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Boo 2: A Madea Halloween Review


This movie is hilarious madea is back and is scurred than ever. in this sequel to boo a madea halloween it takes place a year after the last movie and brian's oldest daughter is turning eighteen and wants to go to the frat boys halloween party which by the way is at a camp where this guy murdered fourteen kids. but brians ex wife let's their daughter and her friends go with out telling him but madea over hears them and tells him about it but still they go. so madea takes it in her own hands to go get her and bring her home and she drags along joe, bam and the other lady. now what do you get when madea runs into ghost and chainsaw killers a whole lot of laughs. i dare say that this was funnier than the first movie. if you want to see a funny movie that involves halloween with madea than this is the one. the acting is good like always the story is good and the comedy is great. i laughed during the whole movie. if you love madea you will love this movie. this movie is cinematastic. until next time have a cinematastic day rating 10/10

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Moviefreak2010 at 03:56 AM Nov 09

good movie

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