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The Shawshank Redemption
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The Dark Knight
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Blast from the Past
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Half Baked
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The Lion King
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Blast from the Past
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Tom Hanks-Even if the movie doesn't seem appealing to me (which is rare) I still see it because of him. He knows how to pick dramas and comedies. Also, he genuinely seems like a nice fun guy too! Him and CoCo have such great chemistry.
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Angelina Jolie
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Frank Darabont
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Angelina Jolie
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Smith (Shoot 'Em Up)
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I've been shopping for new gym shoes and a pivot point is a requirement. But every time I think of pivot I keep imagining
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MrsData updated her STATUS: 7 months ago

I've been shopping for new gym shoes and a pivot point is a requirement. But every time I think of pivot I keep imagining
timmyd at 07:58 PM Jun 20

hahaha . classic.

MrsData posted a BLOG item 7 months ago

20 Years Later: Gattaca

This sci-fi drama/romance was introduced to me years after it was released. I watched it in my high school biology class when we were studying DNA. It took me by surprise because it was a fairly well done tale about how much our success and abilities lies in our genetics and our ambitions. Sure, the writer could have chosen a different career for Ethan Hawke's character because astronauts have to be healthy for legitimate reasons. However, I understand why he chose it since astronauts literally reach the stars.

Unfortunately, the issues of genetic discrimination, privacy and eugenics are still relevant Gattaca, in that respect, isn't dated. It's sleek, beautiful, futuristic without being too cold and the story is thoughtful and moving.

Mood: Chillin'

BATeMAN at 05:33 PM Jun 12

GATTACA As fAr As I'm ConCerned is A sci-fi mAsterpieCe!

dsloy at 05:40 PM Jun 12

amazing film, holds up so well

MrsData posted a BLOG item 8 months ago

20 Years Later: Air Force One

It's basically Die Hard on Air Force One but it's still damn entertaining. Gary Oldham is a fun villain. Harrison is a badass POTUS. But it's weird to see a First Lady who actually likes her husband lol #covfefe

Mood: Chillin'

sLaShEr84 at 02:48 PM Jun 07

Good movie.

Frosty_86 at 03:25 PM Jun 07

I love this movie. I think it's my favorite out of the airplane hijack movies from the 90s.

HTX0811 at 06:54 AM Jun 26

I haven't seen this in years but fun movie.

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MrsData updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

Happy Birthday to my fellow 90s fanatic, Zacharia! Check the comments!
Zacharia at 04:47 PM Jun 02

Thank you :)

MrsData updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

I saw the trailer for Batman and Harley Quinn and I like Melissa Rauch and I know that Bernadette isn't her natural voice. However, her voice in this movie is basically Bernadette doing a bad Harley Quinn impression.
timmyd at 08:04 PM May 30

oh boy.

MrsData posted a BLOG item 8 months ago

20 Years Later: Con Air

I could write a paragraph about why this movie is so fun but I'll just leave these 2 gifs

Mood: Chillin'

sLaShEr84 at 05:10 PM May 30

Great action movie.

Frosty_86 at 05:49 PM May 30

This movie is a lot of fun. What makes it so fun is the supporting cast.

timmyd at 08:05 PM May 30

love it . always a great time.

MrsData updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

Happy Birthday to the always brilliant, Frosty_86! Check the comments!
Frosty_86 at 05:41 PM May 30

Thank you Mrs. Data

MrsData posted a BLOG item 8 months ago

Just a few more weeks

Until we catch up with The Starks

Mood: Chillin'

OldKingClancy at 05:17 PM May 25

Man there really is only four of them left.

Well, three technically.

MrsData posted a BLOG item 8 months ago

20 Years Later: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

I realized that a lot of my favorite movies from my childhood and teen years are about to turn 20. I thought I'd highlight a few of them.

This is one of my comfort movies for so many reasons. It's a 90s movie but the flashbacks take place in the 80s. So, it's accessible to a fairly wide demographic. Lisa Kudrow is the best, The rest of the cast did a great job. It's also hilarious but there are really sweet and genuine/honest moments in it. I love the friendship between the leads and how things play out at the reunion. Overall, it's a really fun movie and it'll never get old to me.

Mood: Chillin'

BATeMAN at 04:59 PM May 25

Plan on watching this soon. Will be a ftv.

timmyd at 07:55 PM May 25

I adore this film.

MrsData updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

Bring on season 7 of Game of Thrones! Even though I follow confirmed and unconfirmed spoilers, that trailer still has me so goddamn EXCITED!
MrsData updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

Season 2 of Master of None managed to avoid the sophomore slump. Sure, there are some slow parts and there needed to be subtitles but overall it was well done. It was funny, honest, creative and engaging.
dsloy at 05:48 PM May 22


MrsData updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

Samurai Jack's finale had me like this
grelber37 at 03:02 PM May 21

The series conclusion for Samurai Jack had the right mix of emotions and the right mix of messages. And, of course, Genndy Tartakovsky has style, a lot of style.

MrsData at 01:13 PM May 22

Yes, I liked it but if it Cartoon Network was open to it, I wish they had given the series finale an hour because certain things felt rushed.

MrsData updated her STATUS: 8 months ago

Last night's finale of Agents of SHIELD was satisfying and it's ending, I didn't see that coming. While the whole cast performed well this season, Mallory Jansen as AIDA was the MVP.
Weapon X
Weapon X at 01:43 PM May 17

Mallory Jansen... I'd hail that hydra.

And how about that last scene for Dr. Radcliffe? For a character that jumped sides the way I jump off diets, they made his departure an all-time great scene for the series.

TheChanges23 at 02:58 PM May 17

Heavily agreed. SHIELD was just on another level this season and that finale really sealed the deal.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 08:52 PM May 17

It was pretty good. Jansen was incredible!

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