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Hate to add to Walking Dead status' but Playboy has a short comic telling Michonne's origin. Written by Kirkman himself!
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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 6 years ago

Order in which I'll watch the Avengers movies (a marathon will happen by Christmas)

1. Captain America
2. Iron Man
3. Incredible Hulk
4. Thor
5. Iron Man 2
nerd85 created a LIST: almost 6 years ago

I'm a man of simple tastes. I enjoy.....

1. Listening to an entire album in my car.
2. Playing my guitar. Loudly.
3. Having the house to myself for a couple hours.
4. A few bottles of Heineken at a party.
5. Playing Mega Blocks with my daughter.
6. Digging out my NES and getting angry at how hard the games are.
7. Window shopping at the mall.
8. Getting stacks of books from the library and reading one of them.
9. Sketching, but not finishing a drawing.
10. Batman comics.
11. Going on nostalgia trips through youtube and
12. Pizza. Any kind. Any maker.

Based on a list by horrorfan23

Carlos_Spicyweiner at 03:03 PM Feb 26

#8. I check out stuff like I get to keep it.

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 6 years ago

Top 10 Lost Characters in order.

1. Claire
2. Jin/Sun
3. Sayid
4. Sawyer
5. Desmond
6. Charlie
7. John
8. Hurley
9. Danielle
10. Michael
nerd85 at 03:03 PM Feb 12

No I'm 20 minutes into the last episode. Are you thinking this list is premature?

VitamanMan8 at 03:58 PM Feb 12

It seems premature, since Claire was pretty much only a good character in the first season. Desmond is my favorite by far, followed by Charlie and Sawyer.

nerd85 at 05:13 PM Feb 12

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Odd things I watched as a child

1. Blondie films (yes the 1940s series based on the comic strip. AMC ran a marathon one weekend and I watched at least half of them)
2. Judy Garland + Mickey Rooney films (Also from an AMC marathon)
3. Jerry Lewis films (I guess these are at a kid's comedy level, but nobody else I knew watched them)
4. I Love Lucy
5. The Munsters
6. I Dream of Jeannie (One of my early screen crushes)
7. Three's Company (As you can tell, I had a Nick at Night phase)
8. The Poseidon Adventure (I loved, loved this movie. I once got up at 4 am to turn on the vcr and tape it.)
9. The Twilight Zone (An occasional weekend tradition with my dad)
10. TV Specials, rental tapes about UFOs, Bigfoot and ghosts. Was (and still am to a degree) fascinated by the supernatural.
WalkAway at 01:22 PM Jan 20

8. scared the crap out of me

HTX0811 at 12:20 PM Jan 29

I loved Three's Company as a kid. I went through a Nick at Nite phase as well.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Metal Gear Solid w/ the cast of Lost

1. Snake - Josh Holloway
2. Meryl - Evangeline Lilly
3. Hal Emmerich - Dominich Monaghan
4. Colonel Campbell - Terry O'Quinn
5. Mei Ling - Yunjin Kim
6. Sniper Wolf - Mira Furlan (Danielle)
7. Ocelot - John Terry (Jack's dad)
8. Liquid - Henry Ian Cusick
9. Master Miller - Naveen Andrews
10. Psycho Mantis - William Mopather (Ethan)
11. Naomi Hunter - Cynthia Watros (Libby)
Psycho-Pirate-99 at 04:33 PM Jan 08

That's a cool llist dude!

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

10 Hottest Hotties of 2011

1. Naya Rivera
2. Kristen Wiig
3. Olivia Wilde
4. Emily Browning
5. Dia Frampton
6. Alison Bree
7. Kayley Cuoco
8. Kendall Jenner
9. Jennifer Lawrence
10. Emilia Clarke

Based on a list by cerealkiller182

MJZ at 09:59 PM Dec 24

Not bad. But #8 is a bit young dont ya think?

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Actors/Actress' that annoy me for no reason

1. Ed Harris - I like movies he's been in, but there's something non-convincing about him.
2. William Hurt - Same as above.
3. Bill Paxton - I've never heard him deliver a line that didn't make me groan. Titanic was bearable, but Aliens.......I'm sorry that's a wretched performance.
4. Channing Tatum - Actually there is a reason for him. I think we can all agree.
5. Denzel Washington - I didn't start off disliking him. And it's not like I'll avoid a movie starring him, but he is almost the same character in every single movie. Especially if it involves explosions. I mean, Training Day was pretty good.
6. Sandra Bullock - Speed, Demolition Man and Crash. Only movies I can stomach.
7. Julia Roberts - Maybe because I associate her with formulaic rom-com garbage.
8. John Lithgow - He just comes off as hammy.
9. Ryan Reynolds - I generally try not to dislike actors who stick to a certain "style" or delivery. Because I can maybe in a distant future, see him handling a dramatic role without having a snarky joke thrown in every third line.
10. Kevin James - I refuse to even give him a chance. I'm not a bullheaded, judgemental person by nature, but seeing his face makes all the good things in life go away.
VitamanMan8 at 11:30 PM Dec 19

2... but... HOW... do you FUCK that UP?!

Night G0ddess
Night G0ddess at 03:52 PM Dec 20

I can agree with all of them - even though I like #5 and 9, I do understand why you dislike them. I think Jason Bateman is my number 1 though!!!! No matter how good the movie is that he plays in, and how good he acts - I can't stand him!!!!!!!

IwishIwasBond at 10:28 AM Dec 21

Yeah Ryan Reynolds, I wanna smash his face in.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Rankin-Bass Christmas Specials in Order.

1. Rudolph - The original. The only one I own on dvd (sadly) so I make sure it gets the annual spin.
2. The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus - This has a fantasy edge to it, as the source book was penned by L. Frank Baum. It's a shame I can only watch it one month out of the year.
3. The Little Drummer Boy - Such a sad story. The animation is kind of a low point, but it's a shorty.
4. The Year Without Santa Claus - The one with the Heat Miser and Snow Miser
5. Jack Frost - This actually could be at the #2 spot. But I've seen it so many times, which doesn't make sense. But I try to record it every year and end up watching it twice.
6. Frosty the Snowman - God, who didn't watch this at least 3 times the week before holiday break in school? I haven't seen it since I graduated in 2003.
7. Rudolph's Shiny New Year - Another weird one. I remember renting it during the summer a few times when I was a lad. Couldn't wait.
8. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - The origin of Santa in musical form.
9. Pinocchio's Christmas - I don't know how frequently this airs. I vaguely remember it.
10. Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July - Probably the most depressing of the bunch. Something about it is just...un-Christmasy.
nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

RUSH playlist (any order you like)

1. What You're Doing
2. Working Man
3. By-Tor and the Snowdog
4. Fly By Night
5. Bastille Day
6. The Necromancer
7. 2112 Overture/Temple of Syrinx
8. Something for Nothing
9. A Farewell to Kings
10. Cygnus X-1 Books I & II
11. Circumstances
12. Entre Nous
13. YYZ
14. Subdivisions
WP-DFA at 09:12 PM Dec 15

2 will always be my favourite tune from them. Some great choices here as well, my two recent favourites from them are Workin Them Angels and that new track Caravan, grows on you so fast, totally dig it.

3, 9, 11, 14 awesome as well!

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

10 Guys I Will Always Consider to be.....THE MAN (No Order)

1. Bruce Campbell
2. Steve McQueen
3. Sean Connery
4. Sean Bean
5. Mel Gibson
6. Clint Eastwood
7. Jackie Chan
8. Toshiro Mifune
9. Bruce Lee
10. Kurt Russel

Based on a list by Psycho-Pirate-99

ironfist66 at 03:46 PM Dec 14

These are really good lists!!!

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

First & Last Purchases

1. First VHS: The Crow-City of Angels
2. Last VHS: Yellow Submarine
3. First DVD: The Neverending Story (This is a total guess)
4. Last DVD: Yo Gabba Gabba (for my daughter)
5. First Blu-ray: A Bug's Life
6. Last Blu-ray: The Matrix
7. First Complete TV series: Mr. Bean
8. Last Complete TV series: Ultraman
9. First Complete Book series: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
10. Last Complete Book series: BLAME! (technically Manga)

Based on a list by Weapon X

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago


1. The Mars Volta (No opening act. Played for 2.5 hours with no breaks.)
2. The White Stripes / Brendan Benson (Detroit. At the Masonic Temple which I read is haunted...supposedly)
3. Smashing Pumpkins / Garbage (First and best concert. Mellon Collie tour)
4. Prince (Played every instrument. Acoustic mini-set and 2 extended jams)
5. Weezer / Foo Fighters (Two of my 90s heroes in one night. Stood up in the balcony the entire show)
6. KISS (Seen them twice, but the Psycho Circus tour was the better. Still original lineup)
7. Yes (35th Anniversary tour. Not the best setlist, but the experience was worth it.)
8. Motion City Soundtrack (Seen them at least 4 times. Energetic and fun. I recommend their first 2 records.)
9. Incubus / Phantom Planet (Not my favorite band but they put on a great show. Also saw them with Sparta opening. So I've almost seen At the Drive-In)
10. Secret Machines (Played at a smaller venue and there was maybe 20 people. Stood so close I could touch the drum set. Fantastic live group.)
11. Coheed and Cambria / Dillinger Escape Plan (The original drummer was gone by then and the bassist was MIA. But still rocked.)
12. Minus the Bear / Thursday (Went in a Thursday fan, cam out a MTB fan. If you like clean prog guitar tones and slick beats, I recommend them.)
13. Hellogoodbye (One of the most fun bands to watch. Seen them at least 3 times.)
14. Jeff Beck (Nothing better than a free show. But his skills made me want to practice guitar again.)
dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 12:02 PM Dec 05

Your #1 makes me really happy

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 12:14 PM Dec 05

#1 makes me happy, too! And, I believe you about their set time... it wouldn't be a true Mars Volta show w/o a full-blown jam out. Their drummer is insane, btw!

nerd85 at 07:01 PM Dec 05

Their drummer (jon theodore) was insane but he's not in the band anymore :(

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Random Albums From the Past 10 Years

1. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
2. The Mint Chicks - Screens
3. Beach House - Teen Dream
4. The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute
5. Battles - Mirrored
6. Secret Machines - Now Here is Nowhere
7. Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full
8. Tegan and Sara - So Jealous
9. Shugo Tokumaru - Exit
10. The White Stripes - Icky Thump
ericodarko at 04:27 PM Dec 04

yeah mars are ridiculous live. i still regret never having seen At the Drive-In live before they became mars

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 04:30 PM Dec 04

Same here... unfortunately, I got into At the Drive-In when they were dying off. But, yeah, Mars puts on a sick performance! I love it when they go into complete jam mode!!

nerd85 at 09:17 AM Dec 05

MV definitely kills in concert. Possibly the best performance I've ever seen.

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Best Albums of 2011 (so much I haven't heard)

1. Strage Mercy - St. Vincent
2. Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes
3. The King is Dead - The Decemberists
4. Gimme Some - Peter Bjorn and John
5. Circuital - My Morning Jacket
6. Gloss Drop - Battles
7. self titled - Bon Iver
8. A Very She & Him Christmas - She & Him
9. Tomboy - Panda Bear
10. Codes & Keys - Death Cab for Cutie
11. -------Albums I didn't like/hear/give a fair chance
12. Radiohead - King of Limbs (boring)
13. Foo Fighters - Wasting Light (every album they claim they've gone back to the first 2 albums and they keep declining)
14. Yes - Fly From Here
15. Nine Types of Light - TV on the Radio
16. The Hunter - Mastodon

Based on a list by Derek237

ericodarko at 11:39 AM Dec 04

Mastodon's album was fucking badass and the foos probably released their best work with that album. it is an amazing rock album

Derek237 at 11:50 AM Dec 04

Mad props for Strange Mercy.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Random/Dorky/Embarrassing Facts About Me

1. I like the Star Wars prequels
2. I've never seen the Godfather
3. I have 4 concrete re-occuring dreams. One involves zombies. Another involves riding lots of elevators.
4. My first car was a '67 Plymouth mega boat that got 8mpg and had a broken fuel guage. I ran out of gas a lot.
5. I've seen all the Toy Story movies in theaters
6. Along with my brother and a good friend, I spent nearly half a summer smashing GI Joes with heavy objects and filming it.
7. I raced BMX for 3 years and made it to state finals each year.
8. I have scars on both of my wrists. But not because I hate my life. One was an accident as a child and the other is a Harry Potter-ish scar from a cyst removal. Neither charismatic or manly.
9. I still own about 30 Goosebumps first printings.
10. I used to wish Neverland was a real place. But after a while, the wish almost came true in my mind. So I would look at the stars at night and try to find which one was it.

Based on a list by WalkAway

WalkAway at 02:00 PM Dec 02

1. I was obsessed with the second one when I was like 12 because of Hayden Christensen

thatswhatshesaid at 02:52 PM Dec 02

# 2 is not okay. and #10 I still wish :)

randychico at 02:53 PM Dec 02

#2 made #1 not ok ;p

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Actors/Actresses I miss

1. Michael Cera (it's been a long time since Pilgrim)
2. Haley Joel Osmet (apparently he's done only voice work since 2002)
3. Shelly Duvall (I can't be the only one)
4. Phobe Cates (There has to be a sit-com idea for a milf floating around the networks, or something)
5. Geena Davis (Her last biggie was Stuart Little and she was so sweet in that)
6. Adam Brody (He's been busy doing forgettable roles, but he's got a great comedic manner)
7. ----My battery is gonna die, so that's all i got----
randychico at 01:19 PM Dec 02

lol @7

#3 You're probably the only one, but yeah, it does seem like she suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth

#4 she's still so pretty, I too bet there's room for her somewhere

nerd85 at 01:23 PM Dec 02

Aww Shelly was great in Time Bandits and The Shining

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Recently Watched

1. Soylent Green 6.5/10 - Not a sci fi classic, but enagaging enough and a tight story.
2. Date Night 4/10 - Meh.
3. A Tale of Despereaux 7/10 - Great art and I loved the structure.
4. Breaking Dawn pt.1 3/10 - My wife likes it.
5. Super 8 7/10 - I didn't get the Goonie vibe, but it reminded me of me and my buddies.
6. Escape From New York 8/10 - God I want a Metal Gear movie....
7. Battle: Los Angeles 5/10 - Decent 2 hour game cinematic
8. Zombieland 9/10
WalkAway at 12:15 AM Dec 02

4. lol

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

an assortment of stuff i dislike in no particular order

1. Getting cut-off on the road by someone who is makes a turn les than a 1/4 mile after. Really!? Can't wait another 6 seconds?
2. Flies in my house. Get with the program, bugs. You're not cool or interesting. Get out of my face.
3. Feeling like a grown up when I go to the mall. I used to be hip. I still own chuck taylors.
4. Film/music snobbery.
5. Assholes that drive unnecessary SUVs. A bigger car doesn't make you better at driving...or parking.
6. Concession stand theater prices. I can't afford to go out much. Don't make me regret giving my business.
7. Rude restaurant waitstaff. 15% tip would be reasonable...if they deserve it. All I ask for is a couple refills, a smile (fake or not, don't care) and some knowledge of the menu.
8. Forum trolls.
9. Hardcore collectors. Of anything. You may be the coolest dude you know, but you're making it a bitch for casual appreciators of a certain hobby.
10. Shitty talent getting recognized on youtube. Money doesn't equal natural talent ot taste.

Based on a list by wallcrawler383

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 09:29 PM Nov 14

I am right there with you on practically all of these! And funny you should mention about the SUVs... I saw this gigantic one trying (and I emphasize "trying") to smoothly pull into a parking space, the other day, and they had to maneuver all awkwardly just to avoid hitting other cars. Some of these oversized SUVs are so damn obnoxious! Anyway, rant aside, I hear ya! And don't even get me started on #10!! haha

Dr.Frankenstein at 07:48 PM Dec 01

8. Always an issue-I use to go to knocks with several at a time over there over numerous things. I don't go in there near as much these days. Not for the faint of heart-BUT a gr8 place to test yr chops and cut yr teeth. (so 2 spk.)I spent like 5-6 years over there before MFC started.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Cartoon Crushes (Am I going to hell for this?)

1. Rogue : X-Men Animated Series.
2. Chel : The Road to Eldorado
3. Misato : Neon Genesis Evangelion
4. Wendy Darling : Disney's Peter Pan
5. Lydia : Beetlejuice Animated Series
6. Daphne : Scooby Doo
7. Triana : Venture Brothers
8. Princess Ariel : Thundarr the Barbarian
9. Catra : She-Ra Princess of Power
10. Baroness : G.I. Joe

Based on a list by MrsData

WalkAway at 08:09 PM Nov 09

If you are, we all are.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Favorite Toys from My Childhood

1. TMNT figures : Including the Party Van and various small vehicles. Just thinking about pulling the weapons from that plastic card gets me teary eyed.
2. Ghostbusters : Yea, I had the main line of figures & Ecto 1, but my pride and joy was the proton pack/trapper/jumpsuit combo.
3. Batman : My dad's Bat obsession meant I had every plastic incarnation of the caped crusader as well as about 3 Batmobiles.
4. G.I Joe : Honestly, I didn't own as many (about 10-11) but I loved the articulation and mythology of the characters.
5. Nintendo Entertainment System : Even after upgrading to the SNES, we still played this.
6. Star Wars Power of the Force : So these came out when I was in middle school, but that didn't stop me from going batshit over them.
7. Muppet Babies Casio keyboard : It was most definitely a real thing. And I want it back.$(KGrHqMOKjME3vmc3)ZGBOB-(kW58Q~~_35.JPG
8. BMX Bike : Who didn't spend most of their summer on one of these.
9. McDonalds Happy Meal toys
10. Legos : You could build your own toys. Plus they were easier to steal from your friends.

Based on a list by MrsData

WalkAway at 03:32 PM Nov 07

3. nice!

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Movies I Like That Most People Hate

1. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (notice how I changed the catagory to "like")
2. Encino Man
3. Nacho Libre
4. Cutthroat Island
5. Die Hard 3
6. Austin Powers in Goldmember
7. The Village
8. Batman Forever
9. King Kong (Peter Jackson's)
10. M.D. Geist (it takes a special kind of anime fan to know what this is, let alone enjoy it.)

Based on a list by LegendarySuit

YoshioKun13 at 04:41 PM Nov 03

Who hates DH 3?

Let me at 'em!

Zo! at 11:35 PM Nov 03

Same here Yoshio

nerd85 at 09:38 AM Nov 04

Honestly I don't know if there's as many DH3 haters. It just never gets brought up as much as the first.

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

My top sci-fi (edited)

1. Star Wars Saga
2. Planet of the Apes
3. The Matrix
4. Akira
5. Equilibrium
6. Blade Runner
7. Alien
8. THX 1138
9. Logans Run
10. Ghost in the Shell
11. The Time Machine
12. Star Trek (original series)
13. 2001 : A Space Odyssey
14. Robocop
15. Starship Troopers

Based on a list by frenzy227

ironfist66 at 05:13 PM Oct 30

Great list I loved Ghost in the Shell and the series.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Halloween This vs That (I'd love to see this copied)

1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre(2003) vs Hills Have Eyes(2006) - texas chainsaw
2. The Ring vs The Grudge - the ring
3. [Rec] vs Quarantine - quarantine
4. Cloverfield vs The Host - cloverfield (i'm in the minority)
5. Friday the 13th(2009) vs Nightmare on Elm Street(2010) - they were both so awful...but an edge for Jason. At least he didn't talk.
6. Dawn of the Dead(2004) vs Day of the Dead(2008) - Dawn. But Day of the dead isn't too bad at all.
7. Shaun of the Dead vs Zombieland - Shaun
8. My Bloody Valentine(2009) vs Last House on the Left(2009) - Last House
9. Amityville Horror(2005) vs Insidious - Insidious hands down! (this was an unfair match)
10. Planet Terror vs Death Proof - Death Proof. A tough, tough choice but it has a higher rewatch.
11. Evil Dead 2 vs Braindead - ED 2
12. ---Feel free to add to this---
dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 10:52 AM Oct 28

Planet Terror > Death Proof for me. Death Proof bored me to tears.

timmyd at 10:53 AM Oct 28

nice . I agree with CLOVERFIELD As well , though '' THE HOST '' was monsteriffic too !!

