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The Rules of Attraction
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Guess this means the Team America sequel's not happening?
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Guess this means the Team America sequel's not happening?
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Batman Returns is incredible. Always watch it around Christmas time and remind myself why it's my favorite Batman film. Such a shame Burton couldn't continue on with the third installment
Derek237 at 06:42 PM Dec 16

Yeah I really wish we could have just got one more Burton/Keaton collab. What could have been.

YoshioKun13 at 11:40 PM Dec 16

The quintessential Batman holiday flick.

I've actually been listening to a lot Elfman's score, along with SCISSORHANDS and TNBC. Best time of the year to.

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Golden Globe Reactions

1. Totally forgot the Globes awarded TV shows.
2. Is there even a favorite to win best picture this year? Weak year for movies, blockbusters and award contenders alike...
3. Wow, Wes Anderson got nominated? Seriously?
4. Why am I surprised PT Anderson gets snubbed AGAIN.
5. Into the Woods looks awful. Almost as bad as Big Eyes. Which looks almost as bad as Annie. All nominated. Nothing for Inherent Vice.
6. Oh yeah, "The Judge" is a movie.
7. Awards shows love musicals.
8. Wow, not much love for Interstellar or A Most Violent Year either?
9. Jennifer Aniston got nominated. I wonder when the "washed up actor looking for critical praise in a drama" approach will backfire? Has anyone even seen Cake or are they just trying to reward her like a Pavlovian dog for doing something outside of another painful rom-com like The Bounty Hunter?
10. Hopefully True Detective gets the award attention it deserves. As much as I love Breaking Bad, having it win all those awards last summer after it had ended almost a year ago was kind of weird.

Based on a list by cerealkiller182

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Sifting through some of these leaked Sony e-mails, it's really easy to see how many films (and careers) end up butchered with all of these self-righteous opinionated pricks running studios. And this was only a year's worth, imagine the stuff we're not seeing...
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Week 15 Power Rankings

