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MJZ posted a BLOG item about 4 years ago

My thoughts on Gravity (No Spoilers)

For the longest time I wanted to write my thoughts on Gravity. Or maybe even a review, on how much I loved its execution. When the first trailer was released it was great and I knew I had to see it, and would love it.
I saw it twice in theaters--both in IMAX 3D--and loved it even more on the 2nd viewing, but something I took away from it after the two viewings that has bugged me for the longest time. Not just the $30 dollars I threw at movie theater haha.
As a cinema film the movie was, to me, the best movie I watched last year. Especially in theaters. I stress theaters.
Alfonso Cuarón planned on giving movie goers a great ride, along with an actual story, and symbolism. I knew before watching the film I'd be freaked out. I love the prospect of space, but at the same time outer space scares the living s*** of me. But I digress...
If you saw it in theaters, I hope you saw it in IMAX 3D or at least in 3D. The movie was best viewed in those formats and gave the overall film that depth and ride it deserved. I mean yeah, the film can be viewed in standard edition on the big screen, but it's not the same.
Which brings me to the point of this blog...
Gravity will lose its luster and greatness once it moves to the small screen of home video.
Most movies can be transferred from theaters to home viewing, but not all. And Gravity is definitely in the latter. Don't get me wrong I'll probably be purchasing it on blu-ray, but it won't be the same. Gravity is a film that you have to submerge yourself into to fully get the ride it turned out to be. Yea, the movie isn't perfect (what movie is anyways) but it is a cinematic film to behold.
When I was in the theaters I was honestly terrified, stop breathing at times, had sweaty palms, and constantly had to remind myself that it was a film and not real haha. The soundtrack was epic. One of the handful of soundtracks that I have ever purchased. When I find myself listening to the soundtrack I have to turn it up loud, or put on the headphones and close my eyes and just lose myself.
But like I mentioned earlier I don't think the film will be as enjoyable sitting at home. Unless you have a large theater at home.
Not everyone has loved this movie, but I know for the most part the movie should still be worth watching at home if you didn't get to see it in theaters.
My constant repeating of the immersion of Gravity's aweomeness has become redundant. I just felt like putting in my two cents.

Sorry couldn't resist

Oh, and one last thing. I really couldn't stand to hear certain experts, and movie goers, complaining about the realism and science behind the movie. It's a damn movie. No movie is 100% accurate. That's why we watch movies. To get away from life and enjoy story telling and shit.
I know one of my favorite people Neil deGrasse Tyson was all over this movie, but he still admitted to liking it. Which is fine. But man, some people were thinking this movie really happened or something....
end rant

Mood: Chillin'

TomDunk at 10:52 PM Jan 29

I agree with pretty much all of that. Very tense, very emotional. Gravity is one of the most unique cinematic experiences I've ever had. I'll buy it on blu ray, but I always tell people that the only real way to see it is in theaters.

MJZ posted an IMAGE item: about 4 years ago
I found this on tumblr. I NEED this

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 08:26 PM Jan 12

great poster, definitely like the retro look

Cochise at 11:04 AM Jan 13


TomDunk at 10:53 PM Jan 29

Awesome poster.

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MJZ posted a BLOG item about 4 years ago

Why I love Nick's TMNT Part 1

When this show was first mentioned years ago I'll admit I was not too fond of the idea. Don't get me wrong I love my TMNT, but I wasn't sure how Nick would go about bringing it to the small screen. Just like many of you, I grew up with this classic series. Comic, cartoons, Movies and HORDES of toys, that brought my obsession ten fold. I honestly thought the cartoon was gonna be some lame goofy joke of a show.
Much of my pessimism came from certain voice casting. Jason Biggs was cast as Leonardo, Sean Astin as Raphael, Rob Paulsen as Donatello, and Greg Cripes. Being a fan of voice over work, I'm always putting certain actors and talents under high scrutiny when it comes to things I love. Don't get me wrong Rob Paulsen coming back to voice one of the turtles (Raphael in the original 80's cartoon) was great. I had never heard of Greg Cripes so I couldn't say much on that front. We all know Sean Astin and his great history in the entertainment realm, but I was weary on him voicing Raph. Which brings me to Jason Biggs voicing Leo. I honestly laughed at the thought of mr. American Pie voicing the leader of the TMNT. But as I like to do with any movie or show, etc I saved my opinions for when the show actually started.
Boy was I wrong in my questioning of Nickelodeon. This cast was perfect in every way. After watching the show for awhile I can honestly say I have gotten caught up in the voices, and execution, that I forget who is voicing this lean, mean incredible team.

The first episode was brought in like most "new" series with a bit of a origin story. We as the viewers are brought in right when the Turtles are celebrating their 15th birthday. Or as they call it "Happy Mutation Day." The turtles have been underground for the last 15 years being trained by Master Splinter. After finally being allowed to emerge from the sewers the Turtles experience the world up close and personal.

