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laborious labor, songwriter/musician, actor (rarely)


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leon the professional
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#1 Sci-Fi
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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charlie chaplin
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luc besson
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buddy (six string samurai)
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mister easter
just bought Cloud Atlas on Amazon Instant Video because it's amazing and i just can't wait until May 14th!!! i'll still probably buy the blu-ray as well...
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mister easter posted an IMAGE item: almost 5 years ago
makes sense...

YoshioKun13 at 04:05 AM Aug 08

I am sure there is a perfectly rational explanation to all of that.

goNADSgo69 at 04:06 AM Aug 08


mister easter updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

just watched the new Criterion release of Down by Law and it looks gorgeous!!! definitely a worthwhile purchase!
mister easter updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

gonna spend the evening with Ridley and Ripley! it's been a while!
YoshioKun13 at 04:26 AM Jul 01

Good evening.

mister easter updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

just finished the series 2 finale of Sherlock and it was great! i really love that show!!!
mister easter
mister easter at 04:32 AM May 21

yikes! that's a shame... at least they're going to keep making them, though!

Vampjezzc at 04:59 AM May 21

But at least they are holding off for a very noble cause: Hobbits! :) Then back to the brilliance of Sherlock :)

randychico at 08:19 PM May 22

True that :D ...and Star Trek 2

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mister easter created a LIST: about 5 years ago

My Favorite...

1. Movie: The Professional
2. Director: Christopher Nolan
3. Writer: Alex Garland
4. Actor: Gary Oldman
5. Actress: Cate Blanchett
6. Screenplay: The Fountain
7. Poster: The Dark Knight (Why So Serious?)
8. Horror movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
9. Sci-Fi movie: Sunshine
10. Comedy movie: Tropic Thunder
11. Romance movie: Casablanca
12. Foreign movie: Harakiri
13. Art-house movie: Phantom of the Paradise
14. Action movie: Commando
15. Adventure movie: Flight of the Navigator
16. Film noir movie: Le Samouraï
17. Crime movie: The Untouchables
18. Musical movie: Dancer in the Dark
19. Animated movie: Robin Hood (1973)
20. Underrated movie: Six String Samurai
21. Trilogy: Back to the Future
22. Musical Score: Inception
23. Theater experience: The Prestige!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24. Camera shot: the final shot from The Prestige!!!
25. Movie snack: Nachos.

Based on a list by LegendarySuit

mister easter posted an IMAGE item: about 5 years ago
kurosawa, coppola, and lucas

G-Funk at 06:56 AM May 07

Who's the noob on the right?

Terminal_83 at 09:33 AM May 07

I'd say out of the three Kurosawa is the superior director.

Desh Bouksani
Desh Bouksani at 06:15 PM May 07


mister easter updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

series 2 of Sherlock will be premiering tonite on PBS @ 9:00 pm (eastern time). i can't wait!!!
mister easter updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

besides all of the incredible scenes and crazy action, it's great to hear that Hans Zimmer has written another massive/sexy score!!!
mister easter updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

about to sit down and FINALLY start watching Game of Thrones!!!
WalkAway at 02:15 AM Apr 29


brewsky99 at 02:47 AM Apr 29

if ever a show needed to be 2 hours every week

mister easter updated his STATUS: over 5 years ago

so, i'm going to be writing and recording the entire score for Night of the Living Dead 2012 (this will be the first film i've scored)!!! if anyone is interested, we just started our Indiegogo campaign and here's the link: if you want to hear my first mix of the opening theme, you can find it here: i'm not trying to shamelessly self promote, just sharing some cool movie news with my fellow MFCers!!! also, any feedback/constructive criticism on the opening theme would be much appreciated! thanks!!
WalkAway at 04:10 AM Apr 20! congrats!

mister easter
mister easter at 04:38 AM Apr 20

thanks! i'm very excited! one of my main goals in life has been to score films.

mister easter posted an IMAGE item: over 5 years ago
out and about with a lovely lady.

mister easter updated his STATUS: over 5 years ago

Big things have small beginnings.
JohnLocke2342 at 05:33 AM Mar 18

spoken like a true Prometheun.


mister easter
mister easter at 05:45 AM Mar 18

i'll take that as a compliment.

mister easter updated his STATUS: over 5 years ago

any other schmoes going out to catch The FP tonight? i'll be viewing it in VA and i CAN'T WAIT!!!
mister easter
mister easter at 05:22 PM Mar 16

yep, Winchester.

Psycho-Pirate-99 at 05:30 PM Mar 16

Ahh cool. I live in Richmond.

mister easter
mister easter at 07:53 PM Mar 16

right on. i'm in south central PA, but Maryland is literally across the street from my house. Winchester is just an hour south on 81.

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mister easter updated his STATUS: over 5 years ago

got my ticket for the 9:00 showing of Battle Royale @ the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, VA. only about 4 hours to go!
randychico at 10:14 PM Mar 08

Woaah! Awesome!

darknite125 at 02:16 AM Mar 09

Very cool

mister easter updated his STATUS: over 5 years ago

awesome! series 6 of doctor who is now available on netflix watch instantly! i know what i'm doing tomorrow!!!!
VitamanMan8 at 06:34 PM Mar 03

Must... catch... up... I'm only just getting to the end of series 1!!

mister easter
mister easter at 09:47 PM Mar 03

you've got a lot of great episodes to look forward to!!

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