1. Patriots - Another year, another AFC East title. New England took home their 6th straight AFC East win against the only team that's been able to disrupt their divisional dominance after a 24 point third quarter against the Dolphins. New England's a powerhouse and outside of Seattle, I don't see many teams that can slow this team down.
2. Seahawks - With another devastating blow to the 49ers, Seattle is poised to take over the #1 seed in the NFC for the second consecutive season if they can take down their feisty NFC West opponents in Arizona and St.Louis. Somehow the reigning Superbowl champions are flying under the radar and they're playing their best football of the year.
3. Broncos - Despite Peyton's flu and settling for 5 field goals, the Broncos still persevered to take the AFC West crown for the 4th straight time by beating up on the Chargers Sunday against another quarterback who's clearly not 100%. But Denver's still got a shot at stealing home field advantage throughout the playoffs and they're going to need it to get past New England this season.
4. Cowboys - All year long this Dallas team has been proving to us that they're not the same old Cowboys we're used to seeing and after blowing a 21-0 lead in Philly, it looked like they were doomed to repeat history once again. But the Cowboys came back to hold on and take a commanding lead on the NFC East behind their most balanced and lethal offense in Romo's career starting with the Cowboys. This team is for real and now you'll have to beat them in Dallas to prove otherwise.
5. Lions - Detroit outlasted the Vikings' 14-0 start to eek by and take control of the NFC North, thanks to the Bills stunning the Packers a few hours earlier. Detroit's defense is incredible but their offensive inefficiencies are baffling. If Stafford and Johnson could give us anything close to what they've done the past 5 years, they'd easily be the best team in the NFL.
6. Packers - While Green Bay usually leans on their passing game to pull them through week to week, Buffalo's stifling defense limited the team offensively and exposed how 1 dimensional they truly are. If Rogers is playing well, this team is still capable of taking down the league's best (because Rogers is the league's best) but when he's rattled by a good defense like Buffalo's, this team becomes incapacitated quicker than any elite team in the league.
7. Steelers - Pittsburgh held on despite another desperate comeback attempt from the Falcons this week, keeping their hopes for the playoffs alive. Also, probably ruining Atlanta's. Pittsburgh's best games are pretty intimidating but the inconsistency from this unbelievably old defense has kept this team off the radar for the majority of the season.
8. Cardinals - Despite a dominant couple of weeks from St. Louis, Arizona showed us they're still defensive powerhouse in the NFC West. Nabbing their 11th win at the cost of yet another quarterback, the Cardinals all but guarantee their spot in the playoffs, with or without a quarterback. But Thursday night's performance is proof enough that this team is good enough to lean on that defense if needed.
9. Eagles - I still can't believe that there's a discussion about Mark Sanchez retaining the starting job when Nick Foles returns from injury. He's decent but he's not going to lead your team past playoff caliber opponents in crucial games and if Nick Foles is the future of this franchise, you've got to get him back out there before your playoff hopes fade out altogether.
10. Colts - Reaping the benefits of the softest division in football yet again (yeah, even worse than the NFC South), Indianapolis has clinched another AFC South title by beating a Texans team with their third string quarterback 17-10. And no one seems to want to point out the struggles Andrew Luck has been having during the second half of the season with his dreadful offensive line and abysmal run support. The guy can't do it on his own and won’t accomplish more than beating the Texans, Jaguars and Titans until Indy gets him some help.
11. Ravens - It wasn't pretty but Jaguar games rarely are. Luckily for the Ravens, they were able to at least escape with a victory, if not their dignity. Baltimore's still alive in the playoff hunt, thanks largely in part to their defense, and could definitely stun somebody in the postseason. But not if their offense continues to look like they did against the Jaguars.
12. Chiefs - Kansas City finally put an end to their three game losing streak against a Raiders team that hasn't won consecutive games since 2012. Even though a playoff berth is unlikely, the Chiefs are still one of the most potent teams in the league, handicapped by playing in the same division as Phillip Rivers and Peyton Manning.
13. Chargers - San Diego's beat up. It's hard to see the Chargers prevailing as they suffer another gutting loss to the Broncos this week and their wildcard hopes dwindling as well. Their offensive line is trashed, Rivers is clearly playing through injury and without Ryan Matthews this team's offense is pretty limited. Ultimately it's just another year rebuilding in San Diego, waiting out the inevitable Peyton Manning retirement.
14. Bengals - While everyone can point and laugh at Johnny Manziel's 80 yard debut for the Browns, Andy Dalton only put up 117 and an interception himself. It was the hungry Bengal defense that won Sunday's game against a spiraling Browns that embarrassed Cinci the last time they met. This time it was Cleveland that was humiliated, as the Bengals held the entire Cleveland offense to just 107 total yards. But don't let this beat down blind you to Cinci's own quarterback inefficiencies, they're still the weakest division leader by far.
15. Bills - Buffalo's defense has been amongst the league's best all season long, they just finally got a huge win out of it against a playoff caliber team. It's just a shame their offense has to hinge on Kyle Orton but hopefully that will be rectified in the offseason. Maybe if Philly's given up on Nick Foles he can find a home in Buffalo...
16. Dolphins - While Miami started off their season with a surprising victory over the AFC East bullies, the Patriots came out in the second half of this week's game firing on all cylinders to widen a 1 point lead to 25. Miami's close but they're still a ways off from surpassing the Belichic/Brady era.
17. Rams - In a gripping Thursday Night field goal shootout, the Rams came up short coming off of back to back shutouts. Still not allowing a touchdown, the Rams couldn't quite muster up enough offense against the stifling Cardinals' defense, showing us the team still has a ways to go on that side of the ball before they can be considered a week to week threat.
18. Texans - Losing another quarterback to season ending injury, Houston's playoff hopes rested solely on the arm of Tom Savage. And not surprisingly, the Colts walked away unscathed. Houston's turned around an incredibly toxic team environment really quickly but their still a draft or two away from returning to the 12 win team they were a few seasons ago.
19. Saints - It wasn't pretty but somebody's gotta win. Hell, that should be the slogan for the Saints this year. Pulling ahead of the NFC South at 6-8, New Orleans faces a do or die situation next week against a Falcons team that hasn't lost to an NFC South opponent this year. But don't let the lopsided score on Monday night fool you, New Orleans' offense still has plenty of issues.
20. 49ers - San Francisco was delivered the final knockout blow by their NFC West rivals this Sunday as Seattle seems destined for another deep playoff run and Jim Harbaugh's 9ers lost their 3rd consecutive game for the first time in his tenure as head coach. It's also the first time he'll miss the playoffs and the NFC Conference title game which will give San Fran's front office enough reason to ditch him since it seems that's been their intention before the season even started. But whoever wins the Harbaugh lottery is going to immediately be in a better position to start next season than the 49ers will be without him.
21. Vikings - Despite outgaining the Lions by over 100 yards on offense, Minnesota's 2 missed field goals and inability to get in the end zone ended up costing the Vikings a sure win in Detroit. Bridgewater's shown great promise in his rookie season but with 3rd and 4th string running backs and a shaky offensive line, this team has a lot to address in the offseason.
22. Browns - While Cleveland's playoff hopes didn't seem outlandish for the bulk of the season, Johnny Football certainly made the notion that the Browns are postseason bound laughable. But forget the 80 yards and 2 interceptions Johnny Manziel contributed to the game, look at the 250 yards of rushing yards Cleveland coughed up in the meantime. This team's got some work ahead of them if they're going to make it to the playoffs anytime soon, especially with Manziel at quarterback.
23. Falcons - Atlanta's all but sealed their postseason-free fate with another loss for a team that's only lost 1 game outside of their sorry division. And while they can still limp into the playoffs, I'll continue saying what I've been saying for the past 3 years - until Mike Smith is out as head coach, this team is going nowhere.
24. Giants - New York pulled in their second consecutive win this week against fellow NFC East bottom feeders in Washington. Odell Beckham, Jr. racked up another 3 touchdowns in his prolific rookie season with the Giants that leave a lot to be desired in years to come. We'll have to wait and see what the Giants' front office can do to build around him in the offseason (whether that be with or without Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin)
25. Panthers - After a mid-week car crash sidelined Cam Newton, it was up to Derek Anderson to keep Carolina's slim playoff hopes alive. And he now improves his record as the Panthers starting quarterback to 2-0. Quarterback controversy? I doubt it but with how banged up Newton's been all season, even before the car wreck, it might be for the best if Anderson finishes out the season.
26. Bears - The Bears are a wreck. Their latest loss to the Saints wasn't even as close as the 31-15 final score lets on and all hope for Jay Cutler rising past his constant scrutiny has seemingly evaporated with another horrible game cementing his place atop the league in turnovers and interceptions this season. Chicago needs to go into fire sale mode at season's end for any chance at salvaging this thing
27. Jets - New York finally got their first road win of the season at the expense of a team even more offensively inept than they are. And while Jets fans seem to be livid over New York dropping in next year's draft by winning, the team is guaranteed a top 5 pick so chill out.
28. Redskins - Think what you want about RG3 but he had his best game of the year this week in New York and was denied an obvious touchdown that could have altered the outcome of the game dramatically. Nevertheless, Washington as a team has a lot of work to do, regardless of how the quarterback performs.
29. Buccaneers - As limited as Tampa Bay's defense has been, Josh McCown has been even more so. The team needs a new quarterback with all of those deep threats in the receiving corps going to waste. Maybe Jamis Winston can stay in Florida after college?
30. Raiders - The Raiders have lost 10 straight road games and even if they do come out of the Harbaugh sweepstakes on top, this team's got a hell of a lot of work to do to rise past all 3 of their playoff caliber AFC West opponents.
31. Titans - In what was easily the ugliest game of the weekend, the Titans lost their 8th straight game to a team entering the second week of December without a road win...UNTIL NOW!
32. Jaguars - Jacksonville kept it competitive, despite giving up 8 sacks to Blake Bortles, a blocked punt, and scoring only 4 field goals against the Ravens defense. But that Jacksonville defense is occasionally very stringent and showed us that against the Ravens this week. They just happen to have the worst offensive line in the NFL that opens up a buffet every week for opposing defenses on their rookie quarterback.
Laksmikanti at 10:18 AM Dec 16

I bleed Gold and Black!, well said about The Steelers.