I honestly love how the series did not let the Turtles enter the world being perfect fighters and know-it-all teens. Well, they think they know it all, but what teenager doesn't?? haha
The first time the Turtles fight side by side, their execution is very sloppy. They were so used to fighting one another, instead of together, they kept bumping into one another and looking a mess. As the series progressed, so did their talents. And like most people, or turtles, they began to get cocky and arrogant. But life has a funny way of reminding you how little you know. Master Splinter is continuing to teach them lessons throughout the series. He isn't just a voice of reason, he actually gets them off of their asses and makes them put in work. He constantly brings them back to earth when they get too full of themselves. But on the other side he's a parent who still wants to protect his kids.

As the four go as a group, they completely compliment one another. Much like any siblings, especially brothers for that matter, the four turtles will butt heads with one another from time to time. It isn't just Leo and Raph fighting over who should be leading the group.

Leo is the leader who constantly has to keep the turtles in check when they go astray (when not around Splinter), but he has a geeky side that is often teased by the other three. He's headstrong, but still a teenager.

Donatello is the one that keeps the turtles up and ready for any new advancements from their enemies, but he's no pushover when it comes to fighting. Honestly in this cartoon Donny has become more of a central figure than in the past. He's always been the smart one, but this time around there's more to his character.

Mikey is the oddball, goof of the group who constantly gets on everyone's nerves, but reminds everyone that there's more to being Turtles than fighting. He can be a bit annoying at times, but he's the life and energy of the group.

Then you have Raph who is the muscle, and bully of the group. Often hot headed, but very compassionate with anything he's involved with. He'll tease his brothers at any chance, but if you come at his family, he will do anything for them.
The four all have a certain dynamic with one another that is always entertaining.

I want to dive further into more characters and story, but I should cut it there. In the coming weeks I will further dive into the awesomeness of TMNT and remind those who don't watch, why it's a worthy show.


Mood: Chillin'

WalkAway at 02:31 PM Jan 12

Great blog! I want to start this series soon.

TheChanges23 at 03:49 PM Jan 12

Excellent blog, MJ! I LOVE this new series and follow it immensely. Plus it appears as though Nick knows what it possesses, which it great in its own right. I hope this rendition lasts for awhile as it has all the elements of action and comedy down expertly. One of the best animated shows out right now!

MJZ updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

I realized in my hurry to make a Top Shows of 2013 I forgot one important kick ass show...
MJZ at 12:42 PM Jan 12

Invidtus at 12:51 PM Jan 12

taking a class in Art History when the names come flying out I automatically think of headbands-

MJZ posted a VIDEO item: about 4 years ago

The Real Ghostbusters Soundtrack - Don't Play Her Game


MJZ at 08:46 PM Dec 29

If this song doesn't scream late 80s I don't know what does haha I always loved the pop songs they would occasionally play during the series. Always so catchy.
From Episode 003 Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood

Carlos_Spicyweiner at 08:21 PM Jan 04

What's good man? how you been?

MJZ at 11:56 PM Jan 20

I'm doin ok man. how you?

MJZ updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

When Stay Puft appears on screen it is equally one of the silliest, yet iconic movie moments in history...
Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 09:52 PM Dec 29

I like the part where Stay Puff melts and marshmellow dumps on top of Walter Peck!

JohnLocke2342 at 09:52 PM Dec 29

I couldn't agree more

YoshioKun13 at 02:21 AM Dec 30

Most adorable yet menacing monster in movie history.

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MJZ posted a BLOG item about 4 years ago

What if: Ghostbusters

Some days I like to think and wonder what if...
What if the Ghostbusters franchise would've had it's own trilogy of sorts (set in the 80s of course)? I love the two movies, obviously, but I always wondered what if we did get a third movie back in the day. You know kinda like...Star Wars, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings and other big movie trilogies and so forth, spread out the movies into several cinematic films.
Ghostbusters was a great stand alone movie, but you knew there HAD to be a sequel. We got that sequel, though not as great as the first, still a damn good time. I just feel that during its prime so much potential was there. Yes, The Real Ghostbusters was a great cartoon and continuation, if you will, but, I dunno the greatness of Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis, Hudson, Moranis and Weaver in the peak of the 80's could've been epic.
But now...I don't want a third movie. I've said that before, but it needs to be said again. It's WAY too late for another movie. I was kinda happy with Ghostbusters video game in 2009 being that third movie if you will. Though, I wish we could get a continuation of that game and expand it to cover more missions and a potential of sandbox mode. It was fun, but too short and I really wanted the ability to do side jobs when I'm not playing the main story mode.

Just some random thoughts. I've got plenty more but for now you guys can stew on this one...

Mood: Chillin'

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 10:04 PM Dec 29

I agree with your comments MJZ...if they had made a 3rd movie say a year or two after the second one..that would have been fine...but 20+ years wouldnt work as well. Plus the only cast memeber pushing for a sequel seems to be Dan Aykroyd unfortunately.

razgriz21 at 11:29 PM Dec 29

Agree with you.

The game was a good continuation but short.

The 3rd movie regardless won't be good compared to the original or even the 2nd (which I liked as well).

YoshioKun13 at 02:35 AM Dec 30

It should have a been a trilogy.