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Feel-good movies IMO

1. Army of Darkness
2. The Lady and the Tramp
3. I Am Sam
4. Bridge to Terabithia
5. Dumb and Dumber
6. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
7. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
8. The Jungle Book
9. Ikiru
10. The Sound of Music
11. Star Wars

Based on a list by Derek237

timmyd at 05:33 PM Oct 27

1 , 5 , 7 , 8 are da bomb , yo !!

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

Ranking the women of the Evil Dead trilogy

1. Denise Bixler : Linda 2.0 (A nice improvement on the casting for the sequel. Besides the groovy hair)
2. Embeth Davidtz : Sheila (Worth battling evil clones and deadites for)
3. Kassie Wesley : Bobby joe (Sassy. I like a girl who could kick my ass)
4. Theresa Tilly : Shelly (She looked a bit older than she probably was in the film, but she's the most attractove of the first "ladies")
5. Betsy Baker : Linda (Seems like a bit of a prude. But she genuinely appreciated the wretched, bargain bin necklace Ash so lovingly gave her)
6. Ellen Sandweiss : Cheryl (I used to think she was the hottest, because I got to see a nip. But tastes change. I saw her at Chicago Comic-Con and she is still a handsome woman.)
7. Sarah Berry : Annie Knowby (What a bitch. Even her face is full of stuck-up-bitchery)
timmyd at 07:17 PM Oct 26

great job , I concur .

nerd85 created a LIST: about 6 years ago

My Evil Dead remake cast (In no way do I endorse a remake)

1. Ash - Jake Gyllenhaal (Talk about some hard loafers to fill. At least he does have action experience and thanks to Bubble Boy, I always see him as a goofy kid capable of physical comedy.)
2. Scott - Chris Pratt (He looks exactly like the dude from the original!!! It's weird.)
3. Cheryl - Maggie Gyllenhaal (Supposed to be Ash's sister in the film...why not reunite the wonder twins. Worked for Donnie Darko)
4. Linda - Kelli Garner (Because she seems so sweet it would be tragic when she turned. Plus her eyes are really big and that might help the make-up work)
5. Shelly - Kaley Cuoco (She's hot. And hasn't done a horror film yet, right?)
6. Professor Knowby - Bruce Campbell (No need to explain)
7. ----------NO CGI---------
timmyd at 05:16 PM Oct 25

awesome , I endorse this film .

WalkAway at 08:52 PM Oct 25

I love Kelli! And Kaley did Killer Movie

JFernandes at 10:17 PM Oct 25

I'll watch any movie with Kelli Garner in it. Sign me up.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Halloween Celebration : My Top 20 Horror Movies

1. The Shining
2. Night of the Living Dead (1990)
3. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
4. The Exorcist
5. Evil Dead 2
6. Army of Darkness
7. Halloween
8. Silent Hill
9. Frankenstein
10. Hellraiser
11. Nightmare on Elm Street
12. Day of the Dead
13. Jaws
14. Braindead
15. Re-Animator
16. Last Man on Earth
17. Audition
18. Gojira
19. The Ring
20. Silence of the Lambs

Based on a list by horrorfan23

YoshioKun13 at 01:30 PM Oct 20

I actually called into the AITH podcast and remarked how that movie's probably more officially categorized as a 'psychological drama'. Nevertheless, there's plenty of horror in it to me, and I'd say the scariest film I've ever seen(by far). If it inspired the SH games, which produced an SH movie that people consider horror, how could it not?

By that token, I don't even see the SH movie as 'real' horror to me, it came off more like a dark gothic fantasy tale. Gore =/= Horror.

Use HTML tags for (b)bold(/b), (i)italics(/i) and (u)underline(/u).

Just replace the ( ) with < >.

nerd85 at 10:23 PM Oct 20

But the game series is classified as survival horror regardless of plot. It's imagery and subject matter (supernatural, religious cults, death) are typical "horror" devices. In the same way E.A. Poe stories are considered "horror" despite not actually being scary, but atmospheric, gothic and also supernatural in some cases.

I won't really argue with Jacob's Ladder I guess. It'll sure scare the pants off 99% of any slasher flick in the past 10 years.

YoshioKun13 at 04:30 AM Oct 21

Oh the GAMES are definitely horror! They're genius horror. it's the movie "adaptation", that's not! In my eyes at least. That's why it's a huge fucking fail, it replaced all the intriguing story ideas and disturbing horror quality of those games with a whacky puritan Christian cult that was 1-dimensional, hokey and quite laughable. They dumbed down Alessa to that of a stereotypically 'creepy kid' role who's simply out for revenge. Because that's what the mainstream US audience 'gets'. In the game she just wanted to be left alone, all she cared about was to be loved by her mother.

Granted SH1's story is very confounding and ambiguous, would be very difficult to translate 100% faithfully on screen. But the whole sub-plot with the Doctor, the nurse and her drug addiction, that's pretty abhorrent IMO to completely throw out.

Agreed on JACOB's LADDER, fer sure. :)

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

10 reasons the 80s might be my favorite movie decade

1. Legend
2. The Shining
3. Dark Crystal
4. Robocop
5. Evil Dead 2
6. Escape From New York
7. Purple Rain
8. The Road Warrior
9. Tron
10. Back to the Future

Based on a list by MonsterZeroNJ

nerd85 at 04:59 PM Oct 13

Weird things pop up in google image search.

@randychico- you HAVE to see Legend if you consider yourself and 80s cinema enthusiast. It's on blu ray. As for Purple Rain...that really falls into the "how much of a Prince fan am I" category.

randychico at 05:15 PM Oct 13

Yeah pretty much my reason why it can wait...

Carlos_Spicyweiner at 03:49 PM Oct 14

FUCK RIGHT Purple Rain!!

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

MFC Halloween Survey

1. What animals are you afraid of? - Spiders
2. Are you afraid of clowns? - Only the creepy ones.
3. Are you claustophobic - Negative
4. What urban legends scared you as a kid (or now)? - The Bloody Mary mirror game.
5. Do you have any phobias? - Not having any money (in the very literal sense)
6. What else are you afraid of - Ignorance
7. Do you believe in any cryptozoologic creatures? - Only Bigfoot, Nessie, Jersey City Devil, Chupacabra, and the Mothman. Everything else is phony and dumb.
8. What movies scared you as a kid? - The library scene in Ghostbusters.
9. What movie scared you as an adult? - Anything with Julia Roberts
10. Favorite Universal Monster - Creature From the Black Lagoon
11. Favorite fictional horror villain - Dracula
12. Favorite real life serial killer - Disturbing question. The Zodiac killer is interesting.
13. Have you ever experienced the paranormal? - I wish I could say yes.
14. What would you do if you thought your house was haunted? - Get proof.
15. Are you superstitious - Negative.

Based on a list by WalkAway

randychico at 02:56 AM Oct 11

#9 haha

Terminal_83 at 07:10 PM Oct 12

10. *high fives*

ironfist66 at 07:19 PM Oct 12

#9-Very original.......haha

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Movies I have to watch every october

1. Nightmare Before Christmas (and last year it was a triple feature with Frankenweenie & Corpse Bride)
2. George A Romero's "Dead Trilogy" (my trilogy includes the NotLD remake and Land if i'm in the mood)
3. Monster House
4. Evil Dead 1&2 (AoD can easilly be squeezed in, but I've seen it a LOT and my dvd is the basic, embarassing edition)
5. Tower of Terror (starring Kirsten Dunst. For some reason I catch it every year on TV and now it's a strange tradition)
6. Dead Alive aka Braindead
7. Any of the Indy films (and I've already watched Raiders)
8. Batman Begins
9. Seven Samurai (I've been pretty busy lately, I may have to swap another Kurosawa or break it up)
10. Halloween
WalkAway at 05:36 PM Oct 04

What about Hocus Pocus?!

brianandmichelle at 05:45 PM Oct 04

I love your style nerd!

nerd85 at 08:52 AM Oct 05

I haven't seen Hocus Pocus since it was new haha.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

September in movies

1. The Orphanage - Smartly written and executed, but a little boring and stale. 2.5/5
2. Paul - Not as classic as Shaun or Fuzz, but a good cast. 3/5
3. Your Highness - Dumb. But dumb-funny. And if there's another midievil fantasy with Zooey and Natalie starring, please let me know. 2.5/5
4. Transformers 3 - Aweful. The girl isn't that attractive to spend 20 minutes drooling over her. The plot was more drawn out than it needed to be and the action (when it decided to make an appearance) wasn't clever or exciting. 1/5
5. Evangelion 1.0 - I've seen the series at least 4 times and I was a little confused. The CGI stuck out a little more than I like, but it looked great nonetheless. 4/5
6. Evangelion 2.0 - More of the same. But I won't complain. 4/5
7. Insidious - Interesting and clever. Great potential for a TV show, but the villain was dissapointing and looked like a member of Mudvayne. 3/5
8. Masters of the Universe - 80s cult classic? Or still just a sorry excuse for a deserving franchise? 2/5
9. Rescue Dawn - One of the best Vietnam war movies I've ever seen. Brutal but hopeful. 4/5
10. Bridesmaids - Not only for girls....okay mostly for girls. 4/5
YoshioKun13 at 10:54 PM Oct 03

I've got No. 5 on the shelf waiting to be watched. It'll be my first time watching with English subs, my Japanese import copy doesn't have any. Can't wait to see No. 6 too!

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

The talent of Harry Potter

1. Gary Oldman - It's a tragedy how short his role is, although the impact is huge.
2. Alan Rickman - Funny how Snape turned into one of my favorite characters. He's had to live through some painful stuff.
3. Ralph Fiennes - Voldemort could have been little more than a snakey, boring villain. He deosn't even have all that much presence until the last few films.
4. Michael Gambon - The first Dumbledore (the late Richard Harris) was likable, but basically and old dude. Not much to grasp onto as a character. Dumbledore 2.0 is a mysterious and sometimes frightening man.
5. Jason Isaacs - Only a class act could pull of Lucius Malfoy and not make him even a little bit charming.
6. Maggie Smith - She was in Clash of the Titans. And that makes her cooler than anyone else on the list (save Gary was he in Clash of the Titans?? Nope)
7. Warwick Davis - Such an underated character actor. Not only does he play 2 characters in the series, he played Willow. Fuckin Willow.
8. Brendan Gleeson - Hands down, the most badass professor of Hogwarts, even if it was only one year, and it wasn't really him.
9. Rupert Grint - The kids get canned for their lack of talent. Certainly Harry and Hermione had some big shoes to fill and they slowly grew into them. But Rupert has always been pitch perfect. Even when his character was reduced to stupid faces and scowling.
10. Alphonso Cuaron - His dramatic vision so contrasted with the previous films, the rest of the saga had to copy his style. I know, it was heading that way and he probably didn't have as much creativity put into it, but nobody argues that he wasn't important.
WalkAway at 01:44 PM Aug 18

Gary Oldman is a legend.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Teen Titans Cast (animated version)

1. Robin - Logan Lerman (of Percy Jackson fame)
2. Beast Boy - Zachary Gordon (of Wimpy Kid fame)
3. Raven - Jodelle Ferland
4. Starfire - Aimee Teegarden
5. Cyborg - Donald Glover (stretching the age a little, but none of them actually look like teens in the comic. The alternative is Jaden Smith............)
6. Deathstroke (Slade) - Josh Holloway
randychico at 02:21 PM Jul 13


Zachary Gordon does have that beast boy look haha, great choice

Carlos_Spicyweiner at 12:43 AM Jul 17

I think this is a pretty solid list. Donald Glover seems fitting still, although it is TEEN Titans, Cyborg just seems older than the rest of the bunch.
Everyone download his Childish Gambino mixtapes!

thatswhatshesaid at 10:04 PM Jul 17

I love this!

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Hotties (part 4)

1. Kaley Cuoco
2. Jennifer Lawrence
3. Olivia Wilde
4. Emily Browning
5. Christian Serratos
6. Bryce Dallas Howard
7. Emilie De Ravin
8. Lizzy Caplan
9. Francia Raisa
10. Shay Mitchell
timmyd at 09:10 AM Jul 13

NICE !! Especially , #1 , #2 , #3, and #8 !!

WalkAway at 11:13 AM Jul 13


nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

More Random Assortment of Either/Or

1. Alien or Predator? - Alien
2. Justice League or The Avengers - JLA has Batman AND Superman...but Avengers are always written better IMO.
3. Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees? - Michael Myers
4. The Incredibles or Fantastic 4? - Fantastic 4. The original Marvel team.
5. The Terminator or Robocop? - Robocop for the look. Terminator for the movies.
6. Blade or Buffy? - Buffy (original movie only)
7. Dracula or Frankenstein's Monster? - Dracula
8. Godzilla or King Kong? - Godzilla
9. The Godfather or Goodfellas? - Haven't seen either
10. Die Hard or Lethal Weapon? - Die Hard
11. Commando or Rambo? - Rambo
12. '87 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or 2003 TMNT? - 87 TMNT
13. Indiana Jones or James Bond? - Dr. Henry Jones Jr.
14. Robin Hood or Zorro? - Robin Hood
15. Hit-Girl or Batgirl? - Batgirl
16. The Simpsons or Family Guy? - Family Guy
17. South Park or Beavis & Butthead? - Beavis and Butthead. Without debate.
18. Nostalgia Critic or Angry Video Game Nerd? - Are these people?
19. Cheech & Chong or Jay & Silent Bob? - Cheech & Chong
20. Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz? - Wizard of Oz (book and movie)
21. WALL*E or R2D2? - R2D2
22. Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse? - Bugs Bunny
23. Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter? - Street Fighter
24. Transformers or G.I. Joe? - G.I. Joe
25. The Dirty Dozen or The Expendables? - Haven't seen either.
26. Kirk or Picard? Kirk (Added this question to level out my choices)

Based on a list by BigEvil84

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

James Franco Ranked

1. Pineapple Express
2. Spider-Man
3. 127 Hours
4. Freaks and Geeks
5. Tristan & Isolde
6. The Dead Girl
7. Sonny
8. Annapolis
9. ---The rest of his films i either haven't seen, or don't recall him being in---
nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Random Getting-to-Know-You Questions

1. What's Your Home Town - Grand Rapids, Mi
2. What Makes You Stand Out in a Crowd - Unless I'm with my brother who sweats a lot or my mother who is loud...nothing really.
3. Preferred Hot Drink - Coffee from Starbucks (I give in to overpriced conglomorates)
4. What Type of Drunk Are You - The 'mostly the same but a little happier and takes three times as many trips to the potty'
5. Standard Outfit - Novelty T (Batman, Star Wars or Beatles) Jeans (Gap or Walmart) Onitsuka Tigers or Converse sneakers.
6. Skill People Don't Expect You to Have - There isn't any. The few I have, are posted all over facebook because of my low self esteem.
7. What Makes You Good at Your Job - The fact that I don't have one. At the moment.
8. The First Album You Bought - I thiiiiiiink it was Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt (Gwen Stefani gave me a huge erection).
9. Hobby Most People Don't Know You Have - Writing? I don't actually finish anything, but I outline. A lot.
10. Look Around and Name Five Objects That Catch Your Eye - Mix Cds. A collection of Star Wars Vintage Collection figures. A framed Pink Floyd poster. Drawing Pencils. VHS copies of the Patlabor movies.
11. Thing You'll Never Grow Out Of - Sadly comic books and action figures still excite me.
12. Piercings and Tattoos - Everyone besides my grandparents have tattoos, so...none for me. Used to have 2 piercings in each year but nobody told me how much of a tool I was, so I had to figure that out.

Based on a list by G-Funk

WalkAway at 10:36 AM Jul 11

9. I'm exactly the same!

jeo4 at 03:41 PM Jul 11

10 and 11 - Love this.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Ten Movies I watched Repeatedly as a Child (Ages 4-9)

1. Temple of Doom
2. Return of the Jedi
3. Puff the Magic Dragon (animated starring Burgess Meredith.)
5. Disney's Robin Hood
6. Gremlins
7. Ewoks: Battle For Endor
8. Tremors
9. 3 Ninjas
10. Neverending Story

Based on a list by AlmostFamous91

randychico at 09:07 PM Jul 10

ewoks! haha nice... great movies all around, I just loved Indy since I was a wee lad

nerd85 at 12:20 PM Jul 11

It was the first Indy flick I saw. We got the vhs along with Back to the Future from McDonalds. Remember that? There was a brief promotional thing......Am I imagining this?

Anyway I never knew there was a 3rd movie until years later and it was like a revelation.

randychico at 02:05 PM Jul 11

haha whaaa? I believe you but I don't remember such thing. I have very fond memories of Temple of Doom since I belive it's the first time I went to the DriveIn.. pretty cool

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Random Assortment of Either/Or and Would You Rather Questions

1. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars
2. Marvel or DC? Marvel (But DC has been my choice this year)
3. British Television or American Television? American
4. Inception or The Matrix? The Matrix
5. Batman or Superman? question.
6. X-Men or Brotherhood? X-Men
7. Watch a movie marathon or a tv marathon? Movie marathon
8. Wii or Xbox? XBox
9. Coke or Pepsi? I'm a Coke feind.
10. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
11. Anime or Animation? Anime
12. Books or Comics? Comics
13. Fight in Pudding or in Jell-O? Heh? Pudding would give less resistance...I guess.
14. Be a ninja or pirate? Ninja.
15. Be burned alive or buried alive? Buried alive
16. Have money or love? Money
17. Be a vampire or a zombie? Vampire
18. Be able to fly or read minds? Fly
19. Lose your hearing or lose you eyesight? Hearing
20. Be forgotten or hatefully remembered? Hatefully Remembered

Based on a list by Vampjezzc

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Soundtracks I've enjoyed

1. Star Wars - I used to listen to a copy I taped from the library's CD. My first listening to classical voluntarilly.
2. Fellowship of the Ring - The main theme is a modern masterpiece. I picked up a copy for $1 and it works great to test speaker clarity or just cleaning around the house.
3. Tron Legacy - Even if this was only a Daft Punk album, I'd still dig it. Anything that can make a routine car ride feel epic.
4. Heroes - Again, picked it up for $1 at Best Buy (I know, right). Decent tunes by good bands.
5. Batman - My dad's Batman collection was recently bestowed upon me and there's generally a couple good tracks off them. Plus I have the first one on vinyl now.
6. Godzilla - Yes the beloved Matthew Broderick classic. For whatever year this is from, the songs rocked. Foo Fighters, Silverchair, RATM, Ben Folds and that P Diddy song that sampled Kashmir.
7. The Matrix - Who wasn't obsessed with the Matrix at some point?
8. There Will Be Blood - Great stuff by Jonny Greenwood. The closest we'll get to hearing Radiohead score a film
9. Norwegian Wood - Another Greenwood work. HAven't heard the whole thing through, but it's got 3 songs by Can, so...good enough.
10. Tron (original) - Wendy Carlos is brilliant.
lordtyler912 at 01:10 PM Jul 03

Love number 2

randychico at 02:02 AM Jul 04

Great stuff you have in here, glad to see There Will be Blood in here :D

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Dream JLA Cast (all time)

1. Batman - Gregory Peck
2. Superman - Marlon Brando
3. Wonder Woman - Linda Harrison
4. Flash - Mark Paul Gosslar
5. Green Lantern - William Shatner
6. Green Arrow - Eroll Flynn
7. Martian Manhunter - Liam Neesan
8. Aquaman - Nathan Fillion (why not make everyone's least favorite a likable smartass?)
9. Director - Ridley Scott (circa 85')
WalkAway at 08:51 PM Jul 02

6. yeess

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

My Ranking of MFC's Community Lists: Action

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
2. Die Hard
3. The Matrix
4. Batman Begins
5. Terminator 2
6. The Dark Knight
7. Saving Private Ryan
8. Transformers
9. Aliens
10. Gladiator
11. True Lies
12. Lethal Weapon
13. Sin City
14. Predator
15. 300
16. First Blood
17. Casino Royale (never seen it)
18. Heat (never seen it)
19. Terminator (The second was on there twice)
20. The Rock
nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

My Ranking of MFC's Community Lists: Horror

1. Dawn of the Dead
2. The Shining
3. Evil Dead 2
4. The Exorcist
5. The Thing
6. Halloween
7. Evil Dead
8. Alien
9. Jaws
10. Hellraiser
11. A Nightmare On Elm Street
12. Night of the Living Dead (Should have an honorary top spot, but I've seen the others many more times)
13. 28 Days Later
14. Psycho
15. Scream
16. The Descent
17. Friday the 13th
18. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
19. Saw (Honestly don't care for these movies)

Based on a list by BigEvil84

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

My Ranking of MFC's Community List: Animated

1. Toy Story
2. Akira
3. Nightmare Before Christmas
4. Wall-E
5. Toy Story 2
6. Princess Mononoke
7. The Incredibles
8. Spirited Away
9. Aladdin
10. Monsters Inc.
11. Shrek
12. Up
13. Toy Story 3 (I could put these all at maybe the #3 spot)
14. The Lion King
15. Finding Nemo
16. Up
17. Fantasia (Doesn't deserve to be this low, but that's how it goes)
18. The Little Mermaid
19. The Iron Giant
20. The Beauty and the Beast

Based on a list by Vampjezzc

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

TV Shows Worth Making

1. Shannara - High fantasy, humor, plenty of material to take from.
2. New Avengers (computer animation) - With Wolvie, Luke Cage, Spidey, Spider Woman, Buckey-Cap.
3. Mickey Mouse's Magical Quest - He's not going away anytime soon, might as well make it digestable for grown ups
4. Samurai Jack - Live Action. That is all.
5. Return to the Labyrinth - Animated, CGI, puppetry...don't care.
6. Aliens - Not Syfy level, but it could be done on a modest budget.
7. The White Stripes - Only half serious. I always thought a short animated series with them could be fun. The Beatles meets Scooby Doo with songs and trippy art.
8. White Dwarf - Anybody recall the pilot? Cool idea, totally achievable today.
brewsky99 at 04:20 PM Jun 26

There was talk of a live action Samurai Jack some years back,I hope it's still in development I would kill to see that

YoshioKun13 at 01:58 AM Jun 27

I would actually like to see(no surprise here)...a SILENT HILL TV series. It could be a little like THE TWILIGHT ZONE, different rotating stories each week where the only thing that stays constant would be the setting - the town of SILENT HILL.