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Top 20 Films of the 2010's

1. Inception - 9/10
2. Black Swan - 9/10
3. The Master - 9/10
4. Interstellar - 9/10
5. Nebraska - 9/10
6. Before Midnight - 8.5/10
7. Birdman - 8.5/10
8. Spring Breakers - 8.5/10
9. We Need to Talk About Kevin - 8.5/10
10. Django Unchained - 8.5/10
11. Super 8 - 8.5/10
12. Boyhood - 8.5/10
13. Bridesmaids - 8.5/10
14. The Social Network - 8.5/10
15. Looper - 8.5/10
16. Drive - 8.5/10
17. ParaNorman - 8.5/10
18. Gone Girl - 8.5/10
19. Dallas Buyer's Club - 8.5/10
20. American Hustle - 8.5/10
Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 6 days ago

Ranking Kevin Smith

1. Clerks - 9/10
2. Mallrats - 8.5/10
3. Zack and Miri Make a Porno - 8/10
4. Clerks 2 - 8/10
5. Chasing Amy - 8/10
6. Red State - 7.5/10
7. Dogma - 7.5/10
8. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - 7.5/10
9. Jersey Girl - 7/10
10. Tusk - 4/10
Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 7 days ago

Week 14 Power Rankings

1. Patriots - Not really a lot left to say about this Patriots team that hasn’t been said before. This is now the 12th consecutive season the Brady/Belichic team has totaled 10 or more regular season wins and all signs point to at least another AFC title game for the duo. It’ll be interesting to see if they leave the team together on a Superbowl win or if Bill will stick it out to prove he can do it without Brady.
2. Seahawks - Seattle’s defense held the Eagles’ offense to Chip Kelly’s worst outing of his career. The Seahawks are playing their best football of the year winning their third straight game and looking like the Superbowl contenders we all expected to see from their promising start. The Seahawks’ offense looks rejuvenated and if Seattle can win out, they’ll take home the NFC West crown yet again, red hot and ready to wreck the postseason again.
3. Broncos - After facing another heavy handed defensive opponent, Denver leaned on their new found running game to put away the playoff hungry Buffalo Bills in a near upset. Peyton’s never been great late in the season but being outperformed by Kyle Orton should be cause for concern, even though they escaped with the win.
4. Packers - Green Bay avoided a near comeback win from the division “leading” Falcons this week on Monday night, showing us a glimpse of how vulnerable their defense can be against less than stellar offenses. Rogers is on a historic tear right now but up against some of the elite NFC defenses like Seattle and Detroit, I don’t think they’re balanced enough to stick out as the favorite in the NFC.
5. Cowboys - In what could have been an easy loss to chalk up to the Thursday night home field advantage or another typical late season Dallas meltdown, the Cowboys stepped up and put away the feisty Bears. Okay, Chicago didn’t really get feisty until garbage time but still. This is a game the old Cowboys would have lost on their way to another downward spiral December but instead, they prove again, this is not the Cowboys team we’re used to seeing.
6. Lions - Detroit kept the pressure on Josh McCown all game long, as their swarming pass rush held Tampa in check all game long. Stafford had a huge game as well, racking up 311 yards and 3 touchdowns against a Buccs squad that ranks dead last in just about every single defensive category. Detroit’s entering the softest portion of their schedule at the perfect time of year and I think the Lions have a much more complete team than the NFC North leading Packers. They’ll have to prove it in a head to head matchup that could determine the divisional champs.
7. Eagles - After laying it on the Cowboys last week, the Eagles looked absolutely helpless out there against the Seahawks this week as Mark Sanchez was held to just 90 yards passing. Even more unbelievable is that the Eagles were still a dropped interception away from staging a comeback. Philly’s an incredibly talented team but as I’ve said from Sanchez’s first start, this team isn’t going anywhere in the playoffs without Nick Foles.
8. Steelers - Rothlisberger went off for yet another 300+ yard game as Le’Veon Bell put up his third consecutive game with 200+ all purpose yards in a beat down of the division leading Bengals. When the offense is playing like this, it’s hard to see any team in the AFC keeping up with them, let alone the maligned Andy Dalton offense in Cinci.
9. Colts - Even though this game meant way more to Cleveland than Indianapolis, Andrew Luck overcame the Browns’ defense that bottled him up all game long to orchestrate a 90 yard game winning drive that helped close the door on the Browns’ playoff hopes. Luck continues to play under duress week in and week out so even though they’ll get a home playoff game (virtually by default for the third year in a row) the team is still far from doing anything more than making the playoffs.
10. Cardinals - As the injuries continue to mount for Arizona (Antonio Cromartie was the latest Cardinal to be carted off the field this week), the Cardinals finally managed to capture a win. Coming off of two straight losses, Arizona is in danger of missing the playoffs after their 9-1 start but a much needed win against Kansas City this week keeps their slim hopes alive. At least for now…
11. Ravens - Baltimore started off with a pretty abysmal outing from their offense but Flacco and Co. responded huge in the second half, outscoring the Dolphins 21-3 after halftime. Elvis Dumervil has stepped forward as the leader of this defensive unit, racking up 3.5 of the Ravens’ 6 sacks against the flustered Ryan Tannehill. Baltimore could be an incredibly dangerous team if they make it into the playoffs but making the playoffs depends on what Steelers team will show up when they face each other again down the stretch.
12. Chiefs - Kansas City got off to a hot start behind Jamal Charles in Arizona, but were held scoreless in the second half as the Cardinals rallied for the win. Kansas City has likely lost their bid at a playoff spot at this point and should consider looking into a quarterback that can pass for more than 5 yards at a time.
13. Chargers - Despite an understandable loss to the Patriots, San Diego’s still right in the thick of the playoff hunt. The real concern is whether or not this team can stay healthy enough on offense to compete because without Phillip Rivers, they’re dead in the water.
14. Dolphins - Despite another solid performance by the Miami defense, the stagnant offense may have cost them the playoffs this week as the Ravens pulled off a comeback win in Miami. Tannehill was sacked 6 times by the Ravens defense that held the Dolphins to just 10 points despite dominating the Ravens in the first half of play. Tannehill’s a decent game manager but he’s got to develop a deep throw if he’s going to push this team passed this thick AFC competition into the playoffs.
15. Bengals - Andy Dalton’s troubles continued at home against Pittsburgh this week as Cinci coughed up their lead on the AFC North race. And even though Dalton’s fumble seemed to be the turning point of the game, it was really the Bengals defense that cost them the game. Big Ben and Le’Veon Bell did whatever they wanted against the usually hard-nosed Bengal defense that gave up nearly 500 yards of offense. Cinci’s got some major problems so even if they can limp into the playoffs, I still don’t see them breaking Marvin Lewis’ streak of a dozen years in Cinci without a playoff win.
