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I might have taken a break for a year, or two, but I finally put the final part in for my DCU Franchise if you want to look at the full Series plus the casting choices, it's all in the links below. Now I'm not saying I know better than Warner Bros, I'm just saying they should add me to their contact.
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OldKingClancy posted a BLOG item about 6 hours ago

Steam Games Giveaway


Recently I bought a package off Humble Bundle which came with a collection of games for Steam, I've already redeemed what I want but there's still plenty left over so I figured why put it to waste. If anyone with a Steam accounts wants anything from the list just comment below and I’ll PM you a link to redeem it, it all should work but let me know if there’s any issues.

Games as followed:

She Remembered Caterpillars – Low-key puzzle game, childlike animated graphics.

Stronghold Legends – Medieval RTS

Dreadout – Indonesian survival horror

Mighty No. 9 – Side scroller/shoot ‘em up, looks like Megaman

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing – Action RPG, Diablo with vampires kinda

AMRA: Gold Edition – Team based tactical shooter, big multiplayer game

Sorcerer King: Rivals – Turned based fantasy RTS

Kholat – First person Russian horror

The Park – First person Theme Park horror, styled like Five Nights At Freddy’s

Jump Stars – Multiplayer party game

Fearless Fantasy – Turned based JRPG

Darkest Dungeon – Tactical Dungeon crawler

Primal Carnage: Extinction – Multiplayer deathmatch with dinosaurs

Psychonauts – Sublimely hilarious point-and-click adventure.
I do own Psychonauts so this one is just a spare.

It’s first come first serve so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Feel free to research, gameplay videos of all games can be found on YouTube and I got a pretty decent idea of what to expect from each of them, and happy gaming.

Mood: Angry
OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: about 23 hours ago

I might have taken a break for a year, or two, but I finally put the final part in for my DCU Franchise if you want to look at the full Series plus the casting choices, it's all in the links below. Now I'm not saying I know better than Warner Bros, I'm just saying they should add me to their contact.
OldKingClancy posted a BLOG item about 24 hours ago

Clancy Writes A DCU Franchise (Phase 4 - Final)


Man it’s been too long since I started this, think it’s about time I put the final touches to this DC Universe.

Green Lantern: Blackest Night

Manu Bennett – Atrocitus
Charles Dance - Nekron

With the Parallex threat real and unleashed, John gathers J’onn, Jemm and Scorch and asks them to help him gather the remnants of the Corps, left in ruins after Sinestro and Ma'alefa'ak attacked. Most of the Lantern Corps are fractured with several members dead, but most of them agree to follow John’s leadership, the only holdouts being Atrocitus of the Red Lanterns and Nekron of the Black Lanterns. Still lacking in numbers, John requests the release of Jemm and Scorch’s allies from Takron-Galtos on the condition they fight in the battle, being a pacifist Jemm is unhappy about the fight but understands there is no peaceful way out of this, before the fight, J’onn and Scorch finally admit their love for each other and agree to fight for their future together.

As predicted, Sinestro and Ma'alefa'ak attack the reformed Corps with the Yellow Lanterns and Darkseid’s army, the battle is long and hardfought but the fear of losing again keep the Corps from fighting at full strength, Jemm is killed taking out a platoon of Yellow Lanterns and Scorch is mutilated by Ma'alefa'ak who tears out one of her eyes to taunt J’onn.

The tide is turned though when Atrocitus and Nekron arrive with their Lanterns, giving the Corps the extra power they need to overpower the Yellow Lanterns, in their attempt to retreat, SInestro is captured but Atrocitus and violently beaten to death while J’onn finally stops Ma'alefa'ak, though unable to bring himself to kill his brother, J’onn does nothing to stop Scorch from burning Ma'alefa'ak alive and finally killing him.

With the battle to restore the Corps won, John asks why the Red and Black Lanterns changed their minds, Nekron explains that only he will be the cause for the destroying the universe while Atrocitus casually states if everything is dead there’d be nothing to kill though John notes a fear in his voice. With only Darkseid and Parallex remaining, John gathers the Corps under his leadership and tells them the final war for the universe is about to take place.

Justice League: Brightest Day

Knowing the final push to defeat Darkseid is at hand, Clarke gathers the League outside of Metropolis and rallies them together for their last fight. They split into three teams;

Nightwing, Carrie, Gordon and Scorch would provide relief support for civilians, leading them out of the city with Lois and Oracle providing aerial support and leading them to safety

Bruce, John, Arthur, Oliver and Dinah would each lead a squadron of Lanterns Corps, Atlanteans and Amazons against Darkseid’s minions and distract them.

And Barry would use the speed force to keep Darkseid from abusing its power and attacking the multiverse, Clarke, Diana and J’onn would keep up with him and keep him safe.

