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#1 Movie of All-Time
Tommy Boy
#1 Comedy
The Dark Knight
#1 Action
Star Wars
#1 Sci-Fi
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
#1 Romance
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
#1 Stoner
The Lion King
#1 Animated
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
#1 Fantasy
#1 Romantic Comedy
Idris Elba
#1 Actor
Charlize Theron
#1 Actress
Christopher Nolan
#1 Director
Kelly Brook
#1 Hottie
Dr. Evil
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Dr. Evil is the greatest movie character of all time! True Story
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KING Of All Schmoes
MJZ updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Dr. Evil is the greatest movie character of all time! True Story
Moviefreak2010 at 08:55 PM May 26

yes he is

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 03:04 PM May 27

possibly, he is the Evilest.

Glinda at 06:29 PM May 27

He's definitely up there!

MJZ posted a VIDEO item: 10 days ago

Oh, Margot


MJZ updated his STATUS: 10 days ago

I'm supposed to be going back and finishing Daredevil, but my girl Jessica Jones has pulled me back in for a THIRD viewing of the series. No self control whatsoever...
MJZ posted an IMAGE item: 10 days ago

MJZ at 03:07 PM May 17

I got the kick ass NWA piece from Justin Orr. I saw this my first day at the con but was low on cash at the time. I told him I would be back for it haha
Check out his website
The Michonne and Harely pieces I forgot to get a business card, and I can't recall who made these. But there awesome and portray some of my favorite bad ass ladies

MrsData at 03:13 PM May 17

Love the Michonne one!

timmyd at 08:02 PM May 17

these are sooooo cool , buddy . Love the Harley piece.

MJZ posted an IMAGE item: 10 days ago
Just some artwork from comic con

MJZ at 03:05 PM May 17

After spending all weekend trying to find some Jessica Jones artwork, which was pretty much non-existent, I found this piece from Tony Santiago. Freakin love it!
The lovely Deadpool & Harley Quinn piece, which is a relationship goal of mine btw lol, is from the artist Buzz. One of the cooler, and nicest, artist that I met.

timmyd at 08:02 PM May 17


MJZ updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I tried not to...but I just burned through season two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt today, and I don't know what to do with myself.
MJZ at 02:46 PM Apr 17

I guess I could always listen to some music and do some reading...

Scotch at 09:45 PM Apr 17

Haha binge watching shows man, I know the feeling. You feel completely lost without being able to hit the "Next Episode" button.

MJZ at 07:46 AM Apr 19

I know right? Especially when it's a 13ep season, and the episodes are 22-28min long.
I still need to finish Daredevil, though

MJZ posted a BLOG item about 1 month ago

Sorry. Not Sorry

Mood: Chillin'

Glinda at 02:21 PM Apr 17


timmyd at 08:42 PM Apr 17

Dayum !!

Laksmikanti at 12:41 PM Apr 18

She is too much! love her!.

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MJZ posted an IMAGE item: about 1 month ago
Happy Record Store Day! My haul for the day

klinteastwood at 11:10 PM Apr 16


jimmydevito at 06:54 PM Apr 17

love some Jay Dee

timmyd at 08:46 PM Apr 17

love me some Black Keys

MJZ updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I keep forgetting the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt starts tomorrow
MJZ at 06:10 PM Apr 14


MJZ at 06:13 PM Apr 14

MJZ at 06:21 PM Apr 14

I love this show so much

MJZ created a LIST: about 1 month ago

My Top 10 of 2015

1. Straight Outta Compton
2. The Force Awakens
3. Room
4. Creed
5. The Hateful Eight
6. The Martian
7. Sicario
8. Ex Machina
9. Chi-Raq
10. Southpaw
HTX0811 at 07:59 PM Apr 14

Great list. I really want to see Straight Outta Compton.

klinteastwood at 08:15 PM Apr 14

very nice

timmyd at 08:39 PM Apr 14

stellar list , dude.

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MJZ posted an IMAGE item: about 1 month ago
These ladies...

timmyd at 08:47 PM Apr 14


razgriz21 at 10:53 PM Apr 14

Full of win.

piranhafeast at 06:49 AM Apr 16

I'll take Margot and leave Ridley & Ritter behind.

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MJZ updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

I dunno if any of you remember back in 2010--AGES AGO--I wanted to try and watch 200 new movies. I came close at 163, I believe was the final tally. Every year since then I decided to keep documenting every new movie I watch along with a rating. I haven't cracked 100 since the first year, with the most I've watched being 81 just last year. But, this year I'm already sitting pretty at 63 and hoping to to get over 100. Thanks to Netflix and Family Video, and not having a social life haha, it should be feasible.
timmyd at 08:48 PM Apr 14

atta boy .

MJZ posted a BLOG item about 1 month ago

Here I am...

I'm sitting here realizing its been almost 2yrs since I last logged on to MFC. I remember last being on here not too long after I moved into my new place. I'm still in said place, but a lot has happened since then. I've lost a lot and learned a lot as well. It's been a crazy last couple years. This year in particular hasn't been much different but that's ok. I'm hoping to have more of a presence on MFC. This used to be my home away from home.
My movie watching has been up down over the time I've been gone. Though, 2016 I've been back to my old ways watching several movies a week. It's gone down the last two weeks with personal stuff popping up, but that passion, that fire, will return soon enough.
Thanks in part to my boy JohnLocke2342 and his passion for movies, has reignited my love as well. Also, wallcrawler383 keeping me afloat with his friendship and geekdom. Hell, many schomes I'm in contact with outside of MFC, or the internet in general.
I hope this blog finds you well. I know trying to play catch-up is damn near impossible, but if you're curious or whatever, drop me a line sometime. Or you can let me know what's been up with you...
Much love

I became OBSESSED with Margot Robbie during my absence. Seriously, shes like a drug to me. I...I...just UNF wallcrawler383 knows all to well from my constant hours of talking about her lol, ad nauseam. Not just looks, but acting as well. She's one of my favorites hands down.

Mood: Drunk

MJZ at 01:45 PM Apr 14

And goodness was a I "not sober" last night. Especially while writing this blog. I was drinking beer, which is something I don't consume much of nowadays, and spending money online haha crazy night

OldKingClancy at 02:51 PM Apr 14

Great to see you again, welcome back

timmyd at 09:10 PM Apr 14

so good to see you back , buddy.

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MJZ posted a VIDEO item: about 1 month ago

The Arcs -Young


MJZ updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Scotch at 08:28 PM Apr 13

The return!

timmyd at 09:03 PM Apr 13

Dude , how the hell have you been ? great to see you ! awesome gif , btw.

MJZ at 09:21 PM Apr 13

I'm doin ok. It's been a crazy two years or so since I was last on here. But I'm still hanging in there. How are you , man?

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