Until that ever happens, closest thing we've got to it is LOST.

nerd85 at 08:14 AM Jun 27

Silent hill would be awesome. Hour-length episodes, lots of fog, great music. I'm sold.

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Last 10 Movies I've Seen

1. Green Lantern 2/5 - The critics were right. Boring, meandering, too much, not enough. Ryan Reynold's least annoying perforance, though.
2. G.I. Samurai 3/5 - First movie in a Sonny Chiba 4-pack I got for cheap. I recommend it is the weirdest movie I've seen in a while. A group of modern day (1978) Japanese soliders fall into a time slip and end up in feudal times.
3. Chloe 2.5/5 - It's not a bad movie, especially if you want to see Julianne Moore in a new light. But it didn't really have anything to say. Could've went edgier IMO.
4. Green Lantern Emerald Knight 2.5/5 - I would bet GL fans can get more out of this one. Too many characters that aren't Hal Jordan for me. Still better than the movie.
5. Green Lantern First Flight 3.5/5 - Wow, I was really impressed with this release. A solid, fresh (to me) origin story and a tight plot. This is the Lantern movie to buy. Some good special features too.
6. The Sorcerer's Apprentice 1.5/5 - We were bored one night. It held my attention...but just barely.
7. My Neighbor Totoro 4/5 - Never gets old
8. Spirited Away 4.5/5 - The Alice in Wonderland of it's era. That's not an overstatement.
9. Follow That Bird 3/5 - I bought this for my daughter and I have never seen it before. I didn't even know a Sesame Street movie existed and it has all the charm of a Muppet movie plus the spirit of the show.
10. Moulin Rouge 1/5 - I can not get into this film. The visual style and effects are distracting and the plot is sloppy. The cast is great, the songs are great, but it's such a mess. An acquired taste I suppose.
goNADSgo69 at 12:01 PM Jun 21

Cool list but I am going to have to disagree with 10 =P I Love Moulin Rouge; it's a 10/10 movie for me ^_^

But good choices on 7 and 8! Miyazaki I think is THE best animation director working today. His films are fun, entertaining, original, colorful, and they pack an emotional punch!

VitamanMan8 at 12:31 PM Jun 21

agree with goNADS on Moulin Rouge lol

nerd85 at 10:57 AM Jun 22

My wife loves it and I have friends that adore Moulin Rouge. It's got a strong following. My pick is Romeo + Juliet.

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

DC Reboot Titles I'll Be Getting

1. Justice League - This is the one I'll try to keep up on. All the heroes in one book.
2. Green Arrow - Been looking for a place to start in the series.
3. Batman - I'll read anything concerning the Goddamn Batman
4. Detective Comics - I'll finally be able to say I have a first issue of Detective Comics
5. Batman & Robin - I like the idea of Dick as Bats and Damian as Robin...keep it going.
6. Nightwing
7. Action Comics - Just to have it. I don't plan on falling in love with Superman
8. Blue Beetle - I know absolutely nothing about the character, which is exciting. His suit sweet.
9. Batman: The Dark Knight - Why not throw another one in there?
10. Green Lantern - This is where all the hardore readers will be at.
nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Shows I'm Watching A Lot

1. Regular Show
2. Ghost Adventures
3. American Pickers
4. Adventure Time
5. Hollywood Treasures
6. Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
7. ---Shows I watch occasionally, but need to watch more---
8. Doctor Who
9. Parks and Recreation
10. Modern Family
11. Spartacus Blood and Sand
nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Favorite film by each director in the 'Top 20 Directors' community list

1. Martin Scorsese - Gangs of New York
2. Quentin Tarentino - Death Proof
3. Steven Spielberg - Raiders of the Lost Ark
4. Christopher Nolan - Batman Begins
5. David Fincher - Seven
6. Stanley Kubrick - The Shining
7. Peter Jackson - Fellowship of the Ring
8. James Cameron - Terminator 2: Judgement Day
9. Ridley Scott - Legend
10. Tim Burton - Beetlejuice
11. Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo
12. Kevin Smith - Mallrats
13. Clint Eastwood - Million Dollar Baby
14. John Carpenter - Escape From New York
15. Paul Thomas Anderson - There Will Be Blood
16. The Coen Brothers - Fargo
17. Robert Rodriguez - Sin City
18. Guillermo del Toro - Pan's Labyrinth
19. Darren Aronofsky - The Fountain
20. Wes Anderson - Royal Tennenbaums

Based on a list by lordtyler912

randychico at 11:04 PM Jun 18

Legend haha nice

nerd85 at 10:55 AM Jun 19

Why not be honest with myself.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

DC Universe Figures I'm Coveting

1. Batman - Black/Grey or Blue/Grey....but I may settle for all black.
2. Superman - Short hair, classic version. I passed on the 90s electric version the other day. I may regret that.
3. Green Arrow
4. Hal Jordan - Only finding the two packs or movie masters. My brother bought the five pack on ebay and it's pretty sweet.
5. Powergirl - I've been seeing these a lot around me, so this will be my next purchase.
6. The Flash - Kinda see how I'm cherry picking the All Stars. They're just iconic.
7. Wonder Woman
8. Hawkman - Just started seeing him in the DC & Masters of the Universe two packs. Not ready to drop that much.
9. Robin - I'd take any incarnation, but the Dynamic Duo modern version is tops.
10. Aquaman - It pains me to say that...but it goes with the collection.
nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

XTC Songs (In no order and slimmed down to purely an introductory list)

1. No Language In Our Lungs
2. Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)
3. Making Plans For Nigel
4. When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty
5. Senses Working Overtime
6. Love on a Farmboy's Wages
7. King For A Day
8. Mayor of Simpleton
9. That's Really Super, Supergirl
10. Earn Enough For Us
randychico at 11:03 PM Jun 16

^haha I should make a list called.. I don't care how overplayed these songs are I love them to death, and Dear God would be in it.. fantastic song.

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 12:12 AM Jun 17

^Exactly! I've heard that song plenty of times in my life, but I still enjoy hearing it, nonetheless.

nerd85 at 02:47 PM Jun 17

I'm not tired of Dear God, it's just not in my Top 10. It would be like 13 or 14.

I want to rank the albums, but I don't know them all enough and frankly, none of them are flawless IMHO.

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

My Fantastic Four Movie

1. Reed Richards - Clive Owen (This was a hard choice.)
2. Sue Storm - Anna Torv (Been watching Fringe on dvd. She'd be perfect.)
3. Ben Grimm - Any suggestions? Mo-Cap suit would be the ideal way, but you need a good voice.
4. Jonny Storm - Ryan Gosling (He'd never do it)
5. Villain - Devos the Devastator (not too familiar with FF villains besides the big ones, but he sounds bad ass.)
6. ...
7. Director - Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend sucked...but it looked cool. Except for the CGI)
8. Writer - Mark Millar
9. Cameos - Stan Lee (obvious), Andrew Garfield as Spidey (staying optimistic about him)
10. Origin Story? - Nope
nerd85 at 08:06 PM Jun 16

@Psycho - I like it...but I always think of DeVito as Penguin. Or his character on It's Always Sunny in Philadelpiha.

@cerealkiller - Nathan Fillion has too much confidence. I think he's great and all, but Ben Grimm is a tragic character to me.

@Nite Owl - Not bad. Actually, his calm demeanor is perfect and he could snap at any moment. I like that.

cerealkiller182 at 08:33 PM Jun 16

@nerd Hes tragic because he loses his confidence. Fillion plays insecure on Castle all the time.

nerd85 at 09:24 PM Jun 16

Insecure, but always with a swagger. He's a big nerd and that's good enough for me.

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

MY DREAM BATMAN MOVIE (Recycling this list)

1. TITLE - Black & Grey
3. BATMAN / BRUCE WAYNE - Eric Dane (I'm gonna regret this choice, but he might work)
4. ALFRED - Bill Nighy
6. ROBIN? - Freddie Highmore (Robin needs to be done with sincerity. Or Joshua Jackson if we're doing an 'almost Nightwing' version)
7. VILLAIN(s) - Deadshot & Killer Croc
8. EQUIPMENT - There's so much he's used. "Detective Mode" from Arkham Asylum is nifty.
9. HAS TO HAVE: Reinforced suit. If anything, he needs to protect his body.
10. BATGIRL? - Hmm. Maybe a hint at Batgirl, if Barbera Gordon appears for a notable scene.
11. WRITERS - Jeph Loeb & Paul Dini

Based on a list by Psycho-Pirate-99

cerealkiller182 at 09:31 AM Jun 16

I could get on board with Cranston as Gordon

WalkAway at 01:48 PM Jun 16

Eric certainly has the jawline for Batman.
Can I be Batgirl!?!

nerd85 at 01:55 PM Jun 16

My consideration for you as Batgirl has 2 requirements...

1.How do you look in purple?
2.Do you know karate?

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Magic Rings (In Honor of Green Lantern)

1. The Sorcerer's Apprentice -Just watched this last night. Basically Jay Baruchel's character (can't even remember it) gets Merlin's ring and can do magic with it.
2. Lord of the Rings - "The One Ring" C'mon...pretty much goes without saying.
3. Green Lantern's Power Ring - In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!
4. The Planeteers's Elemental Rings - Each has their benefits, but to get anything done you would 4 other buddies.
5. Spaceballs "Schwartz" Ring - Apparently you can find these in Cracker Jack boxes...I haven't had any luck.
6. Voldemort's Horcrux Ring - Only an evil genius could split his soul into physical objects.
7. Tom & Jerry's Magic Ring - Having seen the whole movie. But the magic is basic and Jerry has to wear it on his head because of the size...what kind of hijinks will those two get into?
8. Le Morte Darthur - (I had to google Magic Ring to fill out the rest of these.) Sir Gareth is given a ring by a damsel who lives in Avalon that will render him invulnerable to losing any blood at a tournament. And that is pretty bitchin.
9. Draupnir worn by the Norse god Odin - Its only reported function was to create more gold arm bands every nine days. Basically, Odin is Mr. T's God of choice.
10. 64 Magic Rings In the Legend of Zelda's Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. That's a lot of damn rings. Are these games any good?
Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 03:06 PM Jun 12

nerd85 at 03:43 PM Jun 12

Forgot all about Mandarin!

Good call Nite Owl.

randychico at 04:58 PM Jun 12

This list is awesome.. I love magic rings...


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nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Summer Playlist 2011 Edition

1. The Forms - Red Gun (Sort of a chill song. Nice for cruising around in the afternoon)
2. The Mint Chicks - Hot on Your Heels (It's not even Summer yet and I CAN NOT STOP listening to this album. It's a few years old already, but listen to it immediately)
3. Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer (Last year's favorite of mine)
4. The Format - Time Bomb (This is the best, and last record by this band that could've had some big hits.)
5. Tame Impala - Lucidity (I've mentioned this band a few months back...but I'm still listening to it)
6. Rooney - Shakin' (This was the ONLY thing I listened to the summer I graduated. Just installed a sweet stereo in my Dodge Shadow. Speedy little car...I miss it)
7. The Beatles - Getting Better (Obligatory Beatles track. Sgt Pepper will find its way into my car eventually)
8. Beach Boys - Help Me Rhonda (I'm kinda late getting into Pet Sounds, which is fantastic. But this is one of my favorite early singles)
9. The Dream - Yamaha (I don't like anything else by him, but this Prince-inspired track is awesome)
10. Prince - Bambi (It's gonna be a Prince-y season. If anyone's ever doubted his riff capabilities, you gotta hear this. It's not on youtube sadly)
11. Split Enz - I Got You (If you don't recognize the name, you may have heard the song long ago)
12. Jellyfish - New Mistake (I JUST found about this early 90s track from a friend. It's amazing. The guy went on to write the Teen Titans theme and a couple tracks for Puffy Ami Yumi...if that's your bag)
13. The Killers - Under The Gun (Making a Killers playlist as we speak and this B-Side is my favorite by them)
14. Kings of Leon - Mary (They haven't been great since Because of the Times. Here's a goody from their bland last effort)
15. The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover (Such a good song. Crystal Castles did a remix, but the original is more fun)
16. Panda Bear - Surfer's Hymn (I was a little underwhelmed with the whole album, but the first half is sweet and simple)
17. XTC - Merely A Man (Recently bought the CD at a flea market. XTC is a band that was big in the UK, but I'm sure you've heard a song or two in a movie)
nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Comic Book Artists I'm Digging Right Now

1. John Romita Jr. - LOVE his style. A little blocky, a little line heavy all incredibly expressive.
2. Jim Lee - Draws the best Batman I've ever seen, I grew up with his X-men.
3. Olivier Coipel - Got into Thor because of his art (2007) and thank God (or Odin)
4. Marko Djurdjevic - Picked up some of the Thor after Coipel and has probably drew on every Marvel title since.
5. Ashley Wood - Came to my attention from the Metal Gear Solid comic. The style is loose but well done. Check some stuff in Google images.
6. Frank Miller - I think his drawing is better than his writing. Similar to John Romita Jr. in some ways.
7. Alex Ross - Paints real people that just happen to be wearing costumes. Even my mom was impressed by stuff I showed her from Kingdom Come. And his vision for re-imagining iconic looks is rare.
8. Tsutomu Nihei - He's a manga guy. But he did a Wolverine mini series (2003) that was visually a breath of fresh air. Too bad he couldn't be roped in for a stab at an ongoing series.
9. Steve McNiven - Not too familiar with a lot of his work, but I'm re-reading Civil War next and his work on that was ridiculous.
10. Jack Kirby - Kinda have to include him. He's tied to Marvel comics as much as Stan Lee...maybe more. You can't escape him.
11. Leinil Yu - Throwing this in last second. New Avengers are awesome and his issues roped me in. Looking forward to Superior...when I get around to it.
Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 11:00 PM May 29

I love John Romita Jr.'s art, when I picture Spider-Man its in his style, and I love his version of The Punisher. His cartoonish style really compliments that character well I think. Frank Miller's art on the surface isn't very pretty, or showie, but it really fits his gritty writing style. When I see other illustraters on a Frank Miller book it just doesn't feel right to me, no matter how good the art is. You got a lot of greats on here, Jim Lee is phenominal, and Alex Ross is just on a whole other level. I love Steve McNiven's style too, not overly done just simple, smooth lines.

cerealkiller182 at 09:34 AM May 30

I never got the love for Romita Jr. But I dig the hell out of McNiven, Yu, Djurdjevic, and Jim Lee

nerd85 at 08:42 PM May 30

Romita Jr. got me from the first dozen-ish issues of Punisher War Zone, which was a good run if you're a casual Punisher fan.

I love finding new artists that make me love comics all over again.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

What I've watched since my last time on MFC

1. Fantastic Four - A very slight edge above the first (mainly because of Silver Surfer...who should've had his own movie), but still just alright. 3.5/5
2. Memento - Surprised how decent the DVD looked. I still want the blu ray tho. It never gets old. 4/5
3. The Animatrix - One time I watched this and enjoyed every segment. Now I just skip around. The special features are good. 3/5
4. The Matrix Trilogy - Man, if there was ever a blu ray upgrade I need, it's this. I'm hoping the clarity would make it easier to digest Revolutions. 4/5
5. Kick Ass - Only my second viewing. The comics are better, and a little more...humane. 3.5/5
6. Watchmen - First time watching the blu ray. Nice. 4/5
7. Camelot - I know, it's a mini series. But it may be the best (at least most honest) depiction of Arthur I've seen. 3/5
8. Gladiator - Not as amazing as I remember. It still kicks ass, but Idk.... 3.5/5
9. Thor - I HAVE to see it again in 2D. What a great way to get the character ready for Avengers. Might be my 2nd favorite Marvel adaption. 4/5
10. Hulk VS Thor - Meh. Pretty standard (unimpressive) animation, but that's what I expected. 2/5
11. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Not as good as the first, but way better than Prince Caspian. 3/5
12. Never Say Never - Not my pick for movie night. Didn't hate it. 2/5
randychico at 04:45 PM May 26

more humane? haha ok

I was actually very surprised by Dawn Treader and it's close to being my fave

nerd85 at 09:52 AM May 27

haha yea "humane" wasn't the right word. The characters weren't as bland. There was a better rationale...kinda.

randychico at 02:14 PM May 27

ohhh, yeah that makes more sense... hmm.... more rounded maybe?

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Generic List For Comments

1. Scream 4 was awesome
2. Scream 4 sucked
3. Wrestling
4. Wrestlers
5. Zombies
6. Boobies
7. Bigger Boobies
9. Work Sucks
10. Mondays Suck Too!
Carlos_Spicyweiner at 09:32 PM May 02

Dang, this is blowing my mind right now. overload.

nerd85 at 09:53 AM May 03

It blew mine as well.

I'm not picking on anybody, I thought it'd get a laugh.........list fail.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Anime I'd Kill To See

1. Metal Gear Solid
2. Robin (No Batman involved. Tim Drake or Damian Wayne)
3. Bucky O'Hare (fuck yea.)
4. Legend of Zelda (A proper adaption)
5. Final Fantasy VII or III (26 Episode series covering the entire game.)
6. Coheed & Cambria (I read Claudio wanted Anime clips to accompany songs during shows. How kick ass would an Interstella 5555 type film be?)
7. House of Many Ways (A sequel to Howl's Moving Castle that I'd love to see from Studio Ghibli)
8. 20th Century Boys (Apparently there was a live action trilogy already, but it'll be a while before my eyes lay upon it. I can't recommend this Manga enough, it's hard to relate a genre...but cross Donnie Darko, Now & Then, and Watchmen.....I guess.)
9. BLAME! (Another Manga. Abstract, but artwork like I've never seen. There was something like an anime already produced, but it's extremely hard to find.)
10. Robocop (Who does mech-related better than the Japs?)
11. Edgar Allen Poe (An anthology of his best stories.)
12. Pandemonium (It's a semi-obscure PS1 game. The plot is loose enough to play around with and the imagery could easily be translated.)
Carlos_Spicyweiner at 09:34 PM May 02

these all sound fucking awesome. and I don't throw around FUCKING alot....fuck.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Top 10 Will Ferrell Film Roles

1. Ron Burgundy - Anchorman
2. Buddy - Elf
3. Harold Crick - Stranger Than Fiction (I forgot this movie even existed. I did like it though)
4. Brennan Huff - Step Brothers
5. Detective Allen Gimble - The Other Guys
6. Chazz Michael Michaels - Blades of Glory (Not a great movie)
7. Chazz Reinhold - Wedding Crashers (He played 2 characters named Chazz? Again not a great movie. He steals it with his only scene)
8. Sky Corrigan - Superstar
9. Mugatu - Zoolander
10. Ricky Bobby - Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
lordtyler912 at 10:22 PM Apr 26

Ya I loved number 3... Nice list!