Despite their renewed strength, the fight is still difficult, Darkseid’s minions outnumber the League and keep coming in hordes, having lose both their homes Diana and Bruce struggle with seeing Metropolis fall under Darkseid’s destruction and Clarke has trouble seeing his Kara’s body corrupted for Parallex, eventually taking on Darkseid personally to enact revenge.

While Flash is able to keep the multiverse from opening, Parallex grows in power and with no release, starts lashing out into Metropolis, killing thousands on all sides, Bruce is almost among the dead but saved at the last minute by Oliver and Dinah who are killed together in a last embrace.

Barry realises that the only way to destroy Parallex is to overpower it and starts running faster than he ever has, utilising the same power he did to escape Earth-2. As a result the multiverse starts opening but so many portal open at once and with no way to direct their power, Parallex starts getting torn apart trying to control itself. Through one of the portals Bruce is able to see Thomas and Martha Wayne from Earth-2 who give him the fighting speech he needs to look past the destruction of Metropolis and return to a leadership position, directing the Lanterns to deliver a crushing blow to Darkseid’s forces.

In his fight against Clark, Darkseid has the upper hand but upon realising that Parallex has no control over themselves, leaves Clarke to try and salvage his plan. Parallex has a final burst of power before being torn apart across the multiverse, Darkseid is ripped with them and in the ensuring burst, both Kara and Barry are vaporised. A bloody, broken and ruined city is left in their wake but the League take the chance to celebrate, Darkseid has been defeated.

In the aftermath, the heroes go their separate ways, Clarke sets about rebuilding metropolis with Lois by his side.

Bruce retires at Batman, focussing his efforts on the Gotham Relief effort, with some help from Talia’s resources though she’d never admit it was actually her.

Diana moves to Starling City to take up Oliver and Dinah’s place, protecting their home in their honour.

Nightwing and Carrie protect Gotham, now working as the new Batman and Batgirl with help from Barbara and James Gordon.

J’onn and Scorch marry and live life in the reformed Lanterns Corps with John leading the way

And Arthur returns to Atlantis to be with Mera, noting that while happy to fight with the League, he’d prefer not to see them for a while.

Post Credit Scenes
1: A battered and brused Darkseid lands on Apokalips, having barely survived he tries to regain his strength. However, he finds Lobo waiting for him, still looking for revenge after being tricked into working for him, with no way to defend himself, Darkseid takes a shot to the head from Lobo’s shotgun and killed instantly.

2: A recreation from an earlier scene where the speedforce first attaches itself to a young Barry Allen, however this time it’s revealed that the speedforce is actually the older Barry sent shooting through time after the fight with Darkseid and lands on his younger self. Now with the speed and the memories of his older self, Barry races to Kansas to find Clarke Kent before he’s even met the Flash and tell him an incredible story.

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OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

While watching Fellowship last night me and my friend discussed playing Return Of The King on PS2 back in the day and decided that if we saw that or Two Towers cheap enough we'd pick them up and give the multiplayer a shot. Well today I found both games, £2.50 for the pair, and jumped in, gonna be interesting to see how they hold up but I'm happy to go through Middle Earth again.
Cochise at 02:23 AM Nov 20

would love to see a remaster of these games (updated graphics, not just pushed to HD)

OldKingClancy added a DVD to his collection: 1 day ago
Daredevil (SE)

OldKingClancy at 05:16 PM Nov 19

Blind bought the Director's Cut, never seen either version but for 50p I figured it was worth giving a look.

OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Spent the evening with a friend and threw on Fellowship Of The Ring, a film both of us have seen a number of times but he'd never seen the Extended Edition so I was more than happy to introduce him. Because we're both familiar we had our jokes but given the rich history of Middle Earth we also had some interesting conversations like what happened to Radaghast, how did the Balrog get inside Moria, who were the two Blue Wizards that are never shown, how many Middle Earth Dicks have I seen in other movies. The answer is 4.
OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

How To Train Your Dragon remains as charming as ever, I watched the Cinemawins video beforehand and they pointed out something I never thought about, there's no real villain here. Sure you have The Red Death but that wasn't brought in until very late in the game and served only to give the dragons and vikings a common enemy and end the film on an action-packed note - which it more than manages. Everything else though is this funny, endearing story about a boy getting to know his new pet flying reptile cat and the two of them bonding in their out-of-place situations. 8.5/10
timmyd at 01:30 AM Nov 18

I freakin' loved that film.

OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

This is a fucking cool shot, even knowing by now dragons are mostly harmless it's still kinda terrifying.
timmyd at 12:59 AM Nov 18


OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

The news of Abraham joining How To Train Your Dragon 3 has got me itching to revisit the franchise, plus I'll try to look into the short films and TV series since most of them are on Netflix. Onward to tonight's late viewing.
OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

Sweet Zombie Jesus.
LelekPL at 10:09 PM Nov 17

Is this Ashley Benson?

