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The biggest flaw this movie has is the killer starting with his look. Did the writers and producers NOT see Urban Legend? It’s not scary at all because a parka reminds me of Eskimos, Kenny from South Park and Burlington Coat Factory. He also wears a ski mask so even if his hood pulled back you couldn’t really identify him.

I’m sure what the filmmakers’ intent was with him. The film opens and closes with him planning future attacks on ATMs in his area where his sugar cube sized lair is plastered in satellite photos and measurements. Clearly, he stakes out these areas for weeks. One of the ways he keeps the victims inside is by putting fishing or piano wire up in the parking lot. When the victims or at least one of them tries to make a run for it, they get clothes lined. Yet, for someone who is supposed to be methodical and meticulous..he didn’t bring his own lock picking tools! He went into the lead character’s trunk and took the tool chest wasting time trying to break into the ATM’s back door. It makes no sense! What would he do if a group of people came along?

As far his motivation..that’s unknown. Nothing is revealed about his life and personality. He’s uncreative. We have no idea why he’s doing it! And his methods of terror are lame and lack originality. The water hose he uses is from a nearby Christmas tree shop and even his use of it makes no sense, how the hell would it flood the ATM? All they had to do is break a little bit of the glass or it would seep underneath the door! At one point he’s given money by the victims and yet he continues to terrorize them while unsuccessfully trying break into the back door. What could he possibly do if did get in there? ATMs are nearly impossible to crack open and move. The cameras have to be heavily secured too. Was he looking for more tools to scare them with? We don't know!

The fact that the movie opened and closed with him, even through the end credits was confusing since he's pretty forgettable! What was the point of doing that?

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