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Anyone else ever notice that New Line sneaks Critters into a lot of their other flicks? Just spotted it in NOES3 & the original TMNT
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Kevin Smith fan posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 3 days ago

The Visit


Directed by: M. Shyamalan
Written by: M. Shyamalan
Cast: Kathryn Hahn
Studio: Universal Pictures
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Official Site:
Plot: Having never met their grandparents due to a falling out with their mother, two kids go to spend the week with grandma and grandpa.


I've been holding out for another decent M. Night vehicle for quite some time and it looks like he might have finally gotten back on track. The Visit isn't a perfect film by any means but it's easily the best thing Shyamalan has put out since Signs. Not that that's really saying much...[more]...

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Kevin Smith fan posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 3 days ago

The Village


Directed by: M. Night Shyamalan
Written by: M. Night Shyamalan
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Bryce Howard, William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, Adrien Brody, Judy Greer, Brendan Gleeson, Michael Pitt
Studio: Touchstone Pictures
Genre: Thriller
Official Site:
Plot: When one of the villagers falls ill, a brave young girl dares to leave and test the alliance between their people and the mysterious creatures of the woods.


The initial backlash for this film was so harsh, that I felt I had to give it some time before I could give it an unbiased watch. It's been about 10 years since it was released and I can contest that this film is the utter train wreck that it was made out to be. Unbelievable to think it came from a guy once hailed as the next Spielberg...[more]...

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Zo! at 01:35 AM Oct 02

Lame. This movie had an inspired performance from Bryce Dallas Howard, one of the bet ever. If you felt the movie didn't make sense then you obviously didn't pay attention.

