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The MFC Dead. 7X07: No Way Out (Part 3)


Johnny looked out the window, the dawn was rising and goNADs still wasn’t back yet, he couldn’t see any sign on him, just the sea of Walkers surrounding the town, from the upper level of the town hall he could the gate, or rather where it used to be. Even with the town choked full of Walkers there was still more trying to get through, most of them were pushed up against the wall, their rotted bodies sliced open by the metal framework.

Johnny felt his dad come up behind him, he took a spot next to his son and looked out the window, Johnny could see the look of horror on his father’s face, looking at the destruction of his home.

JohnnyPHreak: Come on dad. You don’t need to see this.

Rebellion_Reborn: I do Johnny, this is my fault so I need to see this.

JohnnyPHreak: Don’t say that dad, you did everything you could.

Rebellion_Reborn: And it still wasn’t enough, Term was right, we should’ve prepared better, even after the last break-in we should’ve been ready for this. I got too complacent, and now everyone is at risk.

Johnny saw a shadow behind him, he turned to see Righteous standing at the door.

Righteous_faustus: These people trust you Reb, you’re a born leader and you’re still here, that’s what matters.

Rebellion_Reborn: Does it?

Johnny and Righteous recognised that Rebellion needed time to himself, so they left him to it rather than risk upsetting the already fragile figure.

Righteous_faustus: You worried about goNADS?

JohnnyPHreak: Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be but I can’t help it.

Righteous_faustus: Hey, I know the kid, he’s one tough motherfucker but I’ve liked him ever since your aunt gave him the all clear.

Johnny noted that Righteous hadn’t talked about Sarah much, if at all, since she died. Something Righteous noted as well after his casual mention of her.

JohnnyPHreak: Do you still miss her?

Righteous_faustus: Of course I do, don’t get me wrong, I like Laks a lot but your aunt Sarah was something else. I don’t blame her for running away from me, I lost myself when I found her what those cunts did to her, to our little girl, I can only blame myself for not going after her.

RandomQU33N: Hello, Term, Reb, come in.

Righteous picked up the radio on the nearby table.

Righteous_fausts: This is Righteous, hearing you loud and clear.

Terminal: This is Term, reading you.

grelber37: grelber here, we got you.

RandomQU33N: That everyone with a radio? Good, K1NG and I are in the basement of Blizzo’s house, we’ve got clear access to the first and second floors and the roof if necessary but in a worst case scenario we can lock ourselves in here, nothing can get in but we also can’t get out.

Righteous_faustus: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, me, Reb and Johnny are still in the town hall, nothing’s coming in here, door’s deadbolted, they’ll only get in here if they can take the damn thing off its hinges.

grelber37: Same here, we’ve got a mini fortress right now, I’d say to join us but we’re cut off, no-one’s coming anywhere near us.

Johnny took the radio from Righteous.

JohnnyPHreak: grelber is goNADS still with you?

grelber37: I’m afraid not son, he left about 15 minutes ago.

oscarxp: We saw him through the window, he’s with TheChanges and MJZ on a roof, they looked to be heading towards you QU33N.

RandomQU33N: We’ll keep an eye out for them, thanks.

Terminal: We’re safe for the moment but I don’t know how long the door will hold out. We can see the other house across the road but we won’t know if they’re in trouble until it’s already happening. You said Reb was still with you Righteous?

Hearing his name, Rebellion came and took the radio.

Rebellion_Reborn: I’m here Term.

Terminal: Reb do we know if anyone’s in the other tower, the one that didn’t fall.

Rebellion_Reborn: No-one was scheduled to be, we were all at the party, why?

Terminal: Cause Laksmikanti is still unaccounted for, she might be with Critical or Blizzo but they’re on the other end of town, right next to the gate where the Walkers are thickest.

Rebellion_Reborn: Think we should start worrying about them?

Terminal: Not just yet, but I don’t like being trapped here without knowing if they’re alright.