16. Rams - St.Louis scored their first set of back to back shutouts since 1945 as they’ve won their last two games by a combined score of 76-0. And despite two missed field goals and a missed extra point, the Rams still outscored the spiraling Redskins who were blanketed for the entirety of Sunday’s matchup. It’s so frustrating to see how good this team is and how much better they’d be if their quarterback could actually play a full season. Nevertheless, Jeff Fisher has this team rolling and playing to all of their advantages, which yet again is everywhere but quarterback.
17. Texans - JJ Watt continues his convincing campaign for league MVP with another 3 sacks and 5 quarterback hits this week against the Jags (who happen to the worst offensive line in the NFL). Houston’s still alive in the playoff race and I honestly don’t think that would be the case without Watt, who makes the most convincing case for a defensive player as league MVP since Ray Lewis in 2000.
18. Bills - Another impressive outing by the defense, handcuffed to the lifeless offense. The Bills are amongst a number of teams with impressive defenses and no quarterback to get them over the hump. It’ll be interesting to see who Buffalo has behind center going into next season because it’s really the only thing keeping them from making the postseason.
19. Browns - Cleveland wreaked havoc on Andrew Luck all game long but it was the inability of their own offense that kept the Colts within striking distance and ultimately cost them the game. The Browns mustered only 3 first downs in the second half and the Brian Hoyer campaign has to be running short on support after another less than stellar outing. And while I don’t think it’s entirely fair to dump Hoyer after getting his team within playoff contention, it may be time to see what you have with Manziel instead of starting your season with him next year.
20. Saints - Despite their previous impeccable record at home, the Saints have now lost 4 straight in New Orleans. And up against the most sacked quarterback in the league, the Saints defense couldn’t touch Cam Newton as he had his season best performance against the lackluster New Orleans defense. Nobody in the NFC South deserves a playoff spot and with critics calling for coaching changes in Atlanta and Carolina, it’s hard to ignore the shortcomings in New Orleans as well…
21. 49ers - San Francisco has clearly given up on their coach at this point, as the 9ers gave their cross town rivals their second win of the season and likely the final nail in the San Francisco playoff coffin. As unreliable as their offense has been throughout the season, their defense hasn’t looked this bad under Jim Harbaugh, EVER. Have fun trying to keep up in the best division in football with a new coach next year.
22. Bears - Chicago’s defense was absolutely ravaged Thursday night by a team that owned the worst defense in the league just a year ago. Chicago now clearly owns that title, letting DeMarco Murray walk all over them as Chicago coughed up nearly 200 yards on the ground. Chicago can bitch and moan all they want about Jay Cutler (and this year they absolutely should) but until the defense gets fixed, it doesn’t matter who your quarterback is.
23. Vikings - I got really tired of hearing about how Minnesota isn’t statistically eliminated from playoff contention, especially when a 2-11 Jets team was pushing them into overtime. And this week it wasn’t the offense prolonging a very winnable game, it was the defense. The Vikings did a phenomenal job of keeping the Jets running game in check but Geno looked reborn out there at times. And how soon can the Vikings dump Matt Kalil? The dude is killing us…
24. Falcons - Julio Jones had a massive game against the dismal Green Bay defense that goes ignored thanks to Aaron Rogers. However, Rogers has enough talent on the offensive side of the ball to make up for their atrocious defense, Atlanta still does not. And yet they still might make the playoffs now that Cam Newton’s out indefinitely with a back injury and the Saints seem to have shit out their entire spine somewhere back in October. Please don’t use an 8-8 (at best) home playoff berth as an excuse to save Mike Smith’s job though. He’s held this team back for far too long.
25. Giants - New York snapped their 7 game losing streak with a lopsided victory over the struggling Titans, that said more about how bad Tennessee is than how good the Giants are. Odell Beckham continues to show promise in this Giants offense but the Titans defense has made a lot of people look great this season. Hell, look at Giants running back Andre Williams, who scored his first 100 yard rushing game of the season this week.
26. Panthers - After Carolina looked like they were left for dead last week against the Vikings, Cam Newton and the Panthers laid it on the Saints this week with the most shocking outcome of the weekend. With over 250 yards on the ground, the Panthers owned the battle at the line of scrimmage for the first time this season and scored 17 points in the first nine minutes of play to dig the Saints into a hole they could never recover from.
27. Jets - After starting out in a 7-0 whole due to the first play from scrimmage turning into a pick six for the Vikings, the Jets actually put out one of their best offensive efforts of the season up against a stingy Minnesota defense. Percy Harvin and Eric Dekker put up season high numbers as the Jets passing game looked as good as it has all year long, lead by Geno Smith who played incredibly well after his opening interception. Signs for hope in an otherwise hopeless organization.
28. Titans - Another week ending a blowout victory with an injured Zach Mettenberger and a reminder of why Jake Locker’s still holding a clipboard after returning from injury himself. This offensive line is abysmal and as bad as their offensive line is, their defensive line is even worse. Giving New York only their second 100 yard rusher of the season, the Titans were helpless in this beat down by a Giants team ending their 7 game losing streak as Tennessee loses their 7th straight.
29. Buccaneers - Tampa’s offensive line was manhandled by Detroit as Tampa looked absolutely helpless this week against the Lions. The only thing more disheartening for the Bucs than their offense has to be their defense (which used to be Lovie Smith’s strength in Chicago). Tampa’s still not out of the NFC South race though! Go Bucs!
30. Redskins - Washington gave up a boatload of draft picks to the Rams to secure RG3 and St.Louis showed them exactly what they might have missed out on from the start when Fisher sent out the draft picks they got in exchange for RG3 at the coin toss. And that was just the start of Washington’s humiliation. Washington’s been a train wreck all season long and with this off the field head butting between Gruden and Griffith, it seems to have finally bottomed out in Washington. I just wonder who Dan Snider will side with, his first year head coach or his ego maniacal quarterback?
31. Raiders - Derek Carr threw all over the San Francisco defense in a huge moral victory for a Raiders team that got shut out 52-0 a week ago. But speaking or morale, this loss has to have completely depleted anything the 9ers had left. Carr has a bright future as a starter, hopefully the Raiders can continue to build around him.
32. Jaguars - Despite an early lead against the Texans, the Jaguars offense was under fire all game long from the JJ Watt lead pass rush. Bortles leads the league in interceptions but I still think he looks decent enough to remain the starter in Jacksonville, especially considering the “talent” he has around him.
Kevin Smith fan updated his STATUS: 13 days ago

