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Anyone else notice the articles on the site have become super biased and bitter sounding?
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Week 11 Power Rankings

1. Cardinals - After retiring his way out of Cincinnati, it seems like Carson Palmer has found a Kurt Warner-like resurgence with the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are the most balanced team in the NFL and with Palmer’s high octane passing attack, it’s hard to ever really count them out of a game.
2. Panthers - Carolina seems to be getting better and better with each passing week. And while Cam Newton may not be putting up Tom Brady-like numbers, the Panthers’ combination of a skilled leader at quarterback, smash mouth running game, and stifling defense has Carolina looking a lot like the Seattle team we saw make it to two consecutive Superbowls.
3. Patriots - It may seem unfair to drop the defending Superbowl champions out of first place as they remain unbeaten 10 games into the season, but they just don’t look the same. The injuries to Dion Lewis, Danny Amendola, and Julian Edleman are just too much to overcome and with their offensive line just as banged up, Tom Brady is scrambling for his life back there. And with Gronk as the only remaining threat, defenses are going to take him out of the game the same way Rex Ryan did.
4. Steelers - Pittsburgh gets a much needed bye week to recuperate from the numerous injuries this team has dealt with all season long. Next week they head into Seattle and despite the occasional strong performance of the defense, I can’t imagine the Seahawks’ offense keeping up with Antonio Brown and the rest of this high octane Steelers squad.
5. Bengals - After starting the season 8-0, Cinci’s lost two consecutive prime time games raising the same old questions about the same old Bengals. And at first I really believed this year was going to be different but it’s hard to shake the feeling that this team is headed for another early round exit after a promising regular season campaign. Prove me wrong Red Rider.
6. Broncos - Since Denver’s defense has been able to carry Peyton’s deflated corpse this far already, I really shouldn’t be so surprised to see them do it with Brock Osweiler. Osweiler played a fairly decent game but again, it was the Bronco’s defense that came up huge. He’s not a bad substitute for Peyton but you have to wonder if there’s anything he could do out there to take Peyton’s job…
7. Packers - Green Bay snapped their three game losing streak in Minnesota and simultaneously took back control of the NFC North. Rogers still seems to be struggling to connect with his diminished receiving corps but Eddie Lacey looks to be out to prove he doesn’t belong on the bench any longer.
8. Bills - Buffalo seems to be the closest of the AFC East rebuilding projects but for the 25th of 28 meetings, the Patriots got the better of the Bills. Despite pressuring Tom Brady and the banged up Patriot’s offensive line all night long, Buffalo couldn’t do much to score themselves - especially when Tyrod Taylor went down. Hopefully for Bills fans, it’s nothing too serious.
9. Vikings - Coming in off of a 5 game winning streak against the divisional bullies who were on a 3 game losing streak, Sunday was Minnesota’s chance to show the nation they’re for real. Instead, their inept offensive line was exposed as Green Bay walked all over Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson. Matt Kalil has been struggling for sometime and I think Sunday may have finally been a breaking point to cut your losses with this former 3rd overall pick.
10. Giants - New York will go into the bye week atop the lowly NFC East but as Tony Romo makes his return to Dallas, the competition is about to get a lot steeper. Not to mention the improved play of Kirk Cousins, which the Giants will meet in Washington firsthand after their bye week.
11. Seahawks - Rookie Thomas Rawls had another massive game Sunday, filling in for the injured Marshawn Lynch as the Seahawks dumped all over the 49ers yet again. Seattle’s back at .500 but they still look awfully far from competing for another NFC title.
12. Chiefs - After dropping five straight, the Chiefs have now rebounded with four consecutive wins. Their latest was a dominant performance over their AFC West rival San Diego Chargers, who’ve now lost six in a row. Between Spencer Ware and Charcandrick West, it looks like the Chiefs have found a way to keep their offense afloat without Jamaal Charles.
13. Cowboys - Dallas has a long way to go in order to dig out of the 7 game hole Brandon Wheedon and Matt Cassel put them in. But this offensive line is that damn good, that I really think they can do it. And honestly, I’m not sure they’ll even have to win out to do it with how bad the rest of the NFC East is playing. I just hope Romo isn’t rushing back before he’s fully recovered.
14. Colts - Who would have thought that 10 games into the season, Matt Hasselbeck would have a better win loss record than Andrew Luck? And even though the Colts are far from the AFC Championship contenders they looked like a year ago, at least they’re starting to separate themselves a little more from the rest of the lackluster AFC South. But barely.
15. Falcons - Coughing up 4 turnovers for their fourth loss in five games, Atlanta’s in some serious trouble. Their offense has struggled to close out opponents and look even worse without DaVonta Freeman. And outside of Julio Jones, Matt Ryan’s kind of been a train wreck lately, which is mind boggling considering his receiving corps.
16. Raiders - The once surging Raiders seem to have hit a slump, only scoring 27 points combined in their last two games after scoring 34 or more in the previous three. The offense struggled heavily against a Detroit defense that hasn’t done much to stop anyone all year and while Cooper and Carr give the Oakland faithful plenty to cheer for, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.
17. Rams - Four fumbles, a missed extra point and a missed potentially game winning field goal all attributed to St.Louis’ worst loss of the season and what has to be, ultimately, the final blow to their playoff hopes. As if that wasn’t decided a week ago by naming Case Keenum the starter…
18. Eagles - Philly’s been really hard to figure out this season. Every time it seems like they’ve finally turned a corner, they go and lay a turd of a game like this week’s loss to Tampa. And as inconsistent as the offense has been, the defense had been playing much better this year. That is, until they coughed up 235 to Doug Martin and 5 touchdowns and no INTs for Jameis Winston. I can’t imagine Chip Kelly gets much longer with this experiment.
19. Jets - New York’s offense has completely fallen apart and as DeAndre Hopkins clearly showed us, Darelle Revis isn’t good enough to carry a defense anymore. The Jets can switch to Geno but really what’s the point, the offense is gonna blow with either of these guys behind center, I’m just surprised they’ve stuck it out with Fitzpatrick this long already. The Texans probably were too.
20. Redskins - Washington got absolutely manhandled on Sunday in Carolina, turning the ball over five times which lead to 27 points and only amounted to 14 yards rushing on 12 carries. The team’s been atrocious on the road, losing 9 straight under Gruden and the defense gave Cam Newton a franchise record 5 passing touchdowns. The team lacks leadership and Cousins has to learn to win on the road if he’s going to be anything to the Redskins more than an RG3 alternative.
21. Buccaneers - Tampa Bay has won two straight for the first time in two years and suddenly, thing look like they’re finally coming together for the Bucs. Winston seemed to be able to do whatever he wanted against the Eagles, throwing for 5 touchdowns to 5 different receivers. But the defense is going to have stiffer competition than Mark Sanchez if they’re serious about making a postseason push.
22. Bears - Former Broncos John Fox and Jay Cutler came up a 2 point conversion short of beating their former team and winning their third straight thanks to the stifling Denver defense and a number of huge mistakes from the Bears offense. Without Alshon Jeffrey, Cutler looked incredibly pedestrian, especially in the fourth quarter where he threw an interception and lost a fumble in what was still a winnable game. Fox has done a decent job taking over in Chicago but the offense still isn’t good enough to mask that struggling defense.
23. Texans - Houston has won three straight for the first time since 2012 but for some reason, the coaching staff is sticking with Hoyer as the starter. Whatever. We all know this team isn’t going anywhere with any of these placeholders as their quarterback. I’m sure it was a relief to see Ryan Fitzpatrick get all Ryan Fitzpatrick-y for a different team this year though.
24. Saints - New Orleans’ defense has been historically bad this season and honestly for quite some time. This season they’re giving up 424 yards per game, 31 points per game, and 7 yards per play so it was only a matter of time before the axe finally fell on Rob Ryan. Why it took so goddamn long is anyone’s guess but I don’t think it’ll change this team’s chances going forward, especially heading into Houston after their bye. Brees has been under fire all season long and I can’t imagine JJ Watt and company are going to go any easier on him.
25. Dolphins - It was really puzzling to see Miami unravel the way they did in the second half against Dallas. Tannehill still looks incredibly limited and for some reason, the team is still reluctant to give the ball to Lamar Miller. I don’t get it.
26. Lions - After making it to the playoffs in Jim Caldwell’s first year as head coach, it took until week 11 for the Lions to win their first set of back to back games. It’s sad really but it looks like Calvin Johnson is destined to be to wide receivers what Barry Sanders is to running backs. One of the most dominant at his position on a team that never mattered.
27. Ravens - Just when you thought the Ravens’ injury problems couldn’t get any worse, Baltimore will now be forced to close out their abysmal season without Joe Flacco or Justin Forsett. But at least they beat Case Keenum and the Rams…
28. Chargers - Phillip Rivers can grow one hell of a mustache.
29. 49ers - With Colin Kaepernick placed on IR, it seems like the Superbowl squad of just two years ago may be completely irradiated from San Francisco by next season. It’s stunning to see how quickly this team has plummeted to the bottom of the league and maybe even more shocking is that Blane Gabbert hasn’t been all that bad in his time filling in for Kaepernick.
30. Jaguars - It’s really hard to contain myself from laughing in hopeful Jaguar fans’ faces when they talk about their playoff hopes. Your division is a joke and even if they have to wheel Andrew Luck out onto the field and play quarterback from his hospital bed, the Colts will still win the division crown. Bortles and the Jacksonville offense still makes way too many mistakes, Thursday they just happened to meet up with a team that makes more than they do.
31. Browns - Manziel really hasn’t played all that bad this season, so it’s a shame to see his off the field antics send him back to the bench. So much for rehab. The additions of Barnidge, Benjamen and Hartline have bolstered this offense into one of the few things this Browns squad can hang their hat on. Plus, they have a much bigger underachieving college star to deal with - Duke Johnson.
32. Titans - The only thing uglier than the uniforms in Tennessee’s Thursday night matchup with the Jaguars was the play on the field. Neither team looked impressive, no matter how hard the announcers tried to spin the narrative about these teams being only a win out of the AFC South race. It doesn’t matter. This is the worst division in football YET AGAIN and the Titans are the worst team within it YET AGAIN.
Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 9 days ago

