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has anyone ever wondered why Halloween 3: Season of The Witch had nothing to do with Michael Myers and was so bad. well here is a article I found on Wikipedia read this article and you're question will be answered Article Halloween III: Season of the Witch is a 1982 American science fiction horror film. The film is the third installment in the popular Halloween franchise. It is the only film in the Halloween franchise that does not feature the fictional character Michael Myers, and it also does not directly include story elements from Halloween I or II. It is the first film to be written and directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. John Carpenter and Debra Hill, the creators of Halloween, returned as producers and actors uncredited . The film stars Tom Atkins as Dr. Dan Challis, Stacey Nelkin as Ellie Grimbridge, and Dan O'Herlihy as Conal Cochran. The story focuses on an investigation by Challis and Grimbridge into the activities of Cochran, the m...
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Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 5 months ago

well now I'm totally gameless I only have batman returns for the super Nintendo and I'm also game consoleless as well used to have nes, snes, sega, sega Saturn, sega dreamcast, gamecube, xbox, super Gameboy, and the adapter that u put under the gamecube so u can play Gameboy advance games on tv. Nintendo 64, ps1 and ps2 all I have left is my ps3 and wii had to sell my systems so I could pay to transfer the title and registration to my new car
YoshioKun13 at 06:10 AM May 31

I only have a PS3 and Wii currently set up to play at the moment too.

I do still own some of those older console systems but they're all packaged up and in storage.

Moviefreak2010 posted an IMAGE item: 6 months ago

Glinda at 03:40 AM May 25

Who's this cutie?

Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

well I had to sell my whole game collection from snes, nes, sega, sega dreamcast, sega Saturn, playstation 1,2,3, xbox, gamecube, wii, Nintendo 64, Gameboy and Gameboy advance for gas money got one hundred and 80 dollars in cash and 50 bucks in store credit. oh well you gotta do what you gotta do. I now only have Batman Returns for super Nintendo, Batman arkham asylum and batman arkham city and skylanders for ps3. and X2 Wolverines revenge for xbox. and marvel vs Capcom 2 for ps2 I used my instore credits for those games. I figure I can just rebuy my games back later on. needed gas money and other stuff.
Glinda at 12:59 AM May 19

That sucks but that's good you could keep some and have store credit at least. One day you can buy them all again.

Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

well caught the last episode of agents of shield and it was fucking amazing cleared up a lot of unanswered questions and brought up more. can't wait for season to two to come out when it does. I like how they intertwined the show with thor 2 and captain America 2.
grelber37 at 10:08 AM May 18

What do you think awaits SHIELD fans in Season 2? Everyone speculates. What do you think?

Moviefreak2010 at 11:03 PM May 18

I think Coulson is going to take over and that we well see more of deathlock becoming a superhero

Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

so I just bought a new car for 600 dollars a little chevy cavalier two door car. and I'm really surprised I fit in it it is low to the ground. I swear that this car was made for hobbits. I call it micro machine that's my nickname for it. it's something until I find something I like better. it was kind of an emergency buy. it's not a bad little car it gets me to a and b. and the year is 1994.
grelber37 at 07:48 AM May 17

Six hundred dollars is not bad for what you are describing. Chevy is good at providing such transportation.

Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

saw a preview for the flash tv show and I'm stoked
Moviefreak2010 posted an IMAGE item: 6 months ago
Krista And Chase

Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

Happy Mother's Day To All The Moms out there
Glinda at 12:16 AM May 12

Thank you from this mom! :)

Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

well guess what happened to me over the past couple days. I got my car back on Tuesday right it was the battery ok easy fix got a new one had it one day and the stupid rear end axel falls off Thursday after noon. so guess what I have to find a new car cause that one is a dead horse now. the funny thing is that the cop who patrols our area comes by my house and tells me I haveto get my car out of the street I was about to do that when she pulls up so she gives me a ride back to my car lucky enough that it did this on the street next to my house and it did not do it on the highway or some main road. but anyways she sat with me until the tow truck came and told me that her adopted son had a car for sale for $600.00 and he was going to sell it to her daughter but now he is going to sell it to me. can you believe that. I find a car the same day the one I have breaks down and is undriveable. I'm picking it up either tomorrow or Monday. and my boss let me use her van over the weekend. I'm ...
WalkAway at 11:28 PM May 11

that's awesome!

Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

so after a hard day at work Friday I got home and relaxed and the next day I got up to go to work my stupid car would not start. I tried jumpstarting it and that did not work so the guy from the towing company that came down to jump start it said it might be the starter. the stupid thing worked perfectly Friday no problems at all. just another thing to add to my bad luck lately. oh well at least its at the shop and hopefully they can fix it as soon as possible. and why does everything have to break down when nothing is open?
Johnboy16 at 01:12 AM May 05

Been there many times, you have my complete sympathy. It is always the case that when you truly need something it is never available. But ALWAYS remember no matter how bad things may get, at least you're not this guy

funny gifs

YoshioKun13 at 02:13 AM May 05

Glinda at 08:16 PM May 05

lmao at that gif. omg.

I hope you have your car back by now and everything is okay Moviefreak. It's just the worst when a car breaks down or won't start when you really need it. Unexpected shock that sets the tone for the day.

Moviefreak2010 posted an IMAGE item: 6 months ago
Happy Mother's Day

Glinda at 08:17 PM May 05

Very pretty, and from this mother, I thank you. :)

Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

so after having a good day with my mom yesterday watching captain America 2. I got home and my stupid tv wouldn't work I tried everything I possible could think of to make it work and it would not turn on. oh well, such as life at least my friend kevin had a spare tv and he is letting me use it until I get another one.
Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

winter soldier kicked ass.
Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

that's me trying to upload a pic on my status
Moviefreak2010 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago
YoshioKun13 at 05:25 PM Apr 26

You need to use HTML tag:

(<)img src="_____" (>)

Put the URL into where _____ is and remove the () parentheses

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