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Joe Scorpio
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The Mrs. and I are under the weather but I'd like to wish everyone out there who is celebrating today a very Merry Christmas!
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Joe Scorpio created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

Top 10 Reasons Why the WWE Sucks Right Now

1. WWE Champion The Miz: This guy is the WWE Champion. Really? REALLY?! Was Santino too busy that week? No, it just confirms that they pull names out of a fucking hat.
2. The RAW General Manager: May I have your attention please? And I quote..."This shit has been going over for over 6 fucking months. Dead horse, a pulp."
3. Feminine Factions: And speaking of over 6 months ago, we still have the Nexus. Or, New Nexus? Even the uber cool CM Punk can't save this redonkulous attempt at a stable from yesteryear. Don't fear, SmackDown fans, you have the Corre (really?) to borre you to death on Friday nights.
4. Ugly fucking titles: Seriously, who's the r tard who thought these were cool?
5. Stupid pay per view names: Please refer to Number #4.
6. 2011 Royal Rumble: I'm all for new blood but Alberto Del Rio? Wow. I could name 10 other superstars more deserving who haven't won a Rumble yet and this guy wins the biggest Rumble ever? Note to Del Rio: Invest in some long tights or wear a shirt when you wrestle, you're JBL is starting to show.
7. WWE Hall of Fame: Just a personal beef more than anything but this time of the year always manages to piss me off. It makes me sick to think some of the wrestlers that are already in and the ones that are being considered before the legendary Randy "Macho Man" Savage. I am a HUGE mark, but I just want to see him in the HOF while he's still alive. His merchandise is selling like hotcakes, come on Vince, give in and give us what we want.
8. Divas: Gone are the days of Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz and Victoria. Now we have the (laughable) talents of Kelly Kelly, the Bella twits, Lay Cool and Melina. Maryse, you are a definite diamond in the rough. Either get some talented ladies, ditch the whole division or have them go back to being managers and valets.
9. 2 Brands? Seriously?: It was a good idea back in 2002, a year after WCW went in the tank. However, Steve Austin and the Rock are not around anymore. How many Dolph Zigglers do we need? Trim the fucking fat already and put all the big names on both shows!
10. We've Cena nuff: I'll admit I chuckled at him when he was doing his heel rap gimmick. But that's so 2004. He may know a few more wrestling holds than a Hulk Hogan or an Ultimate Warrior, but he couldn't sell cocaine to Lindsay Lohan on a Saturday night either.
jeo4 at 08:04 PM Feb 01

This list is awesome. :)

TheChanges23 at 08:15 PM Feb 01

Beyond Excellent! I would've added, "Stop with the stereotypical characters!" Because I am BEYOND tired of R-Truth and Fucking Hornswoggle. Jesus Christ, WHY DO I STILL SEE THESE PEOPLE WHEN THERE's SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE WHO DESERVE THE SPOTLIGHT!

Smooth Native
Smooth Native at 08:19 PM Feb 01

Am in total agreement. I can't stand watching that shit anymore. It used to be fun, then the favorites left and got replaced by newbies that make pro wrestling look like a fucking joke.

tbondrage99 at 08:26 PM Feb 01

My thoughts:

#1 The Miz is great and no one can deny both how much of an imporvement he has made in his ring work or how much heat he gets, people hate the guy with a passion and thats exctally why he should be Champion, you putting him at #1 on your list proves this.

#2 Agree 100%. Seems like they were going somewhere with it but its gone on so long now that its obvious they have no idea who it should be and quite frankly I don't know if they can pick anyone without making this mystery person contridict themselves in one way or another with all of his/her decisions.

#3 CM Punk and Husky Harris are great the rest of Nexus (or the new Nexus I guess) sucks. As far as The Corre goes Barret is the only good member and the name sucks? Two "r"s really? Guess they really wanted to trademark it.

#4 The big gold title (the former WCW title) is fantastic. I don't mind the IC title that much and the rest of them are terrible and it seems that everytime they make a new version it is somehow worse then the last. Who could of ever thought that in 2011 we would be begging for the return of the Undisputed title, I mean a spinner belt? C'mon!

#5 Agree 100% Fatal Fourway the PPV? Christ whats next Cage Match the PPV?