Week 10 Power Rankings

1. Patriots - New England's still unbeaten (although I have no idea how) and unless there's some crazy string of events against the Jets, Bills or Broncos - I don't know if anyone will. This team feels like the vengeance bound Spurs returning to validate their dynasty with a dominant win over the Heat team that beat them the previous year. And it's a total bummer for people like me that hate this team because we're running out of excuses why this isn't one of the best runs of any sports team in history.
2. Cardinals - Arizona clearly separated themselves as the best of the West in their Sunday Night victory over the Seahawks in Seattle. The Cardinals dominated the first half and managed to hold of the fierce Seahawks defense thanks to the return of Andre Ellington and his game clinching 3rd down conversion late in the fourth quarter. I still believe the Cardinals are the most balanced team in the league and really the only opponent I could see testing the Patriots in a potential Superbowl matchup.
3. Panthers - Carolina's smothering defense didn't have to do much to hold the hapless Titans in Sunday's matchup that resulted in the 10th straight home loss for Tennessee. Newton continues to carry the team's offense with his island of misfit receivers but the real MVP of this team is Josh Norman.
4. Bengals - Despite another strong start to the season, people still question the Bengals' legitimacy as a playoff contender thanks to a handful of early exits under the Andy Dalton era. One of which came at the hands of T.J. Yates leading the Houston Texans to a 2011 wildcard win. Now vying for a 9-0 start, T.J. Yates returned from obscurity to dump on the Bengals' bid for perfection with a huge upset win and raise suspicion about this year's Bengals squad yet again.
5. Vikings - With their 5th straight win and a little help from the Lions, Minnesota now finds themselves atop the NFC North. The defense is playing unbelievably well and ultimately carrying the team, along with Adrian Peterson's return to dominance. But still, it's hard not to look at this 7-2 record with some skepticism as the Vikings are headed into an incredibly tough stretch of their schedule that finds them playing the Falcons, Seahawks, Cardinals, Giants and Packers TWICE.
6. Steelers - Forced to come in off of the bench for the injured Landry Jones, a banged up Ben Rothlisberger threw for 379 and 3 touchdowns with a bum ankle and continued to reign supreme over the struggling Browns. DeAngello Williams is a decent enough substitute for Le'Veon Bell to keep this offense up there as one of the most dangerous in the league and with Martavis Bryant and Antonio Brown running wild, it's hard to imagine any defenses containing this team.
7. Bills - Despite a late surge from the Jets, Rex Ryan got the revenge on his former team we all knew was coming. The fact is, Buffalo's got a much better offense than anything Ryan ever had in New York and if Tyrod Taylor can stay healthy, there's no reason to believe this team wont have a shot at the playoffs.
8. Broncos - I'm sure that's exactly how Peyton always imagined he'd break the NFL's all-time passing record. 5/20 for 35 yards and 4 interceptions, almost completing more passes to the Chiefs than his own team. Jesus. And while injury news is beginning to trickle out that may have lead to Peyton's second half benching, I can't imagine he's going to look a whole lot better than he's looked thus far this season. But if this team’s defense is good enough to carry Peyton’s deflated corpse to a 7-2 start, maybe Osweiler can survive long enough to wheel Manning out for the playoffs?
9. Packers - After jumping out to an early lead, the Lions did everything they could to gift wrap this game for the Packers and Green Bay simply couldn't take it. Rodgers seems to be reeling a bit as more and more teams pressure him now that the run game has evaporated and his options at receiver become more and more limited. And now with the decision to bench Eddie Lacey, I can't imagine the offense finding it's way any better as the weather gets worse.
10. Falcons - Atlanta’s 5-0 start had them looking like the best team in the NFC but since losing their first game of the season to New Orleans, the offense has hit the e-break. And losing to Blane Gabbert’s 49ers is not the way you want to enter your bye week. But the Falcons are still in the thick of things, thanks to Julio Jones’ unbelievable season despite the rest of the offense flailing in recent weeks and Atlanta has a pretty soft second half of the season ahead of themselves.
11. Giants - With all this talk about "protecting the shield" and upholding the "integrity of the game", the NFL really needs to spend some time this offseason establishing just want in the hell a catch looks like. Because as far as I'm concerned, Odell Beckham caught a game winning touchdown that handed the Patriots their first loss of the season Sunday. But suddenly I returned from the bathroom to see the Giants kicking a field goal and not an extra point?! This madness has to end!!
12. Seahawks - For the fourth time this season, Seattle blew another fourth quarter lead to give the Cardinals a three game lead on the NFC West race. The Seahawks were beat down and left for dead in the first half but battled back after halftime, ravaging Carson Palmer to claw their way back into the game. But yet again, the Seahawks crumbled in the clutch leaving little room for hope that the Legion of Boom will get another shot at Superbowl this year.
13. Chiefs - Kansas City has had a great defense ever since Andy Reid took over but I can't remember a more dominant performance than the one they put up against Peyton Manning on Sunday. The Chiefs kept their slim playoff hopes alive with a win over Denver, despite their very limited offensive production - which has also been a trademark of this Andy Reid/Alex Smith Chiefs regime.
14. Rams - St.Louis has had a great defense for some time now but their quest for a quarterback doesn't seem to be resolved with Nick Foles. The former Eagles Pro Bowler missed a lot of open receivers in their loss to the Bears and Wes Welker clearly isn't going to mask the Rams' offensive deficiencies. However, Jeff Fisher's switch at quarterback feels less like the one Jim Harbaugh made that took his Colin Kaepernick lead 49ers all the way to the Superbowl and more like a white flag on their push for the playoffs.
15. Eagles - Philly piled up on the Dolphins early but once Sam Bradford was knocked out of the game, the Eagles' offense somehow regressed even further. But that's what Mark Sanchez will do to your offense. The Eagles still had an opportunity to win, needing only a field goal, and of course buttfumble tosses an interception in the end zone instead to seal the Miami upset. Let's hope this Bradford injury isn't anything long term.
16. Raiders - Oakland dropped their second straight game up against the Vikings this week. The Raiders' aging defense has been surprisingly good thus far but the team is leaning far too heavily on Derek Carr at this point for the team to make a postseason run. The passing game is good enough to carry them past most opponents but they're not well rounded enough to hang with the NFL's best. But they're not far off...
17. Jets - New York has now lost 3 of their last 4 games and seem to be unraveling now that teams have put a stop to Chris Ivory's early season spurt. Fitzpatrick is doing a surprisingly decent job starting for the Jets but he's not good enough to carry this (or any) offense on his own.
18. Colts - It seemed as if the Colts couldn’t have entered their bye week any better, knocking off the unbeaten Broncos and proving they can still hang with the best teams in the league. But then news broke of Andrew Luck’s injury and suddenly, the 4-5 Colts have to find a way to stay atop their division for 4-6 weeks without their starting quarterback. Luckily for them, they play in the AFC South, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
19. Redskins - Leave it to the Saints to give Kirk Cousins the game of his career. Washington destroyed New Orleans in their biggest win since 2005 and look like they might still have a pulse in this underwhelming NFC East race. Although, I can't really imagine Cousins having anything close to that kind of game against a team with a formidable defense.
20. Bears - Love him or hate him, while Jay Cutler isn't the best quarterback you could ask for, I don't think there's any question that he's the best quarterback the Bears have ever had. And if rookie breakout Jeremy Langford keeps playing like this in Matt Forte's absence, he's likely going to be replacing the Bears running back in the same way Alshon Jeffrey made Brandon Marshall expendable a year ago.
21. Dolphins - Miami snapped their two game losing streak against another team with high pre-season expectations that also finds themselves muddling around the bottom of the wildcard race. And while Miami gets the momentary success in the win, they still look like their further from being a playoff caliber team than the Eagles. This was supposed to be Tannehill's breakout year but after replacing his entire receiving corps, he's still the same limited and mediocre quarterback we've seen thus far.
22. Saints - I can't believe it took New Orleans this long to cut ties with Rob Ryan. I mean seriously, their defense has been consistently one of the worst in the league since the bounty-gate scandal and with Drew Brees becoming more and more inconsistent, this team can't survive playing this same old style of football. They're the first team in NFL history to allow 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions from opposing quarterbacks in 3 consecutive games. That may not sound all that surprising until you look at those quarterbacks: Kirk Cousins, Marcus Mariota, and Eli Manning.
23. Buccaneers - Despite throwing his first interceptions in a month, Jameis Winston overcame his turnovers and ran the ball in with less than a minute left in regulation to hand the Cowboys their 7th straight loss in an incredibly ugly game. Even after he laid an egg on the previous play that could have sealed a Cowboys victory if not for a holding penalty that negated the fumble. Tampa's rebuilding process should have the fan base fairly optimistic but with their offensive weapons, they really ought to be scoring more than 10 points against a Cowboys team without Tony Romo or Sean Lee.
24. Cowboys - I've been holding out for the return of Tony Romo to revitalize this team's playoff hopes all season but even if they do win out and take the NFC East at 9-7, I can't imagine them doing any damage in the postseason. I mean this team's defense would have won them at least one of these seven games last season but they feel disconnected, especially now without Sean Lee.
25. Texans - Houston stunned the unbeaten Bengals on Monday night behind their backup quarterback T.J. Yates stepping in for a concussed Brian Hoyer. T.J. Yates now has 5 career wins, 3 of them against the Bengals. But both teams had abysmal offensive outings, it was the Texans' defense that carried them and looked better against Cinci than they have against anyone else this season. But the team has 0 offense, so unless they can hold every team the way they held the Bengals, this team is still destined to finish second to the Colts, with or without Andrew Luck.
26. Lions - It had been nearly 25 years since the last time Detroit won in Green Bay but somehow, the Lions hung on despite missing an extra point and Calvin Johnson mishandling an onside kick late in the fourth quarter. But, the Packers made even more mistakes than the Lions (weird, right?) and Detroit escaped from Green Bay with their second win of the season. I'm sure it was all the front office firings that immediately fixed things for the Lions.
27. Chargers - San Diego’s lost 5 straight now and in their bye week, Phillip Rivers says he isn’t even going to touch a football. And in all fairness, he shouldn’t have to. He’s done everything he can to get his team within range of winning some of these games. Only two of their seven losses were by more than a touchdown, which is a huge testament to how well he carries this team despite the longest injury list in the league on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Next week they head to KC but I can’t imagine they climb out of last place against the Chiefs, sorry Phillip.
28. 49ers - San Fran spends their bye week preparing for a Seattle team that has absolutely owned them over the past several seasons. Kaepernick has only one win over the NFC West rivals but now Blane Gabbert gets his shot. Yeah, I don’t think the Blane Gabbert era is going to last much longer after that game either. If not against the Seahawks in week 11, definitely against the Cardinals in week 12.
29. Ravens - Baltimore's riddled with injuries but yet still, their 7 losses this season are only for a combined 32 points (which is less than 5 points a game). However, being within a field goal of losing to the Jags in Baltimore is inexcusable. Flacco's not good enough to warrant the huge paycheck that's drying up the rest of Baltimore's resources and the team has eroded around him as a direct result. They've saddled their future to their quarterback and it's going to lead to a lot more seasons like this.
30. Jaguars - So the Jags finally snapped their 13 game road losing streak but technically, they should be touting 14 straight. An offsides penalty should have negated the game winning field goal but nevertheless, the Jags have a win and a better record than the team on the losing end who's only 3 years removed from a Superbowl.
31. Browns - Despite being sacked six times Johnny Manziel threw for 300+ against the young and incompetent Steelers defense, thanks in large part to the budding group of wide receivers in Cleveland. Benjamin, Hartline and Barnidge have really come into their own in helping this offense move the ball which is crucial, considering their running game only managed 15 yards on the ground. Cleveland's now lost 5 straight and haven't beaten the Steelers in Pittsburgh since 2003 and I'm shocked to say this but I think Mike Pettine's time in Cleveland may end before Johnny Football's.
32. Titans - The Titans have now lost 10 straight on their home turf and were held scoreless in their second half against the Panthers. The struggle is real, as the Titans remain the worst team in the worst division in football. For the love of God, is this team ever going to try and replace Chris Johnson? They've been terrible at running the ball for years now and even though cutting CJ2K was the right thing to do, you've got to have a replacement plan better than bringing in Kansas City's third string running back.
timmyd at 01:41 AM Nov 20

I don't understand what in the Hell happened in the Giants -Pats game either . What in the Hell is the point in having instant replay when you can't even use it properly . Pats lost . that's it .

