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Inglourious Basterds
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Naked Gun
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Aliens and also Minority Report
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Hot Tub Time Machine
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The Incredibles
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Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Leonardo Dicaprio
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Jennifer Lawrence
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Neil Marshall
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Lucy Hale
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The Joker (The Dark Knight)
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Mad Max: Fury Road is the best action film of the season and I don't think anything is going to top it this summer! A near modern classic and can't wait for more entries even though Mel Gibson is a better Mad Max than Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron basically stole the show in this one, she is such a sexy badass!!!!! I will buy this one!!! 8.5 out of 10!!!!!!
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MattSlash posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 8 months ago

Willow Creek


Directed by: Bobcat Goldthwait
Written by: Bobcat Goldthwait
Cast: Alexie Gilmore, Bryce Johnson
Genre: Horror
Official Site:
Plot: From celebrated Director Bobcat Goldthwait comes this edge of your seat horror that will make you think twice before going into the woods.


Willow Creek basically takes the formula from The Blair Witch Project and does its own spin on it, this time searching for Bigfoot. I thought this was an engaging, entertaining little gem, with two likable leads, but I thought the film had the typical and clichéd poor character moves, and the familiarity of it all just didn't make the film as a whole effective. The fear of the unknown is mostly always a solid scare tactic, and this film's tent scene with our two leads hearing strange sounds possibly coming from Bigfoot, made sure of that, the scene was the best from the movie and had me scared like a little kid. The unsatisfying ending ruined the experience for me and was just too typical for me and made the spooky journey pointless, but still makes another reason not go into the woods...[more]...


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MattSlash posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 8 months ago



Directed by: Takashi Shimizu
Written by: Craig Rosenberg
Cast: Leslie Bibb, Jamie Chung, Amy Smart, Scout Taylor-Compton, Nicky Whelan, Ryan Kwanten, Johnathon Schaech, Jerry Ferrara, Christian Serratos, Alex Frost
Studio: CBS Films
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Official Site:
Plot: Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. As the overnight flight makes its way over the Pacific Ocean during its ten-hour course, the passengers encounter what appears to be a supernatural force in the cabin.




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MattSlash posted a BLOG item 8 months ago

Honeymoon review!


A newlywed couple finds their lake-country honeymoon descend into chaos after Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of their first night.

Honeymoon is a slow burn, unnerving nightmare, with tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Of all the genre films I've seen so far this year, Honeymoon is one of the most memorable ones to come out, with terrific performances from its leads and an atmospheric creep show. The ending was a little bit of a letdown when it comes to an explanatory conclusion, especially when the buildup was so solid, suspenseful and intense. With that being said Honeymoon might have a lower budget, not a lot of action, scares or gore for a horror film, but it proves that if a premise is in the right hands, with capable actors you can still make a very riveting and haunting genre film. This film still managed to crawl up my skin and will probably linger there for a while.

The two act show from Rose Leslie, who plays Bea and Harry Treadaway, who plays Paul was stellar and very gripping. They play a newlywed couple who go on their honeymoon to an isolated cabin in the woods, who get an unsuspected startling visit from an unknown entity. Things soon go from absolute bliss to a living nightmare, when the wife starts acting strange and confused. Both leads give layered, impressive performances for a low budget film and could very well be the best performances from a horror this year. I was glued to their story, connected to them and was terrified of what was going to happen to them.

Bravo to first time director and writer, Leigh Janiak and first time writer, Phil Graziadei for delivering a standout debut. They know how to balance drama and horror like a pro, and know how to bring out the best in its actors. The film wasn't flawless especially with its ending, but man they definitely made an impressionable first mark as a filmmaking team to look out for. Hopefully this is just a glimpse of even better things to come from the duo.

Overall, Honeymoon will creep up on you and hold you down with its unpredictability, riveting drama, atmospheric horror and creepy shocks. The performances were solid and the buildup well done, my only complaint was the unsatisfying wrap up of the movie, which left more to be desired. I still heartily recommend it though, because it's solid than most. 7 out of 10

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MattSlash posted a BLOG item 9 months ago

Borgman review!


A vagrant enters the lives of an arrogant upper-class family, turning their lives into a psychological nightmare in the process.

