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My Issue with the Golden Schmoes

Can someone explain to me how:
Sing Street (96% on Rotten Tomatoes)
The Nice Guys (92%)
10 Cloverfield Lane (90%)
Midnight Special (83%)
Swiss Army Man (69%)

are nominated for MOST UNDERRATED? You could make a case for Swiss Army Man, I guess... but c'mon, all of the other films are acclaimed critically and thus highly RATED.

For me, an underrated film this year was for example PASSENGERS (31%). And you don't have to agree with me that it's good, it's just one example, but there is no denying this movie has been poorly RATED and thus, if one likes it is elligable for the nomination. But the movies that have been nominated? They're already rated highly.

If you were to name the category UNDERSEEN or even BEST UNDERPERFORMING MOVIES or HIDDEN GEMS, I would have no issue with it.

But UNDERRATED they are not.

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cerealkiller182 at 03:54 PM Feb 15

I don't usually think of professional reviewers who give most movies a fair shake to be the basis of what is under or overrated

Scotch at 05:58 PM Feb 15

I get where you're coming from. I probably most associate underrated with how well known a film is or how much it's talked about in a positive way compared to how much positive feedback and acknowledgement it actually deserves. Like you said, "Hidden Gems". The one thing I try to remember is to put into perspective how invested we all are into movies. If I asked any of my friends if they knew about any of the five movies listed, maybe one of them would know two or three of them. It just comes down to how people interpret "underrated".

LelekPL at 12:33 AM Feb 16


LelekPL at 12:33 AM Feb 16

Yeah, I know it's semantics but since people haven't seen them, they cannot RATE them. All the people who have seen them, not only professional critics, RATE them highly. It's a pet peeve but I'm a linguist so it is kind of frustrating.

Plus, I like some original/controversial choices in my awards. If we had Passengers, Suicide Squad or even films I hated like Batman v Superman, Ghostbusters or Knight of Cups, it would be more interesting.

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