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Ranking The MFC Community's "Hotties"

1. Zooey Deschanel
2. Mila Kunis
3. Keira Knightley
4. Jessica Biel
5. Monica Bellucci
6. Angelina Jolie
7. Elisha Cuthbert
8. Eva Mendes
9. Jessica Alba
10. Salma Hayek
11. Anne Hathaway
12. Rosario Dawson
13. Natalie Portman
14. Kate Beckinsale
15. Scarlett Johansson
16. Kristen Bell
17. Megan Fox
18. Jennifer Connelly
19. Jennifer Love Hewitt
20. Rachel McAdams

Based on a list by brianandmichelle

brianandmichelle at 05:05 PM Apr 26

It's crazy how people's taste are so different. The only one on my list that Rachel McAdams beat out was Zooey and she is your #1. lol

nerd85 at 08:27 PM Apr 26

I know I'm surprised it was narrowed down to 20. I would really only consider half of these "hot" in my definition. Natalie Portman is very cute and her talent boosts that, but she will never be hot to me.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 6 years ago

Things I Collect

1. Vinyl LPs - My collection isn't huge. In fact it's kinda sad compared to official collectors, but I'm proud of my dingy flea market finds and bargain bin treasures. I have around 150 and the styles range from Elvis to Genesis to Zepp to Buddy Rich to Joni James to Mars Volta.
2. DVDs/Blu Rays - This is obvious to anyone on this site. For a year or so, I wouldn't leave the house without stopping in a used store or digging the $5 bin. Again, my collection isn't huge or even impressive (I'm slowly adding them to MFC) but I'm careful and a little OCD about it.
3. Books - I blame my mom's insistence on bedtime stories. I started collecting Goosebumps (still have them) and it grew on and off since then. I read fantasy, some sci-fi, fiction literature, Barnes & Noble Classics, whatever tickles my fancy.
4. Comics - I blame my dad's insistence on getting Batman comics (85-90 ish era). I have a few hundred from mostly the 90s (none of them worth much) and some 70s and 80s sprinkled in. I started getting really into Marvel just before Civil War hit and followed it for a while after but it's an expensive committed hobby.
5. Star Wars - This started with the Power of the Force figures that blew my mind. I'll pick up anything that is cheap and cool. I have some vintage stuff (probably not worth much) and some Episode I era stuff (definitely not worth much).
6. Toys - Another budding, but selective addiction. The new Vintage Collection Star Wars figs got me going (Have the first 2 waves, but that's already fizzled.) A big part of me misses my toys from youth so I'm trying to make up for them. The Tron Legacy deluxe figs are pretty cool.
7. Video Games - I'm not a "gamer". I've never played WoW or pwnd any noobs. But I'll still pick up NES, SNES and PS2 games because they are awesome.
8. Coins - This isn't something I invest time or money into, but if I find an old or foreign coin, I put it in my little bag. I have currency from about 6 different countries (bills and coins). It's dorky but since I'm listing these things out I might as well be honest.
brianandmichelle at 05:07 PM Apr 26

I too am a collector of #'s 2,4,5 & 6. Nice list idea.

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 06:39 PM Apr 26

Ahhh! I think your numbers one and two would match mine if I were to make this list. We've just began collecting vinyl a couple of years back, so our collection isn't huge, either. We have The Mars Volta, also, btw!! :-D Love this list!!

nerd85 at 08:23 PM Apr 26

@Kitty: Records can be addicting. I bought the first few Volta releases when they came out (2005-06?) and I guess they're pretty valuable and have colored vinyl. I haven't opened any of them tho haha.

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Movies I've watched recently (I don't watch NEARLY as much as I used to)

1. The Punisher (1989) - Haven't seen it since I was about 6. It's not good, but it's not aweful.
2. 127 Hours - Better than the hype led me to believe. Does that make sense? Anyway it was insanely better than Slumdog.
3. TRON (blu ray) - Got a feeling this will be on a lot of shmoe's lists. I will always love this film, but it was cooler as a weird little geek film nobody remembered.
4. Black Swan (blu ray) - So the grain was intentional.... I wasn't sure it would be as good the 2nd time, but I was so wrong. It's even more tragic and little more sexy.
5. Tron: Legacy (blu ray) - Everything I hoped it would be. The transfer is exquisite.
6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 (blu ray) - Better with a little perspective on the fact that it's half a movie.
7. Ikiru - First time seeing it. It's a beautiful film but the transfer says otherwise.
8. The Terminator (blu ray) - I never realized how slasher film-esque the original is.
9. Robocop - I was on an 80's kick for a week. I wish the blu ray was worth buying...or the sequels.
10. Bambi (blu ray) - "They sure don't make 'em like this anymore" Amen. That's why I can't enjoy Tangled or Princess and the Frog.
11. Labyrinth - Wanted to scrutinize the Superbit disc now that I'm a cultured film aesthtician, but I found myself singing to Dance Magic and quoting Hoggle.
12. Iron Man 2 (blu ray) - Bought it blindy ($9 is not something I can pass) and I thought it was great.
13. Memories - Katsuhiro Otomo should do more movies.
14. Paprika - First viewing. I plan on seeing more Satoshi Kon immediately. Starting with Perfect Blue.

Based on a list by wallcrawler383

Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 10:59 PM Apr 23

What was it about the ROBOCOP Blu ray that wasn't worth buying, transfer not so good, or do you just not care for the movie in general? I only ask because I plan on buying it.

nerd85 at 08:30 AM Apr 24

The cheapskate in me has to consult before I buy a blu ray and they said the transfer isn't great. But if it's the extended cut, I may buy it anyway. I LOVE Robocop.

------And I forgot to add The Fighter, which I thought was pretty good, great performances, but not quite the oscar film it was touted as.

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Sequels that I'd Love to See Get Made

1. Superbad Express - A crossover starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogan & James Franco.
2. Lord of the Rings - I know this would NEVER happen. But the characters are SO GOOD, I'd kill to see a mini series about the hobbits that lived on in The Shire...or Gimli & Legolas trekkin' around. There's a semi detailed timeline of post-Grey Havens events Tolkien wrote out.
3. Pulp Fiction 2
4. Willow 2
5. Freddy Got Fingered Again - Not ashamed to say I love Tom Green.
6. Hot Rod 2 - Those Lonely Island boys could get a bigger budget guaranteed.
7. Wayne's World 3
8. Evil Dead 4 - Sam Raimi could convince Bruce Campbell to do it.
9. Spaceballs 2 The Search For More Money
10. Kung Pow 2 Tongue of Fury
11. Cloverfield 2 - Why do people HATE this movie? It was clever and fun.

Based on a list by MrsData

AnimeBedHair at 12:46 PM Apr 21

I really liked Cloverfield and would plop my butt down for a sequel.

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Radiohead Albums Ranked (Results may vary)

1. OK Computer - The first disc most fans heard for the first time and fell in love. I used to listen to Karma Police on repeat in my room.
2. Amnesiac - Nobody has this as a favorite, but I have a soft spot for it. It was the second Radiohead album I listened to all the way through. The b-side feel to it makes it more endearing.
3. The Bends - 90s classic. Bands are still ripping this album off and Radiohead is miles beyond it.
4. Kid A - Don't get me wrong, it's a fine work of art. But it's not the one I typically grab to drive around to. .
5. Hail to the Thief - I was little late getting in to them full-speed, so this was the upcoming record at the time. "There, There" came out when I graduated and it ruled the summer.
6. In Rainbows - What a relief to hear guitars again. A very solid and immaculately recorded disc. BTW has anyone heard about the In Rainbows/OK Computer playlist conspiracy? You can re-order the track lists with a cross-fade and supposedly it was planned out that way. Check it out.
7. Pablo Honey - This one gets overlooked too often. Some decent early 90s style guitar rock. If you can find the Live at Astoria DVD from this era, it's a rocker.
8. The King of Limbs - This is entirely unfair because I haven't listened to the whole disc, but what I heard was unimpressive. As if Thom Yorke is in a glitchy, techno funk and only making music on a laptop. It was cool for Eraser but Radiohead used to be innovative. IDK, time will tell.
nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Better Directors For Akira (U.S.) Than the Hughes Bros

1. Alfonso Cuaron - If he can handle the HP franchise and reinvent the look of Sci-Fi realism, he can do wonders.
2. Christopher Nolan - Not to throw his name in for anything, but if they want people in the theaters...kinda hard for him to fail at this point.
3. Ridley Scott - He seems to be very interested in going back to his roots.
4. David Fincher - His name was tied to Rendevous With Rama and a live action Heavy Metal. Akira could been a decent in between.
5. Joss Whedon - I've never watched Buffy, but he seems like a guy who is completely committed
6. The Wachowski's - The know Anime. They get it and they seriously need to redeem themselves as smart-action filmmakers.
7. Bryan Singer - He made the X-Men a popular film franchise when it never seemed possible. They weren't oscar-worthy films, but I think he still has potential.
8. James McTeigue - Directed V For Vendetta, First Unit Director for the Matrix trilogy and worked on Attack of the Clones. Seems like he could use a big break.
9. Duncan Jones - Moon was fantastic. Source Code looks interesting.
10. Neil Blomkamp - Maybe Akira is too big for him at this point but it would be so awesome.
dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 11:20 PM Apr 18

Any of the above mentioned would be awesome. I really wish they would just drop the whole project though. I really don't want this movie to be made.

YoshioKun13 at 11:29 PM Apr 18

Good list!

Hey Cameron's a pretty big anime fan. But I guess he's got his eyes set on another property, actually for awhile now - BATTLE ANGEL ALITA.

nerd85 at 04:30 PM Apr 19

/\ I almost added Cameron because he would get the budget and respect it deserves in the industry. And you know it would be a 3 hr+ epic.

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Hardest List on MFC...

1. What's the hardest song that plays in your head during a fight? One Armed Scissor by At the Drive-In
2. What are the details of your hardest kiss? Saw the hottest girl in the school during her choir concert and jumped onstage to ram my tongue down her throat.
3. What's the hardest motion picture you've ever seen? Tetsuo the Iron Man
4. Who is your hardest dream girl? That chick from Heavy Metal
5. What's the hardest game you've ever played? Doom 3 (while blindfolded)
6. What was the hardest period of your life? Middle School
7. How hard do you think you are when walking down the street? Hard enough to control the weather.
8. What's the hardest exercise that you've ever done? Cock Push Ups
9. What's the hardest task you've ever accomplished? Not punching the dick face that totalled my ride.
10. Write-in replacement: Ever have a Harded a Hard so Hard you had to call in for work? Once a month.

Based on a list by Smooth Native

JohnLocke2342 at 11:50 AM Apr 14

LOL @5

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Michael Cera Ranked

1. Superbad - This took the vulgar teen comedy to a new low. And thank God.
2. Scott Pilgrim - Holy hell, how did this get so underlooked!?
3. Juno - All hyp's an original and charming view of teen pregnancy and the circumstances it brings.
4. Nick and Nora - When I saw this in theaters, I compared it to American Graffiti for my generation. Apparantly nobody else did, but I like it.
5. Youth In Revolt - Speaking of movies that live in their own sense of reasoning....
6. Arrested Development - People will think this should be #1. I've only seen most of the first season.
7. Paper Heart - If you haven't seen this, but kinda want so. If you haven't seen it and would rather not...avoid it. I though it was cute (albeit heavily contrived) and wished it were a little longer.
8. ...
9. ...
10. Year One - There is no reason for a movie with a cast like this to suck so badly.
11. -Extra Tidbit : Who'd like to see him play the brother of Beck in a movie by Michel Gondry? Or maybe some twisted biopic?
nerd85 at 02:45 PM Apr 14

@dstoudt80- yea that's the main detractor people argue against him. Doesn't bother me. Tons of actors do what they're good at and make no attempts to disguise it.

dstoudt80 at 05:30 PM Apr 14

^^I like most of his roles, but I would like to see him do other stuff. I agree w/ you that he doesn't disguise it :)

lordtyler912 at 07:46 PM Apr 14

Nice list!

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Directors I'll Watch Anything From

1. Kubrick - You don't even need to say his first name.
2. Kurosawa - Ditto. Although I may never actually see everything he crafted.
3. David Fincher - I've been hooked since before I realized the same guy was responsible for Seven, Fight Club and Panic Room
4. Jared Hess - I'm one of those people who saw Napoleon before everyone else. And yes, I'm one of those people who thinks Nacho Libre and Gentleman Broncos are both criminally misunderstood.
5. Darren Aronofsky - I get excited anytime his name is attached to something...even when it never comes to fruition (Robocop, Batman Year One, Wolverine 2)
6. Hayao Miyazaki - This man will make movies till he's no longer breathing. I just hope he can retire satisfied and with one more masterpiece.
7. James Cameron - My appreciation for his work went unrecognized for a long time. Even though it took Avatar to get my attention to his past.
8. John Carpenter - I really haven't seen anything past 1988, but damn if I'm not curious.
9. Peter Jackson - So Lovely Bones was a disappointment...the man has talent up the ass, and will continue to make great films in the future
10. Sam Raimi - So Drag Me to Hell was a disappointment......I refuse to think his only good work will have been Evil Dead & Spider-Man.
11. Stephen Spielberg - I am so psyched for Tintin, it's ridiculous.
12. Christopher Nolan - Goes without saying. Anybody on MFC who like action movies, will be seeing Dark Knight Rises (even though the name is stupid)
13. Quentin Tarantino - I own nearly all his films, but I wouldn't call him a favorite. He's simply a filmmaker I have to keep track of, if I want to stay in the social pipeline.
14. Guillermo Del Toro - Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy converted me.
15. Alfonso Cuaron - Children of Men and HP 3 converted me. Y Tu Mama Tambien confirmed it.
16. M. Night Shyamalan - For better or for worse. We all know it's worse tho.
17. Tim Burton - I know he's got something more creative in his brain somewhere. No more remakes please.
18. Edgar Wright - Haven't seen Spaced. Don't judge me.
19. Zack Snyder - haven't seen Sucker Punch. Don't judge me.
20. ---I know I'm leaving some out---
dstoudt80 at 12:02 PM Apr 11

Nice list!

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

2011 Albums I'm Looking Forward To

1. Foo Fighters - Wasting Light (Can't be worse than the last one)
2. Radiohead - King of Limbs (Haven't listened to it yet. Kinda came outta nowhere)
3. Panda Bear - Tomboy (Withing a short year, I've become an Animal Collective convert...of the more recent stuff only.)
4. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues (Seems like 10 years since the debut. I can't wait anymore)
5. Death Cab For Cutie - Codes and Keys (I thought Narrow Stairs was fantastic, but I'll listen to anything they do)
6. Arctic Monkeys - Suck It and See (I haven't been keeping track of them since the debut, but with a title like that.....)
7. Blink 182 - TBA (Even though the self titled release was a perfect farewell, I'm curious as to how they can be relevant again)
8. Queens of the Stone Age - TBA (You can almost count on anything they do will turn your brain into shit)
9. YES - Fly From Here (I'd like to hear what a YES album in this decade will sound like. Even without Jon Anderson)
10. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Tao of the Dead (I guess I forgot this band is awesome. I haven't heard Century Of Self yet either)
Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 09:03 PM Apr 10

I love your list, dude!! I just got Panda Bear the other day, and I love it!!!! The more I listen to it, the more I think I'm actually liking it better than Person Pitch. Don't get me wrong, that's a great album, too, but I think PB's had more time to enhance and evolve in his music. Also, I just heard the new Foo Fighters, and it is fantastic! I think you'll enjoy it, because personally, I do think it's better than the last one. :-)

WP-DFA at 09:09 PM Apr 10

Last Foo album was solid, there were a few duds on it, but it also contained their best song to date on it - even with Wasting Light considered.

nerd85 at 08:27 AM Apr 11

@Kitty - in one year I came from hating Animal Collective to loving their past 3 outputs as well as hating Person Pitch and now I can't stop listening to it.

@WP-DFA - It's an okay disc. It's not my go-to, but the good stuff is up front and it varies from there.

@lordtyler - hehe Number 2 is amazing

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Movie Moments with nerd85

1. First Movie I ever saw in theaters: Bambi (This is the first I remember)
2. Last Movie I saw in theaters: Black Swan
3. First Movie I bought on DVD: The Cell
4. Last Movie I bought on DVD: Tron & Tron Legacy Blu Ray
5. Movie I saw the most in theaters: Titanic (I recall more than 4 times but 3-4 is more accurate)
6. DVD I have watched the most: Pee Wee's Big Adventure
7. Movie where I had the most friends in attendance: (In theaters?) I had a birthday party in 3rd grade and we went to Cool Runnings
8. First midnight showing of a movie: Bourne Identity (Thursday night sneak. My cousins worked at the theater)
9. First movie I cried at: The Fox & The Hound
10. Last Movie I cried at: Ikiru had me choked up but I haven't cried in years.
11. Most movies I've seen at a theater in one day: 2 1/2 (The mall theater had little to no security)
12. Favorite non snuck in movie food: Goobers!
13. Favorite snuck in movie food: Cheap Goobers. Or garlic stick from the food court.
14. A movie I wish I saw in theaters but didn't: 2001 and The Shining were shown a couple years back...I'm still bummed I couldn't go.
15. Ever been kicked out of a theater due to rude behavior: Not yet.
16. Ever been kicked out of a theater due to something beyond my own control: What kind of question is that?
17. Movie I saw on a birthday party outing: Cloverfield
18. First movie I've fallen asleep during while in theater: Some terrible Sci-Fi movie I went to with a buttload of friends (Supernova maybe?)
19. A Drive-In movie I've seen: Men In Black, Rush Hour 2, Dragon Heart
20. Movie I saw with my first date: Titanic (IDK if you could call it a date, but......okay it was)

Based on a list by wallcrawler383

wallcrawler383 at 08:37 PM Apr 08

16-fire in the building, emergency, power outage...etc...

nerd85 at 08:38 PM Apr 08

aaaahhh. Then yes, I've been "kicked out" twice due to projector issues.

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Other Video Game Movies Jake Gyllenhaal Should Star In

1. Mega Man
2. Bubble Bobble (A twin role, he would be Bubble and Bobble)
3. Contra (With Garret Hedlund)
4. Double Dragon (With Joseph Gordon Levit)
5. Super Mario Twins (With Maggie Gyllenhaal as Mario's sister)
6. Star Fox
7. Pokemon (As Ash Ketchum)
8. The Legend of Zelda
9. Final Fantasy (As Cloud, inspired by VII but not actually an adaptation)
10. Duke Nukem (PG-13 Rating only)
nerd85 at 08:16 PM Apr 08

It does look like that.

WP-DFA at 10:49 PM Apr 08

lol I get it, but i just didn't find it funny... sorry dude :P

nerd85 at 08:50 PM Apr 09

The idea was what would be the worst choices. Like what would piss people off the most....the humor didn't translate well.

