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Seriously though, if that DC schedule is played out in full my comic book fatigue might just drive me away from movies all together. Far too many great resources are being used up on C level entertainment.
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Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 4 days ago

Ranking David Fincher

1. Fight Club - 9.5/10
2. Se7en - 9/10
3. Social Network - 8.5/10
4. Gone Girl - 8.5/10
5. The Game - 8/10
6. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - 8/10
7. Alien 3 - 8/10
8. Zodiac - 7.5/10
9. Panic Room - 7.5/10
10. Curious Case of Benjamen Button - 6.5/10
YoshioKun13 at 04:08 PM Oct 22

FIGHT CLUB is the best

Kevin Smith fan posted a BLOG item 4 days ago

THE CLONE WARS EPISODE XLVIII: Frankenweenie v.s. Hotel Transylvania v.s. ParaNorman


When you stop and look at the landscape of kid friendly Halloween films, there really isn't much there. The line between way too cutesy and way too intense is hard to toe. Stuff like Gremlins, Beetlejuice, and The Monster Squad were perfectly digestible for me as a kid but in today's hyper sensative and overly politcally correct culture, stuff like that isn't labeled "kid friendly" anymore. And in 2012 we recieved a trio of Halloween themed animated flicks within about 40 days to fill that void. But who came out on top? Let the voting begin!


I love Adam Sandler. Okay loved. But I'm willing to forgive him if he can cut shit like this out of his resume. Hotel Transylvania's his most offensively bad voice to date. It's cringe worthy. But then again, this is coming from someone who actually liked Little Nicky and didn't hate That's My Boy, so maybe I just finally found my flavor of Sandler disdain. But yeah, his voice poisons the entire film for me. Sorry Samberg, you hitched your wagon to the Sandler train a little too late.

-1 HT

There was quite a stellar cast behind the voices in Paranorman, including our title character, whom I really didn't care for in both his leading roles for live action flicks in Where the Wild Things Are and The Road. He brings a great deal of empathy to a character that could have easily been written off as a morbid horror junkie and instead turns him into a misunderstood kid who happens to hang out with dead people.

+1 PN

But I think the edge here has to go to Frankenweenie. The voice talent is an oddball group of Tim Burton regulars and unknowns that blend together perfectly and do a great job of not sounding exactly like themselves, which is a huge pet peeve of mine when watching animated flicks with well known celebrity voices. And Martin Short, who I usually can't stand, seems to be such a great choice for voice work that it struck me as odd that we haven't seen him do this kind of thing before.

+2 FW


If you can sift through all the banal attempts at humor, Hotel Transylvania's story really isn't that bad for a kid's movie. Have to give it credit here, even if nowhere else.

+1 HT

Frankenweenie is a much more universally appealing story however. Burton dives into the creative process and perhaps shows the world the mad professor he's become, resurrecting one of his very first projects into a feature length that doesn't over stay it's welcome. On the surface it's a great story of a kid and his dog but underneath it's about a boy discovering his talents and passions and using them for good.

+2 FW

But ParaNorman really knocked it out of the park with it's storyline that drills down to the very core of fear itself. Underneath all the witches, zombies, and conversing with corpses - ParaNorman is a very human story that all ages can identify with. This is where ParaNorman elevates from a good kids' movie, to a good movie.

+3 PN


The look and feel of Laika's unique animation is unmistakable. It's dark and cryptic and very human. And in a world of animation dominated by computer graphics and prestine visuals, seeing this style of film endure is fantastic. And their films are really suitable for all ages. I know a lot of kids' films throw that out there but ParaNorman really is a film that I think everyone can enjoy. Hotel Transylvania on the other hand, is an example of a kids movie aimed exclusively at kids. There's too much time wasted on immature gags that only kids will laugh at, despite a story that could find an older audience relating.

And Frankenweenie's biggest flaw for me was the choice to make it in black and white. I know that was how the initial short film was done but I really didn't see any advantage to retaining that aspect. And I'm sure that was a huge part of what scared audiences away. This was a pretty heavily marketed film for Disney and wound up being a box office dissapointment while Hotel Transylvania's light and modern looking cartoons dominated, at least financially.

+1 PN


In terms of laughs, I feel like ParaNorman definitely had the most for kids and adults. Frankenweenie's humor was very Burton-esque and flew over most kids' heads while Hotel Transylvania pandered way too much to the younger audience. ParaNorman nails the mix perfectly.

+1 PN

I know a lot of people were rubbed the wrong way by some of the adult themes in ParaNorman but if you're a kid of the 80's/90's like me, you probably grew up watching stuff like Gremlins and Beetlejuice way before you understood all of what was going on, so that stuff doesn't really bother me. I guess the most universally appealing though would have to be Frankenweenie. It's got a lot of charm, dark Tim Burton humour, and great Halloween atmosphere. So if you're a little more conservative, I suppose the most appealing would be Frankenweenie.

+1 FW

But I think ParaNorman nails the all encompassing feeling of Halloween best of all three of these films. Halloween is a holiday for kids and ParaNorman is a film that takes you back to that feeling of being a kid. It has nods to everyting horror - ghosts, witches, zombies, B movies, slashers, EVERYTHING! Truly a great film and definitely a go to for kid friendly Halloween flicks.

+1 PN



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Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 4 days ago