Even though they added some of the future-war scenes hinted at in T-2 and were expecting in Salvation, Genesys looks awful. Even worse than Jurassic World.
Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 14 days ago

My Office Memo

1. Favorite Character[s]: Creed
2. Favorite Episode: Christmas Party
3. Favorite season: 2
4. Character[s] I can't Stand: Basically anyone they introduced after Season 4
5. Favorite cold open [opening scene]: Kevin's Chili
6. Funniest Scene: Dwight arranging Ryan and to wrestle his fear (which is Mose)
7. That awkward moment: Michael and Oscar's kiss
8. Is it getting smokey in here?: When Karen didn't stay with Jim
9. Favorite prank: Ryan helping Creed post his blog when it's really just a Word Document
10. What if: The Season 3 finale would have ended with Michael being promoted, Jim taking Michael's branch manager position, and prolonging the Jim and Pam hook up so it didn't weigh down the show.
11. Favorite line: "There's too many people. We need a new plague"

Based on a list by Joe Scorpio

Glinda at 10:09 PM Dec 04

Kevin's Chilli is in my top 3 favorite cold opens too. So funny!

LOL at 11 too.

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 10:46 AM Dec 05

Great list, dude. #11 is great and I also like the line right after that when Dwight...

'I saw "Wedding Crashers" accidentally. I bought a ticket for "Grizzly Man" and went into the wrong theater. After an hour, I figured I was in the wrong theater, but I kept waiting. Cause that's the thing about bear attacks... they come when you least expect it.'

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Must-See List for the Rest of 2014

1. Inherent Vice
2. A Most Violent Year
3. Whiplash
4. Foxcatcher
5. American Sniper
6. The Interview
7. Exodus
8. Wild
9. The Drop
10. Men, Women and Children
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Week 13 Power Rankings

