the wall, he looked out the window to see Jen across the street shining a mirror at them, catching the rising sun. Having got their attention Jen signalled for them to step to the sides as John took aim with his crossbow.

Riddle: Get out the way, quickly.

Riddle and Trey stepped as far out of the way of the window as they could allowing John to fire a bolt through the open frame, hitting the mattress that the boys had left up earlier. Riddle noticed there was a note attached to the bolt.

Terminal: Riddle? Riddle what was that noise?

Riddle took the bolt and ran downstairs to his father.

Riddle: John gave us a note, fired it through the window.

Terminal took the note and read it, surprised at what it had to say.

“Making a run for it, road behind you clear?”

Slick Nick: Run for it? Are they crazy?

Terminal: John wouldn’t do something that risky and Fred definitely wouldn’t go along with it. They’ve got something planned.

Terminal looked out the back window of the house, there were a few Walkers but for the most part it was empty, the Walkers were focused on the front and side doors of the house, not paying attention to anything around them. Terminal ran upstairs to the window and gave the thumbs up, letting his friends now that whatever they had planned, they were safe to do it.


JohnLocke: There’s the all-clear, let’s do this.

Joe Scorpio: I just want it on record that this is the craziest fucking idea I’ve ever heard.

JenGirl: I’d like to see you come up with anything better.

Joe Scorpio: I thought we did, staying put, cracking open a nice cold pint and waiting for all this to blow over.

JenGirl: Not an option, we need to start moving towards regrouping and I’m not about to sit back and wait for anything. Fred, you ready?

Fred made the finishing touches to his mechanism, a variety of kitchen utensils, pots and pans were tied over the staircase railing by a piece of string that was held in place by a table leg, an unlit candle had been placed under the string to be lit once the group started moving. The plan was to make as much noise as possible so the Walkers would flock to the house while they hid in the other house, then once they saw an opening, they would make a run for it.

DropDeadFred: Everything should work fine, I just hope we have enough time before the string burns out to get across.

Joe Scorpio: Which is why I think my plan to just blow up the oven makes more sense.

JohnLocke: We need to come back here Joe, can’t do that with a blown up kitchen.

JenGirl: Can we get going please, I’m fucking anxious to be out of here.

Joe Scorpio: You’re fucking crazy woman.

JenGirl: I’m half-suicidal and fucking the man I blinded, yeah I’m pretty fucking crazy.

Joe Scorpio: Ha, now that’s what I like to hear. Alright, let’s roll.

Joe lit the candle and the timer was set. Jen went out the window first, she was lucky that the houses were made cheap so the windows were easily opened from the outside with a knife in the right place. Leaning over the gap between the houses – all while trying not to look at the snarling Walkers below – Jen got managed to open the window and climbed inside, quickly moving to the bed to avoid creaking floorboards. She noticed quidditchmom’s katana leaning against the wall so she quickly threw it over her shoulder before returning to the window.

JenGirl: Coast is clear, let’s move.

John went next, skilfully making the short leap over without hesitation, Jen couldn’t help but give her man a kiss when he landed next to her.

DropDeadFred: I’ll go next, if you’re not here to push me I’ll never make it.

Joe Scorpio: Sure think man, I got you.

Fred stepped into the frame, doing everything he could not to look down but still finding his eyes moving south. Finding a rare burst of courage, Fred made the jump, less gracefully than Jen and John as he didn’t quite make it, but John caught him before he crashed. As he was pulled inside, Fred tasted the blood in his mouth from where he’d bit his cheek a little too hard, Joe made the final jump, landing without any issue just as the rope gave way and the clatter of pans crashed into the floor. It was enough for the Walkers to converge on the now empty house. Terminal watched with amazement that they’d actually pulled it off.

Things got tense again as John’s team waited for the clearing they needed, but eventually the streets began to thin out and they have their opportunity. With John leading the charge, the quartet sprinted across the street, going round the outside to avoid the Walkers still clawing at the doors to MLRoberts house, they made it across safely with Jen using quidditchmom’s sword to decapitate a lone Walker in their way, John quickly made a detour to one of Robert’s windows where Term was waiting.

JohnLocke: Term...

Terminal: Townhall, Reb’s there, has the radio, go.

John nodded and led his group through the mostly empty alleyways leading to the town hall. Terminal couldn’t help but laugh, they finally had a plan in motion, they might actually survive this thing.

But the group were so distracted by John’s success, none of them noticed the crack in the backdoor frame slowly starting to get bigger.

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