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 16 days ago

Week 9 Power Rankings

1. Patriots - I’m still dumbfounded at how this team and Tom Brady specifically are somehow playing even better this season than when they had Randy Moss. The Pats have scored in every single quarter of every game except for the first quarter of the first game and all it really took for the Pats to seal up this week’s win over Washington was that initial 14-0 lead they piled on the Redskins. It’s unbelievable how consistently dominant this team has been for nearly 15 years now, no matter how many asterisks they’ve accumulated along the way.
2. Cardinals - Arizona finds themselves in a similar situation to what they had last year - the unlikely NFC West leaders that no one’s buying into. Only this year they have Carson Palmer and Chris Johnson leading the offense. The Cards are one of the most balanced teams in the league and hammering the underachieving, defending NFC champion Seahawks in week 10 would go a long way in making believers out of those questioning this Arizona team.
3. Bengals - The Bengals are clearly having their best season of the Marvin Lewis / Andy Dalton era, although beating up on a Johnny Manziel lead Browns team doesn’t do much to instill confidence in those still weary of trusting the often one and done playoff contender. But having a healthy Tyler Eiffert in the offense has finally given this passing game more than A.J. Green to carry it and the defense is somehow aging like wine, lead by Adam “How is Pacman still even in the league?” Jones. With an 8-0 start they’ve essentially already stamped their ticket to the playoffs and I’m anxious to see what they do with it this time around.
4. Broncos - Coming off of their most impressive win of the season, Denver was handed their first loss of the season at the hands of Peyton’s former team in Indianapolis. And while the Broncos have done a decent job of surviving without a surging offense and relying heavily on their defense to win games, Manning stood shocked on the sideline as he watched an eye poking penalty cost him an opportunity at not only winning the game but making history by passing Brett Favre’s record for career yardage. Aqib Talib’s jaw-dropping, idiotic play in the closing seconds of Sunday’s loss prove what can happen when you’re putting your team’s fate in the defense’s hands instead of Peyton’s.
5. Panthers - Carolina’s won seven straight home games dating back to last year and despite a 360 yard / 4 touchdown effort from Aaron Rogers, the Panthers kept that streak along with their undefeated 2015 campaign in tack. And while Cam Newton seems to be garnering a lot of the attention for the Panthers’ success, it’s the defense that’s been the biggest difference for this year’s Carolina squad. Newton’s statistically having one of his worst seasons and yet the team seems to be winning in spite of that.
6. Packers - Green Bay had a hell of a comeback bid against the Panthers this week but Rogers just couldn’t quite push past the Panthers’ stingy pass defense. The team’s defense seems to be imploding a bit as well, despite their strong early opening. But without the lead, the team struggles to hold any opposing offenses.
7. Falcons - Atlanta’s a pretty puzzling team at this point in the season. After their red hot 5-0 start, the offense has stalled and the supposedly rebuilt defense has been exposed time and time again. Running back DaVonta Freeman had a great start to the year but has struggled greatly recently, limiting the offense once again to living and dying with Julio Jones. Which is still good enough to win a majority of the time but then you’ll still have the occasional head scratcher like this one against the Blane Gabbert lead 49ers.
8. Steelers - Pittsburgh may have the best combination of wide receiver, running back, and quarterback of any team in the league. Sadly though, we haven’t gotten a chance to see them all on the field at the same time this season. And while the Steelers have been able to stay afloat in AFC wildcard hunt thus far, it’s hard to imagine how much longer this team can survive with Rothlisberger suffering yet another injury. Not to mention the four game lead Cinci has on the AFC North race, I think this may be the last high point of Pittsburgh’s season. But who knows, Tomlin has done a hell of a job managing the team’s injuries thus far.
9. Vikings - Minnesota has proven they’re defense is good enough to win them games on their own. Heading into overtime without their starting quarterback, Mike Zimmer won the coin toss and elected to trust his defense and the unconventional approach paid off forcing an early 3 and out for the Rams and another game winner from Blair Walsh. The Vikings’ offense isn’t pretty but with their defense playing this well under Zimmer, they really don’t have to. The Vikings have now won 4 straight but they’re headed into an incredibly tough stretch of their schedule, so we’ll quickly discover how this team stacks up against playoff caliber opponents.
10. Bills - Buffalo bounced back in a huge way with the return of their prodigal quarterback Tyrod Taylor to re-ignite the slumping offense against the regressing Miami Dolphins. After being embarrassed by the Chiefs in London two weeks ago, Buffalo looked more like the team we saw in the season’s opening coming out of their bye without having to depend on EJ Manuel at quarterback. And the inept Miami offense certainly did a lot to bolster the confidence of the shaken defensive unit as well. Buffalo’s been an up and down team but when they’re at their best, their amongst the best in the league and if Taylor can continue to improve throughout the season, as he has so far, this team could be a sleeper pick to make some noise in the postseason.
11. Rams - Toddy Gurley appears to be on his way to becoming the best running back in the league but in their head to head matchup, Adrian Peterson deemed he’s not quite ready to pass the torch just yet. Good defenses will force St.Louis to pass just like Minnesota did and for some reason, Nick Foles still hasn’t looked the same since leaving Philly.
12. Seahawks - Seattle enters their bye week right at .500 and looking to prove they’re still the team to beat in their upcoming matchup with the Cardinals. But I don’t believe them. The sluggish offense has never been what’s gotten this team to it’s championship status, it’s the defense and right now they’re slipping. And the offensive line isn’t allowing any leeway for Wilson or Lynch to take advantage of when the defense is finally clicking. The window may not have slammed shut on Seattle like it did with the 9ers but it’s hard to say it doesn’t feel like it’s not closing on them as well.
13. Jets - New York broke their two game losing skid this week but it’s hard to really feel good about a victory this narrow against the Jaguars. Especially since Jacksonville hasn’t won a road game since 2013 against the Browns. But New York found a way to win, taking advantage of Jacksonville’s late game mistakes and getting some offensive production out of their banged up quarterback, with Chris Ivory being held to 26 yards on 23 carries. The Jets are still technically next in line behind the Pats in the East but I think they may be in for a surprise when Rex Ryan faces off against his former squared on Thursday night.
14. Raiders - Oakland had a hell of a time keeping up with Antonio Brown but ultimately, the all-pro receiver kept the Steelers on top, setting up the game winning field goal at the end of regulation. While Oakland’s offense is good enough to keep them from the bottom of the AFC, their lackluster and aging defense is still going to keep them from competing with playoff contenders like the Steelers.
15. Eagles - Philly pushed their way back to the top of the NFC East playoff picture with a narrow win over Dallas in overtime this week, with Sam Bradford finally showing us a glimpse of why Chip Kelly decided to gamble on the #1 draft pick of yesteryear. But what could really be most significant for this Eagles offense is if the running game can finally remain consistent. Murray had a huge game in his return to Dallas and Ryan Matthews has been a phenomenal complement in both the run and passing game. While Chip’s experiment hasn’t been a huge success thus far, it may be too early to call it a failure just yet.
16. Saints - While the Saints looked to have corrected a lot of mistakes with the offense during their 3 game winning streak, the defense still has a lot of holes. A LOT. Giving up a career game to rookie Marcus Mariota and a comeback win in overtime to a sloppy one win Titans team makes it seem like this Saints are still that unbalanced and unreliable squad we’ve gotten used to seeing in New Orleans the past several years.
17. Giants - Jason Pierre-Paul’s return to the Giants was huge, regardless of how many fingers he brought with him. The defensive front did a phenomenal job of limiting the Tampa running attack and even forced a game deciding turnover in the closing minutes of the game. But despite how well Beckham plays, I think this team will continue to be limited without a viable running attack.
18. Colts - Headed into week 9, the Colts hadn’t beaten a single team outside of their dumpster fire of a division. But yet again, Indianapolis stunned the heavily favored Broncos, handing Denver their first loss of the year and playing their best game since beating the Broncos last January. The Colts’ defense kept the Broncos incredibly limited while Andrew Luck played his first mistake free game in what feels like forever. The Colts wanted this game much more than Denver did though, so I don’t imagine this leading to some huge season turnaround for the Colts. They’re still a long way from competing with the team that embarrassed them in the AFC title game last season.
19. Cowboys - Dallas still hasn’t won a single game without Tony Romo, losing their sixth straight game in a row without their starting QB. And while Matt Cassel played fairly well against the Eagles’ defense, the team is going to have to try and piece together at least one more week without Romo. Luckily though, as bad as the NFC East has been, they still might have a shot at making the playoffs even with this horrible midseason stretch.
20. Dolphins - After a re-invigorated effort under interim coach Dan Campbell got the Dolphins back into the playoff hunt against teams underachieving even more so than they were, Miami’s back down where they belong at the bottom of the AFC East. They’re 0-4 against division opponents and the injury plagued defense seems to have lost it’s edge. Miami should be thankful though, saddling up with Campbell for the long-term due to beating up on the Texans and Titans would have set this back even further.
21. Chiefs - Kansas City played their best game of the season last week in London and now headed into the bye week, they’ll get some extra time to prepare for their second showdown with the Broncos. Denver didn’t blow them out last time by any means but it’s still quite clear who the cream of the AFC West crop is at this point and all the Chiefs are trying to do is prove they’re not the division’s worst.
22. Redskins - Washington dug themselves into a hole incredibly quickly against the unbeaten Patriots and really, never had a chance. Washington got ravaged by New England who almost seems like they’re sleepwalking through the regular season at this point while the Redskins are clinging to any semblance of hope with a death grip. And even playing in the disappointing NFC East, the Skins still can’t maintain relevancy, especially when their running game is in a slump.
23. Bears - John Fox is in for a hell of a rebuilding process in Chicago but Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffrey have given him a firm foundation to build around. Especially if Matt Forte sticks around. After coughing up a number of their own turnovers in the first half, the Bears found themselves on the other end of the turnover battle in the second half and hung in just long enough for the rest of the Chargers to blow another Phillip Rivers win. And while the Bears aren’t post-season bound anytime soon, at least there’s always the Lions down in last place to make themselves feel better. Even if Detroit’s only win is against Chicago…
24. Browns - Cleveland has still yet to play a full quarters of football. They’ve hung in there with some of the best in the league but they just can’t finish, especially with Johnny Manziel under center. Ok, he looks a lot better than he did last year but he doesn’t give the offense the same potential Josh McCown does. I get planning for the future and seeing what you have in your second year draft pick but since he started last season 7-4, I’m not sure Mike Pettine can afford to continue his 2-14 losing streak much longer.
25. Ravens - Baltimore’s season has been one train wreck after another and now that they’ve lost Steve Smith for the season (or possibly his career), the team’s stalled offense will likely struggle even more. Passing on Torey Smith was probably a good move but relying entirely on a dude as old as Steve Smith to carry your receiving corps? Not such a smart choice. Not as dumb as throwing all that money at Flacco but I’ll try not to harp on that for a week…
26. Chargers - In a sloppy, uneven game San Diego lost their fifth straight thanks to some boneheaded mistakes and their injury plagued defense. Without Keenan Allen, Rivers seems to be even more alone in his herculean effort to carry a deflated franchise with almost literally no help whatsoever. It’s a little surprising that right now L.A. would probably be way more excited about welcoming the Rams or Raiders to town than the Chargers right now.
27. Buccaneers - Tampa nearly snuck past the sleeping New York Giants but late turnovers and a revitalized defensive effort ended their chances of winning back to back games. Winston played another mistake free game but this time it was the Tampa Bay running game that coughed up crucial fumbles that sealed the Bucccccccccccs’ fate.
28. 49ers - No Anquan Boldin, No Michael Crabtree, No Carlos Hyde, No Vernon Davis, No Frank Gore, No Jim Harbaugh, No Aldon Smith, No Patrick Willis, No Reggie Bush, No Colin Kaepernick, No freaking Problem! The revitalized 49ers, lead by their franchise saving backup Blane Gabbert, look to have completely salvaged what was once though to be a lost season with a win over the Falcons and are back in the playoff hunt! Just kidding, this team still sucks and Seattle can’t wait to prove that yet again next week.
29. Lions - Stafford and Caldwell can bitch about the negative press in Detroit all they want but you know what cures all that? Winning. Stafford’s been given an incredibly long leash considering the weapons at his disposal. If anything, I feel like we’ve been under-critical of his role as the Lions’ future. The dude has been in a 2 year slump now with some of the best receivers in the game. And tossing out the offensive coordinator was frivolous, we all know it’s Caldwell’s head that’s gonna roll at season’s end anyways.
30. Texans - Houston enters their bye week, somehow in contention for the AFC South division lead at 3-5 with the playoffs still feasibly in their reach. Hoyer should have been the starter from the beginning in Houston and he’s proving why each and every week, even without Arian Foster. And while the defense looked much better against the Titans, I can’t imagine they’re entirely “fixed”. We’ll find out shortly when they take on one of the league’s best offensive lines in Cinci in week 10.
31. Titans - Tennessee got a much needed win under interim coach Mike Mularkey after falling behind to the Saints early. The team showed a lot of heart putting together an overtime win with their decimated defensive unit and inexperienced quarterback. I’m still not sold on any of this team though, including their newly drafted franchise QB. Although, he looks a hell of a lot better than Zach Mettenberger at this point.
32. Jaguars - Jacksonville nearly got a huge upset win in New York this week but like a gun-shy reserve player coming off the bench with a chance to win the game, the Jags crumbled and practically handed the Jets what should have been a very winnable game. The Jags can’t seem to put anyone away and it’s becoming increasingly hard to ignore Bortles’ inability to win games, regardless of how bad the rest of his team is.
JohnLocke2342 at 06:13 PM Nov 10

The Jets should be much lower - they haven't beaten a good team yet and are probably gonna get rocked by the Bills

XSsoCX at 09:53 PM Nov 10

It's Bucs. ;)

I was starting to believe they would pull that one out, but Evans had far to many drops(6 I think?), Martin couldn't get rolling, and of course penalties, penalties, penalties. But Winston is looking better and better, hoping that continues this week against my fathers Cowboys.