Righteous knew Terminal was thinking of quidditchmom even if he wasn’t saying it outright. Righteous knew she was tough but she didn’t have her sword and was in the thick of it.

snoopmish: Hey, I got a plan, it’s dangerous and I won’t blame anyone for refusing to take part, but it might work. I gave goNADS my bow so I’m thinking if we tied some strings to the arrows, we could set up a pulley system to send food, medicine, anything like that.

RandomQU33N: Sounds good, but where’s high enough to fire the arrows from?

snoopmish: That’s the dangerous part, we need someone in that second tower.


Across town, unaware of any plans, Mr.Blizzo, quidditchmom and WalkAway did everything they could to keep the Walkers from learning about their hiding place in the garage.

Mr.Blizzo: You’d think that door would’ve caved by now, they keep hitting against it.

quidditchmom: They’re not putting any force into it, chances are they don’t even know we’re here, as long as we keep quiet they’ll never find out.

WalkAway: That still leaves us with the problem of getting out. Is there any way to the roof?

Mr.Blizzo: There’s a ladder in back but the roof’s not that high up so they’ll definitely see us and once they’re inside there’s nowhere to go, there’s no building close enough to us to jump to.

WalkAway: Well we can’t just sit here.

Mr.Blizzo: I know we can’t but I don’t think...

WalkAway: Fuck your thinking, we need to act.

quidditchmom: Hey, Walks calm yourself, this is not the time for losing our shit.

WalkAway: I know, I know, I just... I’m scared. More scared than I’ve ever been in my life, I mean Christ, I’m pregnant and we’re surrounded by Walkers. How the hell am I mean to stay calm with that?

Mr.Blizzo: When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant she was in the same position, surrounded by people that wanted to kill her.

WalkAway and quidditchmom stared at Blizzo, realising that he had never talked about a girlfriend before, let alone a pregnancy.

Mr.Blizzo: Her family were these crazy cult-like people who hated outsiders and saw them as sinners and scum. They’d allowed her to go to school because she was unbelievably clever, particularly with Math which they thought they could use to help with their finances. She met me and even with her being scared to death of me I was just so enchanting by her that I couldn’t let her go knowing she was being tortured like that. Eventually we got closer, I learnt all the horrible things she had to put up with and we fell in love which led to... anyway she got pregnant cause she was too sheltered to know about contraceptive and I was too young and dumb to remember. She confessed to me that her brother had been raping her for at least a year before she met me and all the time during our relationship as well so she wasn’t sure if the baby was mine or his, I told her I didn’t care I just wanted to get the two of them out of there and safe. We planned it all out, leaving in the middle of the night so nobody would see us, never using our real names, ready to move as far as we had to, but we waited too long, and she was showing before we could make a run for it. They accused her of consorting with outsiders, or disrespecting the family, didn’t matter what he brother did, God would not allow a child of incest to grow in her belly. She disappeared for three days and when they found her, her belly had been sliced open and she’d died from blood loss, family didn’t even pay for her funeral.

quidditchmom: Jesus.

WalkAway: What happened to them, the family?

Mr.Blizzo: Well that’s the thing, the family lived in this massive farm house on the outskirts of town, huge thing built by hand using the surrounding forest, could house the whole clan, mum, dad, dad’s parents, mum’s dad, their three sons and four daughters. Our baby would’ve been the first grandchild, but as it so happened, the house set ablaze in the middle of the night, not one survived, those who didn’t choke to death on the smoke were burnt alive by the fire and those who survived that were crushed when the house collapsed in on itself. Investigation figured it was arson, and whoever set the fire didn’t just set one, they set loads of small fires at structural weak points all around the house, the parts that would send the whole thing crashing down should they lose their structural integrity.

WalkAway and quidditchmom could read between the lines at what Blizzo, a known architect, was telling them.

WalkAway: So why are you telling us this?

Mr.Blizzo: Because if there’s one thing I learnt during that whole experience.

Blizzo stood up, a propane torch in his hand.

Mr.Blizzo: Fire is the answer to all of life’s problems.

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