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 4 days ago

Week 3 Power Rankings

1. Cardinals - Arizona’s been a budding turn around story for some time now and with a healthy Carson Palmer, it looks like they’re finally ready to take the next step as legitimate contenders amongst the NFL elite. Although it seems like most people are chalking up Arizona’s dominance to their weak opponents, the Cardinals have had an impeccable defense for years. Now that they finally have the offensive firepower to take advantage, this team looks like the most balanced squad in the league.
2. Patriots - In what had to be the most predictable outcome of the week, New England ran all over the Jaguars this week. And there really doesn’t look like another team in the AFC can keep up with the Patriots at this point. Brady’s playing like a guy trying to validate his recently tainted legacy and Gronk may be the hardest receiving threat to guard in the league. Brady and Belichick may not be done bringing Superbowl rings to the Kraft family just yet.
3. Packers - Aaron Rogers is the best. The dude is far and away the best quarterback in the league and the play of those around him is almost irrelevant. Just like there are game managing quarterbacks, the rest of Rogers’ team is made up of game managers. Okay, Clay Matthews and Clinton Ha Ha Dix are pretty solid players and Eddie Lacey looks like a human anvil but still…
4. Falcons - Atlanta may have finally found their replacement for Michael Turner. Devonta Freeman did it all against Dallas this week as Atlanta’s turnaround season continues to impress week after week. And while the Falcons’ offense has always been formidable, the improvement in their defense is outstanding. Dan Quinn has done a hell of a job here and may have this team looking the most dangerous they ever have in the Matty-Ice era.
5. Broncos - Even though we just saw it happen with Favre not more than 5 years ago, its still pretty surprising to see how Peyton’s changed from the high octane offense Denver exhibited in his first years as a Bronco compared to what this team looks like now. And the evaporation of the run game only makes matters worse. Denver’s still got one of the best defenses in the league and that will definitely keep them a top the NFL’s elite, it’s unbelievable that teams are now game planning to force Peyton to throw.
6. Steelers - As Le’Veon Bell returned to the Steelers offense, Big Ben looks to be stepping out of it with his newly suffered knee injury that will have him sidelined for at least 4 weeks. And with Pittsburgh’s stellar offensive line and dual threat running game anchored around Bell and Williams, the team might be able to maintain a winning record under Mike Vick. But they’re going to have to score a lot more than 12 points a game to do it.
7. Bills - Buffalo bounced back from their loss to the Patriots last week in a huge way, embarrassing a fellow NFC East hopeful in Miami. The Bills’ stout defense was kind of a given taking into consideration how good they looked last year and adding Rex Ryan to the mix but the offense may actually be the best of any Ryan head coached team in his career. Tyrod Taylor made easy work of the underachieving Dolphin defense and looks more than capable of leading this team out of their postseason drought.
8. Bengals - I feel like the Bengals could be playing with literally any quarterback in the league, as long as A.J. Green is out there it doesn’t matter. The dude carries this offense unlike any one wide receiver I can ever recall. He’s that. Damn. Good. And even though Jeremy Hill seems to be struggling to live up to expectations, Bernard is a more than capable primary back. With this offensive line, Cinci’s afforded a lot of leeway.
9. Cowboys - For a second there it really looked like the Dallas offensive line was good enough to get any quarterback a win. But trying to keep up with Julio Jones is tough for any quarterback, especially Brandon Wheedon. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Matt Cassel get a shot before Tony Romo’s two month’s on the bench is over, I’m just not sure he can keep this team above water without Dez Bryant either. It does help Dallas that they play in the NFC East though, so a late rally in the season should be possible considering how dreadful the Giants, Eagles and Redskins have looked thus far.
10. Chiefs - Poor Alex Smith. It’s not his fault the Niners drafted him over Aaron Rogers, leading to endless comparisons between the two. He’s a decent game managing quarterback and that’s just fine for Andy Reid’s system. Just don’t expect this team to be able to keep up with the Ryans and Rogers and Brady’s of the league. And don’t panic just yet, KC is 1-2 but their two losses were against Denver and Green Bay. Nothing to be ashamed of.
11. Panthers - Even without Charles Johnson, Luke Kuechley, Kelvin Benjamin, Jericho Cotchery, or Jonathan Stewart - Cam Newton continues to single handily drag the Carolina Panthers’ corpse to a stunning 3-0 start, not unlike Will Smith dragging a dead alien in his parachute through the desert in Independence Day. It’s truly remarkable to see Newton take the team on his shoulders like this and continue to exceed slumping expectations. Imagine if he played for a team that actually gave a shit about surrounding him with decent offensive weapons? Oh wait, they just signed Jared Allen, maybe he can learn some receiver routs.
12. Seahawks - Seattle finally got their first win of the season but I’m not so sure how good Seahawks fans should feel about it. Even though they pitched a shutout against a Bears offense that punted the ball on EVERY POSSESSION, the Seahawks still only lead by two field goals at half time. And while they finally got some yardage out of Jimmy Graham, this 26-0 final score should have been much more lopsided considering their opponents. And if the Lynch injury is anything serious, this momentary success isn’t going to last too much longer.
13. Vikings - Minnesota’s opening debacle feels a million miles away from the team we’ve gotten in the following weeks. The defense is back in peak performance and Adrian Peterson looks to have finally gotten his legs back. While Bridgewater hasn’t taken the second year strides we’ve been anticipating, he’s still the best quarterback Minnesota’s drafted since Daunte Culpepper.
14. Rams - Even less spectacular than Le’Veon Bell’s debut for Pittsburgh, was Todd Gurley’s debut for St.Louis. Even under their new found quarterback, the Rams offense is just as stagnant as it’s ever been; regardless of how dominant the defense is. Foles has shown flashes of brilliance but none of that seems to have followed him to St.Louis. Maybe Fisher just needs to get his guys to pretend they’re playing the Seahawks every week, because none of that intensity seems to show up unless they’re playing a Superbowl contender.
15. Jets - Why in God’s name would you come and commit to Ryan Fitzpatrick as your starter before you even have your second option available? The dude’s lost everywhere he’s gone and if it weren’t for New York’s stellar defense, the Jets would be yet another one of Fitzpatrick’s losing efforts. Geno Smith is no franchise quarterback either, but he’s not THAT much worse than Fitzpatrick to say that he’ll stay on the bench even when he returns from injury. Especially if you’re going to ask him to throw 60 times a game. And Brandon Marshall’s too good of a receiver to make that bad of a play with that lateral.
