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The Dark Knight
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The Lion King
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Blast from the Past
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Tom Hanks-Even if the movie doesn't seem appealing to me (which is rare) I still see it because of him. He knows how to pick dramas and comedies. Also, he genuinely seems like a nice fun guy too! Him and CoCo have such great chemistry.
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Angelina Jolie
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Frank Darabont
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Angelina Jolie
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Smith (Shoot 'Em Up)
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MrsData created a LIST: 11 months ago

My Purge Crew Would Be..

1. The Rules-Since this takes place in The Purge universe, my team doesn’t have super powers. They’re regular people with a particular set of skills.
2. Thieves -- Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), Parker (Leverage) and Neal Caffrey (White Collar). They’re the best and between the three of them they’d know how to bypass and break into most security systems and safes.
3. Hacker -- Alec Hardison (Leverage) he makes up for what the thieves lack and he makes gadgets that would be “look-outs” so that we can avoid murderers and other unsavory characters.
4. Muscle – This is happening in the US so everyone has to be an expert marksman, minimum. They also have to be fine with killing in self-defense and in defense of innocents that we come across. So, there are no Joker types.
5. Smith (Shoot ‘Em Up) – Not only is his aim perfect, he’s also knows how to weaponize carrots.
6. John Wick – He takes out large groups in such an efficient manner.
7. John Preston (Equilibrium) – He’s basically like John Wick except he has kids and he was never a contract killer. Now that I think about it, he’s like Wick and Smith in that they have a soft spot for dogs.
8. Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) – No explanation needed
9. Nikita (Maggie Q) and Lai Lai Zhen (The Tournament) – It never hurts to have assassins on your side.
10. Notes: All crime is legal but we’re only out to rob high priced items from national/multi-national chain stores and corporations while leaving mom and pop shops alone. Home invasions are excluded too. However, if you simply want to go on a murder spree and want a crew, that’s your choice.
grelber37 at 08:54 PM Mar 09

Thank you for suggesting a list. Let us see what folks come up with.

timmyd at 01:12 AM Mar 10

great read . well done.

Frosty_86 at 05:19 AM Mar 11

I'm still working on my list of people.

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