1. Patriots - Even though New England's winning streak finally came crashing to a halt in Green Bay, on a neutral field I still think they're the best team in football. Aaron Rogers is on a crazy hot streak right now and I'm not about to hold that against this incredibly balanced Patriots team.
2. Broncos - While New England hogs all the headlines about their newly balanced offensive attack, CJ Anderson is quietly establishing a reliable running game for the AFC's other powerhouse team with his second consecutive 100 yard game on a top tier defensive unit. The Chiefs did everything they could to limit Peyton on Sunday night and it ultimately didn't matter thanks to their breakout 3rd stringer who may be making the Broncos' offense even more unstoppable.
3. Packers - Green Bay got the better of the streaking New England Patriots this week as Rogers met Brady for the first time in their careers. The Packers have still yet to punt in the first half of a game at Lambou this season and with Rogers and Lacey producing at this level, it's hard to see that trend coming to a stop anytime soon. I'm still just not sold on this defense, regardless of where Clay Matthews is lining up.
4. Eagles - After being embarrassed a week ago in Green Bay, Philly responded in a huge Thanksgiving Day win over the former division leading Cowboys. Beating up on Dallas at home, the Eagles took sole possession of first place and legitimized this team's chances with Mark Sanchez down the stretch. Hopefully though, they'll have Nick Foles back in time for when it matters most.
5. Cowboys - It's that time of year again Dallas. No matter what the team does in the first 10-12 weeks of the season, it seems December is always incredibly cruel to the Cowboys and starting off with a debilitating loss to Philly on your home turf only shows signs that more of the same is on the way. Although, this Cowboys team has done a hell of a job proving they're unlike the unreliable Dallas teams we've seen in the past. But it's time to put up or shut up for Jason Garrett and his supposedly fixed defense that let LeSean McCoy rack up the biggest game of his underwhelming season.
6. Seahawks - While this may be a bit of an overreaction to how horrid the 49ers offense played on Thursday, I do believe Seattle has re-established themselves as the team to beat in the NFC West once again. The defense looked impeccable and the team has reverted to their run first offense that carried them through last season. This team is still just as dangerous as last year when focused and coming down the home stretch, it seems they're gaining traction once again.
7. Lions - If the turkey didn't put you to sleep Thursday afternoon, the Lions' manhandling of the Bears sure did the trick. Detroit's defense is unbelievably good and while the offense has looked sluggish at times, they did whatever they wanted to against Chicago.
8. Colts - Indianapolis got off to another wretched start this week but Andrew Luck turned into a one man wrecking crew and dug them out of it with 5 touchdowns against the laughable Redskins secondary. Indy's got to protect this guy better because he's been running for his life back there all season long and he's the only reason they're embarking on another playoff run.
9. Cardinals - It's hard enough for this Arizona offense to put up points without Carson Palmer but without Larry Fitzgerald, it looked downright impossible. Even against a 4-7 Falcons team with one of the worst pass coverages in the league. Atlanta may have needed this game much more than Arizona, but the Cardinals still aren't guaranteed a playoff spot in the hotly contested NFC playoff race. Especially with the remainder of the season resting on Drew Stanton.
10. Chiefs - The Chiefs have done a decent job over the years limiting Peyton Manning over the years, but this time it wasn't Peyton that beat them. With more rushing yards than passing (I wonder when the last time a Peyton Manning offense has done that?) the Chiefs could do nothing to stop CJ Anderson while their own superstar running back was held to under 40 yards, exposing who the true 1 dimensional offense was.
11. Steelers - Another 400+ yard game from Rothlisberger and 250 total purpose yards from LeVeon Bell has this Steelers offense looking the best it has in a decade. However, their defense is a whole nother story. Pittsburgh's potential is huge but when their success hinges on an aging and inconsistent defense, it's hard to say what you'll get out of this team.
12. Ravens - I hate to pin a loss on the officiating but this is the second time this season Baltimore's lost to a playoff caliber team due to a late game pass interference call. First it was offensive P.I. on Steve Smith that negated a game winning touchdown pass and this time it was defensive P.I. that gave the Chargers first and goal from the 1 yard line with less than 30 seconds left in the game. I know, Baltimore still gave up 21 4th quarter points but they way they lost was awful. I still think this is one of the most balanced teams in the AFC and possibly the best in the AFC North. They just cant lose too many more games like this if they want to stay afloat.
13. Chargers - San Diego looks to have revived themselves and their season this week after going through a stretch with a banged up offensive line and Phillip Rivers, the team looks to be playoff bound yet again. Scoring 21 4th quarter points to stun a Ravens team that lead the entire game, San Diego's fought their way right back into the playoff picture yet again thanks to Rivers' undying competitive drive. The dude's been carrying this franchise ever since Schottenheimer left and doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves. I just wish the San Diego GM would give him some help out there.
14. Dolphins - It’s hard to call what Miami did on Monday night winning but regardless, the Dolphins are in control of their own playoff fate at this point. And even though the defensive unit is amongst the best in the league, if the offense remains as limited as they looked against the Jets, they’re not going to do much against the AFC playoff competition (unless that includes the Bengals).
15. Bengals - Another week, another ugly outing by the Bengals. And while Tampa Bay should have absolutely won this game, Cinci escapes thanks to a handful of Lovie Smith errors that helped to pad the Bengals hold on the AFC North even further even though there's a plausible argument that they're the worst team in the division.
16. 49ers - With wildcard hopes slipping, it seems the Seahawks may have finally delivered the knockout punch to the San Francisco 49ers season this week. And if the reports are true about Harbaugh, they may have ended an era on Thanksgiving night. With their most crushing loss of the season, this team's offense looks absolutely lost out there and they're not getting any better without Harbaugh. And with the surging Rams and Cardinals right behind them, the 9ers could be in for a long couple of years saddled to Colin Kaepernick, whose clearly regressing at almost RG3-like levels.
