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To My Ladies of MFC

Dear Female Schmoes,

As you may or may not know, the male schmoes of MFC love posting pictures of women and other sorts. Most pics are nice, tasteful and others... are not. Sure we obsess and love those celebrities and would do anything to get a date or marriage in line somehow.
But I think I can speak on behalf of most, if not all of the male schmoes on this site, that if we had the chance, we'd choose any of our female schmoes in a hot second. Yes, I love Kelly and Gemma but I'd give anything just to have a date or just hang out with any of the ladies of MFC. EVERY single one of you. Yes, I know some of you are married or dating, etc. but you get my point.
I'm not singling out any lady in particular. Though, I'd admit some of you ladies know me more on a personal level. But I digress.
I told a certain buddy awhile back that if I had to choose between a lady schmoe that lives miles away or (if by miracle) Kelly Brook lived next door...the lady schmoe wins 11/10.

Just thought you'd like to know.
True Story...

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Highspeed at 02:00 AM Feb 10

I agree brother. Sometimes I think how beautiful all our MFC ladies are inside and out is too good to be true.

randychico at 03:11 AM Feb 10

Aww shucks... Im not that far away

leesemarie at 03:18 AM Feb 10

lulz randy

WalkAway at 03:45 AM Feb 10

This is adorable, sweet, and much appreciated <333

horrorfan23 at 04:58 AM Feb 10

The ladies here on MFC are some of the coolest women I've ever met (or at least communicated).

CriticalAcclaim at 08:02 AM Feb 10

They are some cool people.

VitamanMan8 at 03:00 PM Feb 10

I agree wholeheartedly

Laksmikanti at 03:00 PM Feb 10

:D The coolest, sweetest, adorable post ever! coming from a honest and cool schmoe!

razgriz21 at 05:00 PM Feb 10

So agree on this blog.

timmyd at 06:12 PM Feb 11


hellocookie at 03:56 AM Feb 14


beatrixkiddo at 03:52 AM Feb 18

I'm in lesbians with you.

usernamenancy at 01:00 AM Mar 10

I heart you, Mike! ^^

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