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I'm a self-confessed Refn mark and I love his stylistic nature so putting that into the context of the fashion industry allows him to play up with the visuals while also working into the cut-throat world of beauty and the end result is one hell of an experience. Still love this film, 9/10
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I'm a self-confessed Refn mark and I love his stylistic nature so putting that into the context of the fashion industry allows him to play up with the visuals while also working into the cut-throat world of beauty and the end result is one hell of an experience. Still love this film, 9/10
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I've seen theories online that suggest when Jessy heard her neighbour being raped and/or murdered after the Keanu Reeves dream that it's actually Dean as the attacker and not Keanu. The reason being that while Reeves is a scumbag he's never shown to be actually violent whereas Dean, who has made it clear he is attracted to Jessy despite her young age, has become so frustrated with her that he takes it out on some 'real Lolita shit'. It's a theory I can absolutely get behind
OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: about 2 hours ago

MFC Dead was delayed from yesterday due to the Dunkirk review, apologies to the 6 people still reading it but next week is the finale so hopefully that'll put things back on schedule. As for the rest of the night, I'm taking some inspiration from writer 19 and revisiting a film of demons in the city of angels and one of the most fascinatingly bizarre films of last year.
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The MFC Dead. 7X11: The Long Night Is Coming... (Part 2)


With JenGirl firing her rifle, the walkers started to move away from the group, keeping the ones on fire away from the oil-drenched ones, at least for the time being. quidditchmom kept her eyes on the horde, trying to make out a spot they could make a run for it, eventually she spotted a gap leading towards an alleyway, but they needed to be quick.

quidditchmom: Ok, when I say go, we all jump down and make a run towards that alleyway, I’ll lead the way and take out anything in our way, Laks you stay in back, make sure we aren’t followed.

Mr.Blizzo: Why is she in back, surely she’d be better with you up front.

quidditchmom: Military experience, Laks knows how to run and gun. Besides it’s easier for me to take out the walkers in front instead of what’s in back.

Laksmikanti: Don’t worry Blizzo, I can handle it.

goNADSgo69: What’s the plan?

quidditchmom: We need to try and regroup with everyone else, you said Reb and some of the others were in the town hall, that should be our main target but with all the walkers surrounding it after the explosion, we might need to take a long way round. Do you remember where anyone else is?

goNADSgo69: Term was with K1NG and QU33N at Blizzo’s house last time I checked, road there should be mostly cleared by now.

quidditchmom: Then that’s where we’ll head first, let’s move quickly and try to avoid any trouble.

quidditchmom turned back to the road, waiting for the right moment, once the last walker was out of reach she made her move.

quidditchmom: Now.

With quidditchmom leading the way, the group jumped from the garage roof and made a run for the alleyway, quidditchmom in front, ready to slice anything in her path, Blizzo behind her, a wrench in hand for support, Critical and WalkAway came in the middle, goNADS behind them and Laksmikanti at the back.

Watching her friends reach safety, Jen started looking for her own escape, she had taken out most of the walkers on fire and the ones she hadn’t been able to kill were starting to die from the flames so for the most part the threat of going up in flames wasn’t an issue. She was however stuck on all sides with only a door and a staircase protecting her, while it was enough for the moment she couldn’t stay there.

Taking some of the remaining rope from her pulley-system, Jen tied it to the metal banister surrounding the tower, hoping to God that it would be strong enough to hold her weight, then started to climb down.

JenGirl: Fuck, bad time to realise I’m scared of heights.

Jen continued to climb down, her arms and legs wrapped around the rope for support, at the bottom some of the walkers hit the rope causing it to shake more than Jen was comfortable with, but since they didn’t know what to do with it she was safe from them climbing up.

Eventually she got low enough where she could swing over and reach the roof of the next house over, only problem was it was a slanted roof, if she didn’t get a good grip she’d slip right into the horde.

JenGirl: Come on Jen, you’ve survived Nite Owl, you’ve survived yourself, you can do this you dumb bitch.

Jen pushed herself towards the tower, kicking off the wall to reach out further out but not quite making it. The rope brought her back to the tower where she kicked out again, reaching further still but still not enough, once more she let herself swing towards the tower and kicked off the wall. As she felt herself moving towards the roof, Jen let go of the rope and made the leap across, praying that it would be enough to save her.