17. Saints - New Orleans stepped up with a dominating victory over the Steelers in Pittsburgh as Ingram continues to step forward as a reliable piece of the offense. Brees has enough weapons at his disposal that even when one or two are unproductive (Brandin Cooks out with injury and Jimmy Graham was held without a single catch) he's still got others like Kenny Stills and Marques Colston to rely on. The offense alone is enough to make them the best team in the south, they'll just have to prove it up against the Falcons.
18. Bills - Buffalo's defense is truly remarkable and despite Orton's inabilities leading an offense, the Bills still put away the Browns fairly easily this week in Buffalo. I just don't see this team keeping pace with Miami, KC, or San Diego in the wildcard race without a more high powered offensive effort.
19. Texans - JJ Watt has to be the strongest defensive candidate for league MVP in quite some time. Catching his third touchdown pass this season, literally taking Zach Mettenberger out of the game, and forcing and recovering a fumble against the Titans this week leave little room for debate as to who the league's best defensive player is. And with Fitzpatrick and Foster back leading the offense, this team may not be far off from competing for a wildcard berth. Okay, probably not this year but at least they're turning things around...
20. Rams - St.Louis destroyed the Raiders this week in the most one sided win of the weekend, putting up 52 points without more than 13 completions from their quarterback. That's the kind of season the Rams have been having though, winning in spite of their quarterback. Just imagine how good they'd be if they didn't have to though. And I'm really hoping St.Louis is ready to move on from Bradford because he's clearly never going to be the guy they thought they drafted.
21. Browns - Cleveland finally opened the floodgates for the Johnny Football conversation to begin, benching Hoyer late in an ugly game against the Bills. Neither offense looked all that impressive, it was the Buffalo defense that won the game. And that didn't change when Manziel took the field, coughing up what should have been a fumble for a touchdown as he back-peddled into the end zone (stupid tuck rule). The Browns are quickly de-railing their playoff campaign and a quarterback controversy isn't going to help things.
22. Bears - After jumping out to a 14 point first quarter, the Lions kept a firm kleet across the throat of the flailing Chicago offense. And the only thing worse than the Bears' offense this season has been their defense, coughing up nearly 500 yards to a team that's struggled to put up more than field goals for the majority of the season. With all the talent on this team, there's no excuse for this. Tressman's got to go.
23. Vikings - On the strength of two huge special teams plays, the Vikings dominated the Panthers Sunday in a freezing Minnesota showdown. It's awesome to see outdoor football back in the twin cities, even if it is temporary. If you're a Vikings fan though, news of Ray Rice's re-instatement by the NFL should be promising for AP's return this season. I'm just not sure the Vikings organization wants him or the media scrutiny he'll bring along with him. Is it too late to talk Jerry Jones into a trade for DeMarco Murray?
24. Falcons - Atlanta kept pace with the Saints on Sunday by beating up on the Cardinals but I'm telling you, winning is the last thing you want to do Falcons. A 7-9 playoff home game might save Mike Smith his job and cost your franchise another 2-3 years of mediocrity. Ask your NBA brethren Atlanta Hawks. If you revel in mediocrity, which is something the Hawks have done for over a decade now, that's where you'll stay. You need to bottom out if you're going to build this back into something substantial.
25. Giants - After coming out strong in the first half, the Giants squandered a 21-3 halftime lead as the Jaguars clawed their way back for their second win of the year. Eli and the offense collapsed yet again, begging the redundant question, how long a leash does two Superbowls buy you? And who does the organization trust more going forward, the coach or the quarterback? Or is it time to ditch both?
26. Panthers - Carolina's an absolute train wreck. Cam Newton's clearly not healthy and his offensive line is drowning this team's offensive abilities like a cinder block cast around Newton's ankles. They've likely played themselves right out of the pathetic NFC South "race" with their sixth straight loss that may ultimately run Riverboat Ron right out of Carolina.
27. Titans - Behind an offensive line missing three starters, Mettenberger and Locker were destroyed by the Texans this week as the Titans lost their sixth straight game. Mettenberger's looked promising but I held some hope for Locker as a reliable quarterback in the league. All of that hope seemed to evaporate by the time Houston got done with him.
28. Buccaneers - Come on Tampa, I was really pulling for you guys to win the NFC South at 6-10. Even when the team does out perform its' competition, there's still time for Lovie Smith to rack up enough penalties to push you out of an easy game winning field goal. Nice to see Doug Martin's still got it though.
29. Jets - Regardless of what the off the field politics were behind Geno Smith’s inexplicable exclusion from the offensive game plan on Monday Night, it’s clear that Rex Ryan doesn’t trust him. And even though he likely won’t be around for year three of Geno’s career, the Jets need to realize that there’s a reason Ryan’s more willing to put the offense in an over the hill Michael Vick’s hands.
30. Redskins - While RG3 swept in and stole Andrew Luck's 2011 Heiseman trophy and 2012 Rookie of the Year award, in his first head to head matchup, Griffin was left to only holding the clipboard and watching as Luck destroyed the Redskins. Washington's clearly chosen to move on from Griffin and I'm incredibly curious to see if he'll ever be the same quarterback we saw in his rookie year.
31. Jaguars - Jacksonville's defense has come out strong the past two weeks, this time however, the opposing quarterback couldn't overcome it. After forcing Andrew Luck into some costly turnovers last week, the Jaguars did the same against Eli Manning as they mounted a second half comeback for their second win of the season. If they can pick up some offensive lineman in the draft next year, they might not be as far off from competing for the AFC South as you might think.
32. Raiders - It's always nice to keep Raiders fans' egos in check. One win doesn't mean anything, you're still the laughing stock of the NFL and a 52-0 blowout is a stark reminder.
Dodong27 at 03:15 PM Dec 03

