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Just a few more weeks
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MrsData posted a BLOG item 3 days ago

Funko POPs: DC Bombshells

Hot Topic Exclusives

Mood: Chillin'

razgriz21 at 11:17 PM Jan 18

That Batgirl one is awesome.

timmyd at 01:31 AM Jan 19


MrsData posted a BLOG item 4 days ago

Betty White

Mood: Chillin'

timmyd at 01:00 AM Jan 18

da bomb

MrsData updated her STATUS: 12 days ago

Just a few more weeks
sLaShEr84 at 12:22 AM Jan 10

Will be good.

timmyd at 12:59 AM Jan 10

Hell YEAH !!

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 04:31 AM Jan 10

Can't wait!

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MrsData posted a BLOG item 16 days ago

Girl Meets World

I'm not surprised Disney Channel cancelled Girl Meets World because they usually announce renewals early and they didn't this time around. It's also a fact that they usually don't keep shows on air longer than 3-4 seasons for some unknown reason. Before That's So Raven, they cancelled shows after that 3 seasons. So, this isn't unusual and if you're doubtful, you can look it up.

It wasn't as good as Boy Meets World but it's definitely not the worse show. It was a decent children's show about growing up, tolerance, bullying, discrimination, body image, income inequality, feminism, Asperger's/Autism, identity, parental abandonment, but it wasn't the family sitcom with a broad like Boy Meets World. Being on Disney Channel did handicap it because they always had to appeal to 6-9 year-olds too.. you can't do that when your leads are in middle and high school and in their 30s. For whatever reason, some of the important storylines were underdeveloped and that definitely got under the skin of fans who are my age.

Most of the episodes that featured the cast of Boy Meets World and Cory and Topanga having the B story, were the best because they knew how to utilize the characters/cast and I'll always enjoy those. It's unfortunate because it could have been so much better if they had aired on Freeform, ABC or Netflix where they could appeal to the 90s kids like me and today's teens without worrying about pandering to children.

Mood: Chillin'

MrsData at 08:00 PM Jan 05

Fair point but I think their intentions were always in the right place. They didn't want to teach kids to be apathetic, ignorant, selfish and mean especially since they're growing in front of screens with trolls. lol

HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 08:39 PM Jan 05

i liked there message and all the things you listed growing up, tolerance, bullying, discrimination, body image, income inequality, feminism, Asperger's/Autism, identity, parental abandonment i just couldn't watch it lol to sweet for me

HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 08:39 PM Jan 05

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MrsData updated her STATUS: 17 days ago

Yesterday Psycho Pirate and I posted our second collaboration, Pick Your Poison! Check the comments
timmyd at 01:08 AM Jan 05

loved it.

MrsData updated her STATUS: 17 days ago

Check the comments for Psycho Pirate and I's second collaboration!
MrsData created a LIST: 18 days ago

Psycho-Data Productions Presents: The Pick Your Poison Series by Psycho-Pirate-99 & MrsData

1. LONG ISLAND ICE-T – Concert-goers try to escape the island after a music festival is frozen in its tracks when one of the performers, Ice-T, snaps over running out of original flavor Fig Newtons. T acts out his frozen frustrations by covering the island in ice and conjures snow demons, giant snow yetis and ice dragons on the crowd.
2. BOILERMAKER-A sleepy small town is rocked when a cruel prank goes viral and results in a teenage girl’s suicide but no one is held accountable for it. Leading up to the prank’s one year anniversary, every teen involved is kidnapped. Hours later their dead boiled bodies are left on their parents’ doorsteps.
3. PARALYZER- Posing as a Sugar Mama, a scorned heiress brings her boy toys home where she paralyzes them with an anesthetic filled syringe. With a straight razor, she disfigures their handsome faces, permanently paralyzes them with a stab to their spines and psychologically tortures them for 24 hours.
4. PURPLE HOOTER-The same mad scientist who created 100 duck sized horses and one horse sized duck, has bloody revenge in mind for his 10-year high school reunion. At the stroke of midnight he will unleash his latest ungodly creation, a 200 foot purple owl that craves human flesh!
5. HARVEY WALLBANGER – While indulging in his regular sexual act of gloryholing, Harvey’s penis is bitten by a mysterious partner, which later transforms his penis into a rabid, fanged beast that detaches itself from Harvey while he’s sleeping and goes on a killing spree.
6. CHERRY HOOKER -When a mysterious and alluring fiery haired woman starts frequenting a local pub, its unfaithful male barflies suddenly turn up dismembered throughout the small town.
7. MOJITO-One by one the sisters of Kappa Theta Xi are found drowned in bathtubs filled with lime slices and mint leaves after using a dating app on their cell phones. Their bodies are posed so that their legs look like straws poking out of the bathtub.
8. SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK- A murderer, who is obsessed with the beloved child star to the extent of dressing up like her, is terrorizing the women of Manhattan. Each murder is live streamed with, “On the Good Ship Lollipop” serving as background music as the victim is sliced into bloody ribbons.
9. CIROC-The criminals of London are on high alert when they become targets of a vigilante who bludgeons criminals with a rock. The local papers have named him the Sir Rock killer because he uses his victims’ blood to paint a knight’s crest at every crime scene.
10. BLOODY MERRY – It’s a home invasion for the holidays when a group of convicted elves escape from North Pole Death Row and take over a Chicago family’s house, turning their home into a death trap for the one responsible for their incarceration, Santa Claus.
writer19 at 04:59 AM Jan 05

this is fantastic

HTX0811 at 12:13 PM Jan 05

Great work.

Glinda at 08:41 PM Jan 05

Great list you guys!

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MrsData posted a VIDEO item: 19 days ago

Capt. Holt's Birthday Rap & Dance


OldKingClancy at 06:07 PM Jan 02

razgriz21 at 02:18 AM Jan 03

I need to get back to watching this.

MrsData updated her STATUS: 19 days ago

OK, I didn't see Brooklyn 99's fall finale ending like that!
TheChanges23 at 08:35 AM Jan 02

Neither did I. I literally was like What the Fuvk?!?!?

TheChanges23 at 08:39 AM Jan 02

Definitely this years first "WTF" moment. Lol

MrsData at 05:41 PM Jan 02

lol Yes and it's not as if the show is easy to find spoilers for! It's going to be weeks until we find out the outcome.

MrsData posted a BLOG item 25 days ago

Holiday Harley

One of my Christmas presents, Cryptozoic's DC Bombshells Holiday Harley Quinn. Limited to 2016 pieces.

Mood: Chillin'

timmyd at 02:13 AM Dec 28

love it.

BATeMAN at 07:49 PM Dec 28

That's a sexy piece of plastic.

MrsData updated her STATUS: 25 days ago

honor carrie fisher: - normalize mental illness and its treatment - take life a little less seriously - destroy a fascist regime — Isaiah Breen (@isikbreen) December 27, 2016
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