Week 7 Power Rankings

1. Cowboys - Dallas wasn't nearly as impressive in their win over New York this week but they still showed us why they should be considered the most balanced team in the league. DeMarco Murray continues his tear of 100+ yard games while Romo shows more poise in the pocket than we've ever seen from him behind this remarkable offensive line. And some how the defense looks more vicious without Shaun Lee or DeMarcus Ware? This team seems to defy logic but it appears the Cowboys have finally shored up their weak spots after years of criticism for their dreadful o-line and inconsistent play calling. The Cowboys aren't far and away the best team in the league but they've certainly separated themselves in the early goings as the most complete team thus far.
2. Broncos - What I thought was going to be the best game of the week, turned into a one sided Peyton Manning love fest. And honestly, the record breaking touchdown didn't even look like a touchdown to me. But then you'd have to retract the huge stadium wide announcement, horse charging onto the field with the 509 flag, etc, etc. He didn't get both feet down but whatever. He would have gotten it later in the game anyways. Denver's offense looks better each coming week and with the emergence of Ronny Hillman in the running game, they may be an even more dangerous team than last year. Especially with that defense holding the 9ers to just 17 points.
3. Colts - Even without a decent running game, the Colts have the league's #1 offense by far. And Andrew Luck didn't let up any hosting the Bengals as Indy dominated Cincinnati 27-0 on Sunday. The shutout couldn't have been possible though without the tenacious play of their defense, who held the Bengals to 0 first downs on their first 8 possessions. Pagano has this defense looking nasty in the past couple of weeks and with Luck putting up gigantic numbers like this, they could be hard to catch in any game.
4. Ravens - Baltimore might be the least talked about 1 loss team in the league right now, which is a bit of a head scratcher as the team's just a year removed from their Superbowl run and Joe Flacco is back to playing like Joe Flacco with steady run support. Forsett has to be the breakout player of the year thus far, giving this team consistency after seemingly being left for dead in the back field without Ray Rice and dismal output from Bernard Pierce. His production has given Flacco a lot more time in the pocket and adding a reliable check down target like Steve Smith to the receiving corps has helped immensely. Don't be surprised if John's the only Harbaugh whose team is pushing for another Superbowl appearance this January.
5. Eagles - On a bye this week, the Eagles are still neck and neck with the Cowboys for first place in the NFC East. And if LeSean McCoy and the battered and bruised offensive line can get healthy in the downtime, they may be the only offense in the NFC on par with Dallas.
6. Chargers - The San Diego offense couldn't pull away from the Chiefs this time as they had only their defense to rely on in the closing seconds of Sunday's loss to Kansas City. And lets just say, the defense is nowhere near as prolific as the offense is. San Diego gave up way too many plays in the middle of the field, where Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles seemed to focus on picking them apart all day long. Rivers is good but when you go up against a defense like Kansas City, your defense has to make a stand at some point. San Diego's doesn't look capable of that.
7. Cardinals - Arizona outlasted the Raiders in Carson Palmer's return to Oakland, the Cardinals took a commanding lead in the NFC West thanks to the Broncos and Rams. Well, beating the winless Raiders didn't hurt either. Andre Ellington continued with his breakout season by putting up 160 total yards, giving this Cardinals team a running game they haven't had in quite some time. Don't write the Cardinals off, this team is for real. Even if they eventual drop out of the top spot in the feisty NFC West, I expect this team to be a playoff contender for sure.
8. 49ers - I was really expecting a much better game between San Fran and Denver but I guess missing Navarro Bowman, Aldon Smith and Patrick Willis might be a bit much for the 9ers to have to make up for, especially against a guy in the midst of breaking the all-time passing touchdown record. But all injuries aside, there's been a sharp decline in performance from Frank Gore this year, who used to be as reliable as any back in the league. His yards per carry are way down this season and his output is sorely missed in the offense, who really can't be carried by Kaepernick alone.
9. Lions - Detroit's a different team this year. And not just because their buffoon of a head coach is gone but defensively they're much more sound. Glover Quinn has stepped up huge in the secondary and with the pass rush of Fairly and Suh, it's nearly impossible to pass on them. And now that Stafford is forced to find other receivers due to Megatron's injury, the offense looks much more consistent as well. Putting together a 13 point comeback the Lions pulled off a win they normally would have quit on. I think the NFC North may be Detroit's to lose at this point. Which was the case last year but I think their #1 ranked defense is better suited to hold off the competition now.
10. Seahawks - Even if Seattle had come up with the ball during the controversial dog-pile fumble at the end of the game, I really don't think the offense could have pushed the ball down field in time to come away with a victory. I just wish the play would have at least been reviewed so there wouldn't be this looming question hanging over one of the best games of the weekend. Seattle's got real problems on both sides of the ball, most noticeable is their abandonment of Marshawn Lynch. He doesn't seem to be getting the touches he deserves and the offense has been struggling as a result, running plays too cute to make it out of the backfield the majority of the time.
11. Packers - Randall Cobb finally broke out of his slump this week, contributing 121 receiving yards in Green Bay's domination of Carolina. Rogers had an unbelievable game against a Panthers secondary that looks nowhere near the shutdown squad they were a year ago. Meanwhile, the Packers' offense is starting to look like they did back in Rogers' MVP campaign, he just doesn't have the defense to make this team a solid Superbowl contender.
12. Chiefs - San Diego's five game winning streak came screeching to a hault this week at home against the Chiefs as Alex Smith exposed the faults in the Chargers' defense seemingly all day long. But getting help from Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles surely doesn't hurt either. His closing drive to set up the game winning field goal looked absolutely perfect and leaves room for a third team once again in the AFC West playoff hunt. The Chiefs look just as viable as last year and if Smith can keep his turnovers down as he has lately, this team may not be done just yet.
13. Patriots - Talk about the ultimate redemption story. Chris Jones, the guy that gave the Jets a second chance at a game winning field goal that initially missed last season, came up huge with his block on another potential game winner Thursday night as the Patriots held off the surprisingly contentious Jets. New England's defense was dreadful holding off what's been a very pedestrian New York offense thus far in the season so this wasn't really a win that the Pats should feel good about. A 2 point win over a 1-5 team isn't anything to gloat about when you're struggling as much as the Patriots are.
14. Steelers - Pittsburgh’s got plenty of explosive players but apparently they’re only going to show up sporadically this season. Like the insane 74 seconds in the second quarter that allowed Pittsburgh to jump out to a big enough lead for the sloppy Houston offense to remain out of reach. With the Browns and Bengals both slowly unraveling, the Steelers’ playoff hopes aren’t dead quite yet. As long as Le’Veon Bell keep active in the play calling.
15. Bengals - Cinci couldn't really feel that good about ending their overtime game with the Panthers last week in a tie but it sure as hell had to feel better than this week. The Bengals were dominated, so much that the 27-0 final score doesn't really even do it justice. If you had any doubts about how crucial A.J. Green is to Andy Dalton's success, look no further than this game for all the evidence you need. And like Carolina, this team's defense seems to have regressed immensely, especially in their pass rush. With all four teams in the AFC North floating around .500, the Bengals need to fix things quick before they sink below the competition.
16. Panthers - Carolina's defense was humiliated this week as the Packers did virtually anything they wanted to against the slumping Panthers' d. Hey but at least we got some more quality time with Derek Anderson! But really though, do we have to let any of the NFC South teams into the playoffs this year, or can we just give an extra spot to the NFC West?
17. Bills - Kyle Orton overcame 4 turnovers to the rebuilt Vikings defense to come out with a last second touchdown pass to rookie standout Sammy Watkins to steal one away from Minnesota this week in Buffalo. The one point victory came at the expense of both CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson, who both left the game due to injuries, leaving Boobie Dixon as their only source for a ground game. However, the Bills defense continued to wreak havoc on Teddy Bridgewater, who's quickly becoming the most sacked quarterback in the league, holding the Peterson-less Vikings to a measlely 16 points. The Bills are still statistically in the AFC playoff race but without Spiller or Jackson, this offense is going to continue to struggle quite a bit. And you'll need more than 17 points to beat most teams outside of the bottom third of the league.
18. Saints - New Orleans stacked up a 13 point lead on the Lions until Detroit came charging back and sealed a comeback win off of a Drew Brees interception that lead to a game winning touchdown pass from Stafford. Brees can't do it all on his own anymore. The Saints should have been able to run this game out, provided they actually had a reliable running attack. Which they haven't since their Superbowl run back when Peyton was still a Colt. This team severely lacks balance and even though Carolina looks far from unbeatable atop the NFC South, New Orleans has to win games like these to remain viable in the hunt for the playoffs.
19. Bears - 7 weeks into the regular season and Chicago still hasn't won a home game. To quote Brandon Marshall, "That's unacceptable". And as much as I stick up for Jay Cutler, he's given me absolutely no reason to do so this year. Without steady production from Matt Forte, he's been a turnover machine. Even with arguably one of the best receiving corps in the league, this team's passing game is awful. And the only thing worse than their offense is the defense, who made Ryan Tannehill look like a superstar this week. I've been reluctant to give up on the Bears, especially when it's the Lions they have to catch in the division race, but I think this is where I jump off Chicago entirely. Losing to the Dolphins at home is ridiculous.
20. Texans - Houston were on track for a seemingly painless Monday night victory until two incredibly costly turnovers gave Pittsburgh the ball within the 10 yard line twice before the half ended in what was a 10 point Texans lead. The defense is good but still not good enough to carry this team on their own. Fitzpatrick is a place filler and until they can get a real starting qb, they’re not returning to the playoffs any time soon.
21. Browns - Just when we were all about to start feeling good about the Browns again, they go out and put up 6 points against the worst team in football, giving the Jaguars their first win of the season. The defense finally played pretty decent, picking off rookie Blake Bortles 3 times but it was their offense that couldn't capitalize. Cleveland's right back to the bottom of the AFC North after one of the most short lived Cinderella stories in recent memory.
22. Rams - St.Louis jumped out to another big early lead against a divisional rival this week. But this time, with a lot of help from their special teams, the Rams were able to hang on and stun the Superbowl champions. A punt return misdirection that defies all logic and a fake punt that went for an 18 yard pass helped St.Louis hang on to a lead Austin Davis helped build with his impressive first half performance, making easy work out of the Legion of Boom. The Rams clearly don't fear anybody, which makes them incredibly dangerous, no matter how sloppy their secondary seems to be playing. But with as much talent as the defensive side of the ball has, all they need is one play maker back there to solidify what should be one of the best defenses in the league.
23. Dolphins - The only thing more surprising than how Miami blew a completely winnable game at home against the Packers last week is how they dominated the Bears in Chicago this week. Tannehill looked like a man reborn out there against this struggling Chicago defense while the defense held a frustrated Jay Cutler to just 190 yards, a fumble and a pick after he torched the Falcons last week for 380. Miami's been momentarily contentious but I still don't look for this team to have any impact long term. Unless you count pushing Brandon Marshall into media meltdown mode with his "unacceptable" press conference and locker room tirade after the game.
24. Giants - New York looked much better this week against Dallas than they did against Philly, but ultimately it was another losing effort from the G-Men. Eli still looks lost without a consistent running game and the defense has completely lost its edge, especially in pass coverage. New York may not be as bad as the preseason or even early games this regular season suggested but they're still not up to par with the playoff contenders in this league.
25. Vikings - Bridgewater threw two incredibly costly interceptions in Minnesota's narrow loss to Buffalo, who they largely dominated for the majority of Sunday's game. Rookie Anthony Barr has been an absolute stud for the defense, leading the team in tackles and finally solidifying the middle of the field for the Vikings. There big problem was capitalizing on the four turnovers their defense forced, as the offense only accounted for a meager 16 points which was easily eclipsed even by a team without their two go-to options on offense. At least Minnesota seems to have found a steady replacement for AP in McKinnon. The same can't really be said for Bridgewater just yet, but I'm not ready to rule him out as a starter until the offensive line quits hanging him out to dry on a weekly basis.
26. Falcons - Atlanta's an absolute train wreck. Mike Smith should have been shown the door at the close of last year's disappointing season but now with a healthy Julio Jones, the guy's got no excuses. The defense is as bad as it's been in his entire run with the team and the running game hasn't been the same since Michael Turner left. And it's been this way in Atlanta for the past three seasons now, so why nothing has changed is beyond me.
27. Jets - Everyone was expecting another Thursday night blowout when the 1 win Jets were lined up to play the Patriots but for some reason, Rex seems to know how to compete with the NFC East super power. Even in a loss, the Jets impressed me much more than the Patriots did. But now that they've acquired a time bomb like Percy Harvin, I feel like the desperation and toxic atmosphere in that locker room might have just increased exponentially with every coming loss.
28. Buccaneers - Tampa's got the week off, which is probably a good thing, as the rest of the NFC South took on some pretty embarrassing losses. The Bucs clearly aren't a playoff caliber team but seeing the rest of their division so stagnant leaves a lot of room for hope for next year but a knee jerk firing of Lovie Smith this spring could undo all of that. Hopefully the Tampa front office has the foresight to keep him around and improve what's really holding this team back - the defense.
29. Redskins - Isn't there some really dated football saying about the backup quarterback being everyone's favorite player or something? Well now that Kirk Cousins isn't that guy in Washington after his atrocious 0-4 starting record for the Redskins, third string quarterback Colt McCoy came in at half time to get the job done against the helpless Titans, throwing a touchdown pass on his first play from scrimmage. But before you go out and trade all your RG3 swag for McCoy jerseys, know this - IT WAS THE TITANS. WE'VE BEEN THROUGH THIS KIND OF OVER-REACTIONARY RESPONSE TO A BACKUP QUARTERBACK BEFORE, REMEMBER? HE JUST GOT BENCHED AT HALFTIME THIS WEEK.
30. Titans - With Charlie Whitehurst and Bobby Sanky leading the hapless Tennessee offense, it's no surprise Colt McCoy came in and outscored the Titans in the second half of what had to be the most boring game of the weekend. At least in Jacksonville/Cleveland you got to see a winless team finally break their losing streak. Without turnover machine Kirk Cousins on the field, the Titans really didn't have anything to gain momentum with in the second half. This team's abysmal.
31. Jaguars - Even though Bortles threw 3 interceptions against the stout Cleveland defense, their defense came up huge holding the Browns to just 6 points and limiting Brian Hoyer to an eye popping 16/41 passing. It seemed all the momentum went with Jacksonville after they stopped the Browns on a head scratching 4th and 1 pass attempt late in the second quarter. Cleveland didn't seem to respect the Jaguars whatsoever and paid the price, giving the winless team their first victory of the season, in a surprisingly one sided game.
32. Raiders - Oakland remains the league's only winless team as their former quarterback came in and blew passed the hopeless Raiders this week. Carr didn't throw any picks to the relentless Cardinals defense, but he didn't throw any touchdowns either. It's sad when that's the most positive thing you can say about a team's performance.
Kevin Smith fan updated his STATUS: 9 days ago

Seriously though, if that DC schedule is played out in full my comic book fatigue might just drive me away from movies all together. Far too many great resources are being used up on C level entertainment.
XSsoCX at 06:33 PM Oct 16

I can't say I agree, but I respect your opinion. Like Cochise said, Superhero movies are there own (sub)genre, like dramas, comedies, action, etc, and with the money they make they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Derek237 at 09:25 PM Oct 16

There is a reversion in this genre, if you can call it a genre, that was once seeing levels of greatness. But Nolan's days are over and these movies are quickly becoming "just for kids" fare once more. Worse still we're expected to congratulate or be excited about these studios giving us a list of release dates with no insight to the stories or reasons to tell these stories. That's a big problem to me.

YoshioKun13 at 01:22 PM Oct 21


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Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 11 days ago