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Mr. Bean Episodes

1. The Curse of Mr. Bean - The park bench sandwich skit is a classic. And the theater one is a personal fav.
2. Merry Christmas Mr. Bean - Do the Brits love Christmas as much as we do? Either way, I have to watch this every year. The gift shop manger scene is brilliant.
3. Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean - Another holiday themed installment.
4. Goodnight Mr. Bean - The first episode I remember seeing and the fact that I was supposed to be sleeping, made it even better.
5. Mr. Bean - The first episode of the series. Probably the one I've seen the most.
6. Mr. Bean Goes to Town - Anyone who's ever used an antenna TV can appreciate the first act.
7. The Return of Mr. Bean - One of the few that's hilarious start to finish.
8. Mr. Bean In Room 426 - Makes a boring and dreary English hotel stay look fun.
9. Tee Off, Mr. Bean - Makes a boring and dreary English launderette look fun...if slightly irritating.
10. Mr. Bean Rides Again - The train sequence isn't the most entertaining bits, but the following airplane scene is one of the greatest moments of the show.
wallcrawler383 at 01:30 PM Apr 08

mr. bean rules!

Kitty Green
Kitty Green at 06:16 PM Apr 08

YES!! This list rules... I love Mr. Bean!!! And, I always ALWAYS manage to laugh my ass off during that one scene in # 2, without fail! (I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about! ;-)) Great list. :-D

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago


1. A sequel that you thought sucked that everyone else loved: Kill Bill 2
2. Favourite action sequence: Bullitt car chase
3. Most recent actor/actress you thought was badass in a movie: Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
4. Favourite 'talking' sequence: The "I See Dead People" scene in Sixth Sense. Gives me chills every time.
5. Most overrated movie of the past year: Avatar
6. Most underrated Comedy of the past year: The Other Guys
7. Most underrated Horror of the past year: Pandorum
8. Most underrated Drama of the past year: Nowhere Boy
9. Most underrated any-other-genre of the past year: Youth in Revolt (teen dramedy)
10. Adult Actress/Actor that annoys you the most: Channing tatum
11. Child/teen Actress/Actor that annoys you the most:
12. Favourite Videogame-Movie: Silent Hill
13. Most anticipated movie of 2011: Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
14. Last movie you saw: Theaters - Black Swan @Home - Terminator 2
15. Next movie you're thinking of seeing in the theater: Sucker Punch
16. Next movie you're thinking of watching at home: Tangled (My brother borrowed it and my wife wants to see it. I don't)
17. Favourite trailer of 2011 so far: I'm taking a break from trailers if possible.
18. Death scene in a movie that has stuck with you the most: The suicide from Rules of Attraction
19. Favourite twist ending to a movie: Death Proof
20. Least favourite twist ending: High Tension (I hated, hated the ending)
21. Your favourite actor's/actress' worst movie: IDK if I have a favorite actor, but Christian Bale in Reign of Fire is pretty bad.
22. Favourite Comic Book-Movie: Can't pick 1, but I made a list a while back and forgot The Crow. So I'll put it here.
23. Movie (that's not being made) that you'd like to see: Jonny Quest. Live Action. Correct time period. George Clooney as Race Bannon.
24. Favourite disaster movie: The Poseidon Adventure
25. Most visually stunning movie: Children of Men
26. Best special effects in a movie pre-2000's: 2001 A Space Odyssey
27. Favourite movie score (original): Star Wars A New Hope
28. Favourite movie soundtrack (compilation): hmm......The Runaways was pretty good.
29. Most underrated comic-book movie: V for Vendetta
30. Favourite football movie: I hate sports movies.
31. Favourite other-sport movie: I hate sports movies.
32. Best animated movie of the 2010: (I adjusted this question) Toy Story 3, but that's a cop out since I haven't watched as many as I should.

Based on a list by WP-DFA

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Blu Rays I NEED

1. Black Swan
2. Tron Legacy
3. Tron (original)
4. The Walking Dead
5. Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22
6. Legend
7. Eyes Wide Shut (it has the "unrated" version correct?)
8. Deathly Hallows pt. 1
9. The Clone Wars seasons 1 & 2 (The complete film saga is a given)
10. The Incredibles (Cars would be great too, I ordered it form the Disney Club and never received it)
lordtyler912 at 11:55 AM Apr 03


Psycho-Pirate-99 at 11:56 AM Apr 03


nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

My Video Game Resume

1. Favorite Game: Metal Gear Solid
2. Favorite Series: Final Fantasy
3. Favorite System: SNES
4. Favorite Character: Luigi (always makes me laugh)
5. Favorite Action/Adventure Game: Rygar
6. Favorite Sports Game: either Arch Rivals or Ken Griffey Jr's Major League Baseball
7. Favorite Racing Game: Need For Speed Underground
8. Favorite Shooter: Half Life 2 (Doom is close)
9. Favorite RPG: Pokemon
10. Favorite Strategy/Puzzle Game: Tetris
11. Favorite Fighting Game: Tekken 3
12. Favorite Hero: Link
13. Favorite Boss: Metal Gear Rex
14. Favorite Scene/Level: The giant world from Super Mario 3
15. Funnest Game: Super Smash Bros. (for wii)
16. Craziest Game: Claymates
17. Favorite Hottie: Lulu from FF X
18. Most Overrated Game:
19. I've never played: Bioshock, God of war, WoW
20. Toughest Game: Legend of Zelda (how anyone can accomplish ANYthing in the game is beyond me)
21. Least Favorite System: PC (Can't dump the money and time into updating hardware when I can just throw a game into a console)
22. Favorite personal story: Medal of Honor(PS1) - During a 3-4 day sleepover, we swapped missions and got to 99% completion (meaning all levels were beat, but failed to receive all medals...if I remember correctly)
23. ---Honorable Mention-- Super Mario World - My brother won our SNES at a showing of the Mario movie in theaters and we played the game for a month straight. After which we got Mario Kart and ruined the TV because of the split screen.

Based on a list by Joe Scorpio

brianandmichelle at 11:43 AM Apr 03

Yeah! Rygar, MF'er!!!

nerd85 at 11:57 AM Apr 03

Haha a forgotten classic. I can usually get to the same spot (about 6 stages in) when I give up. I have never completed an NES game to this day.

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

10 Movies if I was stuck on a deserted Island (this list is not absolute)

1. Return of the Jedi (the most fun of the OT and there's tons of action in the last act)
2. Night of the Living Dead 1990 Remake (I've seen it dozens of times and could watch it hundreds more)
3. 2001 A Space Odyssey
4. The Song Remains the Same (Might as well get the Led out once in a while)
5. Seven Samurai
6. Akira (I would need at least 1 Anime and this never gets stale)
7. Labyrinth (I almost prefer the Dark Crystal, but the lighter tone is nice.)
8. Blazing Saddles (I haven't done any research, but this is a rare film that gets funnier the more it is viewed.)
9. Jason and the Argonauts
10. Seven

Based on a list by Psycho-Pirate-99

randychico at 09:41 PM Apr 02

Jason and the Argonauts!!! Awesome

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

If I was a SUPER hero

1. My Original Super Hero Name Would Be - The Crimson King
2. My Bestest Power Would Be - Breath of Death
3. My Motto Would Be - Go F_ck Yourself!
4. If They Made a Movie About Me, I Would Be Played By - (A totally ripped) Stev McQueen
5. And the Movie Would Be Directed By - Akira Kurosawa
6. With the Love Interest Being - Naya Rivera (I'm thinking exotic)
7. While the Villain Would Be Played By - Tyler Perry
8. If I Had To Choose Between being a DC or Marvel Hero I Would Be - Marvel
9. My Super Best Friend Would Be - Reed Richards (He's brilliant and rich)
10. My Super Hero Fuck Buddy Would Be - Ms. Marvel (with Spider Woman on speed dial)

Based on a list by brewsky99

JohnLocke2342 at 02:09 PM Mar 25

#4 nice

bkmoviewatch93 at 04:59 PM Mar 25

#7 and #10 are BOSS! :)

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Firsts, Ones, & Prefers (An epic copy from Horrorfan23)

1. First ever Rated R movie - Army of Darkness (That's a guess, but I remember watching it on tv)
2. First PG-13 movie - Temple of Doom
3. First Animated feature - oh boy...Bambi in theaters?
4. First ever NC-17 movie - A Clockwork Orange (this would be the only one, if it counts)
5. First UNRATED movie - Requiem For A Dream
6. First Foreign movie - Either Enter the Dragon or some semi-obscure anime from Blockbuster (M.D. Geist)
7. First movie you stood in line for more than 30 minutes or camped out for - Phantom Menace
8. First movie to make you loathe Hollywood - Something with Eddie Murphy
9. First movie to make you cherish Hollywood - Wizard of Oz
10. First movie to give you nightmares - Halloween
11. First movie that made you horny - Possibly Titanic, but memory fails me.
12. First MANLY movie - Robocop
13. First CHICK flick - Grease
14. First movie that made you fall asleep during - (Assuming this excludes bedtime movies) Himalaya. Gorgeous movie, but it was film class and I was tired.
15. First movie to get your blood pumping with excitement - Twister (I was young)
16. First movie to make you curse aloud and scream what you thought of it - The Grudge 2
17. First movie that made you so depressed about humanity - Something with Eddie Murphy
18. First movie to inspire you - Braveheart
19. First movie you had a lengthy, educated, discussion about with another individual - The Matrix
20. First movie you had a short, stupid conversation about with a moron - Alpha Dog (They said it was the best theater experience of the year I said I'd rather eat my own shit than see it again.)
21. One movie trailer that still gives you goosebumps - The Dark Knight (The first time I realized how powerful a trailer is)
22. One movie you LOVE, that everyone hates - Silent Hill
23. One movie you HATE that everyone loves - Anything with Denzel Washington
24. One movie that you think Never deserved an Oscar - Slumdog Millionare (Why is this the Danny Boyle film to get recognized in the US?)
25. One movie you think should have won an Oscar but didn't - Tron Legacy (In recent memory)
26. One movie that exists that REALLY FUCKIN SHOULDN'T - The Smurfs (Such potential. Such a shit-looking movie)
27. One movie that should've had a sequel but didn't -
28. One movie that had a sequel that shouldn't - Jaws
29. One movie you wouldn't mind seeing before you died - The Lovely Bones (Not that it's a good movie, but I would reassure me that people cared about me)
30. One movie you would watch first if you were ever reborn - Star Wars for the first time! Are you kidding?
31. One movie you'd re-do to make it better - Highlander (haven't seen it in years though)
32. One movie with Too many "Movie Mistakes" - Black Dynamite
33. One director that you want to disappear forever - The Hughes Brothers (From Hell was watchable, Akira won't be)
34. One director that you want to grow and succeed - Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko couldn't have been an accident)
35. One movie you would take if you were stuck on a deserted island - Children of Paradise (It's long enough to get some mileage out of and maybe I'd learn French)
36. One movie that you wanted to be around during its production - LoTR (at least part of it. I've watched the behind-the-scenes stuff so many times and it sounded like a blast. Plus I would steal sooooo many props.)
37. One Novel you want to see made into a movie - Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman (Or Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami)
38. One Comic Book you want to see made into a movie - BLAME! (Does manga count?)
39. One celebrity or fictional character you want to have a Passionate Night with - Nova from Planet of the Apes (She's a total babe and she can't talk.)
40. One celebrity or fictional character you'd beat the shit out of if you could get away with it - Lil Wayne (Stop being in every song! You sound like a broken vacuum cleaner.)
41. Sequels or Prequels? Sequels
42. Reboots or Remakes? Remakes.
43. 3-D or 2-D? 2-D. All day long.
44. Sequels, Trilogies, Quadrilogies, or Series? Trilogies (If they're planned out that way)
45. Directors Cuts, Extended Cuts, Unrated Cuts, or Theatrical Cuts? Director's Cut.
46. Oscars or Golden Globes or Golden Schmoes? Oscars I guess
47. TV stars turned Movie Stars or Movie Stars turned TV Stars? TV stars turned Movie Stars
48. DVDs or Blu-Rays? DVDs (For price and consistency)
49. Charlie Sheen Crazy, Mel Gibson Crazy, Gary Busey Crazy, or Tom Cruise Crazy? Tom Cruise Crazy (He still seems like he's having fun and usually turns in a decent performance.)
50. Sensual Love Scene or Sexy Sex Scene? Sensual
51. Armageddon or Deep Impact? Never seen Deep Impact.
52. Dante's Peak or Volcano? Never seen Dante's Peak (But I can tell you it's probably better than Volcano)
53. X-Men 3 or Spider-Man 3? X-Men 3 (I made this question because I couldn't get 1 picture of 1 character.)

Based on a list by TheChanges23

randychico at 01:19 AM Mar 23

I liked SIlent Hill :D one of my most memorable movie going experiences

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago


1. First Name (if you're cool with that)? Brandon, but my mom realized it rhymed with my last name, so she changed it prior to my birth.
2. Explanation of Your MFC Name? I'm a self-diagnosed Nerd. And I was born in 1985. Pretty creative, huh?
3. Movie Character You Can Relate With the Most? Peter Pan. Growing up is overrated.
4. Most Hated Movie Character? Young Anakin Skywalker.
5. Boo Radley? Atticus Finch.
6. Do You Know Any Other Schmoes IRL? Yep. 1.
7. How Long Have You Been On MFC? A year...or two? I've been an observer before I made a profile.
8. How Did You Hear About MFC? I tried to go to and made a typo.
9. Where Was Your Profile Pic Taken? I shopped it like 3 years ago.
10. Favorite Animated Character? Can't pick a fav. At the moment, it's Kaoru Yamazaki (Welcome to the N.H.K.)
11. Favorite Robot? Robocop
12. Favorite Dinosaur? The one that kills Nedry in Jurassic Park
13. Have You Ever Written A Screenplay? I've outlined a few. I have no motivation to finish anything.
14. What Movie Would You Live In If You Could? Toy Story. or Dawn of the Dead
15. Ever Meet A Celebrity? Sorta. I briefy talked to Jason Schwartzman and I've peed next to Alice Cooper.
16. Dont You Think It's Fucking Obnoxious That Those Little Shit Kids Always Try And Take Lucky's Lucky Charms? NO. I think it's about damn time that little shit has started sharing.
17. What Picture Are You Attaching To This? A picture of a Delorean I saw, whilst on a ferry boat.

Based on a list by quidditchmom

dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 04:59 PM Mar 18

I've peed next to Alice Cooper = classic!

YoshioKun13 at 06:53 PM Mar 19

8. - Best answer I've heard yet.

nerd85 at 07:52 PM Mar 19

About 90%of these are true and then the questions got ridiculous anyway.

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Books I Read as a Lil' Nerd (inspired by

1. The Goosebumps Series - Everyone knew them, everyone checked them out from the school library, but I actually read them...most of them. I still own a 90% complete collection too.
2. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - I didn't know of the Hobbit at the time. I vaguely knew Fantasy was a genre, but this was about normal kids who had a magic closet. That's pretty bad ass.
3. Goblins in the Castle - The author some of you may know, from the "My Teacher is an Alien" series. I always grabbed this one of the shelf when we had reading time.
4. Dealing With Dragons - I used to have a collected hardcover of the trilogy. This is the only one I got through most of.
5. Heirs of the Force (Young Jedi Knights) - When Star Wars came into my life, nothing was the same. I was fortunate to be at the age when there was a massive resurgence.
6. Scarecrow of Oz - I always gravitated to the Scarecrow, before I realized how many books there were in the series.
7. Call it Courage - I must have read this thing like 3 times, but I cannot remember a shred of it. There was a boy on an island, that's about it.
8. Night of the Twisters - This scared the poop out of me. Anyone remember the made for tv movie?
9. Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark - The drawings alone give me nightmares. We used to read it to younger kids in our neighborhood to scare them. I'm glad I have a collected version of them to pass on to my children (i.e. damage them for life).
10. Comic Books - I was definitely one to judge a book by its cover. And I never discriminated against publishers, but I was a Marvel guy from an early age.
WalkAway at 12:26 PM Mar 18

1. YES

drc5145 at 12:45 PM Mar 18

Just about everyone read Goosebumps. I also saw the TV Show.

dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 01:26 PM Mar 18

Scary Stories and Goosebumps were my shit!

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Jim Carrey Ranked

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - This is cheating because it's one of my favorite films...of all time.
2. Dumb and Dumber - Still hilarious. We saw it opening weekend and I laughed at the bathroom scene for 3 days.
3. Liar Liar - I think we warped the tape of this one. Many sleepovers were spent rewinding the end credit bloopers.
4. The Cable Guy - I didn't fully appreciate it until 7-8 years ago. I made up for lost time by watching it at least 39 times.
5. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - As funny as this is to a 9 year old, it's a whole lot funnier as an adult.
6. Yes Man - I just like seeing Jim Carrey being funny. Plus Zooey.
7. The Truman Show - Clever and a little sad.
8. Man on the Moon - Raise your hand if you never heard of Andy Kaufman before this movie......nobody? Damn.
9. Bruce Almighty - So it's a little (very) corny. The Steve Carell scenes are brilliant.
10. Me, Myself & Irene - Could be higher, but it's almost funnier to talk about than to actually watch.
11. Honorable Mentions - Fun With Dick & Jane, Ace Ventura 2 (good for a dumb laugh), Horton Hears a Who, A Christmas Carol (How weird was that movie? I can't say it was good or bad, just really weird). Once Bitten (Cheesy 80s vampire flick. Worth watching if it's ever on TV)
12. Dishonorable Mentions - The Mask, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Number 23 (Wow. The definition of shit.)
JohnLocke2342 at 02:09 PM Mar 13

oh many.. Carrey in The Truman Show.. phenomenal.

lordtyler912 at 04:07 PM Mar 13


nerd85 at 09:30 AM Mar 14

I know Truman Show deserves higher, but I've only seen it twice!

I am shame.

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Fantasy Books I'd Like to Read

1. Heritage of Shannara series - I barreled through the original trilogy in a couple weeks and haven't had the willpower to get into these. But I'm halfway into the second High Druid of Shannara book and it's pretty good.
2. Sword of Truth series - Read Wizard's First Rule. Watched first season of Seeker. I want more. But the length of these books frightens me.
3. Wheel of Time series - Started the first book. Got lost. But I got the first three for 50 cents a piece so I have no excuse.
4. Icewind Dale trilogy - I bought and read the "first" book in the Drizzt chronological series and couldn't get into it. But I scooped up these at a book sale for cheap.
5. Song of Fire and Ice - So these are very definition of high/epic fantasy in the post-Tolkien era. They also frighten me.
6. The Belgariad - Came across them on an amazon search. Sounds fun.
7. Chronicles of the Shadow War - Sequel trilogy to Willow outlined by George Lucas? I'm in if I ever find a copy.
8. Innocent Mage & Awakened Mage - I read 80% of the first one on loan from the library. Not much happened and it was slightly political, but I liked it.
9. Dune - I guess these are more Sci-Fi, but fantasy-related. I'm shamed to not have read them.
10. Dark Tower series - The first 3 had some good stuff. Sci-Fi westerns with gunslinging Jedi? Sweet. Why can't I get past the 4th book or any more for that matter? I think a trilogy would have sufficed.
WalkAway at 01:20 PM Mar 12

You should watch the 2nd season of LOTS as well!
Oh and my friend wrote this book:

nerd85 at 10:54 AM Mar 13

That sounds really good. Have you read it yet?

WalkAway at 04:15 PM Mar 13

Not yet but I plan to soon!