Borgman is a strange, unpredictable, atmospheric thriller that has a wicked sense of black humor. The film has tense moments left and right that will startle you, scratch your head with confusion and was completely enthralling in a WTF type of way. The film is quite a unique take on the home invasion genre, but the film really doesn't lead to anything special to make a lasting impression as a whole. There wasn't much explanation on Camiel Borgman's motives, making the journey the conclusion not worth ones patience, wacky and hauntingly perplexing.

The performances were affecting, but I couldn't really connect to any of the characters to really care what happens to them. Camiel Borgman is one of the oddest yet interesting villains I've seen in a genre film in a while, but left in the dark of what his motives truly are, but that makes the film even more unsettling. Jan Bijvoet, who plays Camiel Borgman, is effective.

Director and writer, Alex van Warmerdam delivers an unconventional thriller that seems to have no rules or a clear endgame. The stylistically beautiful filming of the atmosphere is well done, and he definitely knows how to mount tension, but the path of this film was unfocused. The plotting wasn't developed enough for satisfactory and the conclusion could of been more impactful and lingering. Alex seems like a bold director, but next time needs to fully cook up a story to have a better grip on me as a whole.

Overall, Borgman is an interesting little thriller, but definitely not everybody's cup of tea, and more frustrating than rewarding. Watch it out of curiosity, but don't expect a payoff. 6.5 out of 10

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dsloy at 12:01 PM Sep 12

i thought it had a good set up but got too convoluted by the end

MattSlash at 08:22 PM Sep 12


MattSlash posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 9 months ago

Starred Up


Directed by: David Mackenzie
Written by: Jonathan Asser
Cast: Jack O'Connell , Ben Mendelsohn, Rupert Friend
Studio: Fox Searchlight
Genre: Drama
Official Site:
Plot: A troubled and explosively violent teenager is transferred to adult prison where he finally meets his match - a man who also happens to be his father.


Starred Up is a powerfully acted prison drama, it's intelligent and brutally realistic. At the same time I wouldn't call it the best prison movie I've ever seen or would want to see again, it's a hard lesson in reality though of what prison life is like, this could scare a troubled youngster straight.

Jack O'Connell, who plays Eric Love, is an incredibly talented young actor, who always seems to get better with each role and shows so much raw emotion. This role is award worthy. Can't wait to see him is Unbroken! Another standout performance is from Ben Mendelsohn, who plays Eric's estranged dad Neville Love, the intensity of the performances is not to be missed.

Director, David Mackenzie and first time writer Jonathan Asser have created the most realistic prison movie I've seen in years, just nothing I would really want to see again. The direction and writing is both terrifying and exhilarating, and strong medicine for the soul, but man what an ugly operation that prison has. Their realism seems to be spot on and I'm intrigued to see what they bring next.

Overall, Starred Up might be a tad overrated and not the best film I've seen so far this year, but the amazing performances alone grants a recommendation for at least one riveting watch. Jack O'Connell is definitely an actor to watch for, he's the real deal! 6.5 out of 10


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Anakin at 10:04 AM Sep 13

I thought this was brilliant. Sorry you didn't enjoy it.

MattSlash posted a BLOG item 9 months ago

Death Spa review!


Michael's health club is besieged with a series of terrible murders involving killer saunas and other grisly devices. Michael's wife killed herself a while before and her brother holds Michael responsible. Michael needs to stop the bloodshed before he loses all of his clients.

Death Spa is the epitome of 1980's cheese, to the music, dialogue, fashion and special effects, this one is so bad it's good. I really do like the unique gym setting, probably even more so for its time, even though it wasn't used to its fullest potential when it came to carnage. Death Spa just has this cheesy charm about it that I just can't hate it, even though it's appallingly bad, I just had a fun and entertaining time watching the wackiness onscreen.

The premise of a scorned dead lover coming back for revenge on unsuspecting clients and staff at a gym/spa is very silly, but entertaining and let’s be honest the film doesn't take itself too seriously, but that's the fun part about it. The deaths were also pretty vicious, even though the delivery of them was laughably bad, still pretty inventive. I do wish it was a little bit gorier, and it wasted some potential inventiveness when it came to its kills, and the ending was just lame.

The acting was horrible of course, but the cast was painfully good looking with gratuitous nudity to make up for it.