16. Raiders - The Oakland Raiders haven’t won a game in the Eastern time zone since 2009. But they haven’t had young a quarterback like Derek Carr in even longer. Oakland’s still got some issues to iron out before they can think about the postseason but if they didn’t play in one of the deepest divisions in football, I don’t think they’d be far off. Bringing in Amari Cooper was a brilliant move for Oakland, as the budding relationship between Carr and Cooper continues to highlight a revitalized offense. A dangerous young team that’s likely only going to get better moving forward.
17. Giants - New York finally closed out an opponent and even got a great play from a running back. It wasn’t running the ball, but a blocked punt for a safety is a great way to start a game and the most production we’ve seen from Rashad Jennings in a Giants uniform. New York still shouldn’t scare Dallas, their pass defense isn’t nearly as good as Kirk Cousins made them look.
18. Chargers - It looks like Phillip Rivers may be in over his head this season. After battling injuries all of last year, he’s near the top of the league in both fumbles and interceptions from a quarterback. And Melvin Gordon hasn’t necessarily given the team a lift either. I do think that Rivers and the Chargers can bounce back but it’s not going to be easy, especially continuing without Antonio Gates.
19. Eagles - Philly finally got a win but it still doesn’t look anywhere near the team we were expecting in the offseason. Bradford looks like a shell of himself and the receiving corps is unbelievably unreliable. The best receiving options for the Eagles at this point seem to be their running backs. Although the defense does look to be improved, the offense may be bad enough to have Chip Kelly back coaching college in the very near future.
20. Colts - While the Colts started 0-2 for the second consecutive season, Luck’s 7-0 against the Titans and used this week’s divisional matchup against a young inferior team to finally bring home a win for Indy. Barely. Luck’s still throwing to the wrong team way more than he should and the defense is as bad as it’s ever been under Pagano. Just like they have for the past several seasons, the Colts will likely continue to thrive on the ineptitude of their AFC competition and not really amount to much outside of their division.
21. Ravens - 0-3 for the first time in franchise history after Steve Smith lead the charge on what should have been a fantastic comeback win for the Ravens. Instead, we get a postgame tirade from Smith and a whole lot of questions raised about the franchise investing it’s future in Joe Flacco rather than the deteriorating defense. Baltimore also continues to hinder it’s performance with thoughtless penalties, which were a lot of the reason they blew last week’s late lead against the Raiders. The team has a lot to figure out and with Pittsburgh and Cincinnati clearly atop the division, it could be a while before we see Baltimore back in the playoff picture.
22. Dolphins - Miami looks awful. After nearly making the post season a year ago, you’d think they’d have a little more fight in them than this. The hype around Tannehill’s preseason improvement is as empty as Miami’s highly financed pass rush. The team is underperforming worse than any of the most critical Joe Philbin skeptics could have imagined and I can’t see a way he finishes the season in Miami if this level of play continues.
23. Redskins - The Giants forced Washington to rely on their new found starter and he showed us that despite Jay Gruden’s preseason praise, he’s still the same Kirk Cousins we saw throwing to the other team every week from last season. They may have a solid running game to lean on but being this one sided is going to limit the Redskins, especially trying to keep up with teams with passing threats like Odelle Beckham. The Skins are better than we thought but they’re clearly not ready to take the NFC East from the Romo-less Cowboys.
24. 49ers - This is the 49ers team I expected to see this season. Okay, maybe not 4 interceptions and only 67 yards from Kaepernick, but this kind of ineptitude in general. San Fran got dominated by Arizona who looks to have taken a stranglehold over the division the 9ers used to reign. Kaepernick showed major signs of improvement in his first two games this season but the Cardinals erased all of that with two pick sixes in Kaepernick’s first four attempts. Jim Tomsula certainly has his work cut out for him this year.
25. Lions - Detroit’s offensive woes continued this week against the Broncos as the Lions are off to an 0-3 start and the Jim Caldwell countdown begins. Okay, it’s not entirely fair to throw it Caldwell but the way this offense has regressed is pretty puzzling. Stafford has never been one of the elite quarterbacks in the league but he looks more inept than ever these past two seasons, even with the best receiver in the league.
26. Browns - Cleveland is a total clusterfuck. If you’re going to take a chance on Johnny Manziel and make him a part of your football team, don’t bench him the week after he finally wins a game. And for Josh McCown? We’ve all seen the Josh McCown show, it’s not pretty. Unless you equip him with Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffries, and Matt Forte. Other than that, he’s a competent backup and that’s it. Don’t leave lingering questions about Manziel, figure out what you have and move on already.
27. Titans - Tennessee nearly got the better of the AFC South bullies but Mariota’s late interception and one of the ugliest two point conversion attempts I’ve ever seen kept the Titans from holding onto an upset win against the Colts. The team still needs a reliable run game to assist Mariota and the run defense is amongst the softest in the NFL. The Titans are making strides but they’re still far from contending.
28. Saints - I was really hoping Verizon’s backup spokesman would have pulled this one off but despite his 300 yard day, Luke McCown took the Saints to 0-3 this week. And while the team will undoubtedly look more cohesive with a healthy Drew Brees behind center, it’s still uncertain when that will be. And also how much of Brees’ struggles are truly injury related?
29. Texans - Houston finally got in the win column Sunday but probably not without the help they received from Tampa’s unbelievably unreliable kicker. The defense held the Buccs for most of the game and Mallet played better-ish but I still don’t see them winning with any consistency without Arian Foster in the backfield. Although Tampa’s lousy defense did a great job of making Alfred Blue look like a formidable backup.
30. Buccaneers - While Tampa’s got some decent weapons on offense, their defense is abysmal. Outside of Gerald McCoy, they’re one of the worst tackling units in the league and until Winston can get comfortable leading the offense, they’re going to struggle like this for some time.
31. Jaguars - An already lackluster Jacksonville defense, now decimated with injuries, was absolutely humiliated this week against the Patriots giving up a franchise high 51 points. I really hope Jacksonville’s win/loss record doesn’t factor in to how long the Jags are willing to give Bortles. He’s not as bad as his team makes him look, I just don’t know if he’ll ever get a fair shot given the franchise that drafted him.
32. Bears - I honestly can’t believe Jimmy Clausen’s even on an NFL roster. One of the absolute worst quarterbacks I’ve seen drafted in the past few years, he really doesn’t even deserve a job as a backup. And while Seattle can make any offense look inept, Chicago practically gift wrapped the Seahawks their first win by putting Clausen out as their starter. No wonder Alshon Jeffries didn’t even make the trip.
YoshioKun13 at 09:23 AM Sep 30