Week 6 Power Rankings

1. Cowboys - I really don't want this to look like a case of "You have to beat the best to be the best" or any other kind of overreaction to Sunday's win over the reigning Superbowl champions but at this point in the season, Dallas is clearly the best team in the league. After putting out one of the worst defensive efforts in league history just a year ago, this team has done a complete 180. And after years of battling through an atrocious offensive line, the pieces are finally in place that make them one of the best front lines in football. And I don't mean to toot my own horn here but I've been singing DeMarco Murray's praises for years now, begging for the Cowboys to give him a bigger role in the offense and now that the offensive line has improved, it seems they're finally ready to commit to a stable ground attack. Which has done wonders for Tony Romo, who used to have to carry this one dimensional team and now looks like the squad's weakest facet. And don't let the final score fool you, Dallas dominated every aspect of their win over Seattle, it wasn't nearly as close as the final score might lead you to believe. Dallas is for real, the only thing standing in their way now is the expectations they’ve set with this win.
2. Seahawks - Seattle had one last shot in a game they really had no business even competing in when Russell Wilson threw the game sealing interception that brought the Hawks out of first place in the NFC West. Seattle just couldn't contain the balanced onslaught of Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray and ultimately didn't have enough firepower themselves on offense to keep up. Seattle's got some flaws but I still think they're correctable enough that they'll be right in the thick of things come January. It's just not going to be as easy as they've made it look thus far.
3. Broncos - Denver had an incredibly ugly game on Sunday but luckily for them it was against the even uglier Jets. Geno Smith provided just enough inefficiencies for Denver to take advantage and escape from New York with a victory. Eric Dekker was looking to make the Broncos pay but his biggest game of the year still paled in comparison to Peyton's 506 touchdown landmark and Aqib Talib's game sealing pick six. The Broncos are dangerous but not nearly as dominant as they were last year.
4. Chargers - San Diego avoided the near upset this week, keeping the winless Raiders in the basement of the AFC West with yet another loss. But the big concern for San Diego should be that they gave up 4 touchdowns and 300+ yards to the flailing rookie quarterback Derek Carr. The defense has been much improved this year but sightings like this are proof that they still have quite a bit of work to do on that side of the ball.
5. Eagles - Philadelphia and New York talked smack all week long leading up to their division rivalry match up Sunday Night but what spoke the loudest was the Eagles overbearing victory, holding the rejuvenated Giants' offense to as many points as the Eagles have won Superbowls. Without a sustained running game, the Eagles defense rushed Eli all night long without anyone to bail him out of the pressure. LeSean McCoy also ran for one of his biggest game of the year reminding the G-Men of who the real leaders of the division are. After an atrocious 2013, is the NFC East back to being one of the best divisions in football?
6. Cardinals - Arizona looked much better this week with Carson Palmer returning as their quarterback and even better with Kirk Cousins as the opposing quarterback, throwing the game clinching pick six in the closing seconds of regulation while the Cardinals remain the only team in the league to avoid throwing an interception this season. Arizona now stands alone atop the rugged NFC West but they're in for an up hill battle trying to retain that position with the secondary already showing signs of fatigue.
7. 49ers - Winners of 3 straight, you’d never guess there was off the field turmoil with San Francisco based on their on the field performance. The team’s defense is playing very well in the absence of some of their best players and will only get better upon Willis & Co’s return. And if the Niners give up on Harbaugh after three consecutive NFC title appearances it’ll be the worst front office move since the Raiders ditched Gruden.
8. Patriots - Tom Brady's 22-2 in his career playing Buffalo and despite New England's recent slump, he wasn't about to let the Bills think for a second they're any closer to taking surpassing the Pats in the AFC East standings. Brandon LaFell finally had the kind of impact we were all expecting as Brady spread the ball all over the Bills secondary. However, the win did come at the cost of injuries to Jarod Mayo and Stephen Ridley.
9. Lions - Detroit's got the number one rated defense in the league (I still like Arizona and Seattle better) and they needed it to secure the win against the Vikings this week. After Minnesota gave up 42 to the Packers in last week's Thursday night bloodbath, Stafford and the Lions offense could only muster up 17 on the Vikings. Without Calvin Johnson, this team really looks lost offensively and Stafford's got pleanty of weapons at his disposal now, so why is it so hard for him to trust them? And what's with these Detroit kickers? Even Matt Prater went 1-2 in his return to Detroit this week.
10. Colts - Indianapolis started on pace for yet another Thursday night beatdown until the offense slipped into clock eating mode, which their offensive line and less than stellar game are ill-equiped to handle. This has been a common pattern for the Colts, as closing out games without a reliable running back has proven to be incredibly tough for this awful offensive line and Luck can only do so much. But the defense has been much improved over the past few games, even clinching this narrow win over Houston with a Fitzpatrick interception on what could have been a game stealing drive for the Texans, who forfeit first place in the AFC South solely to the Colts. Big surprise, right?
11. Ravens - Baltimore dismantled the seemingly refocused Buccaneers, as Joe Flacco threw for 5 first half touchdown passes. The dude's been on fire as of late and hasn't looked this good since their Superbowl run. Forsett has been a surprise in the backfield, providing some stable run game in Ray Rice's absence, though he'd seen a sharp decline in production anyways. The Ravens may be one of the AFC's sneaky good contenders that could get into the playoffs on a wildcard and end somebody's season quickly.
12. Bengals - Cinci blew a completely winnable game to the Panthers to settle for a tie, as their potential game winning field goal sliced wide right in the closing minutes of over time against Carolina. Cam Newton had his biggest rushing game of the year as he kept the Bengals defense on their toes and without A.J. Green, Andy Dalton just couldn't keep up. Even with a massive game from Giovani Bernard, the Bengals offense still couldn't outscore the Panthers, which is a major concern depending on how serious Green's injury is.
13. Panthers - Without DeAngello Williams, Carolina finally found some run support for Cam Newton. It just had to come from Cam Newton himself. The scrambling Superman kept the Bengals dominating defense guessing all game long and forced the game into an overtime tie after matching field goals and a missed game winner from Cinci. Carolina needs to do everything they can to stay in the playoff hunt with how scarce wildcard slots are shaping up to be in the increasingly deep NFC. Luckily for them their divisional depth seems to have dried up quite a bit this season.
14. Packers - Green Bay pulled out another last minute victory over an AFC bottom feeder, this week's victim being the Miami Dolphins. Rogers even had to resort to former Miami great Dan Marino's fake spike to seal the victory on the final drive of the game that set up the winning touchdown pass. Randal Cobb and Eddie Lacy's progression has been much slower than expected as the offense still seems to be entirely reliant on Aaron Rogers but against inferior opponents like the Dolphins, that's not really a bad thing.
15. Bears - Chicago finally had something to celebrate this week as Matt Forte and the rest of the Bears offense looked much better piling up on the Atlanta Falcons. But so did the Vikings. Chicago's still got some major issues pressuring the quarterback and protecting their own as Cutler continues to make some pretty sloppy plays under pressure (did anyone else see him try to throw with his left hand?). If this team is going to have to rely on their offense to win, I'm not ready to rely on this team much at all.
16. Chiefs - Kansas City has a bye this week watching the Broncos and Chargers continue to roll through opponents, even if it's not the most prestine performances of their respective seasons. The Chiefs definitely haven't experianced as sharp a drop in production as expected, despite what their record may tell you. But it's definitely going to be a struggle making it back into the playoffs with the Ravens eyeing their wildcard berth.
17. Browns - Cleveland beat up on the aging Pittsburgh stealers pretty handily this time around after nearly pulling off a huge comeback win in their first meeint. The Browns never gave the Steelers a chance as Hoyer the Destroyer ravaged the Steelers' sloppy secondary as the dog pound keeps their playoff hopes very much alive and Pittsburgh's very close to gone. I'm not sure why everyone was so quick to dump on Hoyer, he had this team on top of the division before his injury last year and he's clearly the best quarterback on the Browns' roster so why fight it? The dude's playing great football and if not for the Joe Flacco revival in Baltimore would probably be the best quarterback in his division. Yeah I said it. Stick that in your Rothlisberger and rape it.
18. Falcons - Atlanta's defense has been atrocious this season (at least against any team not from Tampa Bay). The Falcons haven't been able to stop anybody and gave the struggling Bears offense the boost of confidene they so desperately needed while Devin Hester stood on the sideline watching any chance of exacting revenge on his former team fly right past his eyes. The Falcons have suffered from their incredibly soft defense and lack of a run game for some time now and their unwillingness to address these issues are surely to lead them back into another year outside of the playoffs, no matter how many touchdowns Julio Jones racks up along the way.
19. Steelers - Pittsburgh nearly gave up a huge come from behind victory to Cleveland on opening day but had just enough to hold them off. In their rematch this week the Browns never gave the Steelers the chance to coast. The lousy Steelers offense couldn't move on the Cleveland defense and looked even worse trying to stop them. Pittsburgh's defense has been over the hill for quite some time and yet no one seems to be coming up the ranks to replace the veterans passed their prime. Did Tomlin just inheret the remains of what Cowher built and his inability to build with young players has just now caught up with him? I really like Tomlin so I hope not but it's kind of hard to argue against his lack in developing young defensive talent.
20. Texans - Houston showed a lot of heart out there Thursday night, battling their way back into a game most teams would have tapped out of after a 17-0 first quarter. Fitzpatrick has just enough talent to keep them in most games but he still lacks the poise to compose a game winning drive, which is exactly what the Texans needed to overcome their 5 point deficit in their final drive of the game. Instead, he threw yet another interception which clinched the Colts stance atop the AFC South and Houston's departure into second. Nice to see Arian Foster back at 100% though.
21. Bills - Hoping to push passed the struggling Patriots and take control of the AFC East, the Bills came up a little short as Brady and his band of misfit recievers put together enough offense to overcome the Buffalo defense. The Bills still aren't quite there in terms of being a real competitor in the East but with the right quarterback, they will be. I just don't think the right quarterback is on their current roster.
22. Saints - New Orleans had the week off as not a single one of their divisional opponents took home a W this week. Okay so Carolina escaped with a tie but none the less, New Orleans still has a shot at rising passed the rest of the underachieving NFC South. It's just not very likely at this point.
23. Giants - New York was feeling pretty good about themselves and their new offense. That is, until they met up with the Eagles on Sunday night. Eli Manning was under fire all night long and without Rashad Jennings to stabalize a steady running game, the offense looked as inept as it has all season, laying a big fat goose egg in the score column. Manning's really only been succesful when he has someone like Brandon Jacobs or Ahmad Bradshaw in the backfield for support and without Jennings, he's doomed to another season like last year.
24. Dolphins - The Dolphins looked to be back up to full strength and ready to stun the Packers until Aaron Rogers pulled out a 60 yard game winning drive full of fake spikes, 4th and 10 conversions and the final 5 yard touchdown pass that seemed to expose all the Miami miscues in one horrible display of defense. Miami’s got to get consistent play on either side of the ball and right now they have none.
25. Vikings - The Vikings did a great job of holding the Lions offense in check, they just couldn't muster any offense themselves to take advantage of it. Bridgewater had no time and no run support up against the vicious Detroit pass rush. But as good as Detroit's front four is, there's no denying the regression of first round draft pick Matt Kalil. He's let way too many defenders into the backfield these past two years after an impressive rookie season and needs to step up if the offense is going to have any luck moving the ball against any pass rush whatsoever.
26. Rams - St. Louis was lined up for a huge Monday night upset until the Niners defense held them to just one first down in the entire second half. The offense looked great in the first two quarters as Austin Davis spread the ball around to 8 different receivers racking up an early 14-0 lead that quickly withered away to a 31-17 final score after 3 straight Colin Kaepernick touchdown passes. As good as the defensive front is, the backfield needs improved production if they’re going to be this inconsistent on offense.
27. Buccaneers - If you thought Tampa’s blowout days had been benched along with their former starting quarterback you’re dead wrong. The Buccaneers’ biggest deficiencies are on the defensive side of the ball and if you didn’t know that going into Sunday, Joe Flacco made damn sure you know it now. The running committee of Doug Martin and Bobby Rainey were pretty ineffective moving on the stout Baltimore defense and when the score became that one-sided, the load was too heavy for Mike Glennon to lift on his own. Lovie’s got to get this defense together or he’ll be back in the unemployment line next summer.
28. Redskins - Kirk Cousins didn't look too bad this week but his game sealing pick six on the final drive of the game sure did. It's exactly why Cousins looks like a great game manager but not a game winner, no further proof needed than his 0-4 record starting in RG3’s absence. The team needs to find more ways to get DeSean Jackson involved in the offense because outside of Alfred Morris, their passing game is pretty stagnant. But it really doesn't matter what the offense does until the defense improves.
29. Jets - Despite dialing up some tough defense for Denver to overcome, New York couldn’t get out of their own way as Geno Smith finally blew it in the closing seconds of the game with an interception returned for a touchdown. Geno had been playing much better all game long, until he finally coughed up that fatal interception when it mattered most. I do think Geno is capable of starting in this league but with the weapons he has around him in New York right now, he’s not going to do much more than that.
30. Titans - What a riveting game this was! Division rivalry bloodbath as the 1-4 Titans eek out a 2 point win over the 0-5 Jags! Tennessee did a great job eliminating the Jaguar running game all together but Blake Bortles nearly mounted a comeback on his own, if not for a blocked potential game winning field goal on the last play of the game. We all know how bad the Jags are but I think this gives us a much better look at how bad the Titans are as well.
31. Raiders - Oakland had their best game of the year thus far but the end result was inevitably the same. The Raiders always play their fellow sunshine state rivals closely but I don’t think anyone expected them to keep up with the high powered San Diego offense the way they did. Tony Sporano seems like a decent enough coach but I m not sure he’s got enough ingenuity to keep this team winless.
32. Jaguars - Jacksonville nearly pulled off the comeback victory this week against their fellow AFC South basement feeders in the Tennessee Titans but a blocked game winning field goal on the final play of the game kept the Jaguars winless yet again. Jacksonville’s offensive line is easily the worst in the league, giving Blake Bortles no chance whatsoever to succeed. Which is a shame because the guy has shown some glimpses of promise.
RandomK1NG at 09:08 PM Oct 14

As a Cowboys fan I'm just waiting for their eventual implosion. Every year they find a way to shoot themselves in the foot, so I'm fully expecting it to happen again.