In the town hall, everyone had gathered upstairs to tend to JohnnyPHreak after he was hit by the shattering glass, his face was cut and bleeding and he hadn’t woken up since the explosion, Rebellion was close to having a panic attack, not helped by the whiskey in his system.

Rebellion_Reborn: Fuck, oh fuck no, not again, fuck.

Righteous_faustus: Calm down Reb, he’ll be alright.

Rebellion_Reborn: No he won’t, he’ll fucking die I know it. This is my punishment, I should’ve fucking listened, I wasn’t ready to lead this place.

Joe Scorpio: Reb listen to yourself, it was either you or Arrow remember, you had to kill him, you were the only one that could lead us.

Rebellion_Reborn: Look where that’s fucking got us. My daughter’s dead and my son’s about to join her, I can’t fucking do this.

Rebellion stumbled out the room, unable to watch his son die.

TheChanges23: Righteous, follow him, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Righteous simply nodded and follow Rebellion downstairs.

TheChanges23: Fred, try and find me some tweezers or anything similar you can find, try Mamad’s room for any sewing materials.

DropDeadFred: Are you seriously going to try and pull the glass out?

TheChanges23: We don’t have any other option, just see what you can find, please.

Fred left quickly, not wanting to let down the group again.

TheChanges23: John, Joe, hold down him down, John hand me that bottle.

JohnLocke: What are you going to do to him?

TheChanges23: We need to get the glass out of his face so he we can tend to the wounds, but it’s going to be very painful and if he wakes up during it the damage could be even worse. So we need to wake him up.

Joe Scorpio: I want it on record I think this is a really bad idea.

TheChanges23: Noted. Now hold him still.

As Joe and John held down Johnny’s arms and legs, TheChanges opened the bottle of whiskey and carefully poured it onto Johnny’s face.

Immediately his eyes flew open and he scream in pain.

Downstairs, Reb heard his son screaming and struggled with the noise.

Rebellion_Reborn: I can’t take this, I can’t fucking listen to him die.

Righteous_faustus: He’s not dying Reb, for fuck sake that means he’s alive.

Rebellion_Reborn: He won’t be, not after what I’ve done.

Righteous_faustus: Christ sake Reb this isn’t your fault.

Rebellion_Reborn: It fucking is, I knew the dead were dangerous but I did nothing to keep us safe from them, I just ignored them I got too complacent and now my people are dying. For fuck sake I let raz in here and he turned out to be a fucking snake in the grass.

Righteous_faustus: And how the hell were you to know that he was one, we’ve got the dead to worry about, the living shouldn’t be our concern.

Rebellion_Reborn: But they are and I haven’t been paying enough attention. That’s why my daughter died, that’s why my son is dying right now.

Righteous_faustus: Reb, you can’t blame yourself for the actions of others.

Rebellion_Reborn: Oh what do you know you haven’t lost...

Rebellion stopped, realising that Righteous had been in this exact situation before. Fed up with his brother-in-law’s attitude, Righteous let loose on Reb.

Righteous_faustus: Haven’t lost what Reb? A child? A family? You want to know what happened to your sister, we took up shelter with some of our neighbours in a grocery store, then when I went out for supplies our supposed friends beat the shit out of her and raped her. Then they took my daughter, my fucking 13 year old daughter, your niece, and raped her as well, all while my son watched. I killed them all when I found out, every goddamn one of them whether they did anything or not. And Sarah was so frightened of me that she took the kids and ran, they were dead when I found them the next morning.

Righteous composed himself, even after telling the story before it was never an easy memory to revisit.

Righteous_faustus: I believed it was my fault for so long, that because I killed those men I lost my family as punishment. But I was wrong, because when I look out that window and see all those faces and think about the lives and the families and the people that have died since this shit hit the fan I cannot for a second believe they all deserved to die. This world no longer gives a good shit about your problems, bad people live, good people die, and it’s just the way things are. So all you can do is shut up and move on because there wasn’t a damn thing you could’ve done to change it.

Rebellion_Reborn: Righteous, I’m... I’m so sorry.

Righteous_faustus: I hoped never to tell you that, it’s not something I wanted you to hear. But you needed to, so you could understand why you don’t need to blame yourself for this shit anymore. It’s not your fault.

Rebellion_Reborn: Then why does it feel like it is?