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Adam Sandler Ranked

1. Billy Madison - A movie nobody likes to admit to liking even a little bit. I've seen it around 58 times (that is no exaggeration.)
2. The Wedding Singer - 80's pop and Drew Barrymore at her cutest? Makes being a wedding singer look kinda fun.
3. Big Daddy - Sappy and formulaic, but a guilty pleasure nonetheless. Who knew the kid(s) would end up being tween idols?
4. Funny People - It's hard to find a balance between potty humor and serious drama...I bet. But has plenty of both. Plus Eric Bana steals all the scenes he's in.
5. Happy Gilmore - It's easy to put this back-to-back with Billy Madison, they're both in the "classic" Sandler group.
6. Punch-Drunk Love - I just watched this for a 2nd time, and it moves along quite briskly once you know what you're getting into.
7. Mr. Deeds - I have a soft spot for this one. There's really nothing redeeming about it after 2-3 times, but it's a comfort film.
8. Anger Management - Honestly I don't remember a whole lot about it, but it has Jack Nicholson. And that makes it okay.
9. Click - Oh boy, do people hate this movie. I think the concept and sci-fi esque slant give it a nice aspect to his otherwise stale comedies recently. And Henry Winkler is awesome.
10. The Waterboy - My least favorite of his early stuff. Plenty of quotable moments (I for one can never pronounce Gatorade, other than how it's used to taunt Bobby Boucher).
11. HONORABLE MENTIONS: Airheads (Saw it once years ago, it's gotta be better than Zohan), 50 First Dates (many parts of this movie are terrible, but it's a decent re-team with Drew Berrymore)
WalkAway at 10:50 PM Mar 01

The Wedding Singer is underrated, it's awesome.

lordtyler912 at 04:25 PM Mar 02


nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Who I'd Like to See on Yo Gabba Gabba (if they ever make more episodes)

1. She & Him - Because it would be awesome.
2. Hellogoodbye - Because they deserve a bigger audience.
3. Michael Cera - Because he's hilarious.
4. Dave Chappelle - Because he's also hilarious and would bethe most unexpected thing for him to do right now.
5. Harrison Ford - Because it would be extremely uncomfortable.
6. Daft Punk - Because why the hell not? Maybe they're Plex's cousins.
7. Polysics - Because they are Japanese. And Cornelius was on there already.
8. Jim Carrey - Because I'm surprised he wasn't on there already.
9. Pee Wee Herman - Because if it wasn't for his show, there wouldn't be Yo Gabb Gabba
10. Rashida Jones - Because she's hot.
11. ---If you're wondering why I made this list, it's because I watch it at least 1-2 times a day with my daughter and it'd be nice to see something new---
Psycho-Pirate-99 at 12:24 PM Feb 17


DPlainview at 01:08 PM Feb 17

Are HelloGoodbye even still together? I played a show with them probably around 6 years ago when they were pretty much first starting out. They're unbelievably funny and just have great stage presence all around.

nerd85 at 10:44 AM Feb 18

@DPlainview : Yeah they just released their 2nd album last year (took long enough) but I think only the singer remains of the line-up. I've seen them 4 times and they do put on a fun little show for the size of the venues they play. Check out their DVD if you can find a copy.

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Led Zeppelin Albums Ranked

1. Houses of the Holy - The only album where each song is exactly as good as the next. Flawless production and an iconic cover to top it off.
2. Physical Graffiti - One of the best double albums of all time. It gets better the more you dig into it
3. LZ IV - Their money maker, and for good reason.
4. LZ II - Play this in your car loud. You wll feel like a boss.
5. LZ I - Helped end 60's psychedelia and brought blues-rock to the forefront (for better or worse).
6. Presence - Gets overlooked all too often, but it's a solid hard rock album. Some of Jimmy Page's most technical playing
7. The Song Remains the Same - I learned to play guitar from this album. It's a riff bible.
8. LZ III - Most heavy rock bands wish they could pull off a mostly acoustic album. It's a little sloppy, but it's got character.
9. In Through the Outdoor - According to Brock Sampson, this is when they sold out. But given a fresh mindset, it's not a bad album. It's got its own sound.
10. Coda - The closest thing to a B-Side / Outtakes album we'll ever get. And it's a shame they left out some better material than what's on here.
brianandmichelle at 11:11 AM Feb 16

Very nice!

dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 11:16 AM Feb 16


nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Shyamalan Ranked (basically chronological)

1. The Sixth Sense - One of the best horror/suspense films of the 90s (or of all time depending who you ask). Unfortunately, the end was ruined for me (I will hunt down that kid and make him eat cat shit), but I still watch it every October.
2. Unbreakable - I gotta give credit to whoever edited the trailers for this. I had no idea there was going to be superhero/comic book aspect. God I wish this were a trilogy.
3. Signs - Still at the top of his "game". I've never been in a theater with as much tension as I was seeing this. And it makes me miss good ol' not-insane Mel Gibson.
4. The Village - I will defend this film to the death. I'm baffled by anyone who claims they guessed the ending. How? There's no shread of foreshadowing to suggest it.
5. Lady in the Water - I will defend this one....only to an extent. I was way into it the first viewing. I love the modern fairy tale genre. But after a couple more viewings and hearing everybody and their brother trash goes down a few notches. BTW for anyone interested, there was a biographical book about Shymalan and his creative process for making Lady in the Water and it's quite interesting.
6. ...
7. ...
8. ...The Happening - What an upset. As a dark (and not particularly funny) comdy though, it has some redemption.
9. ...
10. ...
11. ...
12. The Last Airbender - I can't even explain how perplexingly bad this is.

Based on a list by brianandmichelle

JohnLocke2342 at 10:59 AM Feb 15

no matter what people say I loved Signs and think it really, really held up to multiple viewings. Nice list.

brianandmichelle at 12:00 PM Feb 15

My wife and I went and saw The Village on opening night. A good TEN minutes before the big reveal, she leans over and whispers it to me. When it happened, my jaw hit my lap. She said after the movie that it was only because it was Shyamalan and she had began to expect a weird twist of some kind in his movies. We both agree that even though most are not big fans of Airbender, that it was the best thing he could have done for his directing career, because he was becoming so pigeon-holed. She agrees with you on Sixth Sense being his best. I still believe that The Sixth Sense is a good movie with a great ending. But that Unbreakable is a great movie with a great ending! I wish that I knew someone who had never seen both films and had somehow never heard of the twist endings. I would love to show both films and stop them right before the ending and ask them which one they wanted to see the ending to most.

lordtyler912 at 04:18 PM Feb 15

I agree SOOOO much about Last Airbender.... Signs is my favorite.

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Romantic Movies (no explanation needed)

1. Harold and Maude
2. 500 Days of Summer
3. The Jerk
4. Titanic
5. Romeo + Juliet
6. Solaris
7. Wall-E
8. The Fountain
9. The New World
10. Casablanca
11. The Notebook
12. Legends of the Fall
13. Brokeback Mountain (I don't discriminate)
14. Breakfast at Tiffany's
15. Memoirs of a Geisha
16. The Wedding Singer
17. Tristan and Isolde
18. Across the Universe
19. Cinderella (Disney)
20. Atonement
trumper78 at 09:55 AM Feb 14

great list, love 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13. could watch all of these movies today.

Psycho-Pirate-99 at 10:38 AM Feb 14

Great list!

lordtyler912 at 04:32 PM Feb 14

Love number 2

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Comic Book Movies (I haven't done one yet?)

1. Batman Returns - This is the first one I remember seeing in theaters and connecting it to comic books. It's not the best in the "franchise" but it rooted the animated series.
2. X-Men 2 - On the short list of sequels better than the predecessor.
3. Spider-Man 2 - This list isn't in any order BTW. But this is one of those polished, well rounded entertaining movies I can watch anytime.
4. X-Men - It sounds weird to say this...but I'd waited most of my adolescent life for an X-Men movie. Fortunately I was old enough to appreciate it's stripped down take.
5. Spider-Man - In my opinion, this is the reason we have had any comic movies in the recent years. It made it an acessible genre.
6. Sin City - I'd never read any of the novels, though I was familiar (blame it on Wizard Magazine). And I think Robert Rodriguez will never do anything close to this again.
7. Batman Begins - I wasn't "in the know" before this movie came out. I didn't go to movie sites or read entertainment mags. So this came out of nowhere to me and made me hate everything else.
8. The Dark Knight - What can I say that hasn't been said......nothing.
9. TMNT - My childhood was formed by these guys.
10. Hellboy - Like Sin City, I hadn't read anything on the character. That should change in the future.
11. Constantine - Ditto
12. Iron Man - Completely fresh and exciting. I could watch it once a month.
13. Watchmen - Every bit as good as TDK. People complain it was too literal a translastion, or that it wasn't literal enough. All I can say is it's STILL ahead of it's time.
14. Kick Ass - The minute I finished the last issue, I started the waiting game until the movie. Not dissapointed.
15. Scott Pilgrim - Watch it Blu Ray and very loud. That is the only way.
16. ---I know I'm forgetting some. There are of course the guilty pleasures (Fantastic Four), movies I haven't watched enough to judge (Incredible Hulk, Hellboy 2, The Punisher, Wolverine)---
brianandmichelle at 10:03 PM Feb 13

Glad somebody loves X-Men 1 as much as me.

nerd85 at 10:38 PM Feb 13

8 is a lot of people's favorite haha. It's just, sometimes a little more fun is needed.

hellocookie at 12:27 AM Feb 14

Well they're all pretty fantastic... but as far as true adaptations from comics... Scott Pilgrim did a fiiine good job! And Sin City too!

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Spielberg Ranked

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark - He's been trying to top this ever since.
2. Jurassic Park - Scared the shit out of me.
3. Temple of Doom / Last Crusade - I've seen these more than anything else on here. The definition of comfort movies.
4. Saving Private Ryan - My favorite WWII film...not the best, but my favorite.
5. Jaws - I can't believe I sat through this whole thing as a kid. Isn't it like 7 hours before you even see the shark?
6. E.T. - I defy anyone in my age group to say they don't like E.T. It's ingrained into my childhood movie watching experience.
7. Hook - Not a mistake, I like it better than Schindler's List. It's too heavy.
8. Schindler's List
9. A.I. - It's like a science fiction fairy tale.
10. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
11. Munich - I'm running out of things to say about these selections.
12. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Say what you will (and it's most likely negative), we have a new Indiana Jones film with Harrison Ford and Karen Allen.
13. Empire of the Sun
14. HONRABLE MENTIONS: Catch Me if You Can, War of the Worlds
JohnLocke2342 at 01:46 PM Feb 11

another phenomenal list.

lordtyler912 at 04:51 PM Feb 11

One of the best directors ever.

nerd85 at 07:56 AM Feb 12

@JohnLocke, thank you. I give credit to the subject, not myself...okay a little bit for myself.

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Kubrick Ranked (results may vary over time)

1. The Shining - Impossible to stop watching after I've started.
2. 2001: A Space Odyssey - What I go to when I'm home alone. Beautiful and brilliant.
3. Clockwork Orange - A landmark for stylish Sci-Fi as well as controversy.
4. Dr. Strangelove - I first saw this in a film class, projected onto a 70" screen. Probably the best way to grasp it.
5. Eyes Wide Shut - Still don't know why he chose this over A.I. A strange & surreal end to a strange & surreal legacy.
6. Full Metal Jacket - It's almost like getting 2 films in one. Just when you can't take any more dehumanizing, brainwashing, soul crushing Marine Corp boot drops you right into the shit.
7. Barry Lyndon - The length keeps me from watching it as much as the others, but it kinda works for it. The longer I watch, the more I understand it. The compositional choices, the tone and the overall pacing are quintessential Kubrick.
8. Lolita - If ever there was a film in which the real story is not even seen, it's Lolita. The implied plot is everything and it's a wonder this ever got greenlit in the early 60s Hollywood system.
9. Paths of Glory - I can't wait to get my hands on the Criterion Blu Ray.... There's nothing spectacular about this film (save the camera work in some battle scenes) but it's tightly constructed. And the ending is the most emotional scene he ever filmed.
10. Spartacus - Not technically in the "Kubrick Collection", IMO. And it's the crime of the century that he couldn't bend it to his vision.
randychico at 11:24 AM Feb 11

Hooray for some Shinning love.. although I'm not a fan of 2001, I'd change that for Full Metal Jacket

trumper78 at 12:20 PM Feb 11

kubrick is the greatest, i could watch the top 5 every day.

lordtyler912 at 04:50 PM Feb 11

Shining is my favorite 2.

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Schwarzenegger Ranked

1. Terminator 2 - This was epic growing up. It was the Gone With the Wind and Citizen Kane of robot movies I was too young to watch.
2. Last Action Hero - Yea that's right.
3. Conan the Barbarian - Still not the film Conan deserves, but a milestone of 80s barbarian / fantasy films.
4. Predator - Completely original. And still exciting.
5. Total Recall - Pure, classic Arnie.
6. The Terminator - This in the National Film Registry? Bitchin.
7. Conan the Destroyer - I know most of you can only handle 1 Conan movie, but this takes out all the pretensiousness from the first one and adds Princess Jehnna...who is a total babe.
8. Jingle All the Way - Christmas classic.
9. True Lies - Possibly as high-brow as his career went (in that it was a remake of the french film La Totale!).
10. Kindergarten Cop - One of the finest comedies of the 90s hands down...can't even argue with that.
11. HONORABLE MENTIONS : Commando, Twins, The Running Man (saw it once years ago and can't remember any of it.)
dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 11:11 AM Feb 10

I'm with you on Last Action Hero, man! Maybe not in that spot but I loved the shit out of that movie. I thought it was a riot!

Psycho-Pirate-99 at 11:28 AM Feb 10


randychico at 03:40 PM Feb 10

I too like Last Action Hero... but yeah, not on the second spot haha, great list

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Favorite Superheroes (no order)

1. Batman - No surprise there.
2. The Punisher - A bad history in the film medium and a fad of seeing his skull on t-shirts, wallets, belt buckles, hats, hoodies and underwear hasn't changed my mind that he's a badass.
3. Captain America - America f-k yea!
4. Thor
5. Iron Man - Always reminded me of Bruce Wayne under slightly different if he was an asshole.
6. Hawkeye - I'm an Avengers fan, if you can't tell.
7. Colossus - The only power I wish I had as a kid.
8. Silver Surfer
9. Wolverine - Everyone's favorite hard ass. The power we all wish we had.
10. Union Jack - Britain has heroes too. I recommend his mini series from a few years back.
11. Dr. Manhattan - A tragic hero if there ever was.

Based on a list by Carlos_Spicyweiner

randychico at 03:26 PM Feb 02

What is Colossus' power exactly? I like how Dr Manhattan is like even more powerful than superman but, in fact he could be the most tragic of heroes

nerd85 at 08:21 AM Feb 03

I love Spider Man...but for some reason I wouldn't consider him a favorite. No I take that back, he's awesome. I think I overlooked him because of his popularity...if that makes sense.

And Colossus' skin transforms into metal. Pus he's like 6'8" or something.

randychico at 02:41 PM Feb 03

Yeah it makes sense, Colossus does'nt make sense tho haha IMO

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nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Remakes I want to see.

1. The Rocketeer - Indiana Jones meets Iron Man......sorta. The costume is SO awesome, I just wish it wouldn't go to waste.
2. The Phantom - I love the Phantom, because he can justifiably exist in any decade. I admit the Billy Zane version is dumb fun, but how about one that isn't a guilty pleasure?
3. Shattered - Semi-obscure Wolfgang Peterson film, that is played out like a made for TV Vanilla Sky. Maybe that's not accurate, I haven't seen it in a while. But it's interesting enough to warrant a better adaption.
4. The Neverending Story - Not-so-obscure Wolfgang Peterson film that although a childhood classic, takes a huge crap on the source material.
5. The Last Airbender - Need I say more?
6. Little Nemo In Slumberland - The animated movie is great for nostalgic reasons, but we finally have the technology to do a GREAT live action/CGI epic. If Tintin can get made, Nemo should get a chance.
7. Dungeons & Dragons - Loved the show. Never played the game. But I smell a more promising franchise without Marlon Wayans.
8. The Punisher - How hard can it be to adapt this? He's basically a poor Batman with guns. Revenge movies are almost always satisfying, and comic writers have been keeping the character going for a while. Just pick a story line and film it.
9. The Hobbit - Wait, what....there's an adaption in the works? Could have fooled me.
10. Hellraiser - Classics should not be touched. But this is begging to redeem itself after a slew of shitty sequels. I'd kill for an Aronofsky-esque take on the original film. (BTW has anyone read the story it's based on? Worth a read?)
randychico at 12:42 PM Jan 31

Great list, many people are afraid of remakes but I am those who think that sometimes they can work (if they don't F it up of course), I know many people would invoke a storm about #4 and personally I wasn't really a fan and I've never read the books so I don't care. As for the others I definitely agree. I'd love to see a new Little Nemo. Oh and Hellraiser is already getting the remake treatment, there's a picture out there of the new Pinhead

lordtyler912 at 04:22 PM Jan 31

The Neverending Story I want to see soooo bad.

Carlos_Spicyweiner at 11:05 AM Feb 01

Most of these are dead on, minus Hellraiser and Shattered since I haven't seen them.
Turn that Phantom into Phantom TOLLBOOTH.

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Favorite Oscar "Best Picture" Noms

1. The Adventures of Robin Hood
2. The Wizard of Oz
3. Citizen Kane
4. To Kill a Mockingbird
5. Dr. Strangelove
6. A Clockwork Orange
7. American Graffiti
8. The Exorcist
9. Jaws
10. Star Wars
11. Raiders of the Lost Ark
12. E.T.
13. Pulp Fiction
14. Saving Private Ryan
15. The Sixth Sense
16. LoTR: The Fellowship of the Ring
17. Babel
18. There Will Be Blood
19. District 9
randychico at 04:10 PM Jan 24

For as much as we bash the Oscars you can't deny a lot of the best films out there have been recognized by the academy. Even if it's just a simple nomination. Great list man.

nerd85 created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Favorite Oscar "Best Picture" Wins

1. Casablanca
2. On The Waterfront
3. Ben-Hur
4. The Sound of Music
5. The French Connection
6. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
7. Annie Hall
8. Amadeus
9. The Silence of the Lambs
10. Schindler's List
11. Forrest Gump
12. Braveheart
13. Titanic
14. LoTR: The Return of the King
15. Million Dollar Baby
16. No Country For Old Men
Psycho-Pirate-99 at 05:17 PM Jan 24

Forrest Gump! Yes!

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

My Top 25 Played According To iTunes

1. Scene 5-FF1 Main Theme : Nobuo Uematsu
2. Mamunia : Paul McCartney
3. Al Margini Della Follia : Goblin (Dawn of the Dead ost)
4. Social Disease : Elton John
5. Trunk : Kings of Leon
6. Rock-N-Roll : The Runaways
7. I Ain't Done Wrong : Jeff Beck
8. Falling Out Of Love At This Volume : Bright Eyes
9. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama : Frank Zappa
10. Give Peace A Chance : John Lennon
11. Ride A White Swan : T. Rex
12. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (live) : Genesis
13. I'd Have It Just the Way We Were : White Denim
14. Fault Line / The Painter : Deep Purple
15. Procession : The Moody Blues
16. Good Morning Kids : Ellegarden
17. Rock Classics : The Knife
18. Here Is No Why : The Smashing Pumpkins
19. Frosti : Bjork
20. Many Shades of Black : The Raconteurs
21. Sons & Daughters : The Decemberists
22. Toughest Street In Town : Thin Lizzy
23. Little Wig : Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
24. Parallels : Yes
25. Come Together : The Beatles

Based on a list by quidditchmom

quidditchmom at 10:17 AM Jan 21


nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Albums I wish were soundtracks to movies.

