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Wish Upon


Directed by: John Leonetti
Written by: Barbara Marshall
Cast: Joey King, Ryan Phillippe
Studio: Broad Green Pictures
Genre: Horror
Official Site:


This movie was decent not the best horror movie i've seen but still enjoyable. it had a pretty predictable plot line seen it many times. the one thing that was different was that it was a make a wish movie that had consequences every time the main character made a wish something bad happened. i thought the story was good, the acting was good but it was not scary, for a low budget studio the movie was decent. i would buy it out of the five dollar bin at wal-mart i would not go any higher than that. this movie was enjoyable to watch. this movie is cinematastic. if you have not seen this movie then i recommend you do. until next time have a cinematastic day

Moviefreak2010 at 11:57 PM Dec 03

good movie

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