Righteous_faustus: Because you’re their leader, because he’s your son. You feel responsible because you are, you’re responsible for their safety, to keep them out of harm’s way but you can’t protect them from everything and the sooner you learn that the better. The guilt won’t ever leave you, I know it and I know Terminal knows it, but you can learn to live with it.

Rebellion_Reborn: That’s the problem Righteous. I don’t know if I can.

The two of them heard the stairs creaking and turned to see Fred looking at them.

DropDeadFred: He’s, um... he’s awake if you’d like to speak to him.

Rebellion_Reborn: Yeah, yeah. Just, give me a minute. Ok.

Righteous_faustus: Sure thing, we’re not going anywhere.

Righteous followed Fred back upstairs to see Johnny, Reb taking a few extra minutes to compose himself. He went to go up the stairs but stopped when he saw his gun on the table, the one John took away from him, he was unlikely to get back to one he had upstairs, but did he have a reason to take one at all.

Reb decided to be safer than sorry and took the gun, hiding it in his waistband before going up to see his son.

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Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Written by: Christopher Nolan
Cast: Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy
Studio: Warner Bros.
Genre: Drama, War
Official Site:
Plot: "We've a job to do."


When the trailers for Dunkirk hit I didn’t get the excitement I was hoping for, but I trusted Nolan and once the reviews started coming in with ridiculously high marks I assumed that there was something that the trailers were hiding that would showcase Dunkirk as Nolan’s most technically brilliant work yet...[more]...


Other reviews of this film: lukearmy7 (2/10) , LelekPL (6/10) > Display all
timmyd at 08:01 PM Jul 24

Very well said . A beautiful , technically marvelous film . Unfortunately , I couldn't have possibly cared less for anyone in it. I'm sure Nolan will take home an Oscar as you said , and I wouldn't mind a fucking bit if he did , but it's far from his best work.

OldKingClancy added a DVD to his collection: about 23 hours ago

grelber37 at 03:03 PM Jul 24

Re-Animator is the greatest film ever made.

BATeMAN at 05:10 PM Jul 24

Oooh. I recorded this a couple of days ago.

timmyd at 08:04 PM Jul 24

HELL yes .

OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Dunkirk might be Nolan's most technically impressive feature to date but without a damn reason to care for any of the characters it's a hollow experience. 7/10
OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Only Game Of Thrones could offer up some quality Nathalie nudity and then in the very next scene bring in Ye Olde Medieval Scab Picking. And what a finale, finally we see Euron's taking his place as the show's new villain.
OldKingClancy posted a BLOG item 2 days ago

The MFC Dead. 7X11: The Long Night Is Coming... (Part 1)


Johnny knocked on the door to his father’s room, scared at the state he’d been in when he left.

JohnnPHreak: Dad? Dad you ok?

A low grumbling was his reply, followed by the sound of clattering and fallen furniture, Johnny opened the door to find his father on the ground, a table collapses beside him, a half-empty bottle of whisky in one hand, a pistol in the other aiming at his head. Johnny immediately ran over and knocked the gun out of his hand.

JohnnyPHreak: Jesus dad, what the hell are you doing?

Rebellion_Reborn: It’s my fault, all my fault.

JohnnyPHreak: Give me that.

Johnny took the bottle from Rebellion and tossed it away

JohnnyPHreak: Dad, what’s going on.

Rebellion_Reborn: All my fault, should’ve listened.

JohnnyPHreak: What’s your fault? Who should you have listened to?

Rebellion_Reborn: Terminal.

Johnny lifted his dad onto the sofa, sitting him straight up so he didn’t fall over or hurt himself.

Rebellion_Reborn: He was right Johnny, I shouldn’t be leading this place, I don’t know what I’m doing. I thought I did but....

JohnnyPHreak: Hey, hey, don’t say that, plenty of people look to you for leadership.

Rebellion_Reborn: Only cause there was no-one else, I thought I could do something, thought I could make a difference, all I did was fuck things up and get your sister....

The end of that sentence hung in the air, Johnny knew he and his father hadn’t spoken much if anything about Mamad’s death, evidently Rebellion still felt guilty over not doing something about Fab earlier.

Rebellion_Reborn: When this is over, I’ll tell Terminal he can take over, he’s better suited for this than anyone.

JohnnyPHreak: Dad I...

