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And Now The End Is Near...

It's going to be hard not having MFC around, like a lot of people here I used this as an outlet for my love of film and television that I couldn't get anywhere else. Even with the Facebook group it's not going to be the same without this old place and it's going to be tough knowing there's a few names I'll never see again.

But rather to wallow in pity, I want to look back on the 7 years I've spent here and thank everyone for what we've been through together.

Thank you for bearing with me as I grew from a boob obsessed youngster into a more mature adult (though still with a boob obsession)

Thank you for following me on my journey to be top of the review charts, still number one and I'll take that as a victory.

Thank you for reading a fanfiction series where I brutally killed you all and seemingly enjoying the read.

Thank you for all the recommendations, the advice, the laughs, the cries, the weird spammer moments where we got attacked with porno.

But most of all, thank you all for making MFC such a personal experience where everybody knows your name and.... fuck I'm speaking in references again.

As a final note to leave MFC with, I'm not too great at farewells so, uh....

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Scotch at 06:24 PM Dec 31

I don't think any of us are ready for the lights to go out on this site. But it's been a helluva ride.

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