But I don't want to see it become one now, so long after the fact.

I really need to get back to that game where I left off...

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MJZ updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

I forgot to mention earlier that yesterday I had a movie marathon consisting of The Lone Ranger, Elysium, and The Heat. I watched all three movies with low expectations and surprisingly enough enjoyed watching all three. I mean, they weren't particularly good or great movies, but I still had fun...
Derek237 at 03:57 PM Dec 29

I'm planning on watching Elysium hopefully later tonight. But even though The Heat got shitty reviews, I loved the hell out of it.

I kind of don't want to sit through the Lone Ranger though.

YoshioKun13 at 04:33 PM Dec 29

Usually when I do get around to watching those kind of films with that reputation, I find that they're not actually that bad. They may not be genuinely good but also aren't the most horrendous thing ever either.

Guess I'll see...

Mr.Blizzo at 08:48 PM Dec 29

I didn't think The Lone Ranger was that bad either. I enjoyed it as well.

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MJZ posted a BLOG item about 4 years ago

My Top Crushes of 2013

1. Kelly Brook

2. Elizabeth Olsen

3. Idris Elba

4. Jennifer Lawrence

5. Gemma Arterton

6. Jaimie Alexander

7. Emma Watson

8. Angie Varona

9. Alexander Daddario

10. Devin Brugman

11. Tao Okamoto

12. Lauren Cohan

13. Katee Sackhoff

I think that's it for me. I'm rying not to go overboard with too many picks...

Mood: Chillin'

MJZ at 08:38 PM Dec 29

I had never heard of her until a few months ago. Stumbled across her on instagram and...yeaaaaaa

WalkAway at 10:01 PM Dec 29

votes counted

TheHorrorfan at 11:07 PM Dec 29

What could Devin Brugman possess to make it on this list? uhmmmmmmm

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MJZ updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

I'm still hungover from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug I decided to pop in An Unexpected Journey. There's nothing on TV worth watching today...yup. Nothing AT ALL. *bitter Lions fan*
JohnLocke2342 at 01:39 PM Dec 29

At least we can forget about our teams and get lost in Middle-Earth

JohnLocke2342 at 01:39 PM Dec 29

MJZ at 01:40 PM Dec 29

If I could hug you right now, I would...

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MJZ updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

Just got back from seeing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and I had a great time. Though, I saw it in HFR 3D and most of the movie looked good, while most of it looked so fake and unrealistic. My buddy and I planned on seeing the standard edition but it JUST sold out right when we were in line. Apparently it was the 2nd showing of the day that was sold out. I'm really surprised that it's still such a hot ticket item when so many movies have been getting released lately. We decided to see this version (HFR 3D) 'cause it was the next showing (an hour) and the next standard version wasn't until 2-3 hours later.
MJZ at 02:01 AM Dec 28

@Yoshio - Yea, it kinda takes away from a lot of the movie. Smaug looked great in HFR 3D along with certain other scenes that looked so realistic, but certain scenes with human characters and CGI interlaced, it was way too obvious.

YoshioKun13 at 02:13 AM Dec 28

I went to see AUJ last year in both regular 3D and the HFR 3D format. Wanted to give it a shot but, just ended up hating it. Earlier today I was in Walmart and playing on one of the TV displays was MONSTERS UNIVERSITY in that high-speed frame rate. Even for fully CGI movies, it's just.....not good.

So bizarre.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 09:54 AM Dec 28

Funny. When I saw Unexpected Journey in HFR 3D, I actually thought it brought more weight to characters like the trolls, the Goblin King and Gollum. It was just the wargs and the eagles that suffered from it.

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MJZ posted an IMAGE item: about 4 years ago
Any guesses to what I was up to tonight???

Scotch at 01:58 AM Dec 28

Dude that shirt owns! haha

TheChanges23 at 04:42 AM Dec 28

You're just too goddamn cool for this pic! Awesome shirt MJ!

WalkAway at 07:52 PM Dec 28

Nice shirt!

MJZ updated his STATUS: about 4 years ago

I'm debating if I should jump into No Country for Old Men after I finish watching True Grit, or just call it an EARLY night and get caught up on some much needed sleep.
Derek237 at 12:25 AM Dec 24

Just watch No Country half way and go to sleep pretending Josh Brolin got away scott free.

MJZ at 12:27 AM Dec 24

haha good call. Every time I watch it, I think it's gonna happen that way anyways...

MJZ posted a BLOG item about 4 years ago


Mood: Chillin'

X-KID at 04:23 AM Dec 24

Can't wait to see her as Scarlet Witch!

BATeMAN at 10:48 AM Dec 24

@MJZ please don't kill me! ; )

She's Beautiful.

movieman32 at 08:37 AM Dec 25

She's definitely the most beautiful Olsen sibling by far.

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MJZ posted a BLOG item about 4 years ago

True Grit

Thanks for the idea Invidtus

Mood: Angry

VitamanMan8 at 11:26 PM Dec 23

Roger Deacons, you magnificent bastard

Invidtus at 12:41 AM Dec 24


MJZ at 12:55 AM Dec 24

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