Rebellion_Reborn: No, don’t argue. It’s my decision and it’s final.

JohnnyPHreak: We’ll talk in the morning, ok?

Rebellion_Reborn: Ok.

Johnny turned to leave when he heard gunshots from outside, they’d been on and off all day but these were different, they sounded closer, he went to the window to try and get a good look at what was happening outside.

Righteous_faustus: BOMB, EVERYONE GET DOWN IT’S A....


The deafening explosion ripped through the town, the shockwave alone shattered every piece of glass in the whole of Alexandria, sending a fury of shards right into Johnny’s unprotected face.


Stuck on a roof nearby, TheChanges tried to find his bearings after being knocked to the ground by the blast, the ringing in his ears just wouldn’t stop, he could feel blood coming out of his left ear and his vision was blurred. Being so close to the blast he got a full-force of it, not enough to kill but enough to take a lot out of him, he knew getting back to Term and the others would be near impossible, with the way his head was still shaking he wouldn’t be able to judge the distance on the roofs correctly, but he couldn’t stay still either, he needed to move.

Looking behind him he saw the Town Hall, not too far from him, if he was quick he could make it, most of the walkers in the street had already started moving towards the source of the noise, if he went round the back of them he could make it.

Through the balcony window TheChanges could see Righteous and John, both dazed from the explosion but both still upright. He waved over to them, hoping they would see him, thankfully they did.

JohnLocke: Is that TheChanges?

Righteous_faustus: Must be, I saw him with K1NG right before the explosion. We need to get him over here, you ok to shoot?

John picked up his crossbow and armed the first arrow.

JohnLocke: Just cover my blind spot.

Righteous threw down the rope for TheChanges to climb, signalling that he was good to move. TheChanges threw the bag of guns onto his back and carefully climbed down the side of the building, using a drain-pipe to help him. Once on the road he made a run for it, careful not to go too fast for fear of tripping over himself.

John took aim with the bow and shot a walker in front of TheChanges before it could turn and see him, he did the same to one coming out from an alleyway.

Righteous_faustus: On your left.

John turned and saw another walker heading straight for TheChanges, he quickly took that down too. By that point TheChanges was close enough to make a final push for the rope, grabbing tight and pulling himself up, Righteous lifting the rope along with him and pulling him over the balcony banister.

TheChanges23: Thanks.

Righteous_faustus: What the fuck happened, I saw K1NG run out with a fucking bomb on his chest, nearly took us out with him.

TheChanges23: He got bit, figured a way to take out a bunch of them at once before he turned, went off a little sooner than I planned.

JohnLocke: What the hell were you doing in there anyway?

TheChanges dropped the bag off his shoulders to the ground.

TheChanges23: Getting armed.

Righteous_faustus: Hot shit, there’s enough ammo in here to take down those motherfukers twice over. We might actually have a chance at this.

TheChanges23: Yeah but we need everyone to come here and quickly, the dead won’t be distracted for long and if we’re unlucky, more of them will come from outside driven by the explosion. What we need to do is...

TheChanges was cut off by Rebellion bursting out from his room, blood staining his top, he looked right at the three of them, tears forming in his eyes.

Rebellion_Reborn: Help.


Across town at the garage, the group recovered from the explosion, they were far enough away to not have any damage but they were still reeling from the shock of it all.

Critical: Jesus, what the hell was that?

Mr.Blizzo: I’ve no idea but God help me I hope it wasn’t one of ours.

goNADSgo69: The armoury has explosives, I think it might have been.

Mr.Blizzo: Then God help us.

quidditchmom looked over the edge of the roof and saw a lot of the walkers had started to turn away, moving towards the sound of the explosion.

quidditchmom: Hey, hey look, they’re leaving.

Critical: No shit, really?

quidditchmom: Yeah, must have gotten distracted, we wait here long enough we’ll have a clear path out of here.

WalkAway: Thank God, I can’t stand it here any longer.

Critical: You ok?

WalkAway: Yeah, just uncomfortable. Fuck listen to me, surrounded by flesh-eating corpses and I’m complaining about being uncomfortable.

Laksmikanti: You’re pregnant, you’re allowed to moan.

WalkAway: No I’m not, not with everything going on around us. I won’t be one of those women who complain about everything during their pregnancy, we’ve already lost so much that I can’t see this baby as anything but proof that we have a future, and it’s worth fighting for.