Kevin Smith fan posted a BLOG item 18 days ago

THE CLONE WARS EPISODE XLVII: The Purge v.s. The Purge:Anarchy


It's that time of year again and when it comes to sequels, remakes, ripoffs, and clones of all kinds; horror seems to dominate. The low cost in horror leaves a lot of room for profitability so even if the original film is only marginally successful, it's likely there will be a sequel. Thus is the case with this week's matchup, The Purge. After a huge opening weekend and sharp dropoff in the following weeks due to poor word of mouth, Universal shoved out a sequel in a little over 14 months to capitalize on the Purge's already closing window of popularity. But did the follow up really improve upon the underwhelming original? Let the voting begin!


I hate to be so dismissive as to say that the cast in a horror movie doesn't matter but let's put it this way- the cast in the Purge doesn't matter. Lena Heady really delivers the only memorable performance out of either movie so I suppose that gives the edge to the original. Ethan Hawke's involvement definitely sparked my interest when I saw the trailer but his role in the film is nothing special. But Adelaide Kane made for some great eye candy as the teenage daughter, so I guess that seals it.

+1 The Purge


The setup for the Purge is brilliant. As bad as both of these movies are, the concept alone is intriguing enough to warrant your attention for a whole film. Even if the first movie's plot dives off a cliff in the second half. Once the premise is established and the story turns into a typical home-invasion style slashers, all the pulse of this film flatlines entirely.

The second film makes the classic horror sequel mistake of showing too much of the mechanics behind the mystery. The original film had a great sense of claustrophobia, as you were trapped in with the family during the entire purge. But the sequel takes you out into the streets and exposes even more plotholes than the original did. It's way better to imagine the chaos erupting in the streets than to show some cheesy dirt bike gang with blank masks and some dingus driving around with a mini gun in the back of a box truck.

The mystery made the Purge scary, when there wasn't really much on screen to be scared of. The Purge Anarchy eliminates that mystery and evolves into more of an action/suspense-thriller, without a whole lot of action or suspense.

+1 The Purge


So James DeMonaco directed both of these flicks but I think he may have done a better job with his first effort. As I mentioned before, that eerie atmosphere established in the first film is nowhere to be found in the sequel. And since neither film really excells in pacing or originality so I guess we chalk this one up to the original as well.

+1 The Purge


Both of these movies were pretty underwhelming but at least the first one was engaging. For about half the film but half's still better than not at all. This one's pretty clear cut for me, the better film overall is the original. But that doesn't really mean that either of them are any good. But the core idea is good enough for me to give the upcoming third film a shot, just maybe with a new director...

+1 The Purge


The Purge

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Week 5 Power Rankings

1. Seahawks - If one thing's for certain this year in the NFL, it's that any team can win on any given Sunday. The bulk of the teams in the league are somewhere between B- & C+ while Seattle and Denver are riding high with honors. The Seahawks' one flaw seems to be their knack for getting penalties. Just ask Percy Harvin, who had three touchdown plays nullified Monday night due to flags on Seattle. Aside from the the refs, it doesn't look like much can slow the Seahawks down.
2. Broncos - Denver finally got their number one receiver going and it came against one of the best corners in the game. Antonio Cromartie was scorched for nearly 200 yards as Demaryus Thomas ran all over the storied Cardinals secondary, handing Arizona their first loss of the season. Peyton looked outstanding against one of the league’s best defenses and with a re-focused emphasis on their biggest playmaking receiver, this offense may be revving up to where they left off last season.
3. Chargers - San Diego appears to be the most lethal offense in the NFL this season. I can’t believe I’m saying that either but it’s true. Their balanced run/pass attack lead by the reborn Phillip Rivers is amongst the highest scoring offenses in the league and with their improvements on the defensive side of the ball, it’s no telling how far this team will go.
4. Cardinals - I know I said anyone could quarterback for the Cardinals and be successful (except Matt Leinart) but I didn’t know I was going to be held to that…Stanton did an okay job but once he went down and third stringer Logan Thomas came in, it was all over for the Cards. You can’t pin this all on the offense though, the typically unbeatable defense gave up 479 yards to Manning’s passing attack. I do think this team can bounce back, especially with a healthy Carson Palmer, but this was a stark reminder that you still can’t win in this league without a quarterback. At least not when you're up against a great one.
5. Eagles - There are 8 different ways to score a touchdown in the NFL and Philly’s needed 7 of them to pull out their close wins thus far this season. And with the way their defense is giving up yardage, their going to need to score anyway possible to keep up. Luckily, they usually can. McCoy finally got going in the running game this week and Foles continues to impress. But a team this one-dimensional is a dangerous bet, no matter how impressive their offense may be.
6. 49ers - The bruising 49ers defense outlasted the surging Chiefs offense as Alex Smith’s quest for redemption ended unceremoniously in San Fran interception that allowed Harbaugh to run out the clock on his former quarterback. The off the field stories of unrest in the locker room don’t seem to be coming out onto the field so as long as they can continue winning, I think this team will be just fine. That is until the real speculation starts in the offseason…
7. Patriots - New England may have been on the other end of a one sided beat down this week but don’t think that means their problems are all gone now. Cinci’s defense made it way too easy for Brady & Co. to march down the field at will and any other team with more than one go to receiver can still take advantage of the lousy Patriots secondary. They’re not totaled, but they’re still not quite fixed.
8. Bengals - You had to see this coming, didn’t you? New England never loses big in back to back games and Cinci never comes out on top in prime time opportunities. But I’m used to seeing the offense crumble in the spotlight, it was the defense that was the biggest surprise Sunday night. They made Tom Brady look like Tom Brady again and even worse, Steven Ridley look like the rookie Steven Ridley. Cinci can bitch and moan about critics overreacting to their prime time losses but winning a couple of these big games every once in a while might make it easier to defend you.
9. Colts - Andrew Luck is a one man wrecking crew and along with Phillip Rivers, should be the early choice for MVP. But this week we finally saw Indy’s defense step up and back some big plays. Finally taking on some competition outside of the toilet bowl of the AFC South, the Colts held the Ravens from completing a near comeback and limited the run game to next to nothing.
10. Lions - It’s a rare sight to see Jim Schwartz carried off the field in glory in Detroit, but on the opposing team is just absurd. After a ridiculous amount of missed field goals and injuries to Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson, it seems like Schwartz may be the big winner in their recent divorce. At least momentarily…
11. Cowboys - Dallas outlasted the stout Houston defense with an unbelievable catch from Dez Bryant that secured the go-ahead field goal win in overtime for the streaking Cowboys. Romo seems to be recovering much better than anticipated from his back surgery and now that the offense has finally utilized DeMarco Murray, this team looks as dangerous as they have in quite some time.
12. Ravens - Coughing up three turnovers and 4 sacks, the Ravens were virtually manhandled by the Colts this week, despite a close final score due to Baltimore’s own defensive efforts. Flacco’s inconsistencies continue to hinder this team and without stable run support, he seems utterly helpless. But there defense will likely give them a fighter’s chance regardless of how the offense plays.
13. Panthers - Greg Olson stuck it to his former team with a game winning grab that sealed the Panthers’ comeback victory this week. Newton’s clearly not 100% but his presence in the pocket has greatly improved and even though their speed in the backfield is down quite a bit, they’re still a threat when he’s on target.
14. Packers - Eddie Lacy finally had his first 100 yard game of the season (or his first game over 50 yards for that matter) in what's become a weekly blowout showcase on Thursday Night Football with this week's latest victim being the Minnesota Vikings. And while I do think the criticism of Thursday games might be a little over the top, as a selfish Vikings fan tired of seeing Christian Ponder even in a uniform, it would have been nice to see Bridgewater have a little more time to recover to face his new division rivals.
15. Chiefs - Kansas City has looked much better these past few weeks, even if it’s meant close losses to superior teams like San Francisco and Denver. While everyone seems to have written this team off before the season even started, I still think there’s a chance we see three teams from the AFC West make the playoffs yet again.
16. Falcons - Atlanta's been such an up and down squad, it's been really tough to figure them out so far. They're great at beating bad teams but when they're faced with a solid defense, they really can't get much going. And I'd hesitate to call the Giants' or Vikings' defense solid but at this point, it's definitely enough to slow down the dirty birds. This looks like another year of the same 'ol Falcons, carried as far as their wide recievers can take them.
17. Bears - Chicago’s past has always been marked by their defense but this year was supposed to be different. With a healthy Jay Cutler leading the receiving corps that got Josh McCown a fighting chance at the playoffs a year ago, this team was supposed to be an offensive juggernaut. But 5 games in and the teams’ offense has lost them more games than won. The turnovers are a real concern and unless Cutler and Forte can stop handing the ball over to the opposition soon, they could get left behind again in the competitive NFC North.
18. Steelers - Pittsburgh's finally getting some impressive play out of the defense but playing against that atrocious Jacksonville offensive line can do that for any team. What should be alarming to Steelers fans is that Big Ben's offense only hung 10 points on a team that everybody's had no problem piling up on thus far. Unless this team gets their offense firing on all cylinders, they could easily fall behind in the tight AFC Wildcard race.
19. Texans - Houston did a fairly decent job limiting the Cowboys but there’s just no defense that can stop the catch Dez Bryant made to clinch the win in Dallas. Arian Foster finally got going this week but the offense still looks incredibly limited but, they are lead by Ryan Fitzpatrick so 3-2 is a damn fine start to the season.
20. Bills - Buffalo took another NFC North contender by surprise this week as Kyle Orton lead the Bills to an upset win over the division leading Lions in Detroit. The team has a lot of talent all around the field but any opponent that doesn’t miss five field goals likely won’t have too hard a time outscoring Kyle Orton.
21. Giants - It seems that Eli Manning's finally figured out the new offense in New York. Or he's just finally learned to trust someone in the recieving corps besides Victor Cruz. And in his first game as a Giant, Odell Beckham Jr. has proved to be a worthy recipient of that trust. I'm just not sure I trust the offense working this well without Rashad Jennings holding things down in the running game, so hopefully his injury isn't long term.
22. Saints - Five weeks into the 2014 season and New Orleans has accumulated 2 wins in incredibly ugly fashion and lost their biggest offseason acuisition for the year. I'd say it's definitely time to hit the panic button when it takes an overtime rally to get past the Bucs. Never would have thought that the Saints' defense would regress as rapidly as the Cowboys' defense has improved this year.
23. Dolphins - Miami's got a bye this week and watching the rest of their AFC East competition it's easy to see their definitely not the best or worst team in this sloppy race. Second best or second worst, somewhere in the middle seems to be right where they're headed.
24. Browns - The cynics were incredibly quick to write off Brian Hoyer this preseason but I've liked what I've seen from the guy. He's not an all-pro talent but I still think he's their best chance to win and obviously so do the Browns. Completing the biggest road comeback in NFL history this weekend, this Cleveland team we all thought would be riding their defense has been an offense powerhouse as of late. Don't sleep on Cleveland just yet, the AFC North is pretty soft this year so I wouldn't be surprised for this team to remain in the mix as long as Pittsburgh and Baltimore keep underperforming.
25. Vikings - Fuck Christian Ponder. Seriously, this kid has been the bane of my (and Vikings fans everywhere's) existance for far too long, why is even on the team anymore? I'd give Josh Freeman another shot before I'd start this guy. Seriously, does he give the world's best blowjobs or what? Because even the commentators don't seem to grill this guy, always commenting on how he made it to the playoffs once (which not so coincidentally happened to be during Adrian Peterson's nearly-record breaking MVP campaign) instead. Meanwhile, Geno Smith is under fire for missing a meeting? I don't get it. Tony Romo questioned for going on a trip to Mexico with Jessica Simpson? Who wouldn't do that? Why does this guy get 4 years of get out of jail free cards with everybody?
26. Rams - Austin Davis thew another unbelievably high amount of yards (and touchdowns) in another losing effort for the Rams this week. I can’t see any scenario in which Sam Bradford returns to this team next year but if Davis’ impressive streak continues, they might want to keep this kid around to compete for the job next season.
27. Buccaneers - Tampa's definitely found new life in Mike Glennon but they're far from flawless. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. After holding New Orleans for most of the game, the Bucs coughed up an 18 yard go ahead run in overtime to clinch New Orleans' comeback victory. Glennon's good but he's not good enough to outscore guys like Drew Brees without a little more help from that awful interior defense.
28. Redskins - Cousins had a surprisingly clean game against Seattle but having DeSean Jackson account for over half of the entire team's offensive production certainly helped. Yet again, it was the Washington defense that came up short, allowing a game clinching drive down the field for Seattle after pulling within a touchdown. Cousins, Morris, and Jackson have built a solid core to this offense but the defense is still going to drop them to the bottom of the suddenly revitalized NFC East.
29. Titans - Charlie Whitehurst actually didn't look too bad against the Browns this week but the Titans' defense sure did. Allowing the biggest comeback by a road team in league history, the secondary was picked apart by the Josh Gordon-less Cleveland receiving corps and Tennessee had no response whatsoever offensively. The defense has to be improve with a squad this mediocre offensively, or they're already dead in the water.
30. Jets - It didn’t really look to matter who the quarterback was on Sunday for the Jets, Rex Ryan’s squad still seems to be lacking on the offensive side of the ball. I know it sounds like I’m kicking a dead horse but this guy has had some of the worst offensive units in football since his last AFC title appearance. I love the guy but it just doesn’t seem like Rex is cut out to handle both sides of the field.
31. Jaguars - The Jaguars are a train wreck. The offensive line cant hold off ANYONE and is making it impossible for this team to run or pass the ball effectively. Hanging with the Steelers for most of the game due to their defensive efforts, the Jags inevitably blew it with a late game pick six that clinched another winless start to the season.
32. Raiders - Can we stop the Gruden talk already? Every two years when the Raiders fire their coach the speculation begins again and I don't think there's anyway he's giving up a once a week job to go try and save a team as hopeless as Oakland. There have been far better opportunities each and every year that he's turned down, so there's no way he's coming in midseason to try and build something out of nothing just out of nostalgia for his old job, or spite towards the way Al Davis and the organization threw him under the bus during his departure.
JohnLocke2342 at 07:24 PM Oct 07