Kevin Smith fan updated his STATUS: 21 days ago

Anyone else notice the articles on the site have become super biased and bitter sounding?
Kevin Smith fan
Kevin Smith fan at 06:04 PM Nov 05

^ there's definitely one dude in particular that comes off so annoyingly snarky. bums me out to click on something I'm interesting in reading about and instead I get a slanted opinion piece

piranhafeast at 07:14 PM Nov 05

I recently quit posting comments about articles from the site mostly because of the usual dudes that despise ya 'cause their opinion is different than yours.Most of the time they're annoying as hell.

Otis_Driftwood at 09:11 PM Nov 06

Don't get me wrong, I still love the place...but we have a few that are just plain "smug". Way I see it, if you don't like don't have to comment, but if you do...make a good argument. Other than that...skip on.

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Week 8 Power Rankings

1. Patriots - New England reaffirmed their dominance over the AFC East with a dominating win over the revitalized Dolphins. The Pats are 7-0 for the first time since their 16-0 season with Randy Moss and Tom Brady’s numbers are somehow even better throwing to garden gnomes like Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. Brady and Belichic are on a mission to prove their greatness is untainted but even if they win a 5th Superbowl, it’ll never wash away the half dozen asterisks this team carries with them.
2. Cardinals - After getting off to a slow start in Cleveland, the Cardinals scored 27 unanswered in the second half to erase a 4 turnover hole they dug themselves in, trailing 20-10 at halftime. Palmer and Johnson continue their career renaissance as the Cardinals look poised to make a deep push this postseason with the most balanced offensive/defensive attack in the league. It’s really just a matter of whether or not their veteran leaders can continue this high level of play late in the season without being injured.
3. Broncos - Facing their most worthy opponent this season and coming out of their bye the Broncos played their best game of the year. Especially their rapidly aging quarterback, who despite not throwing a single touchdown, out gained Aaron Rogers 340-77. The Gary Kubiak offense finally seemed to click against the Packers as did the lackluster running attack. But again, it’s the defense that’s going to carry this team deep into the playoffs and perhaps offer Peyton the same kind of retirement Elway got. Especially now that he’s got Vernon Davis in his arsenal.
4. Bengals - The Bengals are out to prove they’re not the same old squad we’ve seen get knocked out of the first round of the playoffs, time and time again under Andy Dalton. They’ve stacked up a seemingly insurmountable 4 game lead in the AFC North, put together their first 7-0 start in franchise history, and came up huge in the clutch for a 4th quarter comeback against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. The Bengals are finally ready to make a deep run in the postseason, especially with how soft the AFC competition is this season.
5. Packers - It’s been a long time since Aaron Rogers has looked that limited in game but Denver’s defense, apparently is just that damn good. And without Rogers and the offensive unit to lean on, the defense can’t really keep up. Even with a creak 39 year old dude who threw 6 less touchdowns than his younger brother. Any team with Aaron Rogers is going to be a contender but this Packers squad is certainly far less than perfect.
6. Falcons - Atlanta’s offensive funk continues, this week causing them a home game against the division worst Buccs. Coughing up 4 turnovers and allowing Jameis Winston a virtually flawless performance, the Falcons look to have lost their way a bit. The offensive line seems to have regressed, keeping Ryan under pressure and limiting the effectiveness of breakout Davonta Freeman. And the team’s defense isn’t nearly good enough to survive when the offense isn’t racking up major points.
7. Rams - Nick Foles hasn’t done much in his time with St.Louis but with Gurley playing the way he has, he may not have to. Rushing for over 120 yards in all 4 of his first NFL games, the dude looks unstoppable out there. And with the Rams’ defensive unit, this team may have just finally grabbed the final missing piece to get St.Louis back to the playoffs.
8. Panthers - Carolina’s somewhat baffling undefeated streak continued this week at the expense of another devastating loss by the Colts. Newton continues to shoulder the offensive work load like no other QB in the league but the real story in Carolina is their defense. The team is starting to pull away from the fierce NFC South competition and their recipe of running the ball and playing hard nosed defense fits the later half of the season even better.
9. Raiders - Oakland looks hellbent on breaking their 12 year playoff drought behind sophomore sensation David Carr and the electric offense. The Raiders didn’t even punt until the fourth quarter against one of the league’s best defenses in the Jets. Oakland dominated both lines of scrimmage, especially after knocking Ryan Fitzpatrick out of the game. The Raiders are here to stay and could be a dark horse come playoff time given their budding offensive chemistry between Derek Carr, Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper.
10. Steelers - Pittsburgh just can’t catch a break. On paper they have maybe the best lineup of QB, WR, and RB in the game but yet again we’ll have to wait to see them all play together thanks to an ugly injury suffered by LeVeon Bell. Once Bell left the game Rothlisberger tossed two interceptions in the fourth quarter to squander their narrow lead and allow for another Bengals comeback win. The Steelers are still an incredibly viable team but with close losses and injuries continuing to stack up against them, you have to wonder if maybe things aren’t going to come together for them this year. Then again, the season’s only halfway through and I could certainly see this team making a second half surge and wreaking havoc as a wildcard in the postseason.
11. Vikings - Minnesota won their third straight game this week and first game in Chicago in their last 7 tries. Barely. It took some phenomenal plays for the blossoming young Viking receiving corps to set up the last second field goal win, with Stefon Diggs continuing to dazzle in his rookie campaign and Charles Johnson reliving some of last year’s glory in a game clinching third down catch that got the Vikings in field goal range. But it’s the Minnesota defense that continues to carry this team and could get them their first playoff berth in the Zimmer era.
12. Jets - Thanks to a hand injury suffered early in the game, we got to relive the glory days of the Geno Smith era in New York. And aside from bitter nostalgia, it really didn’t offer much for Jets fan to cheer about. Chris Ivory was limited to just 17 yards on 15 carries by a Raiders team determined to make the Jets pass to beat them. Obviously, they’re not beating anyone relying on their passing game.
13. Seahawks - Seattle (barely) climbed back above .500 this week, becoming the latest team to take advantage of the Romo-free Cowboys. The defense looked unbeatable against 2008 All Stars Matt Cassel and Darren McFadden but the Seattle offense still seems to be stuck in neutral. Jimmy Graham had his biggest game of the season - with 75 yards. Wilson’s a great game manager but it’s starting to look like that’s all he’ll ever be.
14. Saints - New Orleans seems to have been rejuvenated since ending the Falcons’ undefeated record and starting their own 3 game winning streak. In what looked almost like an arena football game, Drew Brees bested Eli Manning’s 6 touchdown passes with an NFL record tying 7 and a career high 511 yards against a decimated Giants secondary. But the real story in New Orleans seems to be how the offense has finally found it’s rhythm with breakout receiving targets like Ben Watson, Willie Snead, and the ground game of Mark Ingram. While the defense is still suspect, I wouldn’t consider the Drew Brees era in New Orleans finished quite yet.
15. Cowboys - Dallas lost their 5th straight without Romo, but only by a single point with Matt Cassel throwing for just 97 yards. Which still leads me to believe that once Romo returns, this team won’t have much of a problem pushing past the sterile competition of their fellow underachieving NFC East turds. But for now, I guess it’s kind neat seeing a Superbowl hopeful team’s offense relying almost entirely on a dude the Raiders gave up on.
16. Eagles - Philly’s technically still in the hunt for the NFC East but they still have a lot to prove to those doubting Chip Kelly’s system, especially on offense. Sam Bradford has been wildly inconsistent and the offensive line hasn’t provided much running room for any of the 3 electric running backs the Eagles have. The defense however, has been surprisingly good but with the mistakes this offense makes, they’re not good enough to carry them. Maybe a week off will allow this team to tighten some of their miscommunications on offense.
17. Giants - With the NFC East looking as soft as it has in quite some time, the Giants still refuse to pad any kind of lead on their lackluster competition- coughing up yet another 4th quarter lead, this one in large part due to their punter grabbing a face mask to put the Saints in field goal range for the game winner. Eli Manning threw for 6 touchdowns (3 of which went to Odelle Beckham) put still remains 0-3 in New Orleans. The team’s rotting defense let Drew Brees do whatever he wanted on Sunday and could ultimately be what holds them from winning the disappointing NFC East when they should be running away with it at this point.
18. Dolphins - Despite the huge turnaround Miami displayed against lackluster opponents like Houston and Tennessee, Miami’s offense returned to its typically lackluster self against the Patriots on Thursday night. Tannehill is wildly inconsistent so any time this team has to abandon the run, they’re going to struggle. And if Cameron Wake’s injury is long term, this team’s resurgent defense is about to regress as well.
19. Bills - Buffalo played arguably their worst game of the season last week in London, with the offense looking absolutely lost without Tyrod Taylor behind center. Let’s hope for Buffalo’s sake that his absence doesn’t last much longer because EJ Manuel is bound to sink this team yet again.
20. Chargers - San Diego continues to squander phenomenal performances from Phillip Rivers, losing for the third time this season on the game’s final play. Rivers has thrown 5 consecutive 300 yard games but everything around him has deteriorated so rapidly that it doesn’t matter. Melvin Gordon has been incredibly disappointing and the defensive unit of last year has gone missing. I guess you really do need more than a solid QB to win in today’s NFL.
21. Redskins - Washington’s riding high into their bye week after that huge comeback against Tampa and the team has to be feeling much better about Kirk Cousins as their starter. If he can continue to limit his turnovers, he could definitely be a suitable starter for the Redskins without much protest from any surviving RG3 fanboys.
22. Chiefs - Kansas City got their 3rd win of the season this week at the expense of a hapless Detroit Lions offense. Alex Smith did a little bit of everything, accounting for 220 all purpose yards and 3 touchdowns, one on the ground. Kansas City isn’t far off from being a playoff contender but they have to expand the offense past their tight end and running back.
23. Browns - While Cleveland has been much more competitive than expected through the first half of their season, they still sit at 2-6 having lost three straight now headed into undefeated Cinci. McCown hasn’t looked this good since filling in for Jay Cutler in Chicago and the team looks to have some real weapons in their receiving corps with Barnidge and Benjamin but Duke Johnson needs to step up and add stability to the run game. And the stingy defense of last year seems to have all but evaporated.
24. Colts - It’s shocking how far the Colts have really fallen but their inability to build a solid offensive line to protect Andrew Luck has finally caught up with them. Luck’s been running for his life for essentially his entire NFL career but the dude can only do so much. And firing the offensive coordinator or even the inevitable axe waiting to fall on Chuck Pagano isn’t going to help things. It’s the GM chasing over the hill Frank Gore and Andre Johnson instead of fixing their obvious deficiencies that’s doomed this team to a pathetic 3-5 tie for first place with the Texans. Jesus, I hate the AFC South.
25. Ravens - Baltimore got their second win of the season at the cost of their best wide receiver. Steve Smith looks to be lost for the season and most likely, ended his career with his achilles injury on Sunday. Flacco still found a way to move the ball on the porous San Diego secondary and nipped the Chargers with a last second field goal, despite another heroic effort from Phillip Rivers. The Ravens’ injuries will likely keep them on the bottom of the AFC North heap for the remainder of the season and also provide a believable scapegoat rather than tossing Joe Flacco rightly under the bus where he belongs.
26. Bears - Chicago dropped an incredibly close game as their defense kept Minnesota relatively limited all day long. But losing Eddie Royal and Matt Forte to injury kept the Bears fairly limited themselves as well. Chicago’s odd rebuilding period is tough to get a handle on, but I think the offense is still in decent shape. And if the defense can continue to grow as they have this season, they may only be a few pieces away from contended for the NFC North once again.
27. Buccaneers - Winston was somewhat of a turnover machine early in the season but he lasted another start without one, while their opponents coughed up 4 to pad the Buccs with an early lead. Even though they squandered the 17 point advantage and headed to overtime, Matt Ryan couldn’t escape the Tampa pass rush long enough to match the Buccs’ overtime field goal. Winston has already looked a great deal better as the season has progressed and may have the Buccs competitive much sooner than anticipated. That is, if the defense can somehow play as phenomenally as they did against Atlanta.
28. 49ers - San Francisco hasn’t scored a touchdown in 2 games and haven’t beaten an NFC West team all season, now dropping to 0-3 with this latest loss to the Rams, who are unbeaten within the division. The team’s injuries are piling up and without Carlos Hyde, Reggie Bush, Anquon Boldin and the newly traded Vernon Davis - I can’t imagine things in San Francisco getting any better especially with Kaepernick riding the bench. If you’re putting the franchise in Blaine Gabbert’s hands, you know you’ve sunken to a new level of desperation.
29. Lions - The Lions’ offensive downward spiral stems all the way back from last season and given some of the weapons they have at their disposal, it’s quite baffling. Stafford was running for his life for the second straight week as the Chiefs racked up 6 more sacks on the struggling QB and picked off two of his hurried passes. Without Suh to lead the defense, the team has no identity whatsoever at this point.
30. Texans - Houston’s look pretty out of it this year, even in their win this week over the Titans but nevertheless, they’re still not out of the AFC South race. The division is abysmal but if the defense can play as fiercely as they did against the Titans this week they may not be far behind catching the slumping Colts. Or maybe I’m just desperate for anything interesting to happen with these four teams since we’ve seen over a decade of the bottom three underachieving while the Colts get gift wrapped a 10 win season and an early playoff exit once they play a real playoff caliber team.
31. Jaguars - The Jags clung to their early lead built off of Buffalo turnovers and sealed with a go ahead Blake Bortles touchdown for a surprising overseas victory and they’ll look to build off of that momentum in the bye week. However, the loss says more about Buffalo incompetence than Jacksonville’s growth. They’re still one of the worst teams in the worst division in football. But technically they’re only a game and a half out of the playoffs thanks to the hapless Colts, so who knows? Any of the four turds in the AFC South could get a playoff berth at this point. They don’t do jack shit with it, but at least they could spare a coach their job. Except Chuck Pagano.
32. Titans - After winning their season opener, the Titans have now dropped six straight, looking especially inept without Mariotta behind center. The team is one of the league’s worst tackling defenses and has still yet to replace Chris Johnson, who they cut over two seasons ago. Tennessee’s incredibly unbalanced and even when Mariotta returns, he doesn’t have much of anything to work with. But sure, fire the coach midseason, that always helps.
unbinkable at 02:08 PM Nov 05

