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Directed by: Elliott Lester
Written by:
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scoot McNairy
Genre: Biography, Drama, Thriller
Official Site:
Plot: Fact-based drama about a plane crash and the tragic effects on two men.


Fact-based drama tells the story of construction foreman Roman (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who is devastated by the loss of his wife and pregnant daughter in a plane crash. Air traffic controller Jacob (Scoot McNairy) is blamed and the film plays out the two men’s dealing with their grief until the inevitable confrontation as Roman want’s some kind of reparation for his family.

Both Arnold and McNairy give strong performances here, despite that director Elliot Lester and writer Javier Gullón deliver a fairly mediocre and routine drama out of a real-life tragedy. The film is presented very by-the-numbers and stoops to numerous clichés, such as the airline executives being portrayed as stereotypical, soulless corporate bad guys. The moments that should provide the most emotional weight fail to deliver, despite the solid work by it’s cast. If not for Arnold delivering a performance on par with the 2015 Maggie and Scoot McNairy impressing as well, there really would be little to recommend, even with the story following a true 2002 mid-air collision and it’s tragic aftermath. Disappointing when one considers Arnold once again proves he can act and act well without spraying the screen with bullets. Also stars Maggie Grace as Jacob’s wife.

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