Dude the Cardinals at 4 is insanity, yeah they're balanced but they're nothing more than a 9 win football team - 10 at the very best.

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My 31 Days of Halloween

1. The Purge/The Purge 2
2. 1408/Cujo
3. Se7en/Gone Girl
4. Conjuring/Annabelle
5. Sweeney Todd
6. Prom Night 2/Prom Night 3
7. Teeth/Slither
8. Life Force/Event Horizon
9. The Amityville Horror (Remake)
10. Exorcist: The Beginning
11. The Hitcher (Original)
12. The Wicker Man (Original)
13. Tales From the Crypt (The Movie)
14. The Brood
15. Brotherhood of the Wolf
16. Child's Play/Child's Play 2
17. Frozen/Hatchet 2
18. The Sorcerer/Rampage
19. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
20. Dial M for Murder
21. Lifeboat/Rope
22. Summer of Sam/Zodiac
23. Alien Resurection/Alien v.s. Predator Requiem
24. Saw4/Saw 5/Saw 6
25. Nightmare on Elm Street (Original)
26. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3/A Nightmare on Elm Street 4
27. Wes Craven's New Nightmare
28. The Fog (Original)/Christine
29. The Thing (Original)/They Live
30. Prince of Darkness/In The Mouth of Madness
31. Halloween/Halloween 2/Halloween 3/Halloween 4
sLaShEr84 at 06:57 PM Sep 30

Great list of horror movies.

YoshioKun13 at 04:30 PM Oct 01

Nice duos/triple/quad sets

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Week 4 Power Rankings

1. Seahawks - Seattle’s got the week off and with the Redskins up next, I think Kirk Cousins could be in for another long week of tape to sit through after facing the Legion of Boom.
2. Broncos - Denver’s also on a bye this week and it still doesn’t look like there’s another team in the AFC that can compare. Okay maybe Cinci but they still need to do something in the postseason for me to fully buy into them. And Denver has a huge task ahead of them with Arizona’s league best defense coming off their bye week as well.
3. Cardinals - I don’t like bumping teams up during their bye week but I can’t just let Philly sit dormant at #3 after a performance like they had this week against San Francisco. Arizona’s defense is good enough to keep them in any game but if they can get consistent quarterback play, they can really do some damage this season. Denver will be their biggest task thus far but I think they’re up to the challenge and should remain unbeaten.
4. Eagles - Philadelphia finally started out on top for once but ultimately their inability to score on the San Francisco defense kept them from holding on to their early lead. 3 non offensive touchdowns got the Eagles a quick 21 points in the first half but after that it was all 9ers. LeSean McCoy was held to virtually nothing and as good as Nick Foles has been the first 3 weeks of the season, he couldn’t carry the team alone. This team is struggling without their starting o-line and until they’re healthy, it looks like Philly and McCoy may be hung out to dry in the meantime.
5. Bengals - Cinci remains the only unbeaten left in the AFC and with the Patriots coming up next week, I think we’ll find out what kind of team the Bengals really are. And with the way Cinci’s defense is playing I think the Bengals may prove that they belong amongst the AFC’s elite, even up against a Patriots team that just got embarrassed this week.
6. Chargers - San Diego was the latest group to throw a quarterbacking clinic on the Jacksonville secondary this week as Rivers made mince meat of the winless Jags. This team’s got a number of offense targets to choose from and with a healthy Ryan Matthews, could be the most explosive offense in the league right now.
7. 49ers - San Francisco had one of their best outing of the year this week, offensively and defensively, against the unbeaten Eagles. Harbaugh and Kaepernick seem to be at odds still but if they can get results like this on the field hopefully that can keep things at ease off the field.
8. Lions - Detroit actually survived without Calvin Johnson for once. Tate and Ebron helped to keep the Lions out in front of the Jets and also to secure 1st place in the NFC North. The Lions’ pass rush is nasty and if the newly added passing options can help to balance the offense, the Lions may be for real this year.
9. Bears - After what looked to be a very promising opening from the Bears offense ultimately crumbled under another Jay Cutler implosion. It’s getting harder and harder to defend this guy, especially with all of the weapons he has around him and the terrible decisions he’s made throughout the first four weeks of this season. Chicago has to get better production from Jay if they’re going to survive the season with the lackluster defense they’ve been playing thus far.
10. Patriots - New England’s dismal start to the season has to be alarming if you’re a Pats fan. And while it seemed like Bill and Brady were destined to ride out in a blaze of glory with their storied Patriots, it seems like both may be slipping. Bill in his reckless abandon of pivotal role players that have left his offensive line, defensive line, and receiving corps completely decimated and Tom with his inaccuracy and overthrows that have New Englanders re-considering the trade of Ryan Maillet. There’s still plenty of time for the Patriots to get things straight but right now it’s anyone’s division as all four teams sit at 2-2 and that’s something that hasn’t been said about the AFC East since Brady became the Pats’ starter.
11. Colts - Indianapolis flexed once again this week over another weak divisional opponent but let’s not forget, this team is 0-2 against any other team not playing in the AFC South. But Luck is playing out of his mind. He’s definitely elevated himself into the top tier of quarterbacks in this league but the team around him has to give him support if they want to do more than pile up on lackluster AFC South bottom feeders.
12. Ravens - Steve Smith has added some reliability to this Baltimore offense and he made sure he showed his former team how valuable he is this week in Carolina, dominating the Panthers for 139 yards and 2 touchdowns as his new found Ravens won 38-10. The Ravens also seem to have found some steady run support from the duo of Forsett and Taliaferro. Baltimore looks to be a much more sound unit than last year’s mediocre squad.
13. Panthers - As if being embarrassed by the Steelers on national TV wasn’t bad enough, how about your team’s best receiver coming back and stomping a mud hole in your defense with his new team? Steve Smith is likely the first person that comes to mind when you think of the Carolina Panthers and he continued his impressive first season outside of Carolina with another huge game as the Ravens dominated the Panthers. Carolina looks absolutely helpless offensively without DeAngelo Williams in the backfield (and of course without Steve Smith in the receiving corps). This team’s got some major offensive deficiencies to address if they want to survive the cut-throat NFC South because there’s no way this offense can keep up with the likes of Atlanta or New Orleans, regardless of how good their defense plays.
14. Cowboys - Finally, Dallas has decided to utilize their power running game and most undervalued running back in the league, DeMarco Murray. He’s been running circles around opposing defenses and providing some great support for struggling Tony Romo. Even more surprising than Dallas’ new found commitment to the run is their improvements on the defensive side of the ball. As long as Romo continues to improve as he heals, this team could end up being a surprise contender.
15. Falcons - Atlanta has had an incredibly inconsistent opening quarter to the season. After an impressive opening win over the Saints, being shut out by the Bengals, and most recently embarrassing the struggling Bucs, we should have expected another lackluster performance in this team’s checkerboard track record. It’s just kind of hard to predict a team that put up 50 points on the Bucs could lose to an Adrian Peterson-less Vikings squad. The Falcons defense still has a lot to shore up as Teddy Bridgewater faced virtually no pressure all game long and hit for over 300 yards in his first career start. With a healthy Julio Jones they’ll be much more likely to win some games on offense alone but until their defense improves, they’re going to have to.
16. Packers - Nothing makes a struggling offense excel like going up against a struggling defense. But the biggest sign of improvement came from the Packers, who forced the Bears into some awful turnovers that Chicago never really recovered from. Green Bay may not be dead and buried but I wouldn’t say they’re thriving yet either.
17. Steelers - Pittsburgh’s re-signing of James Harrison shows you just how desperate this defense has become. And giving up a go ahead touchdown to the winless Bucs in the last 30 seconds of regulation is exactly the kind of thing that should be screaming this at the team’s GM. The explosive offense that buried the Panthers last week was held in check by Tampa and even forced into a three and out when Pittsburgh still had a chance to run the clock out and walk off with a win. Pittsburgh’s got some great potential but so far they’re incredibly inconsistent on offense and unreliable on defense.
18. Saints - Alright New Orleans, you lost me with this one. The Saints defense has never been perfect but their offense the past two weeks has been pretty dreadful. They’ve got to find a stable running game to help out the passing game. The Cowboys torched the Saints secondary and embarrassed Rob Ryan one last time as DeMarco Murray put up huge numbers on this atrocious defense. New Orleans should take a note from the Cowboys and try balancing out their offense. Even in their only win this season, the Saints didn’t necessarily blow the doors off the struggling Vikings.
19. Texans - JJ Watt has more touchdowns this season than Arian Foster and Andre Johnson combined. Just a fun fact.
20. Vikings - Teddy Bridgewater made his first NFL start this week against Atlanta and did not disappoint. I wasn’t expecting anything like that from Bridgewater but he showed he’s definitely capable of running the offense and has given Minnesota a much needed boost on offense with the lingering absence of Adrian Peterson. And Zimmer seems to have this defense humming with their other 1st round draft pick, Anthony Barr leading the team in tackles and solidifying the shaky linebacker corps that gave up so many yards just a year ago.
21. Chiefs - Kansas City’s offense is an unbelievably better with Jamal Charles on the field. Or pit up against the struggling Patriots, take your pick. Either way, Kansas City has something to feel good about, at least momentarily. I still don’t see the team finishing above .500 but in their division that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Hell, they’d probably win the AFC East at this point.
22. Bills - Buffalo nearly escaped with a win over the Texans but Houston’s defense was just too much for EJ Manuel and company to overcome. Buffalo’s former quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick seemed to have won the game for Buffalo with his interceptions however, EJ out did him in the Little Cesar’s Underwhelming Quarterback bowl. And now it seems the Bills are already turning to Kyle Orton. Go Bills!
23. Dolphins - As questions starting circulating about the starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill had to be thanking his lucky stars his next chance to prove himself was against the Oakland Raiders. Hopefully this is the kind of confidence boosting win that can get the Dolphins back on track but don’t look too much into this blowout, it was the Raiders after all.
24. Browns - Four weeks into the league and the most hyped up quarterback taken in the first round of this year’s draft is the only one yet to start an NFL game. At least he’s getting those Snickers paychecks rolling in to make up for the lack of autograph sales this year.
25. Jets - New York took their third consecutive loss this week at the hands of the Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford’s arsenal of receiving weapons. News already broke that Buffalo is moving on to EJ Manuel and I think it’s time the other AFC East team in New York moves to their backup as well.
26. Rams - The Rams are still my favorite bad team, they’re just so helpless without a quarterback that they’re never going to make it out of the NFC West no matter how incredible their defense is. Hopefully St.Louis understands that and has as much patience with Jeff Fisher as they’ve had with Sam Bradford, because only one of those two needs to be in this team’s future and it’s the one that looks like a cat.
27. Giants - New York had a field day with the Redskins defense as Eli Manning blasted through the dreadful Washington secondary. The biggest surprise though was New York’s defense stepping up and forcing an opposing quarterback to throw more interception than Eli in who knows how long. The Giants look better but I’m not buying in until they can beat somebody with a little more impressive than the Texans or Redskins…
28. Redskins - Kirk Cousins can only do so much for a team with this bad of a defense. Giving Eli Manning the best game he’s had in over a year, the Skins couldn’t slow down the Giants whatsoever. But in all fairness, Cousins’ turnovers didn’t help the Skins any in their losing effort. Cousins may be more consistent than RG3 but he’s still not saving this team.
29. Titans - Tennessee took another beating this week as the struggling Colts looked to boost their resume against lackluster AFC South competition once again. Not that Jake Locker’s a world class quarterback or anything but without him, this team doesn’t stand a chance.
30. Buccaneers - With Mike Glennon and Doug Martin back running the offense, Tampa Bay looked like a completely different team against the Steelers this week. And even bigger than the offense finally coming together was the defense holding Pittsburgh to a crucial three and out in the closing minutes of the game to secure their go ahead touchdown with seven seconds remaining. Tampa might not being entirely fixed but they’re not as hopeless as we all thought a week ago.
31. Jaguars - Blake Bortles had one of the highest completion percentages of any rookie quarterback in their first start but sadly, it didn’t culminate in a win. But Jacksonville does a lot to look forward to, at least on the offensive side of the ball. The defensive side is a whole different story.
32. Raiders - Even though Carr wasn’t exactly setting the NFL on fire, having to settle for another season of Matt McGloin feels like an early nail in the Raiders inevitable coffin. The Raiders aren’t really good at any one phase of the game, they seem to struggle in every single facet. Every year we talk about potential teams chasing a perfect season but I see this team as a strong candidate for an 0-16 year. Look out Lions.
YoshioKun13 at 04:23 PM Oct 01


