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Inglourious Basterds
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Naked Gun
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Aliens and also Minority Report
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Hot Tub Time Machine
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The Incredibles
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Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Leonardo Dicaprio
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Jennifer Lawrence
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Neil Marshall
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Milo Ventimiglia
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The Joker (The Dark Knight)
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MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

The Great Wall starring Matt Damon was artistically creative with some gorgeous set pieces. The story, characters written for the screen though were half baked and didn't deserve the high production budget displayed onscreen and the monsters were just silly CGI that wasn't effective enough to cause any jolts. My advice is to skip this one and wait for it when it eventually pops up on the SyFy Channel. 5.5 out of 10
MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Kong: Skull Island is old fashioned, monster movie madness and probably the first time I wished I went to see the 3D version of a film, the visual effects were awesome! It brings out your inner child and makes you smile from ear to ear seeing these giant monsters in action tearing everything apart, it was so much fun. The film has an A-list cast and you could tell were having a blast making this film, I has a sense of humor about it that made it even more fun. King Kong has never looked better or more intimidating than he does in this 2017 version, even though it doesn't have much of an impact than the 2005 Peter Jackson version which I loved. This is pure popcorn entertainment, an escape that the whole family can enjoy, it's this years Jurassic World! 7 out of 10
MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Going to watch The Blackcoat's Daughter and Kong: Skull Island this weekend! Pretty excited about these films! I hope they deliver!
MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Logan is a tough, no holds barred, gritty Wolverine film. The most graphic and violent one to date with great performances. This is no fun X-Men feature if you are expecting it to be, this one throws its beloved mutant in the harsh realities of the real world but does it in a thoughtful and human way. It's definitely a bittersweet sendoff to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine which he has been playing since 2000, it's like an end to an era. See it with an opened mind. 7.5 out of 10
MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore is by far my favorite movie of 2017! The perfect blend of dark humor, drama, suspense and vigilante film. The lead actors were great and has one brutal but satisfying finale. I loved it! 10 out of 10. It's a Netflix original movie so check it out on Netflix now!
movieman32 at 07:45 PM Mar 01

I agree 100%. Macon Blair proved himself as an actor with Blue Ruin and he's proven himself to be a triple threat with this. I loved Melanie Lynskey in the lead, and Elijah Wood gave a career best performance.

MattSlash at 08:04 PM Mar 01

Absolutely, they both gave standout performances and the director delivered a standout out film!

MattSlash at 08:06 PM Mar 01

I definitely need to check out Blue Ruin!

MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

The Girl With All The Gifts is a well crafted, intelligent, creepy and a gem of a zombie/apocalyptic film. A standout performance from its child star, and a moody atmosphere. The standout genre film of 2017 so far along with Split. Seek it out! 7.5 out of 10
dsloy at 02:42 PM Feb 28

awesome def intrigued

timmyd at 05:22 PM Feb 28

looking forward to it.

MattSlash at 07:04 PM Mar 01

A definite gem, recommended!

MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Get Out had sharp comedic edge, thought provoking elements, solid performances and some crazy visuals. It was bold, timely and a art imitating life, twilight zone nightmare. It had me laughing uncomfortably one minute and on the edge of my seat the next. When all was said and done and the reveals unfold it left me scratching my head thinking that was the film everyone was raving about? The rare film that scored a 100 percent certified fresh rating on rotten tomatoes? People it wasn't that great! A decent time spent at the movies, but has no rewachability factor about it and left more to be desired when it comes to a horror film, its comedy is dark and razor sharp though and effective when it came to uncomfortable social interracial interactions and paranoia. With the talent in front and behind the camera it just should have ran with it more. Wait for rental! 6.5 out of 10
MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Going to see Get Out tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to seeing this film! Pretty impressive that it has a 100 percent certified fresh rating on rotten tomatoes and it's Jordan Peele's directorial debut!
MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Stake Land 2 was a semi disappointing follow up to one of my favorite vampire films ever, Stake Land! It definitely was a decent effort but making fans wait for almost 6-7 years for a sequel and just giving us decent is just a let down. I definitely wanted more from this. 6 out of 10
grelber37 at 04:30 PM Feb 18

This Stake Land II review is entirely fair and accurate.

MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

A Cure For Wellness was a spectacle for the eyes, one that I couldn't look away from or forget when it came to its moody atmosphere. Director Gore Verbinski hasn't directed a film so visually unnerving since The Ring, but the story this time was just not as intriguing or effective. It had so much potential to be terrifying and it was more looney than chilling, it just couldn't have been so much more than a visual feast. The first disappointing film of 2017, but it is definitely bolder than most films being released every year and I'll take that risky filmmaking over playing it safe any day. 6.5 out of 10
MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Going to watch A Cure for Wellness tomorrow, can't wait!
MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

The Lego Batman Movie is the most fun I had at the movies in quite awhile! So funny, clever and colorful and charming! I have to say that that this is even better than The Lego Movie, highly recommended! The best and most satisfying film of 2017 so far! 9 out of 10
dsloy at 02:48 PM Feb 16

def agree!

MattSlash updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

John Wick: Chapter 2 was an highly entertaining, wild, violent and exhausting ride. It had a few epic scenes that I won't soon forget especially the mirror maze chase scene, awesome scene! It's pretty much like the first film but on a grander scale. 7 out of 10
dsloy at 02:52 PM Feb 14

def agree about the end, also just all the little details, like him and common sneakily shooting at each other with silencers

MattSlash at 02:05 PM Feb 16

Definitely! That scene was great as well!

MattSlash updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

I'm off to see John Wick: Chapter 2! Can't wait to see Keanu Reeves back in action!
timmyd at 05:23 PM Feb 10


MattSlash updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

Rings wasn't perfect but isn't nearly as bad as most people say it is. The creepy visuals over gore and a high body count is still very effective here. I found myself still invested in this nightmarish world as the creators somewhat expand upon it. I enjoyed myself much more this time around than with The Ring Two, but definitely not the modern classic like the original is, but for a third installment not half bad at all. 6 out of 10
timmyd at 05:17 PM Feb 06

thinkin' of checking it out.

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