I enjoy these weekly write-ups. Well done. Go Broncos.

XSsoCX at 05:51 PM Nov 05

It's Bucs, not Buccs. And, Winston has seemed to turn the corner on those early turnovers. I think a lot of his success has to do with Doug Martin running like he did in his rookie season. Now it would be nice for the wideouts to stay healthy and the defense to hold onto leads.

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 24 days ago

Top 25 Horror Films of the Past 25 Years

1. Donnie Darko - 9/10
2. American Psycho - 9/10
3. Grindhouse - 9/10
4. Se7en - 8.5/10
5. Antichrist - 8.5/10
6. Silence of the Lambs - 8.5/10
7. Silent Hill - 8.5/10
8. Army of Darkness - 8.5/10
9. Black Swan - 8.5/10
10. Bubba Ho-Tep - 8.5/10
11. Cabin Fever - 8.5/10
12. Prometheus - 8.5/10
13. ParaNorman - 8.5/10
14. The Devil's Rejects - 8.5/10
15. Gone Girl - 8.5/10
16. Wes Craven's New Nightmare - 8/10
17. Child's Play 2 - 8/10
18. Idle Hands - 8/10
19. Dead Alive - 8/10
20. In the Mouth of Madness - 8/10
21. Piranha 3D - 8/10
22. Frailty - 8/10
23. Shaun of the Dead - 8/10
24. Let the Right One In - 8/10
25. The Blair Witch Project - 8/10
Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 24 days ago

10 Directors I'd Love to See Tackle a Horror Film

1. PT Anderson - In my opinion, there isn't a better director working today than PTA. The dude's cinemetography is so breathtakingly well orchestrated that one can only imagine the atmosphere he could set with a horror picture. He's quoted as saying that "There Will Be Blood" is his monster movie but I'd love to see the dark tone and intensity from that film carried into a pure genre piece.
2. Quentin Tarantino - Death Proof was incredible but it was more of an homage to horror films than Tarantino's full fledged take on the genre. It was a supporting piece to the Grindhouse experience, I want a stand alone horror film. We all know the dude loves his gore.
3. The Coen Brothers - The Coen's have always carried with them a sick sense of humor, that seems tailor made for the world of horror. They've already tackled just about every other genre out there, why not breath some fresh air into a dying genre?
4. Christopher Nolan - Insomnia was more of a murder mystery than a straight horror movie. I wanna see Chris Nolan's intricate plot crafting expertise used solely for the purpose of scaring the unholy hell out of an audience. A cerebral terror on the level of the Shining or Silent Hill.
5. George Miller - After shocking us all with his long-awaited Mad Max follow-up, George Miller seems to be on everyone's watch list in Hollywood. But after raising the standard for action movies time and time again, why not bring that break-neck pacing and escalating sense of urgency to some scary movies? He did a phenomenal job with his Twilight Zone: The Movie segment and one can only imagine what he'd do with a feature length film.
6. Nicolas Winding Refn - The super-stylized 80's feel of Refn's Drive and Only God Forgives would make for a fantastic horror throwback, much like The Guest or It Follows. And you know the soundtrack would be incredible.
7. Neil Blomkamp - Already showing us a knack for ultra violent action sequences and satirical writing, Blomkamp's voice is truly one of the most unique in Hollywood today. He'd be a perfect candidate to pump some new blood into the world of horror.
8. Joss Whedon - Burnt out on tentpole filmmaking? Horror is about as far away as you can get from superhero team-ups, so why not return to your roots to craft something smart and spooky like Buffy?
9. Steven Spielberg - Ok, so Jaws is pretty scary. But I'm not sure I'd call it horror. And his segment of the Twilight Zone movie definitely doesn't qualify as horror. And while he certainly seems to have had much more than a role as producer on Poltergeist, I think Spielberg's at a point in his career where he can take on a horror film on his own. It'd be much more interesting than the predictable Bridge of Spies and War Horse.
10. Matthew Vaughn - Why not? The dude has been spectacular in every other job he's had and his fast paced, slick and humorous style feels like it would likely produce something in the vein of a Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead.
WalkAway at 06:21 PM Nov 02

great ideas!

cerealkiller182 at 10:45 PM Nov 02

Refn's next is a horror.

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 24 days ago

My 31 Days of Halloween (First Time Viewings)

1. Slither - 8/10
2. Lifeforce - 7.5/10
3. The Gift - 7.5/10
4. Body Double - 7.5/10
5. The Visit - 7.5/10
6. The Changeling - 7.5/10
7. Blow Out - 7.5/10
8. The Killing - 7.5/10
9. The Wicker Man - 7.5/10
10. Death Becomes Her - 7/10
11. The Hitcher - 7/10
12. Cujo - 7/10
13. Innerspace - 7/10
14. Insidious Chapter 3 - 7/10
15. Event Horizon - 7/10
16. Rampage - 7/10
17. Final Girls - 6.5/10
18. Goosebumps - 6.5/10
19. Nightbreed - 6.5/10
20. Dead Ringers - 6.5/10
21. Matinee - 6/10
22. Insidious Chapter 2 - 6/10
23. Knock Knock - 6/10
24. What Lies Beneath - 6/10
25. Graveyard Shift - 5.5/10
26. Lady in the Water - 5.5/10
27. The Green Inferno - 5/10
28. Pet Cemetery 2 - 4.5/10
29. Teeth - 4/10
30. Invaders from Mars - 4/10
31. The Village - 3/10
32. Tales of Halloween - 2/10
WalkAway at 05:29 PM Nov 02


Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Week 7 Power Rankings

1. Patriots - New England didn’t even bother running the ball against New York’s stout defense, breaking the NFL record for the least amount of run attempts for a winning team with just 9. Brady overcame 11 drops from his receivers to put away the surging AFC East rivals and remain unbeaten on the season as the Patriots look destined for a trip to yet another Superbowl.
2. Cardinals - Last year was Carson Palmer’s return to glory and now this season Chris Johnson is having the same kind of career renaissance in Arizona. Barreling through the decimated Baltimore defense for 122 yards, last year’s electric Andre Ellington can’t even get on the field for the Cardinals. Arizona’s got so many weapons on both sides of the ball, it’s hard to imagine them ending the season without a deep postseason run.
3. Packers - Green Bay has the week off to prepare for that stunning Denver defense next Sunday night in a clash of two unbeatens. And with Peyton playing like he has the first half of the year and Rogers playing like he has, it almost feels like we’ll be watching an official passing of the torch for the game’s best quarterback. Sorry Brady, you’re asterisks keep you off the guest list.
4. Falcons - Atlanta eked out a sluggish win over the Titans despite Matt Ryan’s two interceptions and the offense struggling to get into the end zone. The Falcons offense may have stalled here temporarily but with Julio Jones and Davonta Freeman, I can’t imagine this lull will last long at all. And who cares what happens against the Titans, as long as you escape with a win, right?
5. Bengals - The Bengals are off to a great start but if they really want to convince me they’re better than your usual Andy Dalton lead bunch, they’re going to have to remain unbeaten when Big Ben returns for the Steelers next week. Pittsburgh’s got one of the best offenses in the league and regardless of whether or not they take the AFC North crown, the Bengals still feel like the second best team in the division, especially when Pittsburgh’s healthy.
6. Broncos - Denver certainly doesn’t look like the same team Peyton’s gotten off to unbeaten starts in the past. They’re really almost entirely on their defense to win games and with the running attack disappearing almost as quickly as Peyton’s ability to stretch the field, it’ll be interesting to see how they plan on keeping up with Mr.Rogers next Sunday night.
7. Panthers - Carolina is now 6-0 for the first time in franchise history and the defense looks to be restored to the same caliber we saw 2 years ago. And with Newton continuing to progress as a leader for this team (despite his less than perfect play) the team is poised to make a solid playoff run this January.
8. Steelers - Despite 3 very costly turnovers from Landry Jones, the Steelers still had a chance to win in Arrowhead stadium on Sunday but their defense let them down. Holding the Chiefs to mostly field goals all day long, Alex Smith finally punched it into the end zone on the closing drive to finish Pittsburgh off. Next week marks the return of Big Ben against the unbeaten Bengals and if the team wants to prove their capable of hanging with the league’s best, they’ll have to do so against the reigning AFC North champs.
9. Jets - The Jets looked like they finally might get the better of they AFC bullies that have dominated their division for a decade now but the Brady bunch finally found their groove in the fourth quarter. Chris Ivory was held to just 41 yards and the Jets defense only got their hands on Brady 3 times, all in the first half. Gang Green may be the best team in their home state but the beasts of the AFC East still reside in Foxborrough.
10. Vikings - Teddy Bridgewater may have found yet another breakout target for the Vikings. Rookie Stephon Diggs is the first Vikings rookie wideout to have back to back 100 yard games since Randy Moss and with the underwelming play of Mike Wallace and Cordarelle Patterson, could be exactly what this offense needs. Especially if Adrian Peterson is going to continue to put the ball on the ground. But with the offense holding all of the marquee names, it’s the defense that really makes Minnesota a contender. After giving up 17 points in the first half, the Vikings held the Lions to just a safety in the second. The young core of Anthony Barr, Harrison Smith, and Xavier Rhodes has the purple people eaters playing their best defense since Brett Favre was in town.
11. Rams - St.Louis has had an impeccable defense for years now but with Todd Gurley’s emergence as one of the most dominant running backs in the league, this team may finally have the offensive firepower to capitalize on their stifling defense. Nick Foles still looks average but that may still be better than what Philadelphia got in return with Sam Bradford but if he has Gurley to lean on, it really doesn’t matter.
12. Giants - New York was on the other end of a fourth quarter collapse this time against the Cowboys, sealing the win with a muffed punt return after picking off Matt Cassell three times. The Giants scored anyway they could, returning kick offs and interceptions to stay ahead of the hapless Cowboys while their own offense looked pretty unimpressive as well. The Giants still have an incredibly uneven offense without stable run support for Eli Manning and unless they’re playing Matt Cassell every week, the defense isn’t going to be able to carry them much further.
13. Cowboys - Statistically, Dallas dominated this game. But holding Odelle Beckham to just 35 yards and getting Darren McFadden’s best game running the ball as a Cowboy wasn’t enough to overcome the amount of mistakes this team made, especially in the fourth quarter. Relieving Brandon Wheedon of his starting duties, Matt Cassel threw three interceptions in his first start, matching Wheedon’s three game total in his three losses for the Cowboys. I still contest this team is the best in the NFC East and when Romo and Dez return, they’ll have no trouble surging past the lowly Giants and Eagles. But in the meantime, I’m not sure Matt Cassell’s scaring anyone.
14. Dolphins - Apparently before this Sunday’s blowout, the Dolphins had never beaten the Texans. Now sitting at 1-7 against Houston, Miami certainly made up for it with their second straight dominant win under interim coach Dan Campbell. Tannehill played the best game of his season, throwing 4 touchdowns in the first half, and Lamar Miller continues to pound the ball in the running game racking up 175 this time around. The change this team has made on both sides of the ball is unbelievable. Granted, they’ve only beaten up on the Titans and Texans but still, I think this is a great sign of what the second half of Miami’s season will hold.
15. Seahawks - Though it hardly seems like a rivalry any longer, the Seahawks beat up on the 9ers yet again on Thursday night, all but ending San Fran’s hopes for the postseason for the second straight year. Despite Russell Wilson’s two interceptions and the offense still looking incredibly clumsy, the defense made the 9ers look even worse, though they continue to struggle protecting their own quarterback as Russel Wilson remains the league’s most sacked QB. Auctioning off the offensive line to pay for their star names may finally be coming around to bite the Seahawks. Just not against teams as hopeless as San Francisco.
16. Eagles - Philadelphia’s defense picked off Cam Newton 3 times on Sunday night but their stagnant offense only managed to turn those turnovers into six measly points. A perfect personification of this season thus far for the Eagles. Bradford is struggling to find his stride and without the support of DeMarco Murray or any reliable receivers, it looks like this sputtering offense is bound to keep the Eagles out of contention.
17. Raiders - Coming out of their bye week against their potential Los Angeles stadium room-mates, the Raiders haven’t looked that dominant in a decade. But they haven’t had a franchise quarterback like Derek Carr with a go to receiver like Amari Cooper in that time either. The duo could be good enough to keep this team in the playoff hunt and is fantastic foundation for this franchise to build around. Let’s just hope the new management in Oakland proves their more capable of running a team than their predecessor was.
18. Bills - Buffalo’s had one of the best defenses in the league for the first half of the season but like all Rex Ryan teams, their offense continues to hold them back from contending. Especially when it’s EJ Manuel under center for the injured Tyrod Taylor. Manuel coughed up two huge turnovers early that let Jacksonville pile on 27-3 in the second quarter. And while Buffalo battled back in the fourth, it was too late to matter. The Bills need Taylor out there to keep this offense afloat but if Sammy Watkins and Percy Harvin are both ready to exit the Bills, this team’s offensive struggles could get even worse.
19. Saints - New Orleans won their first road game this season and their first pair of back to back wins since last October under a masterful performance from their rejuvenated quarterback. The new look Saints even ran the ball incredibly well with Mark Ingram playing his best football of the year as Cameron Jordan continues to revitalize the pass rush on the other side of the ball. The Saints aren’t the Superbowl hopefuls they’ve been in the past, but they’re certainly far from finished.
20. Chargers - San Diego continues to struggle as the defense and running game have completely eroded around Phillip Rivers. He’s out there trying to do way to much and while he and Keenan Allen can put up points in a hurry (look at that 23 point fourth quarter for Chirst’s sake) it’s not enough to overcome the hole their inept defense digs them in. Melvin Gordon has been a huge disappointment at this point, being benched in his second straight game for fumbling leaving the offense incredibly one sided and predictable.
21. Redskins - After going down 24-0, Washington surged in the second half for the biggest comeback in franchise history behind an unbelievable performance from Kirk Cousins. The team is unbeaten when Cousins doesn’t throw an interception and Sunday he not only remained turnover-free but he also had his first game with more than one touchdown pass. Washington’s much improved from the RG3 media circus we were all expecting but they’ve still got a fairly uncertain future if they’re going to wait on the progression of Cousins to lead the team.
22. Browns - As inconsistent as the Rams have been, they’ve now beaten Josh McCown three straight years with three different teams. McCown was bruised and bullied all day long, eventually leaving the game on his second fumble with a shoulder injury. If McCown is out for next week’s matchup against the Cardinals, I can’t even imagine how many turnovers that feisty Arizona defense is going to force against Johnny Manziel. And while Todd Gurley looks like a breakout sensation for the Rams, Duke Johnson is still struggling to be the offensive spark Cleveland thought they drafted.
23. Colts - Despite a 21 point second half flurry to try and dig themselves out of the 27-21 lead the Saints stacked on them, the Colts just couldn’t muster up a comeback. Luck played one of the worst half’s of football of his career, getting shutout on his home turf for the first two quarters. Indy’s still going to the postseason because of the dogshit division they play in but they’ve still yet to win a game against a team outside of it with all three of their wins coming against the lackluster Jags, Texans and Titans.
24. Chiefs - Kansas City snapped their five game losing streak this week, finally closing out a close game with the lead in the fourth quarter, largely in part to their defense wreaking havoc on Landry Jones. Their offense also had a pretty good day with Alex Smith throwing the game winning touchdown and Charcandrick West coming in for a 100 yard game for the injured Jamaal Charles. The team still struggles in the redone though, settling for 4 field goal tries when they could have put away the Steelers much easier.
25. 49ers - It’s hard to recall a team declining as rapidly as the 49ers have. Three straight NFC championship games, a trip to the Superbowl, an all pro defense, a phenomenal head coach and a young franchise QB…all gone. Kaepernick continues to struggle, his record against the Seahawks now 1-6 and without any viable receivers under the age of 50, he looks lost out there. And while the offseason moves had us expecting a rapidly regressing defense, the offensive line has absolutely fallen apart as well. The team’s a mess and the ugly divorce with Harbaugh could end up setting this franchise back for quite a while.
26. Ravens - Baltimore nearly crept up on the Cardinals after being dominated for the majority of the game but with the outcome on the line, Joe Flacco threw to the wrong team. He’s who the franchise has entrusted with their future and his poor play and bloated contract are the reason this team will continue their downward spiral.
27. Lions - Matt Stafford was under duress all day long against the Vikings, getting sacked 7 times despite racking up an 11 point lead in the first half. The Lions crumbled under the pressure and after their first win of the season, seemed to have slumped back down to their normal resting place at the bottom of the division.
28. Bears - Chicago gets to spend their bye week dwelling on the overtime loss they suffered at the hands of the Lions and will take on the divisional runner-ups in Minnesota next week. Cutler and Forte have done a fine job revitalizing the offense but the defense is still amongst the worst in the league.
29. Titans - Without Marcus Mariotta, the Titans looked even more inept against a Falcons team that couldn’t even hand them a win, though they certainly tried. The Titans have lost 9 straight at home and Mettenberger’s performance should have certainly quieted any rumblings about Mariotta’s position as the team’s future. Mariotta’s really the only thing the Titans have going for them.
30. Jaguars - What did London do to deserve this many Jags games? Thanks to EJ Manuel though, they finally won a game outside their home country, though they did their best to try and blow the 27-3 lead they held before halftime. Bortles came up big with a game winning touchdown throw in the closing minutes of the game to put away Buffalo’s push for a comeback. Just don’t expect this winning streak to follow them next week against the Jets, who will likely have a field day against this porous offensive line.
31. Buccaneers - Jameis Winston finally came out and had the kind of game to instill some hope in Tampa Bay and their new franchise quarterback but it still wasn’t enough to fend off…Kirk Cousins? The team’s defense is absolutely atrocious, enough that this team really shouldn’t feel safe with any lead.
32. Texans - Houston’s an absolute train wreck. I’m not sure anyone’s ever missed Ryan Fitzpatrick as much as Houston does right now. And while the offense has been really bad thus far, it’s only going to get worse now that Arian Foster has been put on IR for the remainder of the season. But the bad offense was somewhat expected. What the hell happened to this defense? Miami did what ever they wanted to against this defensive squad that nearly drug Houston into a wildcard berth a year ago. Is this just another case of the dreadful AFC South inflating a team’s record or have the Texans truly regressed this much?
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Week 6 Power Rankings

