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Directed by: Cameron Crowe
Written by: Cameron Crowe
Cast: Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedgwick, Sheila Kelley
Studio: Warner Bros.
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Official Site:
Plot: Cameron Crowe's portrayal of the '90s Seattle grunge era and a group of twenty year olds making their way through it together.


Cameron Crowe did a phenomenal job of capturing the 1980's generation in writing Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Say Anything but his attempt at doing the same with the '90s in Singles lacks the heart and characters that made his previous efforts classics of their time.

Crowe's writing is still decent but the characters lack the passion of his previous projects. The biggest example of this is Matt Dillon's brain dead grunge frontman character. We're apparently supposed to feel some sort of romance growing between his character and the woman whose self esteem he continues to ravish time and time again throughout the film but I hated him. He was a complete douche and the big heartfelt turnaround that the ending was supposed to pack felt way too forced. The character had little to no change so his sudden romance at the end of the film just felt like a further attempt to use this poor girl one more time.

And while Matt Dillon is completely unlikeable, Campbell Scott is just mind numbingly boring. His character is so stolid and emotionless that you can't really connect with him whatsoever. And in this instance, it's entirely on Scott. His performance is atrocious and maybe one of the most boring central characters of any film ever. Sorry dude, you blew it.

It just feels like Crowe was trying too hard to make something different and more authentic but ultimately it just comes off too forced and soul-less. If you're going to go for the authentic relationship perspective, don't cheap out with the obvious ending and cheesy pick up lines. It definitely still captures the era of the '90s with the music and atmosphere but the storyline and characters are just too dull to care.

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