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Nocturnal Animals


Directed by: Tom Ford
Written by: Tom Ford
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Isla Fisher, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Armie Hammer
Studio: Focus Features
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Official Site:
Plot: A raw dark story within a sad, sad story.


When this movie was released, a lot was going on in my life that I couldn't simply watch it, it slipped out of my mind, and I am glad it did, because I honestly could have not managed back then, I know, it wasn't that long ago.

Once again, the catch was the cast, you put Jake G. in any movie and I will watch it. Because I am engaged I cannot describe the plot of Jakes movies as I used to do it before "Jake Gillenhaal marry me". However, part of that sentiment remains, lol.

Nocturnal Animals tells the sad story of Susan Morrow (A very fashioned Amy Adams) married with a guy we already know from the very first scene of his appearance that he is cheating on her. It is an unhappy marriage and Susan just looks sad all the time. She gets a manuscript from her ex husband (Jake Gillenhaal) and start reading what it comes to be a very dark story with a sad ending. Because is the way we sometimes read things Susan see the main character as her ex/husband, so we get Jake Gillenhaal, acting two roles and he is very good at it. We get to see the gorgeous Isla Fisher (who I sometimes confuse with Amy Adams), and we get a very well narrated story, where the fictions becomes more moving and touching than the reality. were Susan's life is just the frame where everything is happening and thanks God, reminds us from time to time, that tragedy did not happened, that there was no rape, no murder, no tragic ending and those where fictional character in a very dark novel, that Susan is reading.

However, while Susan's life isn't any dark, any gruesome, any violent, is her life that let ME with a feeling that everything was lost, in the lies we tell the ones who we love, in the risk we take, in the battles we don't win, everything feels lost.

It gets a 9 because Tom Ford got me surprised with the beauty in some cinematography and in the way he always gets to show nudity, but then again I should not be surprised, because at the end, is Tom Ford and making beauty is what he does.

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Moviefreak2010 at 08:26 AM Sep 12

good movie

timmyd at 08:23 PM Sep 12

I loved it as well , even though it's a pretty bleak film . One of my favorite films in the last few years .

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