1. Alan Parsons Project - I Robot = I Robot (This was an easy one)
2. Pink Floyd - Meddle = 2001: ASO (I read Kubrick asked Floyd to contribute something to one of his films if he could have control of the song edits. Plus Echoes kinda synchs to most of it.)
3. Rush - 2112 = Logan's Run (I'll avoid my brain's leaning of Star Wars with a rock OST.)
4. Radiohead - Kid A = The Matrix (Does anyone recall a video floating around some time ago with scenes of The Matrix synched to various Radiohead tracks? It was on MTV.)
5. Led Zeppelin = Lord of the Rings (Can't pick one album, but everyone knows this would rip ass. Ralph Bakshi wanted to use them for his animated adaption.)
6. Thin Lizzy - Chinatown = Chinatown (I'm not cheating by doing the name thing. This list is harder than I anticipated.)
7. Weezer - Pinkerton = Romeo+Juliet (Same year? Idk. Could work. Think about it.)
8. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F#A# Infinity Sign = 28 Days Later (Danny Boyle loved this album at the time and it shows.)
9. Joy Division = The Crow (The original film or the proposed reboot. A major influence on the character.)
10. Genesis = American Psycho (I know the references in the film weren't complimentary, but in my head they were. The movie needed more 80s music in general.
11. ----This was hard to do. Any suggestions?----
Psycho-Pirate-99 at 12:24 PM Jan 20

That's an awesome picture

nerd85 at 01:28 PM Jan 20

Thanks. I was hoping this might inspire some other lists so I can see what I missed.

cerealkiller182 at 05:00 PM Jan 20

Unfortunately I'm from the ipod generation. Shuffle kind of ruins the continuity of an album. Its hard for me to sync up album and film.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Jackie Chan Favorites (Too many I haven't seen)

1. Police Story - Oddly this is one of the last I've watched for the first time. Anyone who thinks Jackie isn't serious business needs to watch this.
2. Project A - My former favorite. Two scenes that stand out are the stairway scene (an influence on Matrix Reloaded?) and the bike scene. Classic.
3. Rumble in the Bronx - You never forget your first...Jackie Chan flick. An action/comedy that never stops being fun.
4. Rush Hour 2 - I'll get some shit for liking these movies. Oh well.
5. First Strike - Can't say much for the plot, at least I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be one. But the Bond-esque locales make for nice scenery.
6. Rush Hour - I'm glad Chris Tucker quit when he did, but this is always a guilty pleasure.
7. Armour of God - He almost died filming this. How badass is that?
8. Rob-B-Hood - Forget the title and stupid box art. I was pleasantly surprised.
9. Twin Dragons - What's better than Jackie Chan? Two Jackie Chans!
10. Shanghai Noon - Again, it's a guilty pleasure. No f-k's just great.
11. The Karate Kid - I didn't want to fall into the hype but it is indeed a decent movie. Jaden Smith was good and Jackie was destined to be the next Mr. Miyagi.......I mean Mr. Han.
nerd85 at 01:32 PM Jan 20

^I'm not 100% that now that I think about it. Could have been First Strike....

TheChanges23 at 04:35 PM Jan 20

Yea man, there's like...a HUGE list of Jackie Chan films you should check out...but you should definitely check out "Who Am I?" I always loved that one.

randychico at 12:45 AM Jan 21

I love Jackie... wasnt too into the Rush Hour movies but I loooved Shanghai Noon. Classic Chan + western! The Legend of Drunken Master is one of his best, Gorgeous, Mr Nice GuyOperation Condor, Who Am I, Supercop and yes Police Story

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

David Fincher Ranked

1. Seven (It's one of my favorite films by any filmmaker.)
2. Zodiac (I literally found myself on the edge of my theater seat opening weekend. And my pants were wet.)
3. Fight Club (The quintessential guy movie of this generation.)
4. The Social Network (Time will say if this becomes higher on my list.)
5. Benjamin Button (The length puts me off from watching this more often. But it's everything I hoped it would be.)
6. Panic Room (Loved it in theaters and it's held up as a sleek, fast paced thriller.)
7. The Game (Again, this one's held up reasonably well. But is there a blu ray scheduled? My dvd looks like ass.)
8. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Read the book. Saw the original. I can already say it's better than Alien 3.)
9. Alien 3 (I saw this for the first time last Halloween. Wow. What a bowl of crap. Cool premise though and Fincher gave some great visuals.)
JohnLocke2342 at 12:36 PM Jan 12

I always had a soft spot for Alien 3.. never thought it was half as terrible as people made it out to be.

randychico at 02:23 PM Jan 12

I would put The Game up higher but great list :D

TheChanges23 at 07:17 PM Jan 12

You are the Man, Nerd. Fincher can do no wrong right now, as if he ever did. I'm pretty much synched that he could make a film about a cheesburger and it would still be engaging and interesting. I LOVE ALL his films...and Can't wait to see his next project.

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Top 10 Albums of the Year (2010)

1. Vampire Weekend - Contra
2. Spoon - Transference
3. MGMT - Congratulations
4. LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening
5. Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
6. Beach House - Teen Dream
7. Daft Punk - Tron Legacy OST
8. --Here's a few I enjoed, but haven't given any further listens.--
9. She & Him - Volume 2
10. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
11. Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love
12. Fang Island - Fang Island
13. Shugo Tokumaru - Port Entropy
14. The New Pornographers - Together

Based on a list by dead anchoress

Derek237 at 09:28 PM Jan 07

I gotta be honest I'm not as enamored with Vampire Weekend as most other people seem to be. But Innerspeaker by Tame Impala is absolutely brilliant and I lurve it.

nerd85 at 10:50 PM Jan 07

I know! I came across them while trying to use up an iTunes card and I immediately downloaded their album and EP. The production is fantastic.

lordtyler912 at 02:42 PM Jan 10

Need some Kanye!

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Favorite T-Shirts of all time (feeling nostalgic this morning)

1. Red Peter Pan shirt (5-6 yrs old) - I vividly remember going to the mall with my mom and getting this from a department store. I loved it so much I tried it on and refused to change back into my original shirt.)
2. Black Bart Simpson shirt (4-5 yrs old) - I had cool parents that let me watch The Simpsons. I believe it had a dialogue bubble saying "Aye Carumba".)
3. Classic Logo Batman shirt (5-7 yrs old) - Yellow & black. My dad had the same one which was extremely cool to me.
4. Black Smashing Pumpkins concert shirt (10-11 yrs old) - First concert. First band I obsessed over. This had a silver SP logo, similar to that of Scott Pilgrim's. No idea what happened to it.
5. Black Crow shirt (10-11) - I had a black wannabe goth/grunge phase in the 6th grade. Cool huh?
6. Gray Led Zeppelin 1977 tour shirt (14 yrs old) - Mind you this was a few years before you could waltz into Target and find a LZ shirt. NOBODY listened to this kind of stuff at my school, let alone knew who they were.
7. Black Dark Side of the Moon shirt (15 yrs old) - Same thing. Although I had a few ignorant morons ask if the rainbow had a gay/lesbian connotation.
8. Blue Tokyo Basketball shirt (16-17 yrs old) - You know those generic shirts from wither Old Navy or any other random store that you get for extremely cheap, but they end up fitting great and go with everything? This was that shirt. Until I got drain cleaner on it.
9. Red Star Wars japanese shirt (25 yrs old) - Newest shirt on the list. I've gone through a few SW shirt in my day, but this is so rad I'm afraid to wear it out of the house.
10. Blue Yamaha Motors v-neck shirt (24 yrs old) - I'm new to the v-neck club.
11. Black Silver Surfer shirt (23 yrs old) - Got this at Universal Studios in the Marvel store. I almost spent way too much money there, but then I remembered I had to fly back home.
JohnLocke2342 at 11:58 AM Jan 05

this list is awesome

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Christmas Specials I'd Watch

1. KISS Saves Santa
2. An X-Men Christmas
3. The Indiana Jones Holiday Special
4. Pixar's Christmas Spectacular
5. Lord of the Rings - Return of the Santa Claus
6. Batman Begins Chanukah
7. Christmas at Hogwarts
8. ---------Can't think of more, help me out.--------
Derek237 at 05:49 PM Dec 23

SAW: (8)- Da.Ys` O.f ChAnukKa;-'

Carlos_Spicyweiner at 11:12 PM Dec 25

OMG why hasn't Pixar done a Christmas Special!?

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Zooey Deschanel - The Perfect Woman.

1. Almost Famous
2. Elf
3. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
4. Bridge to Terabithia
5. (500) Days of Summer
6. Yes Man
7. The Happening (Purely by her presence)
8. Tin Man
9. Big Trouble (Saw it once when it came out, but now that I know she's in there, It'll be worth a watching.)
10. Gigantic (Looking at her filmography, there's a lot I haven't seen. This one is incredibly slow paced, but she's delightful.)
randychico at 12:58 PM Dec 22

Her beauty overshines whatever lines that come out clunky

horrorfan23 at 01:40 PM Dec 22

She's great, but her acting in The Happening was pretty bad. She would say her lines with a bewildered look to her face and a vapid tone.

nerd85 at 02:33 PM Dec 22

I think we can agree the The Happening was about 90 minutes of vapid tone. Although viewed as a B-movie / Dark Comedy it has it's moments.

She may not be the most varied actress but her charisma far exceeds her delivery. Well put @randychico.

Plus she sings like an angelic, elven princess on a cloud of cuteness.

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Pink Floyd Albums (Yes I still call them albums)

1. The Wall - Top spot changes all the time, but this was the one I first listened to. My mom always said "the guy wrote it while having a nervous breakdown." That's not exactly ture, but it intrigued the shit out of me.
2. Wish You Were Here - This was the answer to the questions of the DSotM. They had money & fame and were completely miserable.
3. Animals - Not as recognized as some of the others. This is more of a guitarists' favorite album. Could have been the soundtrack to Children of Men too.
4. Meddle - The real start of the post-Barrett Floyd. I love the bookend feel of it, it's just a nice cruising-around record.
5. The Dark Side of the Moon - The only reason it's ranked so low is that, they play half of it on classic rock stations nearly everyday. It's a perfect album in every way.
6. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn - This took me a while to really appreciate. I love psychedelic stuff now, but not so much in high school. Fits with Sgt. Pepper & Pet Sounds.
7. Obscured by Clouds/More - These soundtracks are like nothing they did before. There's a little bit of everything and thjer may take few spins, but they're oddly cool. Obscured by Clouds is the better of the two IMO.
8. Atom Heart Mother - I think the band all but disowned this one. It's a transitional one for sure, but has it's charms. The orchestral stuff fits nice.
9. Is There Anybody Out There? - Okay, so it's just The Wall live. But The Wall is a LIVE album, that's what it was designed to be. In some instances this is superior to the studio album.
10. Echoes - What kind of idiot puts a compilation on a best of list, I must hate Pink Floyd right? I'm plainly not a fan of the post-Waters stuff. It's quite a unique comp too, the transitions and song order are fantastic. And this has the two best tracks from Saucerful of Secrets.
Terminal_83 at 05:35 PM Dec 15

No Shine On You Crazy Diamonds? Great list though.

nerd85 at 09:50 PM Dec 15

@Terminal_83 - This was for full albums, I don't think I could narrow down 10 Floyd songs.

Terminal_83 at 02:09 AM Dec 16

Oh my mistake, I thought you called their individual songs albums. My dad still does that. My fault. Great list.

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Surprise Best of 2010

1. Daybreakers
2. Youth in Revolt
3. The Crazies
4. Percy Jackson (Harry Potter with Greek mythology more or less. But as fun as the book.)
5. Kick Ass (No surprise here actually.)
6. Prince of Persia (For pure weirdness factor. I just kinda went with it.)
7. Get Him to the Greek
8. Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage
9. Scott Pilgrim (I only kinda wanted to see this, but my brother made me watch it and it blew my brain.)
10. The Good, The Bad and The Weird
randychico at 01:33 PM Dec 12

As far as surprises go I totally agree with Prince of Persia and The Crazies

lordtyler912 at 03:04 PM Dec 12

number 9=biggest shock

JohnnyPHreak at 03:20 PM Dec 13

Numbers 4 & 6 were the ones on this list that shocked me the most. I loved Percy Jackson & Jake Gyllenhall made for a good action hero in Persia. I had been waiting for ever for Kick Ass & Scott Pilgrim. They are two of my three favorite films to come out this year.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Worst of 2010

1. Legion
2. The Wolfman
3. The Last Airbender
4. Alice in Wonderland (Not terrible per say, but severely disappointing)
5. Clash of the Titans (This was a bad idea. And again, it was at least minimally entertaining.)
6. Edge of Darkness (Despite a few bad-ass-Mel shootout scenes)
7. Marmaduke (These last few looked so wretched, I refuse to even watch them)
8. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
9. Resident Evil: Afterlife
10. Yogi Bear
11. Gulliver's Travels (Jack Black NEEDS an R Rating again.)
Highspeed at 12:20 PM Dec 12

Hit the nail on the head, sir.

lordtyler912 at 03:02 PM Dec 12


darthpaul64 at 03:15 AM Dec 13

I really liked Alice In Wonderland and Resident Evil...Edge of Darkness is beyond boring.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Characters From The Office (US)

1. Michael - His persistance and complete idiocity are admirable. He can always squeeze in a politically incorrect joke while trying to be politically correct. Not easy to do.
2. Dwight - Reminds me of every socially-deficient nerd I went to school with. But funnier.
3. Jim - The guy every one wants to hang out work.
4. Pam - Kinda obvious. She's everything you'd want in a woman. Fun, smart and ambitious.
5. Angela - She's everything you'd want in a woman if you're the submissive type.
6. Darryl - It's a gift to be funnier when you're angry.
7. Phyllis - She seems like the one to make buddies with because she would make you cookies.
8. Kevin - Not only would he make me feel better about my intelligence, he plays drums.
9. Oscar - He just seems like a good guy.
10. Karen - I have to admit I didn't watch the season with her. But it's Rashida Jones...need I say more?
Carlos_Spicyweiner at 12:45 AM Dec 13


nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Kirsten Dunst, How I love Her.

1. Spider-Man 2 (My geek half's fav.)
2. Marie Antoinette
3. The Virgin Suicides
4. Jumanji
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Which reminds me, I should change my theme)
6. Spider-Man
7. Interview With the Vampire
8. Kiki's Delivery Service
9. Bring It On (This has nothing to do wit the fact that she wears a cheerleading costume)
10. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.
11. Drop Dead Gorgeous
randychico at 03:25 PM Dec 11

exactly what derek said.. she has a solid set of films too, great films

nerd85 at 06:19 PM Dec 11

I seriously need to add her entire filmography to my DVD collection.....her and Zooey.

Terminal_83 at 07:05 PM Dec 11

She's a good actress. Liked Bring It On a lot.

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Judd Apatow-Approved Double Features

1. 40 Year Old Virgin / Knocked Up (Get the obvious out of the way)
2. Superbad / Pineapple Express (Ditto)
3. Anchorman / Walk Hard
4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall / Get Him to the Greek (Did I mention how easy this was?)
5. Drillbit Taylor / Heavyweights (For the kids)
6. Step Brothers / Talladega Nights (I can't stress how much Step Brothers needs to be watched first)
7. The Cable Guy / Fun With Dick & Jane (Both underrated)
8. Funny People / The TV Set (This is an odd choice, because The TV Set has almost nothing to do with Apatow's sensibilities. But it's a charming little film and funny in a sad-reality way)
9. Kicking & Screaming / Year One (They can't all be good........but these are at least worth watching once.)
10. Freaks and Geeks / Undeclared (This would be for a summer vacation scenario. Nothing to do but sit in front of the flatscreen)
11. I Love You Man / Role Models (This is technically Apatow-related. But close enough. Some familiar faces.)
lordtyler912 at 02:41 PM Jan 10


nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

TV-DVDs I want to complete

1. Ren & Stimpy (I know after the first couple seasons, it got kinda spotty, but I love it too much)
2. Pee Wee's Playhouse (I was lazy and never picked up volume 2. It's not as easy to find now)
3. Pete and Pete (Ditto)
4. Family Guy (I'm missing the first 2 volumes. The only thing holding me back is that I have burned copies to watch if I want to.)
5. G.I. Joe (Everything after Season 1 Volume 1. And the prices are kinda steep)
6. The Office (Hard to complete as it's still on air, but I would like more than 1 season worth.)
7. The Legend of Zelda (I'll say this is the best video game animated show of the 80's. And I only need the Power of the Triforce disc to complete the whopping 13 eps.)
8. Serial Experiments Lain (Not a great anime. I got the first two discs fairly cheap when my Suncoast closed up and haven't found the rest cheap enough.)
9. The Simpsons (Have the first 3 seasons and it was just getting it's groove after that.)
10. Super Mario Bros. (Yeah it's terrible, but the vintage Nintendo geek in me needs the collection.)
nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

If The Beatles Had 1 More Album (under the pretense that they were still under contract. A double album would be amazing though)

1. I'm The Greatest - Ringo (John wrote and played on it, as did George. It be cool to hear Ringo open an album for a change)
2. Oh Woman Oh Why - Paul (I'm going with the idea that they would have all gotten at least 1 solo album out of the way)
3. Crippled Inside - John (a dfferent genre for John and still with a dark wit)
4. What Is Life - George (just a great song)
5. Another Day - Paul (typical Paul pop ballad)
6. All Things Must Pass - George (one he wrote while in the Beatles)
7. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama - John (Good ending to Side A. John being political but not offensive)
8. Hi Hi Hi - Paul (Perfect single and a blatant show of Paul's sense of humor)
9. Not Guilty - George (The infamous unreleased track that took 100-something takes to get right. perfect spot for it)
10. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey - Paul (This always struck me as Beatle-esque. Mini-opera with good multi vocal possibilities)
11. Imagine - John (After he got Plastic Ono Band out of his system, he might have saved this for the next Beatle album. A pop song with a deeper message)
12. The Back Seat of My Car - Paul (Don't know why. Good harmonies though.)
13. Wah Wah - George (Cool song. And fun)
14. Now and Then - John (Only recently found this. An intended re-do for Anthology 3, ala "Free as a Bird". But officially unreleased.)
Terminal_83 at 03:37 PM Dec 04

I'm not a big fan of wah wah.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Led Zeppelin Masterpieces (not a definitive list)

1. We're Gonna Groove
2. What Is and What Should Never Be
3. The Rain Song
4. Fool in the Rain
5. Tea For One
6. Ten Years Gone
7. In My Time of Dying
8. How Many More Times (From BBC Sessions)
9. Since I've Been Loving You
10. That's The Way
11. Going to California
12. When the Levee Breaks
13. Nobody's Fault But Mine
14. Good Times Bad Times
15. In the Light
16. Over the Hills and Far Away
Terminal_83 at 01:59 PM Dec 03

Your time is gonna come is one of my favs, too. Nice list!

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Albums I've Been Listening to Lately

1. The Zombies - Odyssey and Oracle
2. King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
3. Camel - Mirage
4. Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
5. Aphrodite's Child - 666
6. MGMT - Congradulations
7. Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms
8. Paul McCartney - Band on the Run (remastered)
9. Yes - Yes (self titled debut)
10. Neil Young - self titled / After the Gold Rush / Harvest
Derek237 at 10:59 PM Nov 30

I've also been listening to #4 quite a bit lately. Awesome album.

Carlos_Spicyweiner at 11:18 AM Dec 02


Carlos_Spicyweiner at 11:19 AM Dec 02

I can't even succeed in being a smart ass.

