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Frances Farmer 1913-1970 (56)


Frances Farmer, is a film actress who's life story ironically sounds like something straight out of a movie.
Frances problems began after being arrested several times and erratic behavior.
Her mother fought for legal guardianship and after a violent physical attack on her mother, Frances' mother had her committed against her will.
There is a book called ; Will There Ever Really Be A Morning ?
Posthumously published, which describes some of the inhumane treatment Frances suffered.
However there is controversy that M. Jean Ratcliffe, (Frances Friend) may have ghost written portions of the book.
It is also believed that while Frances was committed she may have had a lobotomy performed.
What may or may not have happened will probably never be known.
Despite all that, I've read a couple books about her life and watched a few YouTube videos of her, she was beautiful !
I also saw one of her movies Come And Get It, she was a good actress and could sing !
But, I admit her voice came as a bit of a surprise, I had forgot reading that she had a falsetto voice.
I also understand there are some songs written about Farmer, probably most famously Nirvana song, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle.
Also film adaptations Frances, and made for TV Will There Ever Really Be A Morning ?

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moviegirl67 at 03:20 PM May 17

Frances life always struck me as very tragic and I was utterly shocked at the inhumane treatment she suffered.
Also the movie Frances is very good and brings to life, what is believed to have happened while she was in the institution

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