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Personal Shopper


Directed by: Olivier Assayas
Written by: Olivier Assayas
Cast: Kristen Stewart
Studio: IFC Films
Official Site:
Plot: I didn't see this one coming, is not a big deal anyway so no expectations.


I went to London last weekend. Somehow, saturday night I was on Knights-bridge which is a very fancy place with branded shops and everything. I had a ray of ladies trying to look like Kardashians with their highly contouring faces and their stilettos boots, and long coats and guys walking here and there with their Dolce and Gabbana shopping bags, and a long line of ladies waiting to buy the recently launched make up by Rihanna.

I went to Paris two years ago and I didn't see so much obsession for fashion as I saw in that few hours in London. I do enjoy some fashion but this was a bit overwhelming. Then I stumble into a movie where Kirsten Stewart is a personal shopper and I asked myself if this was some sort of Artsy Millennial "Devil Wears Prada", because I could be in the mood for it. Plus also I enjoy watching movies in places were I have been. So here it was Kirsten being a personal shopper for a high profile celebrity living in Paris, and sometimes traveling all the way to LONDON to do some Jewelry shopping. But no, the movie wasn't about it, the movie was about a spirit, an entity that was communicating with Kirsten, and it got ridiculous to the point that she believes she is texting with one of the spirits, while traveling by train up and down. Then we also get a murder and then we end with her in the middle east witnessing another paranormal light activity. Do with this what you want.

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timmyd at 08:20 PM Sep 12

sorry you didn't dig it . I thought it was great .

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