Director, Michael Fischa seemed to be having fun with this one, and the vibrant lighting and setting was nifty, but didn't use the full potential of it when it came to horror. There were also no scares and not enough suspense; the soundtrack also could use some fixing. The writing was just pretty weak, with a lame story that no one could take seriously and is not surprising that writers James Bartruff and Mitch Paradise never wrote another film and that Director; Michael Fischa never made it big. With all that said, the film is still a fun watch for laughs and a genius setting for kills.

Overall, if they remade Piranha in 3D, this movie if in the hands of the right director could make a very entertaining 3D remake. I'd pick Alexandre Aja. If you like a platter of cheese with your gore, check out Death Spa, a memorable one at that. 6 out of 10

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MattSlash posted a BLOG item 9 months ago

Devoured review!


Lourdes is a young woman that works at night cleaning a restaurant. All the money she made is for her son that lives in her hometown with her mother. We know very little about Lourdes son, only that he is sick and Lourdes is working every night and sending money to help her son and find a cure for his illness. Suddenly, Lourdes starts seeing visions in the restaurant where she works, in her little apartment. These visions, her evil co-workers and her son apart from her, all this stress Lourdes out and she began questioning herself who wants to hurt her? Or if all of what's happening is really happening or not.

Devoured is a moody, atmospheric, psychological/horror film that has classic restraint, with a chilling and shocking twist. It's an urban horror tale that moves at a slow burn pace, but kept me intrigued from beginning to end with its mysterious story that kept me on the edge of my seat, with creepy scenes left and right.

Marta Milans who plays Lourdes is captivating as a desperate woman struggling to make money for her sick son overseas, who may not be in touch with reality. Marta has this classic presence about her that I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Definitely a solid performance from an unknown actress.

First time director, Greg Olliver and first time writer Marc Landau have created quite an impressionable debut with Devoured. They seem to have a skillful eye for the psychological and twisted my mind in the process with the shocking ending. Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves next.

Overall, if you like slow burn psychological/horror tales I suggest you check out this little gem, even though it might not be a 100% original, but one of the better ones out there right now. 7 out of 10

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MattSlash posted a BLOG item 9 months ago

Delivery: The Beast Within review!


Delivery tells the story of Kyle and Rachel Massy, a young couple who agree to document their first pregnancy for a family-oriented reality show. The production spirals out-of-control after the cameras capture a series of unexplained events, leading Rachel to believe that a malevolent spirit has possessed their unborn child.

Delivery: The Beast Within is basically like Devil's Due but on an even tighter budget. This time around though, I found this flick to be more raw and believable and a slow burn, unsettling ride that packs an effective punch of an ending.

The performances were all pretty strong and deliver in such a genuine way that it makes you believe that you actually stumble upon actual found footage. That effect truly helps when all of the actors are a bunch of unknowns, making the intensities real and under your skin disturbing.

Director, Brian Netto definitely makes a more than decent film debut and definitely knows how to build suspense and anticipation and development of its lead characters, everything was natural so the journey into darkness was effective and you felt every emotion from them. My only gripe is that I think he restrained the film a little too much; I wanted a little more scares and mayhem to make the film have a little more edge. The undying premise of something evil inside a human being and a home is always spooky to me, but the story/writing delivered here by first time writer Adam Schindler, could use some adjustments here and there to make it stand out more instead of it being overly familiar, but even at that the film is still very creepy. I will definitely look out for their next horror film if they do more.

Overall, if you are not sick of the found footage genre yet, then I suggest you check out Delivery: The Beast Within because it's one of the more decent ones out there right now, and will give you the chills by the time the end credits roll. Worthy rental. 6.9 Out of 10

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MattSlash updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

If I Stay is a bland adaptation/delivery of a solid book. Chloë Grace Moretz has been disappointing me lately with her deer in the headlights performances, where is the bite and emotion. The movie needed that and she was holding back and wandering aimlessly, where is Hit Girl when you need her. 5 out of 10
WalkAway at 11:41 AM Sep 03

I've never been impressed with her acting tbh

MattSlash at 12:56 PM Sep 04

Yeah next time I'll be thinking twice about going to the theater to watch one of her films if she is the main star.

Laksmikanti at 02:28 AM Sep 15

I have been tempted to watch this movie, saw the trailer then, but actually the little I saw of her performance didn't make me to watch it.