Please rank my 49ers as #33... they were F'n pathetic last week!!!!! Argh!

Kevin Smith fan updated his STATUS: 22 days ago

Wow, really shouldn't have watched that Jurassic World trailer. Looks just as bad as JP3.
Cochise at 05:47 PM Nov 25

judging from that trailer alone JP3 looks WAY better to me.

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 23 days ago

Week 12 Power Rankings

1. Patriots - Despite scoring his first 4 career touchdowns in the previous game, New England sat Jonas Grey for the newly acquired LeGarrette Blount. Adding even more firepower to the league's best team, Blount scored two touchdowns on a Detroit defense that hasn't given up more than 20 points to date (the Pats scored 34). I think even the harshest New England critics have to be running short on excuses as to why New England isn't the best team in the game.
2. Broncos - Denver's highly criticized offensive line finally showed up this week against a solid Miami defense as the Broncos pounded the running game for 160+ yards with back up running back C.J. Anderson. Peyton also threw for 4 touchdowns but that's pretty common practice at this point. The Broncos battled back from an 11 point deficit to pull a game ahead of the Chiefs in the AFC West race, though they'll still likely have to win in New England to make it back to the Superbowl...
3. Cowboys - While popular opinion has labeled Romo as a late game choke artist, but statistically he leads the league with the best 2nd half quarterback rating and most comeback victories. And with Dez Bryant as his go to receiver, it seems you can't ever really count this team out. Dallas put on a clinic in the second half, outscoring the Giants 21-7 after trailing by 11 at the half. This was a game the old Cowboys would have let slip away but with the balance of this year's team, it's a whole different ball game.
4. Packers - As good as Green Bay has looked during this impressive winning streak, the real measuring stick for their Superbowl potential comes next week against the Patriots. Eddie Lacey's only had two 100 yard games this season (both against the Vikings) but his presence in the offense gives them another dimension we haven't seen with the Packers in some time. It's the secondary that still concerns me.
5. Eagles - Philadelphia scored their 10th non-offensive touchdown of the season in the opening kick off this week against Tennessee and never looked back. The Eagles dominated yet again, despite a modest performance from Mark Sanchez. LeSean McCoy racked up one of his biggest games of the season against the lackluster Titan defense as Philly continues to prove that they can win despite whoever their quarterback might be.
6. Cardinals - In a defensive slugfest (or offensive drought), Arizona was handcuffed to a mere field goal by the stingy Seattle defense who fought their way back into the NFC West race. The Cardinals can still lean on their defense for the bulk of their remaining schedule but they'll have to pull out a win over either Seattle or San Fran in the final two weeks of the season to avoid being the best team out of the playoffs for the second year in a row.
7. Lions - As much as the Detroit defense has improved, the lack of production from the Lions offense is baffling. Despite the emergence of Golden Tate as a viable #2 receiver, the Lions have been inexplicably awful this season and as good as their defense is, they're going to have to put up more than field goals if they want to fend off the surging Packers and the rest of the NFC wildcard contenders.
8. Steelers - Pittsburgh has the week off and will visit fellow fringe playoff contender in New Orleans when they return next week. And as good as Pittsburgh CAN be, they're still way too inconsistent to pencil in for anything past December.
9. Colts - Indianapolis may be the only team in the league with a worse offensive line than Jacksonville and the Jaguars made them pay for it forcing 3 fumbles in the opening half. Luck's a miracle worker but with how atrocious this offensive line and running game is, the guy is on his own back there. But since they play in the worst division in football (yeah, including the NFC South) they'll make the playoffs once again and probably upset somebody solely based on Luck's performance.
10. Chiefs - I'm not entirely surprised to see the Chiefs lose on a Thursday night in Oakland to their winless division rivals (road teams have taken a pounding on Thursday nights) but with so many teams in the running for the AFC wildcard, Kansas City really needed to win this one.
11. 49ers - Washington kept it surprisingly close with the 9ers but with one struggling offense pinned up against another, San Francisco finally broke through and scored their first fourth quarter touchdown of the season. That's how bad this offense has been. But the defense is somehow maintaining the standard dominance we're used to, even without many of their key players. I'm still not sold though, this team will survive even if they do make the playoffs given the trouble they had putting away this lowly Redskins team.
12. Ravens - Justin Forsett has to be the breakout player of the year. He’s been the anchor of the Baltimore offense all season long and finally got some time in the spotlight on Monday night after racking up his career best game against the struggling Saints. This improved offensive line has revitalized the Ravens offense and has them looking like one of the most balanced teams in the AFC.
13. Dolphins - Miami had a huge opportunity to validate their legitimacy as a playoff contender this week but the Dolphins let their 11 point lead slip right off of Jarvis Landry's fingertips. Add to that an onside kick recovery by the prolific back up running back C.J. Anderson and the Dolphins let yet another late game victory slip away. Miami's still a much better team than they get credit for but they're not quite ready to run with the heavy hitters.
14. Seahawks - Seattle's neck deep in the NFC West race and as long as the Cardinals and 49ers keep winning, every week here on out feels like a must win for the reigning Superbowl champions to even make the playoffs. And luckily for Seattle, as dominant as the Arizona defense is, this week they lined up against a team even more offensively inept than they are.
15. Bengals - Jeremy Hill has added a much needed boost to this offense that otherwise lives and dies with A.J. Green. The defense is still good enough to keep ahead of the AFC North competition but the rest lies on Dalton.
16. Browns - Josh Gordon's return to the Cleveland lineup was well received as his late catch helped to set up a stunning game winner with the Browns overcoming 3 Brian Hoyer interceptions to escape Atlanta with the victory. While Cleveland's playoff hopes are dim, Josh Gordon's return may be the push that gets them over the top.
17. Chargers - San Diego was fighting for their playoff lives this week against the Rams and luckily enough, despite all of the Chargers' mistakes in the first half it was the Rams' costly mistake in the final minute of regulation that won the Chargers the game. Rivers is clearly dealing with an injury and the team is struggling because of it, so even if they do limp into the postseason, I don't think we can reasonably expect the Chargers from the first half of the season to magically reappear.
18. Saints - After going unbeaten in New Orleans for the past 19 games Sean Peyton’s been on the sidelines, the Saints have now lost 3 straight at home. Their defense is absolutely inexcusable and was made an absolute mockery of by Justin Forsett on Monday night as the Saints dropped back into a first place tie with fellow 4-7 underachieving Atlanta Falcons. At this point I’m pulling for Tampa to win the South just to prove how ridiculous this division is.
19. Bills - As limited as Buffalo’s offense is, it looked like the Bills could have done anything they wanted against the Jets on Monday night. Buffalo’s manhandled the Jets twice now and if they can get the right quarterback in place, I think the Bills could be a real contender next year. But relying on Kyle Orton can only take you so far…
20. Texans - Ryan Mallet is clearly not the answer for the Texans. There's still a dire need for a quarterback in Houston and as good as JJ Watt has been, I don't think he can pull it off by himself. Without Arian Foster, this team is helpless on offense.
21. Rams - St.Louis had a chance to escape with their first set of consecutive wins this season until Shaun Hill tossed the game winning touchdown into the opposing defense with just 56 seconds remaining. St. Louis played a hell of a game but there's still too little consistency on offense for this team to do anything but occasionally play spoiler.
22. Bears - Chicago went into half-time down 10-0 to their former head coach until Matt Forte laid it on the Tampa defense fueled by a four turnover performance by the Bucs. But honestly, neither team's performance was anything to brag about as I wouldn't be surprised to see both of these squads go into rebuild mode this offseason.
23. Giants - While Odell Beckham Jr. may have come out of the game with the best play of the night, it was the play of the Giants' defense that determined the outcome of the game. With no pressure on Romo during his 80 yard game-winning drive, the Giants gave up the comeback victory to Dallas' own star receiver as the division leaders walked out of New York unscathed. New York's got a bright future with Beckham but their defense is in serious need of some young talent before they can compete with the division leaders.
24. Vikings - With Bridgewater under center instead of Christian Ponder, the Vikings played a much tighter contest with the Packers this week. But ultimately, the team still lacks the competency on offense to keep up, regardless of how improved their defense is. I think Bridgewater can be good but he's got to get some help from his offensive line, especially Matt Kalil who's been a huge disappointment outside of his rookie season.
25. Falcons - After forcing 3 Brian Hoyer interceptions, the Atlanta defense collapsed when it mattered most. Struggling to maintain relevance in the league's least competitive division, the Falcons coughed up another opportunity to step forward as the front runner against the Browns this week as the atrocious defense gave up a huge drive late that set up the game winning field goal by the Browns. Atlanta's almost better off missing the playoffs at this point, just to eliminate any chance Mike Smith hangs on for another season.
26. Panthers - Carolina has the week off and as banged up as this squad is, they desperately need it. Cam Newton's the most sacked quarterback in the league and clearly showing it but as bad as they've been, they're still somehow alive in the NFC South hunt.
27. Titans - Even though Zach Mettenberger largely outplayed Eagles backup Mark Sanchez, it wasn't enough to battle out of the 17-0 hole the Titans started in. Tennessee's had one of the worst tackling defenses in the league for years now and until that's rectified, it doesn't matter what the offense does (which in the Titans' case, usually isn't much).
28. Jets - New York’s a dumpster fire. With every off the field advantage imaginable, the Jets still got blown out on a neutral field with an extra week and a day to prepare for a Buffalo team that already blew them out previously this year. And now it appears they’re back to relying on Geno Smith.
29. Buccaneers - In what was shaping up to be a stunning return to Chicago for Lovie Smith, Tampa Bay unraveled in the second half to cough up an incredibly winnable game to the slumping Bears. I really didn't think the Bucs could cut ties with Lovie after just one season but every game they play, there's less and less to defend his job with.
30. Redskins - Despite taking on another 5 sacks this week, RG3 kept plugging away and kept Washington within striking distance all game long. Washington's pass rush has been surprisingly stout in the past few games, limiting the 9ers to under 70 yards rushing and forced Colin Kaepernick to win the game with his arm. Which, surprisingly enough, he did.
31. Raiders - Oakland finally got their first win of the season against the Chiefs on Thursday night thanks to Derek Carr's game winning drive. Carr's been a beacon of hope in a black hole of hopelessness in Oakland and even though they're still probably the worst team in the league, let's take a moment to celebrate the Raiders' first win by momentarily bumping them out of last place.
32. Jaguars - Jacksonville had a huge defensive outing against the awful Indianapolis o-line but without an offense that can capitalize, it was fairly meaningless.
Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 24 days ago

Ranking the Farrely Brothers

1. Dumb and Dumber - 9/10
2. Kingpin - 8.5/10
3. There's Something About Mary - 8/10
4. Me, Myself and Irene - 7/10
5. Shallow Hal - 6.5/10
6. Osmosis Jones - 6.5/10
7. Hall Pass - 6/10
8. The Heartbreak Kid - 5.5/10
9. Stuck on You - 5/10
10. Dumb and Dumber To - 4/10

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