You can do it Oakland, I know you can!

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Week 3 Power Rankings

1. Seahawks - It took some overtime heroics but Seattle took down the AFC frontrunners once again in a Superbowl rematch that had Peyton Manning playing more like the scared game manager than Russell Wilson. Seattle’s defense is THAT good and I really don’t see many offenses around the league that can push passed them.
2. Broncos - Well it was definitely closer than the last time these two teams met but even a conservative effort from Peyton and the Broncos came up just short of mounting a victory over last year’s Superbowl champions. Ditching Moreno may come back to hurt them if Ball can’t get his act together, especially if Denver’s approach is aimed to be much more balanced this year.
3. Eagles - After yet another comeback victory, Nick Foles has stepped forward as a force to be reckoned with in this league. The dude got hammered all game long behind a piecemeal offensive line of backups and yet he still hung in the pocket to make enough plays to seal the victory for Philadelphia over the vengeful DeSean Jackson and his lowly Washington Redskins. Though playing against that many backups made Washington’s defense look much better than they actually are, Philly’s offense seems to be good enough to get them out of virtually any situation.
4. Cardinals - I was big on Arizona’s outstanding defense last year and somehow they look even better this year. They’ve been absolutely clutch not giving up a single touchdown in the fourth quarter through their first 3 games and are immovable against the run game, especially on the goal line. And with the emergence of yet another standout receiving option, it doesn’t look like it matters who’s under center (except maybe Matt Leinert).
5. Patriots - The Patriots barely avoided an upset to the Raiders this week and I’m definitely thinking I bought into this team at the wrong time. The offensive line looks completely incapable of protecting Brady and even with a healthy Gronk, the passing game is limited at best. Ridley’s continued slump in production does nothing to bail the offense out and somehow despite all the changes in the offseason, the defense still shows a lot of room for improvement. This team’s performance has not been encouraging in the opening three weeks but it’s the Patriots, just when I start to doubt them they’ll probably be in the AFC title game again, a touchdown from another Superbowl run. Or has the AFC competition finally caught up to them? Has Billichick’s ego and desire to outthink the room pushed this team backwards? Is the regime nearing it’s end? Am I reading way too much into a 2-1 football team?
6. Bengals - Say what you want about Andy Dalton (I sure do), this team’s defense is smothering. He and AJ Green (mostly AJ thought) give this team just enough to make sure their defenses’ immaculate play doesn’t go unrewarded. They might be the closest parallel to last year’s Seattle team with their bone crushing defense and game managing offense. Crazy to think about how the tables have turned for Marvin Lewis and his “Bungles”. It seemed like an almost certainty that he was about to take the ceremonial axe after numerous shortcomings during the Palmer-Ocho era but after riding themselves of their former franchise players, the team looks to be more stable than ever. Maybe more teams will think twice before throwing their coach under the bus for the team’s under performance instead of holding the players accountable….nah!
7. Bears - Chicago’s already pretty thin on the defensive side of the ball but with all of these injuries piling up, this team could be in some serious trouble. Their offense seems to have just enough to keep them afloat but not nearly as explosive as I was anticipating they’d be with a healthy Jay Cutler. But it’s still early so hopefully enough of this squad can survive the regular season to get the Bears limping into the playoffs.
8. 49ers - Weren’t the 9ers 1-2 last year when everyone started selling San Fran stock? They’ve lost to some very good teams early on with some key players still inactive, so I’m not ready to give up on this team just yet. They are definitely lacking in the pass rush and are the most penalized team in the league thus far so hopefully Harbaugh can use the early hole they’re in as a learning tool before a mutiny breaks out and Frisco finds themselves trying to reestablish their identity at the bottom of the deepest division in football.
9. Panthers - Without steady run support from DeAngelo Williams, the Panthers offense was exposed as Pittsburgh piled on the points and Carolina struggled to keep their heads above water. Newton’s a serviceable quarterback but he’s still not to the point in his career where he can move the offense on his own, especially with the incredibly thin receiving corps he’s been handed after this offseason. The defense is good enough but they’ve got to get some help from the offense.
10. Chargers - The Philip Rivers revival tour continues as San Diego tore through yet another unbeaten team this week. Albeit, a win over Buffalo isn’t quite the resume booster a win over Seattle is, the Chargers look to be every bit as dangerous as they were last year. Their defense is slowly improving but it’s Rivers’ relentless attack at the opposition with his surprisingly deep roster of receiving options that has San Diego unexpectedly right back in the thick of the playoff hunt once again.
11. Lions - Detroit’s had their moments this year but really the only thing that trumped their deficiencies this Sunday was Green Bay’s inexplicable offensive erosion. Detroit’s got a decent enough pass rush to cover up their lackluster secondary and the offense has enough weapons to leap out in front early but their still seems to be that ora of “same ol’ Lions” lingering with their bonehead mistakes, missed opportunities and overall undisciplined attitude. Which is exactly what I dreaded seeing a spineless coach like Caldwell take over an already unruly locker room. If the team can get their attitudes in check, there’s no reason they can’t be real contenders this year. But that was the case last year too…
12. Falcons - After being pummeled by the Bengals a week ago, Atlanta found themselves on the right side of a bludgeoning this week against division rival Tampa Bay in an incredibly high scoring effort from not only the offense, but the defense and special teams as well. This team’s got an incredible amount of talent on offense but I’m still waiting to see them succeed against a top tier team.
13. Steelers - After an embarrassing Thursday night in Baltimore, Pittsburgh found themselves on the other end of a one sided beat down in the prime time spotlight once again. Antonio Brown is an absolute stud receiver and with Le’Veon Bell and LeGearatte Blount reaching their full potential as one of the most lethal one-two punches in football, this offense is one of the most explosive in the league. It’s just their aging defense that will continue to hold them back.
14. Colts - You didn’t really think they’d lose to the Jaguars did you? After squandering the lead at home against the Eagles a week ago, Andrew Luck never let his foot off the gas against the helpless Jaguars. He’s a one man wrecking ball and until Indy gets him a solid supporting cast, that’s all he’ll ever be. The o-line is incredibly detrimental to anything the offense tries to put together and without Robert Mathis, the defense doesn’t seem to have any pull whatsoever. They’ll likely get a playoff birth due to their dreadful divisional competition and a puncher’s chance in a wildcard weekend due to Luck’s ability alone but this team isn’t ready to take that next step forward.
15. Saints - New Orleans finally got a win under their belt but if I’m a Saints fan, I wouldn’t really be pounding my chest over it. Minnesota held New Orleans’ offense for most of the game and really only outlasted the Vikings due to their own inability to score. The defense looked better but up against a backup QB and running back, so would most teams. Right now, this team looks nowhere near the Superbowl contenders everyone predicted they’d be.
16. Packers - Green Bay’s hasn’t had a solid defense since they’re Superbowl run but at least their offense has always been reliable. Well until this year. Pressure has always bothered Rogers but it seems to be much a real concern this year as the quarterback doesn’t seem to ever be comfortable. Lacey has added some much needed run support but Rogers still can’t seem to break out of his funk. I’m not sure what it is but without a breakaway offense to keep up with the smash mouth defenses of the NFC, this team is dead in the water.
17. Bills - Buffalo took their first loss of the season this week at the hands of the Chargers, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Buffalo’s offense has been pretty outstanding in the first couple of weeks but it’ll be interesting to see what level of consistency this team can contain under E.J. Manual, who was anything but consistent in his rookie year. His sophomore effort looks to be much more promising but we’ll see how far he can take them.
18. Ravens - Baltimore really lucked out in landing veteran Steve Smith in the offseason to lead the lackluster passing game. Flacco’s never looked the same since his historic Superbowl run and no matter who the running back is, this team has an identity crisis on its hands. They’re clearly not a pass first team with no established running entity and a feisty young defense without any of the personality past Ravens brought. They just don’t do any one thing well, but aren’t necessarily awful either. Mediocrity personified in a football team.
19. Cowboys - Dez Bryant pulled out a huge game winning catch to avoid a stunning upset to the third string lead St.Louis Rams this Sunday. But that doesn’t mean the Cowboys are on track again. They gave up an absurd amount of yards to a passing game that was obliterated by the Vikings in week 1, which leads me to believe this Cowboys defense is in for another long season. Good luck trying to dig your team out of the holes the defense is bound to get you in Romo.
20. Jets - New York’s got plenty of defensive firepower (as they have throughout Rex Ryan’s tenure) but even against a Chicago defensive unit made up of almost entirely backups, they still don’t have enough offensive talent to take advantage of it (as they have throughout Rex Ryan’s tenure).
21. Texans - Without Arian Foster to back him up, Ryan Fitzpatrick did what always seems to do, in throwing the ball to the wrong team 3 times for the Texans’ first loss of the season. Even more embarrassing than throwing more turnovers than Eli Manning was the amount of yardage the G-Men were able to rack up on the Houston defense. It’s nice to see Houston get some early W’s after their unbelievable losing streak last year but let’s all come back to reality about this team’s potential.
22. Dolphins - Miami really hasn’t done much since their week 1 upset of New England and Tannehill leads the underwhelming bunch in a very dull looking offense. Throwing the ball 43 times and completing about half of those passes for just 205 yards, Tannehill doesn’t seem to be stepping forward as we expected he might after a promising season last year. He’s got to get things going if the Dolphins are going to stand a chance at finishing better than last year.
23. Browns - Hoyer and the Browns have been more than competitive in their opening three 3 weeks and I still believe this team is capable of making some waves this season. Just maybe not as many without the last year’s league leading reciever. This year’s Cleveland squad should end up just like last year’s: momentarily surprisingly but overall a little less than an average team. The defensive and offensive lines are there and as soon as they’re skill positions fill out in maybe a year or two worth of draft picks, this team will be primed to take control of the AFC North. But a lot could happen between now and then, so who knows why I’m already speculating about the 2016 Cleveland Browns, three games into the 2014 season…
24. Vikings - Even without their starting quarterback and running back, Minnesota hung right in there with the Saints until a costly penalty late in the game gave the Saints a first down on what would have been another three and out and an opportunity for the Vikings to take the lead in the low scoring 9-13 game. Instead, New Orleans scored on the go ahead touchdown and held Minnesota to retain their first win of the season. And even though the offense looks fairly restricted due to Peterson’s absence, the defense is head and shoulders above where they were last year.
25. Rams - After blowing an early 21-0 lead over the struggling Cowboys, St.Louis unraveled in the closing minutes to ruin everyone’s day by securing a Dallas comeback win. But this really just shows you how good St. Louis’ defense is. They’re down to their third string QB and Tony Romo’s mistakes still almost gift wrapped them a victory.
26. Redskins - Kirk Cousins has given this Washington team new life and nearly lead this underachieving Redskins squad over the unbeaten Eagles. But of course the Washington defense squandered the lead and any chance for hope in the nation’s capitol, per usual. Many more performances like this and I think RG3 may be making more Subway commercials than starts.
27. Giants - New York finally looked liked a respectable football team again as Rashad Jennings came into his own and ran all over the Texan defense for Houston’s first loss and New York’s first win. Eli looked much more relaxed with a reliable back to support him, which is something he’s missed since their last Superbowl run. Let’s just hope Jennings is a reliable source of offense and not just a momentary burst of momentum.
28. Titans - After that explosive opener against the Chiefs, Tennessee has fizzled out fast. And nothing exposes your less than stellar offense like going up against the Bengals. I do think Jake Locker is better than he’s been given credit for but he can’t do it alone, they need a consistent running game or go to receiver if they’re trying to avoid slipping into obscurity yet again.
29. Chiefs - Kansas City finally secured their first win of the season at the expense of the floundering Dolphins. Alex Smith and the KC offense did pretty much whatever they wanted to and never looked back. But don’t expect that kind of offensive output on a regular basis, it was only the Dolphins after all.
30. Raiders - Hey, they almost beat the Patriots. Cool.
31. Buccaneers - Tampa Bay looked absolutely inept on Thursday night against the Falcons as they watched 56 straight rack up on their helpless defense. The Bucs added a lot to the offensive side of the ball but the defense is so far behind that it doesn’t matter. And McCown may not be an elite quarterback but nobody could be expected to succeed with the pressure this awful offensive line is allowing. Lovie may have bitten off more than he can chew taking over in Tampa.
32. Jaguars - Jacksonville was on the wrong end of their second consecutive blowout as Andrew Luck diced through the Jaguars even more mercilessly than Kirk Cousins did with the Jags the previous week. And who would have thunk, Blake Bortles got some playing time already here 3 weeks into the season. I guess Jacksonville is the only place still convinced Henne’s a capable starter in this league.
TJLunsford at 01:07 AM Sep 23

