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Shot a small update, but forgot to bring the cord to upload it.
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M10dS6lence updated his STATUS: about 3 years ago

Shot a small update, but forgot to bring the cord to upload it.

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M10dS6lence posted a BLOG item about 3 years ago

Merry Christmas


Celebrating Christmas with Chinese food, and Doctor Who.

Mood: Chillin'

Glinda at 09:51 PM Dec 25

Nice! and yummy.

HTX0811 at 04:14 PM Dec 26

Merry Christmas! Looks like a good time.

M10dS6lence at 12:10 PM Dec 30

Merry Christmas to you all.

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M10dS6lence updated his STATUS: about 3 years ago

Spent almost all day cleaning my room, and it's not finished yet. So, unfortunately there will be no vlog today, but I do have a video I will hopefully get posted. You know, that random one I was supposed to have posted days ago.
M10dS6lence posted a VIDEO item: about 3 years ago

The Return! Yes I know this is lazy, also, I loved the concert, so no one be a Pen-Pen!


M10dS6lence updated his STATUS: about 3 years ago

Finally got the video ready for upload, unfortunately I haven't found a permanent solution to the problems I've been encountering, so expect this to be a regular occurence.
M10dS6lence updated his STATUS: about 3 years ago

Finally, my first review will be up soon.
timmyd at 07:44 PM Dec 13


M10dS6lence updated his STATUS: over 3 years ago

So, need to put my books in order again. Why did I have to reorganize my room?
Glinda at 06:44 PM Jul 24

It's always fun to reorganize like that. It's like a whole new room.

M10dS6lence at 04:36 PM Jul 26

Books doe, dey just assholes! Haha

M10dS6lence updated his STATUS: over 3 years ago

A "Pacific Rim" sequel and animated series have been announced, a Flash and very entertaining looking Constantine show are soon to arrive, and we're inching ever so slighty nearer to the release of the sequel to "The Devil's Carnival".
M10dS6lence at 08:59 PM Jun 28

Wait, it's already premiered?

YoshioKun13 at 09:03 PM Jun 28

Sorry, forgot to mention it was a very early preview he got.

M10dS6lence at 09:04 PM Jun 28

Oh, well, I still want to see it, still got high hopes.

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M10dS6lence posted a BLOG item almost 4 years ago

I may swear off Superman V. Batman, and Justice League entirely, and here's why.


This man is in charge of the Justice League movie, and bringing one of the most popular female figures in all of comic books to life, probably the most popular. Don’t worry Wonder Woman fans, we won’t get a kind, caring diplomat between our world, and a world of women. No, what we will get is a sexy psychopath, who is obviously obligated to screw Superman, because she’s only good as a male fantasy of the perfect woman. Since, you know the Wonder Woman pilot was so great. The irony of the matter is the kind of Wonder Woman we will probably end up getting in this movie is basically the evil Wonder Woman in every story where she’s made the complete opposite of what made her such a beloved feminist icon, bowing down to the will of a man, or completely turning her back on them.

I was already put off by all the rush to churn out a Justice League movie, and refusal to take risks, but this, this is what makes me want to swear off these two movies. Here’s some advice, stick to Marvel, with it’s ever-growing roster of strong females, and entertaining movies treated with love, and passion. At least I will, because I am absolutely drained just from reading this.

Mood: Angry
M10dS6lence at 04:34 PM May 22

I know that, yes, Wonder Woman used to be a sex symbol, at inception as well as maybe She-Hulk, but they've come a far way, and he was degrading to all the fans disreguarding what the characters are now, looking at She-Hulk and even Martian Manhunter, and more importantly their fans as an immature child would, not someone who's grown to be a rather intelligent story teller which I am well aware he is, if he acted as if he had any respect, or even any intelligent counterbalances against the fans I wouldn't feel so offended.

I just don't want Wonder Woman being butchered like in the show, because someone only thinks of her that way, I mean he describes She-Hulk like she's the Wonder Woman of later Frank Miller works.

Dodong27 at 04:54 PM May 22

It sounded like he had one too many cocktails at the open bar before heading to the panel..??? =)

M10dS6lence at 05:01 PM May 22

Well, at least you're trying to lighten the mood. Haha. But as I said, just reading that article drained, and enraged me.

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