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All work and no play makes Clancy sort his DVDs by genres


So yeah... I guess I was kinda bored.

Total of each genre equals:
16 Action
6 Animation
40 Comedy
15 Comic Book Movie
52 Crime
4 Documentary
29 Drama
15 Historical Drama/Biopic
2 Fantasy Drama
59 Horror
2 Martial Art (I really didn't know where to put Kill Bill)
14 Sci-Fi
11 Thriller
5 War
and 9 Westerns

Not pictured are my box-sets (Alien Antholy, LOTR EE Set, etc) which extends to totals by
18 Action
7 Comedy
18 Crime
6 Fantasy Drama
14 Horror
12 Sci Fi
9 Thriller
and 1 War movie

Also not pictured, me googling every film I own to find out which genre it's classed under.

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HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 08:21 PM Jun 12

sweet googly moogly

sLaShEr84 at 09:30 PM Jun 12


writer19 at 10:35 PM Jun 12

damn fine set

grelber37 at 06:40 AM Jun 13

Horror disks are easy to accumulate. So many go directly to video.

RetroMovieCritic at 03:18 PM Jun 13

*JAW DROPS* That's impressive!

BATeMAN at 05:23 PM Jun 13

Most impressive!

Do you have one of those ladders on rails to get to the top of that? :P

I have three shelves for my blurays and my set up is currently -
Top Sci-Fi and Horror. Middle Boxsets and collections, Sly, Arnie, Chris Nolan ect. Bottom is A-Z

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