Critical took his wife’s hand and held it tight, proud to hear her staying strong. quidditchmom smiled but turned away, the death of her own son hadn’t left her thoughts, now she was with Terminal she had to wonder, would she be able to have another child? Would she want to?

Laksmikanti noticed her demeanour.

Laksmikanti: You ok?

quidditchmom: Yeah, just thinking things over.

Laksmikanti: Care to share? I mean we’ve got the time.

quidditchmom: No. No I think I’ll keep these thoughts to myself.

WalkAway: quidditchmom, I was talking to Term about it and he seemed happy with the idea. But Critical and I were wondering if the two of you would like to be godparents?

quidditchmom: Seriously?

Critical: Well yeah, you and Term are basically the two best people we could think of, we love you both and I wouldn’t trust my child’s life in better hands.

WalkAway: Term’s all for it but he’d like to speak with you about it first.

quidditchmom: Won’t be a long talk, I’d love it.

The two women smiled, happy for this one moment of friendship to shine in an otherwise gloomy situation. Slowly though the smile wiped from WalkAway’s face.

WalkAway: Fuck, I just realised I only talked to Term about that last night. Has it not even been a day yet? God it felt so much longer.

Mr.Blizzo: We’ve been stuck here close to 12 hours, with nothing to eat and nothing to calm us down it has felt like a long time since the wall fell.

WalkAway: God I hate walkers.


Up in her tower, cut off from everyone else, JenGirl enjoyed the solitude, she was the only one with guaranteed safety since the door downstairs would hold fine and none of the walkers could reach her. The explosion knocked her for a loop but she’d recovered fast and was taking her time pulling the rope to send snoop her bow and arrow back, through the smoke she could see that the explosion has killed a good number of walkers and cleared out a space for the survivors to move through if they were quick to take it.

But then she saw it, it was faint but she saw it. She grabbed her rifle for a better look and her fears were confirmed. Walkers, stuck on the edge of the blast, not enough to be killed but enough to catch fire, a whole group of them had been turned around in the smoke and were heading straight for the garage, and to the walkers still doused in oil. If the two groups collided then there would be no escape for the others.

With no other option, Jen starting shooting the walkers on fire, drawing them to her, goNADS and the others looked over to her, wondering why she was shooting. WalkAway was the first to notice the walkers on fire and realised the same thing Jen had.


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Now, the link I'm putting in the comments MAY, or may not, lead to leaked footage of the Infinity War trailer. I'm not saying that it DEFINITELY DOES lead to that, nor am I saying that you SHOULD CLICK IT, all I'm saying is that there's a possibility and you can do with that information as you will.
cerealkiller182 at 04:59 PM Jul 23
HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 05:26 PM Jul 23

well that was awesome

Otis_Driftwood at 12:29 AM Jul 24

Thank you so much. It was great!

Read all 5 comments >>

OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

Plus of course the new TV trailers are just as solid, Westworld didn't show much but I'm anxious to take the trip back and Stranger Things did what it does best with an ass-load of 80s nostalgia and a killer soundtrack.
OldKingClancy updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet Van Dyne and Laurence Fishburne as Bill Foster in Ant-Man & The Wasp, that kick-ass new Thor trailer AND Clancy Brown as Sutur. Goddamn Marvel is cleaning up.
OldKingClancy posted a BLOG item 3 days ago

The MFC Dead: Season 8 Titles


Tomorrow begins the 2-Part MFC Dead season finale with the fight for Alexandria in full swing. However I've been thinking about next season and I wanted to share the episode titles for Season 8 because fans of the comics should recognise a few important titles for what's coming next.

Episode 1: I.C.U.
Episode 2: Timebomb
Episode 3: We Find Ourselves
Episode 4: Fuck This Guy
Episode 5: Jesus Take The Wheel
Episode 6: What?

Episode 7: A Larger World
Episode 8: We Need To Talk About Cochise
Episode 9: Preemptive Strike
Episode 10: Pay The Toll
Episode 11: I Know
Episode 12: Something To Fear

Season 8 will finally be introducing the Hilltop so if anyone would like a place there then all you need to do is ask. And of course we will also be meeting MFC's Negan for the first time so anyone wanting to be the bad guy can ask for a spot on his crew as well.

Catch up on all episodes so far below.

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