MattSlash created a LIST: 9 months ago

Adaptations, Remakes and Sequels I'd love to see happen soon. (in no particular order) The list of possibilities goes on but these were on my mind as of now.

1. The Devil in the White City ( adaptation of the book)
2. Meg(based on a set of novels around the fictitious survival of the megalodon, a giant prehistoric shark).
3. The Great Chicago Fire
4. 2LDK ( remake the film)
5. Cloverfield 2
6. Lifeboat ( remake the film)
7. The Birds ( remake the film)
8. Dog Soldiers 2
9. Deep Rising 2
10. Phantoms 2
11. Clock Tower ( adaptation of the video game)
12. The Blob 2 or another remake of it
13. Forever ( adaptation of the book)
14. Battle Royale ( remake the film)
15. Fatal Frame ( adaptation of the video game)
16. F.E.A.R. ( adaptation of the video game)
17. Dead Space ( adaptation of the video game)
18. Motel Hell ( remake the film)
19. The Bad Seed ( remake the film)
20. The Winchester Mystery House ( make a movie out of it)
21. an actual good Bloody Mary movie
22. The Watcher in the Woods ( remake the film)
23. Curtains ( remake this film)
24. The Slumber Party Massacre ( remake this film)
25. Intruder ( remake this film)
26. Stage Fright ( remake this film)
27. Evil Dead Trap ( remake this film)
28. Say Yes ( remake this film)
29. Scared ( remake this film)
30. At the Mountains of Madness
31. After Midnight ( adaptation of the book by Richard Laymon)
32. The Thief Of Always ( adaptation of the book)
33. The Funhouse ( remake this film)
MattSlash at 12:01 PM Aug 30

They certainly do, my fingers are crossed.

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 01:28 PM Aug 30

yes on #16 and #24

YoshioKun13 at 10:53 PM Aug 31

YES no. 11, I've wanted to see that for a long time now.

I've been playing through a good amount of FATAL FRAME too, you might be interested to know that Japan has made a movie that's coming out in the near future.

While I'm at it, dear God re-do both the RESIDENT EVIL and SILENT HILL movies with something the least bit decent this time...

Read all 4 comments >>

MattSlash updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

As Above, So Below was a riveting and chilling found footage film. The lead characters were likable and worth rooting for even if they were underdeveloped, I liked the female lead who was like a female Indiana Jones meets The Descent's Sarah. The use of the catacombs of Paris for the setting has never been more effective until now, even though it could have do far more with the setting and premise. The film is fast paced, thrilling and sometimes terrifying descent into the unknown and I didn't want it to end, the finale itself was a tad disappointing and didn't leave a bone chilling impact I was hoping for, but the journey there sure was edge of your seat material. I wouldn't mind another one or two. Recommended for fans of movies like The Descent or The Ruins, and definitely not as bad as the negative reviews it's getting. 7.5 out of 10
WalkAway at 01:29 PM Aug 29

Super excited for this one

MattSlash posted an IMAGE item: 9 months ago

WalkAway at 08:20 PM Aug 17

love the shirt!

MattSlash at 11:49 AM Aug 29


MattSlash updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

I just finished watching Wer and while it had its moments, I just felt underwhelmed by the whole experience. Even at that though, it's still by far the most decent werewolf film I've seen in several years and A.J. Cook is solid as always. This film is far from great, but a pretty entertaining time waster, could have used more terror and suspense though. 6 out of 10
WalkAway at 08:20 PM Aug 17

I didn't realize it was out yet, where did you watch it?

MattSlash at 11:47 AM Aug 29

Amazon On Demand

MattSlash updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Let's Be Cops is a poorly written comedy that wastes the comedic talents of its two great leads. First time in a while that I wanted to walk out and get my money back, but I had hope that it would get better, disappointingly it didn't. The likability, chemistry and natural comedic timing between its two leads made it almost bearable and kept me from walking out, but they deserve a funnier and more clever movie than this. One of the worst so far this year, 4 out of 10!
Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 04:38 PM Aug 13

I will definitely be careful ....and watch out.

MattSlash updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Into the Storm is so bad that it had me laughing throughout. The film was fast paced though and had stellar tornado effects and destruction. The plot is very idiotic and lacking logic, yet took itself seriously. The last part in the storm drain is the best part of the movie and is the only part worth seeing. Rent Twister instead, a classic compared to this one. 5 out of 10
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