The Bengal are the best team in football right now, and that is coming from a very melancholy 49ers fan.

YoshioKun13 at 07:17 PM Sep 25

My Raiders blow

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Week 1 Power Rankings

1. Seahawks - So that Percy Harvin guy CAN still play some football, who would have thunk it? With his added playmaking abilities on the offensive side of the ball and the consistent dominance from the defense, I don’t see a Superbowl scenario that doesn’t include Seattle in some way or another.
2. Broncos - Denver seemed to manage just fine without Wes Welker, this time overcoming Peyton’s former team and avoiding another Andrew Luck comeback in the process. Monte Ball looks to be a fine replacement for Moreo and the same goes for Emmanuel Sanders filling in for Dekker. This team is primed for another deep playoff run and Manning may just make it back to another Superbowl yet again. Let’s just see if he can put some of this postseason inconsistency behind him this time.
3. 49ers - San Fran has a ton of players missing on their storied defense and yet they still managed to wreak havoc on the flailing Cowboys, more specifically their turnover machine of a quarterback. San Fran looks like it will likely be one of those teams that only gets better as the season goes on, regrouping with Aldon Smith and NaVorro Bowman around the midway point. Harbaugh’s window for a Superbowl may not be as narrow as I thought in the preseason but they’ve still got to get passed the defending champion Seahawks to get there.
4. Eagles - We saw Chip Kelly’s Eagles dominate a lot of unprepared teams last season but their comeback victory to avoid a huge upset at the hands of the Jaguars shows me they also have a lot of resilience. And with Sproles, McCoy, Maclin, and Ertz this team has plenty of explosive weapons at their disposal to get back in any game. Also encouraging to see the defense smother the Jags to a scoreless second half to secure the 0-17 point comeback and turn it into a 34-17 point win.
5. Patriots - The one year I finally buy into the Patriots pushing for another Superbowl and they lose by double digits to the Dolphins in the season opener. Thanks Brady. Getting Gronk back was a nice boost to the offense but I think most Patriot fans are still waiting for the 2012 Steven Ridley to return to the squad. Their rushing game has been abysmal and their inability to hold the lead in the second half and muster together any offense was a real eye opener. I still think the Patriots are a viable playoff contender but they may not be guaranteed a slot in the AFC title game as easily as I initially believed.
6. Saints - New Orleans kept it close with their division rivals but for a team that’s supposed to have a renewed emphasis on defense, they got absolutely manhandled by the one dimensional Falcons offense. Of course Drew Bree can go punch for punch with any offense in the league but Rob Ryan’s role with this team is to make sure that they don’t have to.
7. Bears - In what had to be one of the most disappointing losses of the opening week, Chicago virtually handed an overtime win to Buffalo with all of their sloppy play. With so many playmakers on the offensive side of the field, the Bears still looked so underwhelming in a game I think everyone expected them to win. And the defense doesn’t look like it’s turned things around from last year’s historically bad effort either. This Chicago team has huge potential but they’re going to have to hope this was a one game fluke if they’re going to keep up with the powerhouses of the NFC.
8. Cardinals - Arizona’s defense should be more than enough support for Carson Palmer to succeed with the Cardinals but with the receivers they’ve accumulated in the draft the last couple of years, he really doesn’t have any excuses left. The Cardinals did pull out the come from behind win eventually but they really shouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place with all the talent this team has.
9. Colts - Having Reggie Wayne back in Andrew Luck’s arsenal makes the Colts a threat every single week. Even if their running game and offensive line are going to keep Luck running for his life for another season. And the 0-1 start doesn’t mean anything to a team that plays in a division as soft as the AFC South, so don’t let their early loss to the Bronx scare you. This team’s just as viable as they were last year.
10. Steelers - Pittsburgh has owned the divisional rivalry with the Browns over the past few years but the Steelers nearly blew a 24 point lead until a last second field goal clinched the opening win. The Steelers have enough balance in their offensive game that even when their aging defense can’t quite hold back the opposition, they should still come out on top or at least maintain a fighting chance in most every game they play this year. Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell are going to propel this team to the top of the slumming AFC North.
11. Lions - Detroit started to fall back into their old habbits of letting winnable games against bad teams slip away due to bad penalties but New York just couldn’t quite capitalize on the opportunities before Detroit finally piled on too much for the Giants to overcome. Stafford and Johnson are unstoppable and as long as Fairly and Suh are able to pressure the quarterback, this team is incredibly dangereous. Hopefully Caldwell can reel in the undisciplined nature that’s gotten this team into so much trouble the past couple years and ultimately ended up costing Jim Schwartz his job.
12. Bengals - There was a lot of talk about whether or not the Bengals were committed to Andy Dalton as their starting quarterback until the organization responded with a big fat contract extension. Andy Dalton responded with a fairly unconvincing performance, outside of a game winning pass to AJ Green that saved blowing a 15 point lead. But all AJ Green has done since he came to Cinci was save Dalton so why should that change this year?
13. Falcons - Matt Ryan threw everything he had at the Saints to ensure the reigning divisional powerhouses knew that this year’s Falcons team isn’t about to settle for another four win season. But this team needed a record setting day from Ryan and a late game fumble from the Saints to win in overtime. They’re going to need some consistency in the other phases of their game if they want to win consistently.
14. Packers - Green Bay’s offensive line isn’t doing Aaron Rogers any favors and relying on Eddie Lacey to bail them out isn’t going to prove any more successful either. This team’s o-line has been as inconsistent as any in the league and hoping the boost in the backfield talent might mask that instead of addressing the issue is a huge mistake for the cheese heads.
15. Dolphins - Miami got just the explosive playmaker this offense needed in Knowshon Moreno and he and the Dolphins had one hell of a season opener against the AFC East division bullies, piling on 23 unanswered second half points. Tannehill is really coming into his own as a franchise quarterback and could easily lead this team to an unexpected wildcard birth.
16. Panthers - I was one of the many skeptics that didn’t buy into the Panthers being able to replicate last year’s success but seeing their defense absolutely smother the Buccs into a loss was impressive. But then again, it was a week 1 win against one of the worst offenses in the league, so the jury may still be out on Carolina…
17. Chargers - San Diego blew a perfectly winnable game in what had to be their 15 thousandth Monday Night double header in a row where they end up blowing a fourth quarter lead. The defense held Ellington and the run game pretty much in check but the pass defense has to improve, especially if they want to return to the playoffs.
18. Vikings - Cordarelle Patterson ran rampant on the Rams as the Vikings dominated in a surprisingly one sided route of St. Louis. Even more surprising was the turnaround in Minnesota’s league worst defense. Captain Munnerlyn, Xavier Rhodes and Harrison Smith are shaping up to be a phenomenal secondary unit and could help this team to overachieve their meager expectations under first year coach Zimmer. And can I just say this one last time for old time’s sake: Why didn’t we start Cassel last year?!
19. Ravens - Joe Flacco threw the ball a whopping 62 times in the Ravens’ season opening loss to the Bengals, leading me to believe this team is set up for another year of ineffective offense dragging a young promising defense into mediocrity. And now with this Ray Rice situation hovering over the franchise, expect the team’s play on the field to become even more insignificant.
20. Rams - St. Louis has built up one hell of a defense but relying on a third string quarterback and a group of underdeveloped receivers to keep up with their opposition is going to keep this team at the bottom of the NFC West once again. His second consecutive season ending ACL injury has to be the final nail in the coffin for Bradford as the starter for the Rams. This team is absolutely helpless on offense without him and might already be selling bootleg Jamis Winston jerseys as speak.
21. Titans - Tennessee had an impressive debut for new head coach Ken Whisenhunt as Jake Locker threw all over last year’s Cinderella in the Kansas City Chiefs. And while Locker certainly was impressive, it was the Titans’ smothering defense that stood out to me. Holding Alex Smith is one thing, but limiting Jamal Charles to just 19 yards is saying something. I think a lot of this has to do with KC regressing but we’ll see how much in the coming weeks.
22. Cowboys - Nice to see DeMarco Murray get some steady work in this Cowboys offense for a change, sadly for him their quarterback dug them in such a huge hole early on that his production only matters to fantasy football teams, not the real kind. I wonder if Jerry plays fantasy football? And if he even bothers drafting any other players except for quarterbacks and wide receivers?
23. Bills - Even without their best defensive player, Buffalo did a fantastic job of limiting the high powered Chicago offense to a surprisingly meager performance. I still don’t see this team surviving the AFC competition but they’re really not far off. It all comes down to quarterback play and EJ still has a lot to prove.
24. Jets - It’s hard to call what the Jets did on Sunday a win, but it wasn’t as ugly as what Oakland put out on the field so I guess that’s all that matters. Or at least for this week. Geno Smith still hasn’t convinced me he’s a starter in this league and whether he gets injured or not, I think Vick will eventually take over the starting position. They’ve got enough playmakers to be competitive but without a capable quarterback, they’re going to waste.
25. Chiefs - Kansas City seemed to be everyone’s choice for most likely to back pedal coming off of an eleven win season last year and getting dominated by the Titans in week one only proves that skepticism was more than warranted. Kansas City was definitely a defense heavy squad but Smith threw 3 picks and Jamal Charles was held to just 19 yards in an atrocious offensive effort against the Titans. There’s no way they can sustain a winning record with that kind of production against a less than stellar squad like the Tites.
26. Texans - After ending last season on a 14 game losing streak, Houston got a victory in week one but it came at the cost of their number 1 overall pick. With Clowney out 4-6 weeks, JJ Watt will have to prove he’s worth the monster deal the Texans just handed him (and I’m sure he will). The offense still has a lot of work to do, but Houston’s stellar receiving corps should make things much easier for Fitzpatrick than what he had to work with in Tennessee and Buffalo.
27. Browns - I don’t think Brian Hoyer is nearly as bad as he’s being portrayed by all the fanboys clamoring to see Manziel take the field. He just doesn’t have anything to work with. And he was still able to get Cleveland within a field goal after a huge first half deficit. But ultimately this team is still a year or two away from being a contender, especially without Josh Gordon for the remainder of the year.
28. Buccaneers - The Lovie Smith era was ushered into Tampa Bay with pretty dismal results from both their offensive and defensive units. McCown struggled heavily against the Panthers defense but Tampa’s D was even more disappointing in handling backup quarterback Derek Anderson. The Panthers offense faced virtually no pressure and handled their division rivals with great ease, without their starting quarterback. Gonna be a long year for Lovie and the Buccs.
29. Redskins - RG3 didn’t look too bad out there in his return but some costly fumbles and awful defense and special teams cost Washington a very winnable game. With all the talk about this team’s renewal in the offseason, this looks incredibly similar to last year’s dreadful defensive unit and an offense that can’t make up the difference.
30. Jaguars - Jacksonville let what would have been a gigantic upset win on opening day slip right out of their grasp as the Eagles piled up on the Jags, 34-0 in the second half. I still think that if this team is serious about competing this year, they’ll put Bortles in the game. Henne is injury prone anyways so it’s likely they’ll be forced to go to their rookie acquisition at some point this season anyways, why not get him out there and have some hands on experience?
31. Giants - New York looks absolutely lost on offense. Rashad Jennings couldn’t revitalize the running game, Eli can’t stop throwing to the wrong team and the Giant receivers drop every pass they actually run the right routes to find. It’s a train wreck and the only thing worse for the Giants is the defense. I know I stuck up for Coughlin last year as New York got off to an 0-6 start but I think a coaching change might be unavoidable after another year of this…
32. Raiders - Oakland’s offense looked like an absolute joke against the Jets in their opener, not leaving much room for optimism for hopeful Raiders fans starting what’s sure to be another disappointing season. When MJD is too washed up for even Jacksonville to keep him around, maybe you ought to address some other needs in the offseason. I don’t believe in ghosts but the strongest piece of evidence thus far is Oakland’s perpetual ineptitude at putting a team together despite Al Davis’ passing.
Dodong27 at 07:34 PM Sep 09