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Winter Movies (not christmas)

1. The Shining (A great movie can span different lists)
2. Lord of the Rings Trilogy (extended cuts are perfect for long Michigan winters)
3. The Thing
4. Fargo
5. Empire Strikes Back
6. The Day After Tomorrow (a little mindless disaster never hurt anyone. plus you can throw it on while decorating the house or something)
7. Peter Pan (maybe my favorite Disney animated film. but that's for another list)
8. The Road (this may be a new late-night tradition)
9. The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe
10. Sin City
11. Time Bandits
12. Scott Pilgrim vs The World
timmyd at 10:26 PM Nov 30

GREAT LIST, My Friend !! Let's hope the pre-quel is even half as good as Carpenter's classic !! I'd add '' FROZEN '' , '' DEAD SNOW '', '' COLD PREY '', and '' DEAD OF WINTER '' !! '' TIME BANDITS '' and '' FARGO ''( one of my fave flicks, love the COENS ) are nice touches !!

nerd85 at 03:59 PM Dec 01

Ooh nice suggestions. I'll see if I can track those down.

lordtyler912 at 04:30 PM Dec 01

What a beast list

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Miyazaki-San Ranked (by personal preference)

1. Princess Mononoke - This is a tough spot, because all of his films fit together so well as a collection. But this was the first I saw and holds that special little spot. I watched my VCR-taped copy about half a dozen times.
2. Howl's Moving Castle - I know most people hate the ending. It's so imaginative, even though it's based on an already imaginative book.
3. Castle In the Sky - Kinda has it all. Adventure, a female lead, European setting, magical elements. I guess what drew me in were the comparisons to a later OVA Anime I love; Final Fantasy:The Legend of the Crystals.
4. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - I'm glad I saw this full version, instead of the apparently butchered "Warriors of the Wind" release. Although a copy on VHS would be rad for collecting purposes.
5. Spirited Away - I came in late for this one. The hype had already passed, so I felt no pressure to be pleased. But I was. Not one I can watch so frequently as the others, but still fantastic.
6. Porco Rosso - It's getting harder to put these last few in order. But this is possibly the most humurous of Miyazaki's IMO. Plus the Dub has Michael Keaton, need I say more?
7. Ponyo - This looks great on blu-ray BTW. Honestly, the Little Mermaid inspirations didn't even hit me the first time I watched it. It made me feel like a little kid again, following it through. The long sequence on the toy boat is one of my favorite of all Ghibli films.
8. Kiki's Delivery Service - My extremely recent re-viewing of this made me like it even more. Oddly enough, this could make a fun little series if it was done right.
9. My Neighbor Totoro - Ok, I'll get some shit from fellow fans for putting this so low, but I've only seen it once.... Sorry. It's incredibly charming, and the characters are wonderful, I just haven't had another chance.
10. Castle of Cagliostro - Apparently Stephen Speilberg is also an admirer of this film. And again, I've only seen it once on a rental, but I loved it. Come to think of it, I would probably like Lupin III if I knew what else to watch.
nerd85 at 06:32 PM Nov 25

@randychico: You got to be in the presence of the master himself? I would have shit myself.

randychico at 07:39 PM Nov 25

That would have been rude! ;) Yep, arriving late had its silver lining because we had to sit in the very front row so I was like at arms length.. to bad we couldnt get cameras inside the theater tho

lordtyler912 at 09:10 PM Nov 26


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nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Favorite Film(s) of Each Year since the Year I was Born (Ispired by breathless_mahoney87)

1. 1985: Pee Wee's Big Adventure / Back to the Future / Day of the Dead (good year for movies)
2. 1986: Labyrinth
3. 1987: Evil Dead II / Robocop
4. 1988: Beetlejuice / Die Hard / Akira
5. 1989: Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
6. 1990: Jacob's Ladder
7. 1991: Terminator 2 / Silence of the Lambs
8. 1992: Wayne's World
9. 1993: Army of Darkness / Jurassic Park (Schindler's List is reeeally close, but these are the two I would go for pure entertainment)
10. 1994: Pulp Fiction / Dumb & Dumber
11. 1995: Toy Story / Se7en (I hate typing that out with the number instead)
12. 1996: Cable Guy / Romeo + Juliet (Not a great year)
13. 1997: Princess Monoke / Titanic
14. 1998: Saving Private Ryan / American History X
15. 1999: Sixth Sense / Toy Story 2 / The Matrix (Do I like Fight Club better than Sixthe Sense? IDK...I probably should.)
16. 2000: American Psycho (Thought there was more that year)
17. 2001: Fellowship of the Ring / Donnie Darko (Could there be more opposite picks?)
18. 2002: The Two Towers / The Bourne Identity (Attack of the Clones is close, but only because I've seen it the most)
19. 2003: The Return of the King / Finding Nemo
20. 2004: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Too many to pick from, but this holds the spot)
21. 2005: Revenge of the Sith / Batman Begins / Brokeback Mountain (Didn't see that coming, did you?)
22. 2006: Babel / Pan's Labyrinth / Nacho Libre
23. 2007: Zodiac / Hot Fuzz
24. 2008: Iron Man / Wall-E / The Dark Knight (Pretty typical)
25. 2009: Watchmen / Half Blood Prince
26. 2010: Toy Story 3 / Inception / Scott Pilgrim

Based on a list by goNADSgo69

lordtyler912 at 04:35 PM Nov 19


YoshioKun13 at 05:25 PM Nov 21

6. - Betting you 'n I are the only ones to have this one on our list for 1990. ;)

Great list overall.

nerd85 at 11:40 PM Nov 24

It was impossible for me to narrow some of these down, so I altered the list. I'm positive I missed some that deserved to be on here.

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nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Christian Bale.

1. American Psycho
2. Batman Begins
3. The Prestige
4. Equilibrium
5. Rescue Dawn
6. Empire of the Sun
7. The Dark Knight (Higher on the list for movie quality, but I think we all know who owned it)
8. Terminator Salvation
9. 3:10 to Yuma
10. Howl's Moving Castle
11. HONORABLE MENTIONS (Public Enemies, The New World.) BTW, how is Velvet Goldmine?
Sfpsycho415 at 02:07 PM Nov 17

He and Jeffrey Wright were the best things about the Shaft remake.

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Best Classic Disney Movies [idea from lordtyler912]

1. Peter Pan
2. The Jungle Book
3. Alice in Wonderland
4. Robin Hood
5. Snow White
6. Pinocchio
7. Dumbo
8. The Sword in the Stone
9. Lady and the Tramp
10. 101 Dalmations

Based on a list by lordtyler912

Jsmith1989 at 08:24 AM Dec 10

Where is Fantasia?

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Criterion DVDs I want to buy for my B-Day

1. Sanjuro
2. Rashomon
3. Brazil
4. Children of Paradise
5. Samurai Trilogy Box Set
6. The Hidden Fortress
7. Stray Dog
8. House
9. Spartacus
10. Paths of Glory (My bare-bones disc isn't cutting it anymore)
brianandmichelle at 01:54 PM Nov 02

Seconded. I don't have and would take every single one.

nerd85 at 10:31 AM Nov 03

As an update, I went to our new Barnes & Noble yesterday and they had their 50% off sale going, plus my membership 10% so I picked up Sanjuro, Rashomon and Ikiru. Very excite.

nerd85 at 10:31 AM Nov 03

nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Hotties Part II

1. Summer Glau
2. Kristen Wiig (Funny can be hot)
3. Jayma Mays (The only thing making Glee bearable)
4. Morgan Webb (Olivia Munn ain't shit.)
5. Dianna Agron (The other only thing making Glee bearable)
6. Michaela Conlin
7. Shelley Hennig (I get forced into way too many shitty shows)
8. Dania Ramirez
9. Alexa Chung (The accent just tops it off)
10. Emma Stone (Let's hope she doesn't get over-used)
nerd85 created a LIST: about 7 years ago

Projects I Would Direct if Given the resources

1. Wizard of Oz Trilogy (Or quadrilogy. It needs to be adapted in the style and whimsy of the original Dorothy books. No gothic reboot, No cgi.)
2. Jonny Quest (I mentioned this in a thread recently, but to do it in the 1960s flavor, sort of Wes Anderson meets Indiana Jones or Connery-era Bond.)
3. Bullitt Sequel (Why the hell not? It would have the studio-backing of a remake, but carry on the character's development. Plus it would be fun to try and out-do the car chase with the same Mustang)
4. Thundarr the Barbarian (F-k He Man. Post apocalyptic sword & sorcery?? Who wouldn't watch that?)
5. Three Part Beatles Bio-Pic (An un-biased, but still respectful dramatization of they're WHOLE career. It's the perfect rock & roll story.)
6. The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami (Read it. You'll thank me.)
7. Metal Gear Solid (It would be a challenge to find the right balance of militaristic espionage and fantasy. But careful scripting, good casting and tasteful cinematography could pull it off.)
8. Zombie movie (either set in the 80s for no reason other than it would be cheese fun. Or set in fuedal Japan, black & white. Romero meets Kurosawa)
Highspeed at 10:05 AM Oct 28

My little brother won't shut up about a Thundarr the Barbarian film.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

NES games I vow to complete before I die.

1. Super Mario 1-3 : The holy triumverant. I am still the only kid on the block who never beat the first one. I've cheated my way to the end of 3 hundreds of times but can't do it.
2. Metroid : Can't even get past the first area! How do you know where you're supposed to go?
3. Legend of Zelda : WTF? How do you do anything with out dying? Why can I never find the fairy except by accident when I don't need it?
4. Rygar
5. Castlevania : Why can't I find health anywhere? Starting back at the beginning is sooo piss off-ish.
6. Metal Gear : Don't even get me started.
7. Contra : Even the code can't guarantee a damn thing.
8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : The platform doesn't even make sense.
9. Wizards and Warriors
10. Kung Fu : This game has been frustrating the shit out of me since I was 4 years old.
Derek237 at 03:57 PM Oct 22

Yeah Contra is tough but surprisingly I can get through Super Contra in under 30 minutes. As for TMNT it's not even worth the time. The Super Mario Bros. games can be tough too in the later stages but I've found if you just take your time and collect lives and power ups and all that it's pretty reachable. One game that kills me that I'd add to this list in NINJA GAIDEN. My God, that is the one game I constantly throw my hands up with rage over. And the worst thing is there's unlimited continues so you feel like there's almost no excuse to not beat it eventually. Arg.

nerd85 at 05:47 PM Oct 22

I can't remember if I've played Ninja Gaiden. I do have one called Wrath of the Black Manta that has eluded me for years.

jekupka at 09:27 PM Oct 22

I have finished #3, #7 and #10. Never could figure out the maze on level 8 in SMB.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Blu Ray's I covet.

1. The Evil Dead
2. Army of Darkness (Screwhead Edition)
3. The Exorcist (Extended Cut)
4. Blade Runner
5. The Thin Red Line Criterion ( gave this an insanely good review)
6. Batman Begins (got the dvd in fullscreen as a gift. lame)
7. District 9
8. Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut (don't have a copy, so why not go all out)
9. Zodiac Directors Cut
10. Days of Heaven Criterion
11. Sanjuro Criterion (only have Yojimbo on dvd)
12. Evangelion 1.11
13. 2001: ASO (why buy another copy? because it's supposedly phenomenal)
14. Buster Keaton's the General
15. The Complete Metropolis
16. Speed Racer (I'm in the minority that didn't hate it and I need to see it at full clarity)
threezy at 08:36 PM Oct 21

The Speed Racer Blu-ray is something of magnificence.

nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Hotties. (At the moment. It's an ever changing list)

1. Zooey Deschanel
2. Rose Byrne
3. Keira Knightley
4. Mila Kunis
5. Rachel Leigh Cook
6. Elisha Cuthbert
7. Nikki Reed
8. Autumn Reeser
9. Selena Gomez (she's 18)
10. Olivia Wilde
11. Zhang Ziyi
12. Emma Watson
13. Malin Akerman
14. Hilary Duff (why not)
15. Jessica Gomes
16. Yoko Matsugane
razgriz21 at 12:20 AM Oct 17

Lovely Selena.

rfreeze at 10:24 PM Oct 17

Awesome to see Autumn Reeser getting some love. I wish I didn't have to sit through No Ordinary Family to watch her though. Good list.

nerd85 at 09:53 AM Oct 18

Zooey won't change for me either.

I've had a thing for Autumn Reeser since The OC.

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Shootout at the Fantasy Factory

1. Thief of Bagdad
2. Time Bandits
3. Baron Munchausen
4. Legend
5. Peter Pan (1953) or (2003)
6. Jason and the Argonauts
7. Yellow Submarine
8. Bedknobs & Broomsticks
9. Excalibur
10. The Dark Crystal
11. Labyrinth
12. Return to Oz
13. Wizard of Oz
nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

October Triple Features (everyone else has halloween lists)

1. Last Man on Earth/Carnival of Souls/Night of the Living Dead
2. Dead Alive/Return of the Living Dead/Evil Dead II
3. The Descent/28 Weeks Later/High Tension
4. The Ring/Silent Hill/The Sixth Sense
5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)/Hills Have Eyes (remake)/Dawn of the Dead (remake)
6. Martyrs/Jacob's Ladder/Audition
7. 30 Days of Night/The Thing/The Shining
8. Halloween/Nightmare on Elm St./Friday the 13th pt. 2
9. Hellraiser/Phantasm/The Fog
10. Killer Klowns From Outer Space/Swamp Thing/Toxic Avenger
11. Child's Play/People Under the Stairs/Creepshow
nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Blatant knock-offs I have a morbid curiosity for

1. Blood Red Moon (Twilight)
2. Transmorphers
3. The Terminators
4. Snakes on a Train
5. Alien VS. Hunter
6. The Day the Earth Stopped
7. The Da Vinci Treasure
8. 18 Year Old Virgin
9. Metal Man
10. I Am Omega
nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Horror / Comedy

1. Evil Dead II / Army of Darkness
2. Young Frankenstein
3. Ghostbusters
4. Tremors
5. Brain Dead (Dead Alive)
6. Shaun of the Dead
7. Return of the Living Dead
8. American Psycho
9. Gremlins
10. American Werewolf in London
11. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
12. The Toxic Avenger
13. Re-Animator
14. Beetlejuice
15. Sleepy Hollow
16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
17. Idle Hands
18. Bubba Ho-Tep
19. My Name is Bruce
20. Eight Legged Freaks
21. Zombieland
22. Creepshow
nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Back to Back Albums.

1. Rush - A Farewell to Kings/Hemispheres
2. The Beatles - Rubber Soul/Revolver
3. Radiohead - Kid A/Amnesiac
4. Genesis - Trick of the Tale/Wind & Wuthering
5. Queen - A Night at the Opera/A Day at the Races
6. Led Zeppelin - I/II
7. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane
8. King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimspn King/In the Wake of Poseidon
9. Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold as Love/Electric Ladyland
10. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon/Wish You Were Here
nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Movies I've Seen So Many Times.... (another borrowed list)

1. Wayne's World
2. Tremors
3. The Posiedon Adventure
4. Spinal Tap
5. Army of Darkness
6. Billy Madison
7. Dumb & Dumber
8. Donnie Darko (Director's Cut)
9. Star Wars (pick one)
10. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

SNES Games (inspired by Karshe)

1. Earthbound
2. Doom Troopers
3. Claymates
4. Uniracers
5. Nickelodeon GUTS
6. Ken Griffey Jr. Major League Baseball
7. Battletoads & Double Dragon
8. Biker Mice From Mars
9. Earthworm Jim
10. Metal Warriors
Karshe at 02:24 PM Sep 03

Earthbound really is a good game, and not enough people have played it. It definitely should have at LEAST been an honorable mention on my list. Good list!

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 02:58 PM Sep 03

#6 was a lot of fun and #9 is just a classic. Great list!

nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Films from the year I was born. (1985)

1. Back to the Future
2. The Goonies
3. The Adventures of Mark Twain
4. Brazil
5. Ewoks: The Battle for Endor
6. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
7. European Vacation
8. Pee Wee's Big Adventure
9. Police Story
10. The Quiet Earth
11. Re-Animator
12. Return of the Living Dead
13. Return to Oz
14. Teen Wolf
nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Albums that remind me of Winter.

1. Radiohead - Ok Computer
2. Genesis - the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
3. Bright Eyes - Lifted
4. The Beatles - White Album
5. Rush - A Farewell to Kings
6. Yes - Relayer
7. Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
8. Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism
9. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
10. The Moody Blues - Days of the Future Past
nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Albums that remind me of Autumn.

1. Genesis - Trick of the Tail
2. The Beatles - Beatles For Sale
3. Led Zeppelin - III
4. Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs
5. Pink Floyd - Animals
6. Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2 OST
7. Yes - Fragile
8. Neil Young - Harvest
9. ELP - Trilogy
10. Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
timmyd at 10:58 PM Sep 10

HARVEST, ANIMALS and MELLON COLLIE and the INFINITE SADNESS , are all personal favorites of mine !!! Awesome list DUDE !!

nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Cult-ish animated shows of 80s & 90s

1. Thundarr the Barbarian
2. The Smurfs
3. Dungeons and Dragons
4. Voltron
5. The Tick
6. Silverhawks
7. Beetlejuice
8. Mighty Max
9. Phantom 2040
10. Peter Pan and the Pirates
11. Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars
12. 2 Stupid Dogs
13. Biker Mice From Mars
14. Rocko's Modern Life
15. The Centurions
16. Exo Squad
17. Captain N
18. The Legend of Zelda
19. Ducktales
threezy at 12:16 PM Aug 09

I loved the Beetlejuice cartoon.

mikeytroll2hands at 11:11 PM Aug 11

Street Sharks rocked my world

nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Animated Shows (of the any decade)

1. Jonny Quest
2. G.I. Joe
3. Batman the Animated Series
4. The Simpsons
5. X-Men the Animated Series
6. Doug
7. Dexter's Laboratory
8. Rugrats
9. Ren & Stimpy
10. Adventures of Tintin
11. TaleSpin
12. The Pirates of Darkwater
13. ReBoot
14. Beavis and Butthead
15. King of the Hill
nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Animated Shows (of the past decade)

1. Spongebob Squarepants
2. The Venture Brothers
3. The Cleveland Show
4. Adventure Time
5. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
6. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
7. Invader Zim
8. Avatar: The Last Airbender
9. Robot Chicken
10. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
11. The Weekenders
12. Aqua Teen Hunger Force (first few seasons)
13. Samurai Jack
14. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
15. Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
mikeytroll2hands at 11:12 PM Aug 11

flap jack seems pretty fucked up from what ive seen of it

nerd85 at 09:05 AM Aug 12

I tend to lean with the more unusual sense of humor. I would never force anyone to watch Spongebob, as I could see how a lot of people hate it. But I have been watching it since the first season and it makes me laugh.

timmyd at 10:52 PM Sep 10

Dude, I love SPONGEBOB !! It cracks me up, as well !!

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Comedy Shows (of the past decade)

1. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
2. Family Guy (although it's gone downhill)
3. Tim & Eric Awesome Show / Check it Out With Steve Brule
4. Chappelle's Show
5. The Office
6. That 70's Show
7. Freaks and Geeks
8. Grounded for Life
9. 30 Rock
10. Extras
nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Anime Classics. (That I've seen, I know there's tons out there)

1. Akira
2. Ghost In the Shell (first one only)
3. Castle In the Sky
4. Neon Genesis Evangelion
5. Case Closed (aka Detective Conan)
6. Dragonball / DBZ
7. Gunsmith Cats
8. Macross
9. Final Fantasy : Legend of the Crystals
10. Pokemon (original series...I can't help it)
11. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds
12. Grave of the Fireflies
13. My Neighbor Totoro
14. Yu Yu Hakusho
goNADSgo69 at 08:55 PM Aug 08

Castle in the Sky <3 One of my favorite movies =]

But I'd have Digimon on the list =P I love that show ^_^

YoshioKun13 at 10:39 PM Aug 08

Ranma 1/2?

nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Recent Anime I Enjoyed. Any Suggestions?

1. Welcome to the NHK (2006)
2. Cromartie High School (2003-2004)
3. Now and Then, Here and There (1999-2000)
4. Howl's Moving Castle (2004)
5. Cowboy Bebop (1998-1999)
6. The Place Promised In Our Early Days (2004)
7. Read Or Die (2001)
8. Samurai 7 (2004)
9. Spirited Away (2001)
10. Ponyo (2008)
threezy at 03:54 PM Aug 08

I'm not really into anime, but one of my favorite series I ever caught on TV was .hack//SIGN, something about it I just loved. Check it out if you've never seen it, also anything Miyazaki has touched is fantastic.

nerd85 at 05:04 PM Aug 08

These were heavy on the past decade, Evangelion, Akira, Ghost In The Shell, any Ghibli / Miyazaki are really my favs. One I was REALLY looking forward to watching was Eureka 7 and I couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll do a list of anime I didn't like.

YoshioKun13 at 09:48 PM Aug 08

I haven't gotten into any of the new stuff in recent years, like Bleach and Naruto. Cowboy Bebop was like the last real series I saw from start to finish.

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Recent Asian Films I Dig, Excluding Anime. Any Suggestions?

1. Oldboy (2003)
2. Audition (1999)
3. Suicide Club (2002)
4. Azumi (2006)
5. Kamikaze Girls (2002)
6. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
7. Nobody Knows (2004)
8. Ong Bak (2003)
9. Samurai Fiction (2001)
10. Machine Girl (2008)
threezy at 02:47 PM Aug 08

The Host?

nerd85 at 02:48 PM Aug 08

There's a few that I really want to see, but haven't found them anywhere. Ichi the Killer, Battle Royale (loved the book), the Good the Bad and the Weird.

nerd85 at 03:16 PM Aug 08

I NEED to watch the Host again. I saw it when I was dead tired and missed most of the mid section.

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nerd85 created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Animated Sci-Fi (that i've seen so far)

1. Akira
2. Wall-e
3. Ghost in the Shell
4. Heavy Metal
5. Howl's Moving Castle
6. End of Evangelion
7. Secret of Nimh
8. The Iron Giant
9. Titan A.E.
10. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
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