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Logan's Run


Directed by: Michael Anderson
Written by: David Zelag Goodman
Cast: Michael York, Richard Jordan, Jenny Agutter, Roscoe Lee Browne, Farrah Fawcett
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance
Official Site:
Plot: In a seemingly utopian future, a ritualistic ceremony brings all human life to an end at the age of 30.


Logan's run is kind of brilliant. The story alone is ripe for a remake and if the rumors are true surrounding Nichols Winding Refn's take on this, I can't fucking wait. The film appears to be a "big budget" special effects film of its time but honestly, the effects are the only thing holding this back from being a classic take on modern society.

Michael York (Basil from the Austin Powers series) does a fine job as the lead and we get some phenomenal eye candy courtesy of Farrah Fawcett and Jenny Agutter but truth be told, the performances are just as subpar as the special effects. Sure York has his moments as a solid leading man but ultimately, there's nothing here that's all too memorable. Unless it's the aforementioned eye candy.

And the direction is pretty well done, making the most out of what appears to be a pretty thin budget. However, in much more capable hands I think this script could have ended up much better.

The eerie dystopian future with everyone living under a somewhat literal bubble, the foreshadowing feels all to close to home in a film that feels way ahead of it's time. Our incessant obsession with youth and technology is even more present in today's society, ringing the symbolism much truer to today's world. The action is captivating enough to keep you interested but like I said 14,000 times before, the story is the biggest redeeming factor this film has going for it.

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tbondrage99 at 10:40 PM Nov 27

Absolutely love this movie.

Cochise at 11:46 PM Nov 27

one of my childhood faves! Nice review!

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