1. Patriots - Despite tossing his first interception of the season, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots escaped Indianapolis with a win, their seventh straight against in their "rivalry" with the Colts. This is the first time the Pats have started 5-0 since their 16-0 Superbowl run and the best year for Brady since then as well. The Pats look like their out to prove to the world their legacy shouldn't be tainted by Deflate-gate, Spy-gate, or any gate. Love 'em or hate 'em, this team still has to execute on Sundays and they've been doing so for over a decade now.
2. Cardinals - Arizona absolutely manhandled Pittsburgh...when Michael Vick was on the field. When he wasn't, the Cards racked up 11 penalties (one negating a touchdown), struggled to capitalize on the play of their dominant defense scoring only 10 points, and coughed up key turnovers in the second half. The Arizona offense seems to be a bit confused on how to re-enter Andre Ellington into the offense with how well Chris Johnson has played thus far but if the Cards can get both backs going, I think they'll remain one of the league's best and most overlooked teams. Though losses like this one make it a hard argument to make.
3. Falcons - With all of these fourth quarter comebacks and close calls the Falcons have faced in the first 5 weeks, you knew their luck was going to run out eventually. And on a Thursday night in New Orleans against a desperate rival looking to prove they’re not entirely eroded, of course the Falcons took home their first loss of the season. The middle of the defense was exposed as Ben Watson had a career night and may have shown a huge weakness for this improved, but still flawed Falcon defense.
4. Packers - Although it came down to the final play and they coughed up 500 passing yards to the one dimensional Chargers, Green Bay's young pass defense stepped up when it mattered most. Rogers's MVP caliber season continues as his supporting cast looks the best it has since their Superbowl run a few years back.
5. Bengals - Buffalo decided that they weren't about to let A.J. Green beat them on Sunday and he didn't. Andy Dalton looked to Marvin Jones, Jeremy Hill and Tyler Eiffert for that. I've been as critical of Dalton as anyone but I think he may have finally turned a corner this season as his injury plagued tight end looks to be the missing piece this offense needs when Green is unavailable in the passing game. This isn't your typical Bengals squad folks.
6. Steelers - After the Cardinals dominated the first half of football, Landry Jones came in to provide the Steelers with the unbelievable comeback after Mike Vick went down to injury. Pittsburgh's shown incredible resilience since losing Big Ben and keeping the team in contention for his return should pay off huge. And while the defense started off shaky, their ability to keep Arizona out of the endzone was crucial in securing the win this week. Once Ben returns, this team should be right back at the top of the AFC elite.
7. Broncos - Playing on his sixth 6-0 team, Peyton Manning somehow remains unbeaten despite playing unquestionably the worst football of his career. The Broncos defense continues to carry the stunningly dreadful offense though with injuries starting to mount and the margin of victory becoming more and more narrow as the weeks pass, Denver's got to be the most unreliable unbeaten team in recent memory.
8. Panthers - Carolina's stunning undefeated streak continues as Cam Newton drug the Panthers to victory once again. Though it was technically against another team with a losing record, beating the Seahawks in Seattle is a rare feat. Especially when it comes at the expense of a defensive miscommunication between Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman. Newton has to be a strong candidate for MVP at this point with the way he's leading this less than stellar cast of miscreants to only their second 5-0 start in franchise history. The team may not be Superbowl bound but they're at lot more viable than I think anyone was willing to admit at the start of the season.
9. Jets - In a showdown between interception happy white backups, Ryan Fitzpatrick and the New York offense exploded in the second half while Kirk Cousins did what Kirk Cousins usually does - throw interceptions. The Jets defense took Alfred Morris out of the game and forced Cousins to lead the offense, something he's clearly not capable of. Meanwhile, the Jets continued to lean heavily on their running game as Chris Ivory gouged the Redskins on his way to becoming the league's leading rusher. New York's off to their first 4-1 start since 2010 but they still haven't beaten anyone as noteworthy as their next opponent - The New England Patriots.
10. Cowboys - Dallas looks to re-evaluate their Romo & Dez free offensive strategy in the bye week, as they’ll take on a Giants team that for the large part outplayed them in the opener despite coughing up the lead in the last seconds of the game. The Giants currently sit tied atop the NFC East and if Dallas is going to prove they still have a shot at this thing, they need to break this 3 game losing streak with a breakout performance from Matt Cassell.
11. Vikings - In an incredibly ugly game, the Vikings simply outlasted the Chiefs who looked paralyzed on offense without Jamaal Charles. Though Minnesota's offense wasn't a whole lot better with Adrian Peterson continuing to struggle against solid defenses and Bridgewater still not taking the step forward we all expected from him. It's the Vikings' defense that continues to win them games, holding KC to just 50 yards of offense in the first half, but only capitalizing with 10 points. Bridgewater's new found target in Stefon Diggs does show signs for optimism, let's just hope he can find some consistency.
12. Eagles - Just like that and the Eagles are sitting atop the NFC East. Take it with a grain of salt though, this “revolutionary” offense still looks lost without any go to receivers and DeMarco Murray finally had his first 100 yard game after struggling without the help of Dallas’ beefy offensive line. It’s the defense that’s stepped up and help Philly turn things around, bringing pressure on Eli all night long. The Eagles’ success may be momentary but if their big offseason acquisitions in Bradford and Murray can show signs of improvement, the supporting cast is ready to keep this team at the top - instead of just playing placeholder until Dallas is healthy.
13. Giants - New York’s hasn’t finished over .500 within their division for the last 5 years and a huge part of that is that they never found a suitable replacement for Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. Rashad Jennings coughed up another fumble and Eli was hung out to dry without a healthy Odelle Beckham to bail him out. It was an overall ugly game with 7 combined turnovers and 21 penalties, leaving a lot to be desired from both teams looking to take the NFC East crown from Dallas and at this point, I don’t think either will keep the Cowboys from rising up once Dez and Romo return.
14. Bills - The banged up Bills were in no shape to keep up with the Bengals on Sunday. Dropping their third straight home game, Buffalo got torched in the second half as their winded defense was left out on the field way too long thanks to their inept offense without Tyrod Taylor or Sammy Watkins. Traveling to London next week to play the Jags, I can't imagine the team looking any more rested even against the league's worst team. Especially if they have to rely on EJ Manuel at quarterback again.
15. Rams - Due to injury, St.Louis looks to shuffle their offensive line in the bye week and hopefully instill a little more confidence in Nick Foles after his 4 interception debacle against the Packers last week. At 2-3 the Rams are still in the thick of things but outside of Gurley, their offense continues to hold back one of the best defensive units in the league. If Foles can offer up something close to what he did in Philly this team should have no problem snagging a wildcard birth but at this point, that doesn’t look likely.
16. Seahawks - Suffering their second consecutive heartbreaker and only their second home loss under Russell Wilson, the Seahawks look to be in real trouble. The defending two time NFC champs just don't seem to carry the same swagger on either side of the ball this season and with a loss Thursday night at the hands of the 49ers, the post season may already slide out of grasp. Nice to see Jimmy Graham showed up this week though.
17. Raiders - Oakland lost a heartbreaker last week and look to have also lost Justin Tuck for the remainder of the season in the process. Oakland’s incredibly close to being a real contender in the West but they’ve left some very winnable games out on the field in the first 6 weeks of their season. They’re going to have to learn how to close out games if their going to keep up with the rest of their highly contested division.
18. Chargers - San Diego's become completely reliant on their superstar quarterback to win games and despite his record 65 attempts for 503 yards, he came up one touchdown short of taking the Packers into overtime at Lambou. With the game on the line in the final seconds, San Diego shockingly decided to run the ball for some reason instead of giving Rivers 4 opportunities to punch the ball in to force overtime. Without Matthews, the running game has struggled to find consistency under rookie Melvin Gordon and the defense seems to have completely unraveled. Rivers is a phenom but he can't carry this team on his own any longer.
19. Saints - Six weeks into the season it looks like Drew Brees is finally figuring out who’s going to step up in the passing game to replace Jimmy Graham. And I’m not just talking about Ben Watson’s monster night, Willie Snead had another huge game receiving as well. But the biggest surprise was the New Orleans pass rush, racking up 5 sacks on Matt Ryan, 3 alone coming from Cam Jordan. The Saints owned the line of scrimmage all night long, forcing 3 fumbles in the game as well. This isn’t your typical Drew Brees carried Saints team. The declining quarterback is forcing them to find new ways to win and it looks like they may finally be ironing this thing out.
20. Browns - Cleveland had plenty of opportunities to hand the Broncos their first loss of the season but at every turn, Josh McCown was there to disappoint. Despite playing well his previous two games and the majority of this one, McCown choked when the pressure was on, tossing an interception on what would have been the game winning drive in regulation and then getting sacked out of field goal range in overtime. The team may be one of the best bad teams in the league yet again but it seems like they'll never be able to get over the hump of beating good teams like Denver. Even when good teams play bad, somehow the Browns play worse.
21. Redskins - With injuries mounting, the Washington defense just couldn't keep up with Brandon Marshall and Chris Ivory in the second half. Especially with that Cousins guy throwing to the wrong team all the time and Alfred Morris held under 30 yards rushing. Washington's a lot better than we expected but they're still far from fixed, especially with all of their injury problems.
22. Colts - Chuck Pagano tried to match wits with Bill Belichick and showed everyone why Bill's the best coach in the league and Pagano isn't. The fake punt heard round the world put the final nail in Indy's coffin Sunday night, that played much closer than I think anyone outside of Indianapolis would have anticipated. Nevertheless, Andrew Luck still hasn't beaten the Patriots and the Colts are still only the best team in the league's worst division.
23. Dolphins - There wasn't anything more predictable than seeing Miami come out of their bye week with an interim head coach and dump all over the hapless Titans. The defense finally came to play as Cameron Wake racked up his first four sacks of the season and forced two fumbles, making up for his no show the first 4 games of the season. Same for Brent Grimes, who took a Mariota pick six to seal the game. But as good as the defense played, Ryan Tannehill still seems to have regressed, as the offense leaned almost entirely on Lamar Miller. The team looks better than they did under Philbin, but they still look like the weakest team in the AFC East.
24. 49ers - With so many personnel changes for both squads, it's hard to really call this a Superbowl rematch. Especially with each team only bringing with them 1 win a piece. But records be damned, Colin Kaepernick went out and torched the decimated Ravens defense for his best outing of the year and with Seattle struggling, the 9ers could still be in the divisional race with a head to head victory over the Seahawks Thursday night.
25. Ravens - The lone surviving Harbaugh of the Har-bowl took it on the chin Sunday as his team made countless mistakes against the 49ers this week. Still somehow, they had a chance to win in the closing seconds of the game, though the hail marry fell incomplete in the end zone to end Joe Flacco's abysmal day. Plagued by drops and interceptions, the passing game just doesn't look the same and neither has Joe Flacco since he won his Superbowl trophy. The quarterback seems to be sinking his team single-handedly with the massive contract he received as a result of his championship run as the defense and receiving corps continues to erode as a direct result of Baltimore's financial restraints.
26. Lions - The Lions got their first win of the season on Sunday so of course Calvin Johnson returned to his old self and of course their were a ton of controversial calls along the way. But really what made the difference was that Matt Stafford finally got a bad enough defense to boost his confidence in just tossing up hail marry's to Calvin Johnson. Stafford's 400 yard day says more about the Bears defense than the Lions offense finally finding it's way but at least they don't have to worry about becoming the first team in NFL history to go winless TWICE.
27. Bears - Chicago's offense looks to have finally figured things out with Cutler back behind center. Sadly, their defense is still one of the worst in the league. After being benched just a week ago, Stafford ruined the Bears secondary with 400 yards and an overtime bomb to Calvin Johnson that all but sealed Chicago's fate. And while the offense looks much improved, they're going to have to put up a hell of a lot of points to make up for what their defense is going to give up.
28. Chiefs - Kansas City's offense looked absolutely helpless without Jamaal Charles in the backfield. They played a pitiful game and still thanks to their defense stifling Adrian Peterson, had a chance to win if not for a late fumble on a potentially game tying drive. Reid has to find a new way to move the ball without Charles and if he truly doesn't trust Alex Smith that much, sitting at 1-5 maybe it's time to take a chance on Chase Daniel?
29. Texans - Hoyer looks like the clear decision to start in Houston and I was kind of puzzled as to why he wasn't the starter from the beginning? Though they'll struggle to beat anyone outside of Jacksonville if Arian Foster can't return to form eventually.
30. Titans - The Titans' offense has a hell of a lot of work to do. Mariotta has shown glimpses of promise but he was absolutely eaten alive against the reinvigorated Dolphins defense on Sunday. The team never replaced Chris Johnson after cutting him and without a run game, the team's offense has been amongst the worst in the league. And if Mariotta's injury is serious, the team truly has no shot on offense.
31. Buccaneers - Tampa Bay hasn’t necessarily been the sleeper pick some made them out to be through their first five games but they’re much more competitive than last year, even with Winston’s rookie mistakes. Doug Martin seems to have returned to his 2012 self to help stabilize the offense but it’s the defense coughing up 30+ to meager offenses like Carolina, Jacksonville and Tennessee that really holds this team in the basement of the second worst division in football. Outside of Gerald McCoy, the defense is atrocious and if Lovie Smith can’t get it fixed soon, he might find himself looking for a new job.
32. Jaguars - Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville offense continues to struggle behind this atrocious offensive line and with an 8-30 record through his three years in Jacksonville, Gus Bradley may be the next Florida coach not to finish out the season. Hell if the Buccs keep on the pace they've set thus far, Florida may be 3/3 on midseason firings. Who else forgot Julius Thomas went to the Jags?
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Man, so many of my 31 days of Halloween picks have been turds this year. Starting to think I've run the horror well dry.
timmyd at 12:56 AM Oct 14

never. keep at it .