#6 See #1, hes great because people hate him. Del Rio is a hell of a talent. One thing I can't stand is how people bitch that its the same people over and over in the main event picture but the second someone new gets that push people bitch about him.

#7 I love the Hall of Fame, it sucks that the main way to get in is based on your standing with the company (Vince McMahon) but its always a fun thing to watch and many very deserving people get in that didn't even wrestle for the WWE (Georgous George, Verne Gange & Nick Bockwinkle) or had terrible runs and dont deserve to be in a "WWE" there (Harley Race & Dusty Rhodes come to mind) makes it feel more like its just a Wrestling Hall of Fame. I truly believe that Savage will be in there one day just not anytime soon.

#8 Agree 100% The days of the "Womens" divison is over in the WWE and replaced with the "Divas" divison, i.e the women in the WWE arn't wrestlers any more as much as they are models. Natayla, Gail Kim and the soon to be debuting Awesome Kong (I 'm very afraid of what they might do to her) could make the division great again but EVE? No way I mean who or what is a Eve?

#9 Don't agree, without the brand split there would only be time for the main eventers on the roster. I like it the way it is right now. The brands are split but only loosely as some wrestlers go back and forth from show to show ever week.

#10 Cena is insanely popluar with the kids. Until he is no longer the #1 draw he WILL be shoved down our throats just as well learn to re-love it. It will be easy to fix this though, the long awaited heel turn!

This list was great! I love to talk wrestling. (Guess thats kinda obvious at this point) I think I'll have to do my own later.

HarkonnenAmongYou at 08:26 PM Feb 01

I agree with you Lord Raiden, WWE has a lot of issues these days. I would go even further. Since the end of the Attitude era at Wrestlemania XVII (Austin's bizarre heal turn marks the end of this great period), things have really bugged me. The new name World Wrestling Entertainment doesn't have as nice of a ring to it as World Wrestling Federation. The brand split in 2002, I hated it then and I hate it even more now (I liked seeing the same talent on both shows, instead of the both battling one another for superiority). Then all the fucking around with the title belts (deactivating/reactivating titles, keeping the WCW titles around). Also, bringing ECW back in such poor fashion (where's Paul E. when you need him?). And lastly the emphasis on stars such as Cena, Orton, and the no longer employed muscle-bound stiff Batista. These guys don't do much for me. Savage/Hogan, Hart/Michaels, Taker/Kane, Foley/Rock/Austin they are not!

Sorry if I rambled, don't get me wrong I'm still a fan at heart but I enjoy the more nostalgic periods of the WWF/WWE.

Nite Owl
Nite Owl at 08:41 PM Feb 01

I fucking hate those new tag belts. I agree on just about all these. I could do a whole list by myself, and perhaps just might.

drc5145 at 09:07 PM Feb 01

I used to watch WWE up until around 2004. A couple of months after Wrestlemania XX, I stopped cold. I've come back to peek a few times and it just doesn't work for me in it's current state anymore. I miss the days of Austin, Taker, The Rock, Foley, Michaels, Hart, Hogan in their prime.

#1: This guy doesn't impress me a bit.

#2 I can't buy Michael cole as a heel. he's pretty laughable.

#3 Nexus?

#4 I loved the classic look of the belts. Hell, I even liked some grittier, strange designs like the Hardcore title. But now they're just plain weird.

#5 I guess it shows how much I dug the old days with names like Backlash, Vengeance, King of The Ring and Judgment Day.

#6 I can't comment much here since I have no clue who Del Rio is.

#7 Bit of a shocker to not see Savage get inducted yet. He'll surely get in very soon. They have to.

#8 100% agree. They're pretty laughable compared to the likes of Chyna, Lita, Trish and Victoria

#9 This I disagree with. I thought it was a pretty smart move. It give the wrestlers some space and overworkes them less, and give other wrestlers a chance to shine.

#10 His schtick was funny and fun near then end when I stopped watching but it's not so much anymore. But he still does remain crazy popular so he's not changing anything anytime soon.

JohnLocke2342 at 02:21 AM Feb 02

I used to watch the WWF back in the day (refuse to call it WWE) and your list is exactly why I'd rather stab myself in the balls then watch it. Bravo man.. bravo.

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