OldKingClancy at 10:20 PM Nov 17

Yep, from a TV Movie called Fab Five

timmyd at 01:07 AM Nov 18


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OldKingClancy posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 4 days ago

Batman and Harley Quinn


Directed by:
Written by: Bruce Timm
Cast: Kevin Conroy, Melissa Rauch, Paget Brewster, Kevin Richardson
Studio: Warner Bros.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comic Book
Official Site:
Plot: Nobody Needs To Ride This Harley


Last year I took a cinema trip for the one-day release of Batman: The Killing Joke, the animated feature of the classic Joker origins graphic novel featuring Mark Hamill’s return to the iconic character. Sadly to get to The Killing Joke portion we had to force our way through a 45 minute Batgirl prologue that came across more like a fan-fic to have 40 odd year old Bruce fuck the 19 year old daughter of one of his closest friend. However despite the shitty first half the actual adaptation of The Killing Joke worked and I understood the necessity to beef up the run-time due to the short length of the graphic novel...[more]...


Other reviews of this film: Moviefreak2010 (10/10) > Display all
LelekPL at 09:48 AM Nov 17

I know what they were going for “What if Harley wrote an episode of TAS” and that’s what you get. A lot of sex, immaturity and terrible jokes. I really don’t like Harley Quinn and I guess that’s why I hated this film.

The sex doesn’t bother me at all. Just like it didn’t in The Killing Joke. They’re all adult characters in a film with a R rating. That’s fine.

It’s The comedy! It’s just not funny at all. And I’m a guy who loves an occasional fart joke. But you really gotta know how to deliver it. This doesn’t have a clue.

LelekPL at 09:53 AM Nov 17

I’m also of the unpopular opinion that their animated movies are as bad as their live-action movies. The last good one was what? The Dark Knight Returns? and even that had some issues and it was just a 1:1 adaptation.

They had some great ones like Flashpoint or Crisis on Two Earths or the Red Hood one or my favorite - Gotham Knight. But recently they’ve been garbage. With Batman 66 being the only ok exception

OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

When I walked out of The Killing Joke I disliked it primarily for the Batgirl Prologue but I understood the necessity to beef up the running time for a feature length. With Batman & Harley Quinn, I don't fucking understand why this movie exists, it's tonally awful, characters are written terribly with Harley being the worst offender and Rauch just butchering the voice, the jokes are pathetic, the fanservice more so and it's just an overall mess. 4/10
grelber37 at 10:57 PM Nov 16

I liked Batman & Harley Quinn more than you do. But, I can definitely see everything that you are pointing-out.

cobb at 10:58 PM Nov 16

me too

OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

Yeesh, I know that different characters can have several different voice actors and each brings something new to the table, but Rauch's Quinn just does not sound right on the ears.
OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 4 days ago

Taking something a bit lighter for tonight's film, last year wasn't the best for Batman with The Killing Joke being a notable low point but hopefully tonight's animated feature will serve him better as he teams up with his rival's ex-girl. Watching Batman & Harley Quinn.
LelekPL at 09:08 PM Nov 16

honestly, it's even worse than The Killing Joke.

If you want something lighthearted, check out the Batman 66 animated movie - Return of the Caped Crusaders. It's a lot of fun!

OldKingClancy at 09:10 PM Nov 16

I've got Caped Crusaders on the docket but this is what I have available for the moment.

OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 5 days ago

I won't fully rate Lost City Of Z just yet since my viewing kept getting interrupted, first the rental DVD I had started skipping and despite efforts to clean the disc it still couldn't play. THEN, when I took up nefarious means to continue the film the streaming feature would stop occasionally to loud properly. So not the best of experiences but even through that I could see a good but ultimately flawed movie here, I was expecting much more of an adventure film but the biopic of this Percy Fawcett and the life he led proved to be just as interesting due to how much adventure he brought into his own life naturally. The biggest problem is that Fawcett's story is MASSIVE, spanning over 20 years, two three expeditions and a world war and trying to cover all of that in a little over 2 hours just wasn't enough, often the film would skip ahead by months or years at a time and I'd be lost trying to figure out how much time had passed and where the story was now. I'll try to check it out ag...
OldKingClancy at 12:20 AM Nov 16

I'll try to check it out again at some point because I do see the potential for a strong film but even with the fractured viewing this does have it's issues.

LelekPL at 09:12 AM Nov 16

I was disappointed by it. It's a story about a man's obsession... and nothing else. BY the time you get to the end, all of it will seem pointless.

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