Niners Nation..!!! We don't mind going under the radar. When we get the beast Aldon Smith and Navarro Bowman back, and our secondary gets healthy, it's ON like Donkey Kong!

XSsoCX at 07:35 PM Sep 09

I hate to be picky, but it's Bucs, not Buccs. And I have to disagree, Tampa will win at least four Super Bowls this season.

Honestly while I don't want to suffer through another losing season, I would love for Tampa to land Mariota. I have a wicked man crush on him, even as a Trojans fan. Haha.

Dodong27 at 07:45 PM Sep 09


Kevin Smith fan posted a BLOG item 3 months ago

THE CLONE WARS EPISODE XLVI: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) v.s. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)


After much deliberation I decided to plug my nose and dive into Michael Bay's latest steaming pile of nostalgia defilement, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And I'll do my best to avoid sounding like a predictable old cynic clinging to his childhood heroes but if you've read any of the previous Clone Wars you'll know how most of the remakes have faired thus far. But I'll try to keep an open mind and present my case for which group of heroes in a half shell made the best cinematic jump to date. Let the voting begin!


While some might argue that it really doesn't matter whose voices are coming out of the turtles' mouths, I'll argue that you sound like a jackass. And so does Leonardo for the entirety of TMNT2k14. For his entire "acting" career, Johnny Knoxville has really only been Johnny Knoxville. And hearing his voice in the new Ninja Turtles flick, you can't picture anyone but Johnny Knoxville. It just takes you out of the flick every time he speaks. Same goes for Splinter to a lesser extent but it's not nearly as obnoxious as Knoxville.

- 1 TMNT '14

The turtles as a whole are much more relatable and humanized in the original film. Raphael's angst goes much deeper than just a surly teen and Donatello's smarts extend being a geek. Feldman added a lot to the character to make him much more than your average brainy sidekick. He was smart, but also kind of a smart ass. All of that charm seems to be lost with the CGI update.

+1 TMNT '90

Megan Fox isn't nearly as bad as every was fearing. She's definitely the best looking April O' Neil we've every had and really did a pretty solid job in my opinion. Judith Hoag's character had a little more depth and believability but for me this one's a wash.

The biggest member of the cast missing from the remake was Casey Jones. He's really the only human companion that can level with the turtles and his interaction with them in the original film is one of the best aspects of the film. His absence can't be made up with by any number of Will Arnett jokes.

+1 TMNT '90


We can all rest easy knowing that the new turtles didn't come from space but the origin was tampered with a bit. And honestly I really didn't mind. The new origin story was pretty decent but it was the present tense story that felt thin and underdeveloped. Aside from than the more thoughtfully developed characters, the other huge aspect of the original film that grounds it in reality is the story of the foot clan. Their underground army of misled youth circulating a wave of crime bases the film in a much more realistic environment than the new film's transformer-like metropolitan playground of mass destruction.

+1 TMNT '90


With all the praise I keep showering the original film with, it's definitely far from perfect. It's overly dark and somewhat clumsy with it's modest budget, but the story and characters definitely make up for it.

Liebesman shoots the new turtle film like a student of Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes University, slick and emotionless with enough action and explosions to keep your inner 12 year old begging for a sequel.

+1 TMNT '14


Whenever anyone mentions the turtles, it's hard not to think of the '80s animated theme song. But the movie's original score is much more subtle and surpasses it in many ways. Not to mention the awesome early '90s songs sprinkled in throughout, the new film's music is as stale as anything in the movie.

+1 TMNT '90

And being a newer film with a much higher budget, obviously the action in TMNT '14 is much larger in scale but I think I still prefer the original's low key action scenes to the new ones. It begins to feel like you're watching a video game during most of the crucial fight scenes and especially during the downhill avalanche chase featured in the trailers. Big surprise, I'm going with the original.

+1 TMNT '90

The first film is also much funnier without pandering too hard to please kids (which I think might be the only audience that walks out of the new film feeling like they've seen a superior film).

+1 TMNT '90


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Mood: Angry
YoshioKun13 at 02:59 PM Aug 10

I don't think I need to see the new film to know it's TMNT 1990...all the way.

But I do think the direction of that first movie is somewhat underrated, and can not really imagine Liebesman topping or even matching what Barron did with the material.

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 3 months ago

2014 Movie Journal (So far...)

1. Nymphomaniac - 8/10
2. Edge of Tomorrow - 8/10
3. Chef - 8/10
4. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - 8/10
5. X-Men: Days of Future Past - 7.5/10
6. Captain America - 7.5/10
7. Bad Words - 7.5/10
8. The Fault in Our Stars - 7.5/10
9. Grand Budapest Hotel - 7.5/10
10. Neighbors - 7.5/10
11. Calvary - 7.5/10
12. About Last Night - 7.5/10
13. Amazing Spider Man 2 - 7/10
14. Joe - 7/10
15. Godzilla - 7/10
16. 22 Jump Street - 7/10
17. Noah - 6.5/10
18. The Monuments Men - 6.5/10
19. The Sacrament - 6.5/10
20. The Expendables 3 - 6.5/10
21. Ride Along - 6/10
22. Sabotage - 5.5/10
23. Robocop - 5.5/10
24. Walk of Shame - 3.5/10
LelekPL at 05:38 PM Aug 05

That's a nice list. I gotta say, I'm personally very pleased with this year, a lot of pleasant surprises.

And I also started watching less films lately. I'm way more picky these days

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 3 months ago

My Expendables 4 Wishlist

1. Kurt Russell
2. Liam Neeson
3. Michael Douglas
4. Jackie Chan
5. Jean Reno
6. Val Kilmer
7. Clint Eastwood
8. Steven Segal
9. Ray Liotta
10. Directed by John McTiernan
tbondrage99 at 11:13 AM Jul 29


tbondrage99 at 11:13 AM Jul 29


Cochise at 12:05 PM Jul 29

Neeson and Chan are musts. Reno and Eastwood would be great too!

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Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 4 months ago

10 Favorite Horror Films of the 2010's

1. Black Swan - 8.5/10
2. Prometheus - 8.5/10
3. Paranorman - 8.5/10
4. Piranha 3D - 8.5/10
5. Prisoners - 8/10
6. Let Me In - 8/10
7. VHS 2 - 8/10
8. Insidious - 8/10
9. The Innkeepers - 7.5/10
10. Red State - 7.5/10

Based on a list by TreyTheMovieMan

XSsoCX at 09:53 PM Jul 08

All stellar picks, especially one-three and five. I can't believe I'd didn't think of amt

XSsoCX at 09:53 PM Jul 08

All stellar picks, especially one-three and five. I can't believe I didn't think of any of them.

cerealkiller182 at 10:04 PM Jul 08

I thought about putting Black Swan on the list, not because its not good enough to make it. I was contemplating if it was horror. I should have definitely included it, especially because I ended up counting Take Shelter.

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