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Week 5 Power Rankings

1. Cardinals - Arizona put up another blow out on Sunday, this time wreaking havoc on Matt Stafford and essentially sending him to the bench with 3 more interceptions for this phenomenal pass defense. They're still the most lethal and balanced team in the league and now they've got a 2 game lead in the NFC West. Arizona's going to be dangerous come playoff time, so don't write this team off as the laughing stock Ryan Lindley turned them into at the end of last year.
2. Patriots - It wasn't as easy as the scoreboard might suggest but the Patriots remain unbeaten after their trip to Dallas. Brady faced a lot of pressure from the return of Relondo McClain and Greg Hardy but ultimately, without Romo the Cowboys just couldn't keep up with New England. The Pats look destined for another year atop the AFC elite with not a whole lot standing in their path to another Superbowl. I wonder shady ass scandal will arise this time?
3. Falcons - Atlanta is the first team in NFL history to start 5-0, trailing in the fourth quarter of four of the games. DeVonta Freeman continues to explode out of the backfield for the Falcons, giving them a presence in the backfield they haven't had since Michael Turner. And after coughing up a huge pass interference penalty that kept Washington in the game, Robert Alford caught the pick six in overtime that kept the Falcons undefeated. A huge win for this team that shows the have the perseverance and intensity to win by any means necessary.
4. Packers - Even with Aaron Rogers throwing his first two interceptions at home in some 490 attempts and giving up a fumble to the relentless Rams defense, Green Bay's defense wreaked even more havoc on Nick Foles to keep the Packers unbeaten. Green Bay's got a hell of a lot of potential, especially if Ha Ha Clinton Dix continues to shore up what used to be their weak spot in the secondary.
5. Bengals - Overcoming a 17 point defect at home, the Bengals rallied behind the ever-improving Andy Dalton and his new best bud Tyler Eiffert to stun the Seahawks with a comeback victory in overtime. Cinci looked defeated in the third quarter but after they finally abandoned the run and put the game in Dalton's hands, the offense broke loose and tightened things up for a hurry. This is kind of huge statement win a team like Cinci needs to set itself apart from the Bengals teams we've seen in the past and I'm starting to drink the kool-aid. This team looks different and may finally be ready to take that next step in the postseason.
6. Broncos - Denver continues to ride entirely on their defense as Peyton's struggles kept him without a touchdown and relying on a fourth quarter pick six to limp past a 10-9 lead for the Raiders. Peyton's got more interceptions than touchdowns for the first time since his rookie year and it's hard to imagine how much more he'll regress come January. Add that to the evaporation of the running game and this game is in serious trouble, especially if Ware is going to miss some time now with an injury.
7. Steelers - Even though it burned him last time, Mike Tomlin chose to make the gutsy play call instead of the safe one and this time it paid off. With 5 seconds left the Steelers could have kicked for another week in overtime but instead, they put the game in the hands of LeVeon Bell and he plowed into the end zone to seal the victory. Vick still looks pretty shaky but if he can at least win half his games until Big Ben recovers, I think this team should be poised as one of the most lethal wild card teams in the AFC. That is unless the Bengals somehow collapse entirely and the North is up for grabs in a month.
8. Giants - There's good reason to believe that this team should be sitting undefeated right now. And as bad as they finished their first two games of the season, the Giants capped Sunday night's win over San Francisco with one of the most clutch victories of Eli Manning's career. Revitalized behind the emergence of Odelle Beckham, this offense looks the best it has in Manning's tenure with the Giants and once Victor Cruz returns, it may be even more lethal. But with a leaky, banged up old defense I'm not sure they can hold off teams with an equally skilled quarterback.
9. Bills - Down 10 to the Titans in the second half, Buffalo pulled out all the stops to get the win without LeSean McCoy, Sammy Watkins, or Cierre Wood. Tyrod Taylor is far from perfect but he's elevating this offense past expectations and is starting to look very Cam Newton out there running and even catching passes this week.
10. Panthers - Technically undefeated, Carolina has yet to face a team with a winning record. And while Seattle is under .500, it'll easily be the best team this Panthers squad has faced all year. Newton's been remarkable in his one man pillage to drag the bloated Panthers corpse to an undefeated start but I doubt he'll be able to shoulder the weight of an embittered Seattle team coming off of an embarrassing loss in Cinci.
11. Cowboys - It's going to be a long 4 weeks waiting for Romo to return. Weedon played the worst of his 3 games starting for Dallas and I wouldn't be surprised if rumblings for Matt Cassell start to arise. The Cowboys' defense still played pretty well, sacking Brady 5 times before the game got away from them in the second half. I still contest this team is most likely to win the NFC East, I just figured they'd win at least 1 game without Dez or Romo to do so. Now I'm not so sure.
12. Seahawks - Seattle's a team that's been known for the way they close out games. Hell just look back at last week's (semi-controversial) ending against the Lions. But the way they finished this week against the Bengals is going to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. It matches the biggest collapse in franchise history for the Seahawks and shows this pass defense isn't as impenetrable as it once was. The team continues to underachieve against upper tier talent and doesn't appear fit to defend the NFC crown they've had bestowed upon them the last two seasons. They're incredibly average and anchoring themselves with a hefty Russell Wilson contract may be the start of the decline for this once great team.
13. Vikings - The young and feisty Minnesota defense got even younger in the bye, shipping Gerald Hodges to San Francisco in favor of rookie Erick Kendricks as their new starting middle linebacker. The defense has continued to improve under the guidance of Zimmer and should create some huge problems for a Jamaal Charles-less Chiefs team after their bye week. The offensive line will have a tough task ahead as well though, keeping Bridgewater off his back for once against a fierce KC pass rush.
14. Jets - With New York getting a lot of their injured players back after the bye week, it should be incredibly interesting to see them matched up against a similarly built team in Washington. Both run first offenses with mistake prone quarterbacks and lethal defensive units, I think a lot of Jets fans will be watching to see if Fitzpatrick can outplay Cousins after a rocky start and fend off any questions about the return of Geno Smith.
15. Rams - Todd Gurley had another massive game for the Rams but Nick Foles literally threw it all away with his career worst, 4 interception performance. Almost as inaccurate though, Greg Zuerlein went 1/4 on very makable field goals as the team failed to capitalize on Packer turnovers forced by the impeccable defense. St.Louis feels like they've been on the cusp for so long now but it doesn't look like Foles is going to be the one to get them over the hump and solidify the offense.
16. Eagles - As underwelming as the Eagles have been this season, they finally met up with someone in a more fierce decline than themselves. Philly's defense looked like world beaters up against that horrendous New Orleans o-line as Drew Brees coughed up 3 turnovers forced by the Eagles pass rush. Bradford even played his best game of the season, despite two early redzone interceptions, and DeMarco Murray nearly doubled his season total for rushing yards. I'm not saying this team is fixed by any means but with the NFC East still wide open, it might not be too late for the Eagles to make a run at this thing.
17. Raiders - With a chance to hand Denver their first loss of the season and climb back above .500, the tenacious Denver defense picked off Derek Carr for the game winning interception. Oakland's very close to turning things around but relying that heavily on Carr is still going to lead to some inconsistent results. They've got to establish a better run game, which seems implausible given the cast of washed up backs they've accumulated.
18. Chargers - Throwing his third pick six of the season, Phillip Rivers has turned the ball over in 10 of his last 11 games. And although he did more than enough to beat the Steelers on Monday night, his defense continues to force him into playing from behind week after week. The team gave up huge plays in the second half that let Pittsburgh back in the game after doing not much of anything in the first half. And although this was technically a home game, with all of the terrible towels waiving in the stands it feels like the Chargers have already left for L.A.
19. Redskins - Of course with the game on the line Kirk Cousins tossed a pass to the opposition, virtually losing the game single-handedly with another vintage Cousins moment in a career plagued with turnovers. Washington's defense kept Matt Ryan out of the endzone and held Julio Jones to just 60 yards but it still didn't matter when the game was in Cousins' mistake plagued hands. Washington's got the NFC East within reach but they've got to see more growth from their struggling quarterback if they're ever going to climb out from the shadow cast upon them by their benched savior in RG3.
20. Browns - The last time the Browns won in Baltimore was 2007. I wonder if Johnny Manziel even had a driver's license then? Meanwhile, their other quarterback (the one who actually plays) broke the franchise record for passing yards with 457 and became the first Cleveland Brown to throw for over 300 yards in 3 consecutive games. Granted it was against some piss poor pass defenses in Oakland, San Diego and Baltimore but still I don't think anybody saw McCown coming in and doing this with the offense, especially after last year in Tampa.
21. Colts - Indy's batch of over the hill veterans mustered up just enough to fend of the Texans Thursday night and that's basically a perfect snap shot of the Colts this season. Nothing remarkable, but barely better than the rest of their embarrassingly soft division. I wonder if Luck has another bad game if Colts fans will be stupid enough to start clamoring for Hasselbeck to start?
22. Ravens - Just because the Ravens finally got a win over the only team more decimated with injury than they are, don't think Baltimore's struggles are over. Without Steve Smith, this passing game looks helpless and the defense has looked absolutely lost out there without Terrell Suggs. I mean, great for Josh McCown and everything but I think his 400 yard game says more about the Ravens' inabilities than his abilities.
23. Saints - With the enormous pressure bearing down on Drew Brees every week, I think it's fairly easy to see why the team was so eager to send Jimmy Graham off to Seattle in return for a Pro Bowl center. But even that isn't enough to keep Brees off his back and turning the ball over. The dude is constantly under fire and while he hasn't looked like the same quarterback we're used to seeing, I don't think this is a case of physical ability in decline like we're seeing with Peyton. This is a dude who's been carrying his offense for far too long and without support from his line is getting hung out to dry. Not to mention that laughable Rob Ryan defense forcing them to ALWAYS play from behind.
24. 49ers - Colin Kaepernick started to look a little more like the guy we saw beat up on the Vikings in the season opener Sunday night. Sadly, his opposition looked like the clutch two time Superbowl champion, playing his best football when the stakes are highest. Regardless, San Fran played their best football since week 1. Sadly I just don't think their celling is much higher than this.
25. Bears - Without 3 starting offensive lineman, Eddie Royal and Alshon Jeffries; Jay Cutler still managed to prove himself worthy of Chicago's support. At least this week. Under constant pressure from the Chiefs pass rush, Cutler made great decisions when it counted most, included the game winning pitch to Matt Forte to seal their comeback victory. I wish guys would get off Cutler's back already, the dude's still the best quarterback the Bears have ever had so lighten up.
26. Chiefs - It was like the game ended when Jamaal Charles left the game. Blowing a 17-3 lead over the struggling Bears, the Chiefs were held scoreless in the second half by one of the worst defenses in the league as Chicago rallied for a comeback. And with Jamaal Charles' season likely over, it looks like the Chiefs can pretty much count on their season being over as well.
27. Lions - Detroit's off to their worst start since going 0-16 and Matt Stafford spent the end of Sunday's game watching from the bench after being pulled for his third interception. Ironically enough, the backup is the same one that played the majority of those 16 losses, running out of the back of the endzone for one of the funniest safeties in football history. Sorry Orlovsky, you're never living that one down. Detroit's the only winless team in the league and until Stafford can get things straightened out, I don't see them doing much winning relying on their Suh-free defense.
28. Dolphins - Let's be honest, the Dolphins should have ditched Philbin after he failed to get this team into the playoffs last year. Now, they've essentially wasted this season as well, bringing in a tight end coach as the interim and hoping for Sean Peyton to be swooned out of New Orleans. Yeah right. The offense still can't score and somehow the defense is worse after adding Suh in what's starting to look like a signing of Albert Haynesworth proportions. The problem starts at the top with Miami and all of their consultants and taskforces that leave everyone confused on who's really got the final say.
29. Titans - The Titans blew a late double digit lead over the Bills thanks entirely to their dreadful defense. Mariota has shown glimpses of promise but this team is far from "rebuilt" even if their offense isn't as inept as the Titans we've seen the last several years.
30. Texans - Arian Foster has still yet to make an impact and the team still seems to be struggling to settle on a starting quarterback, so it's no shock the offense continues to struggle even against pedestrian defenses like Indianapolis'. I don't know why the team ever committed to Mallet in the first place but it's too late to saddle up to Hoyer at this point, the season's already lost.
31. Buccaneers - Spanning two calendar years, Tampa Bay finally ended their 11 game losing streak in their own stadium. And what do you know, Jameis Winston played his first turnover free game of his career! Largely in part due to the fact that they finally remembered Doug Martin is in their backfield. Also in part due to the fact that they were playing the Jags. They really can't keep all three of these miserable franchises in Florida, can they? Leave the Raiders, Chargers and Rams where there at and drop one of these turds in L.A.
32. Jaguars - Blake Bortles had another huge game passing but yet again, it couldn't culminate in a victory for the hapless Jags. Bortles was sacked six times by a Buccs defense that doesn't sack anybody, as the Jacksonville o-line continues to hinder the team's success even more than the defense does. Hopefully this team has as much patience with the growth of their quarterback as they've shown with their head coach.
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The Green Inferno


Directed by: Eli Roth
Written by: Eli Roth
Cast: Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Sky Ferreira
Studio: Worldview Entertainment
Genre: Horror
Official Site:
Plot: A group of college protestors set out to the Amazon and are taken prisoner by a group of Cannibals.


I really wanted to like this movie. Eli Roth hasn't directed a film since the criminally underrated Hostel Part 2 in 2007 and his Cannibal Holocost homage has been circling development hell for what feels like an eternity. Finally seeing the finished product, I'm running out of ammunition trying to defend Eli Roth...[more]...

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Directed by: Lewis Teague
Written by: Don Carlos Dunaway, Lauren Currier
Cast: Dee Wallace, Danny Pintauro, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Christopher Stone
Studio: Warner Bros.
Genre: Horror
Official Site:
Plot: A rabid Saint Bernard traps a woman and her child in a car for a bit.


Stephen King's somewhat of a horror icon. Everyone knows the name and everyone knows what he does. Cujo's another one of those names, synonymous with horror and really aggressive killer dogs. And although King's work has made for some landmark horror films, Cujo aint one of 'em...[more]...

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Where's Devon Sawa?
XSsoCX at 04:47 PM Oct 06

He's in the " SLC Punk!" sequel "Punk's Dead" that came out earlier this year. I still haven't seen it. Also this year he's in something called "Life on the Line" and "The Exorcism of Molly Hartley".

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