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Blade Runner 2049


Directed by: Denis Villeneuve
Written by: Hampton Fancher
Cast: Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks
Studio: Warner Bros.
Genre: Science-Fiction, Thriller
Official Site:
Plot: Androids dream of Electric Sheep, Apple dreams of Ana de Armas and Atari dreams of being relevant


I really really enjoyed it although I don't buy the Oscar chants just yet (I need to see the competition). Technically it does look great but falls short on every level compared to the original. I get that BR is one of the toughest acts to follow but I also wouldn't even put it in Deakins' top 3. The shots are stagged briliantly but the atmosphere of a classic noir is gone. The shadows almost aren't a factor in this film. As for the music, it doesn't hold a candle to Vangelis. It's good for the most part but definitely too bombastic for my taste and at moments it suffers the same issues as Batman's theme in BvS where it's just "loud noises" (not Zimmer's best year). As for the visual effects, it's breathtaking how good they are! A lot of credit has to go to Dennis for his decision to use practical as much as possible but the CGI on Ana is also very classy and used great. When it comes to human CGI, I think they've made a couple of steps backwards. From the fantastic job they've done on Kurt Russell in Guardians 2, this is more like Princess Leia in Rogue One. Very creepy (though might have been intended that way, judging from the context of the scene)

Thematically I feel it is very rich. Storywise, it's an improvement over the original, although I must agree with some critics that \[MINOR SPOILER]the twist is obvious from a mile away. To the point that I'm still questioning whether it was intended as a twist or not. Gosling's character journey seems to suggest that it is, but it's obviousness is pretty staggering.[MINOR SPOILER]

Acting-wise, though nobody reaches Hauer levels, a lot of the cast brought their A-game. Ford is great in the limited amount of screen time he has. Gosling has a stoic part and he does it ok. Sylvia Hoeks is the clear standout. She blows every other performer out of the water in this. Ana de Armas is another standout, while Mackenzie Davis also made her mark on the film. Jared Leto annoyed the fuck out of me again. I really enjoyed his performances in a couple of movies, like Dallas Buyers Club and especially Fight Club (where I enjoy watching his face bashed in), but most of the time I just can't stand the guy. I don't know what it is about him but I always feel like he's trying too much.

The film's strength, like I said, lies in its thematic richness, that not only is faithful to the original but also further develops and broadens it by adding characters like Joi and the major storyline. Maybe not as poetic, but definitely as intriguing and at times, hypnotising. The world of Blade Runner also was further developed and it's a fascinating place to revisit.

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