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Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Review


this is a awesome movie. dc has nailed it again with this new addition to their animated films. while marvel is dishing out gold on the big screen dc dishes out gold on the small screen like tv shows and animated movies. i wish that they did their theatrical movies like they do their shows and animated films. not saying that the movies are bad but i feel like they put more concentration into their shows and animated films. anyway. i'm glad that they did another teen titans film. hope they do another one cause teen titans is one of my favorite superhero groups. and in the blu ray you get two teen titan episodes form the hit show. the story is good, the animation is great, the voice cast is great and i love the characters especially beast boy is my favorite titan and starfire is hot. the main villain brother blood was awesome and so was deathstroke love these characters. all in all it's a great movie. if you have not seen this movie then i recommend you do and i can't wait for their next film batman and harley quinn rating 10/10

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great movie

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