Fuck yeah RAIDERS

No longer the worst football team of the Bay Area

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 5 days ago

My 31 Days of Halloween (*= First Time Views)

1. *The Visit / *The Village / *Lady in the Water
2. *Cujo / *Alligator
3. *Body Double / *Blow Out
4. *Matinee / *Innerspace
5. *Graveyard Shift / *Pet Cemetery 2
6. *The Changeling / *Brotherhood of the Wolf
7. *Dead Ringers / *Invaders from Mars
8. *Prom Night 2 / *Prom Night 3 / *Prom Night 4
9. *Death Becomes Her / *What Lies Beneath
10. *Event Horizon / *Lifeforce
11. *Rampage / *Sorcerer
12. *The Killing / *Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
13. *The Green Inferno / *Knock Knock
14. Child's Play / Child's Play 2
15. *Starman / *The Last Starfighter
16. Black Christmas / Silent Night, Deadly Night
17. The Blob / Night of the Creeps
18. Nightmare on Elm Street / Nightmare on Elm Street 2
19. Nightmare on Elm Street 3 / Wes Craven's New Nightmare
20. Evil Dead / Army of Darkness
21. Phantasm / Bubba Ho-Tep
22. *Insidious Chapter 2 / *Insidious Chapter 3
23. The Fog / The Thing
24. Gremlins / Gremlins 2: The New Batch
25. *Poltergeist (Remake) / *Amityville Horror (Remake)
26. *Teeth / *Slither
27. Critters / Critters 2
28. *The Wicker Man / *The Hitcher
29. The Exorcist / The Exorcist III
30. Ernest Scared Stupid / Trick R Treat
31. Halloween / Halloween 2 / Halloween 3
emmyd at 02:57 PM Sep 28

Great schedule! Lots of first time watches on here, enjoy them! I too am seeing the Poltergeist remake for the first time next month, let's hope for something good! The Amityville Horror remake, a lot of people don't like it, and it's not the greatest movie but I really enjoy it. I remember watching Slither when I was 13 and that movie haunted me for weeks haha. And you've got two of the greatest Halloween films ever on here: Halloween & Trick R Treat ( I LOVE those movies ) Enjoy your month man! Let us know what you think of your first time watches if you get the chance.

timmyd at 07:56 PM Sep 28

great line up , Dude.

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 11 days ago

Week 2 Power Rankings

1. Cardinals - With last year’s marque Superbowl matchup of Seattle v.s. New England, it’s easy to forget that Arizona had the best record in the league for most of the season. And now with Carson Palmer back behind center, they look like the best team in the league. Arizona ran away from the Bears fairly easily, starting with the opening kickoff run back for a touchdown and never really looked back. Don’t sleep on this team expecting the sorry squad outed by the Panthers last post-season, Arizona is healthy this year and poised to make a much deeper run in the playoffs this season without having to rely on Ryan Lindley.
2. Patriots - Tom Brady spread the ball over the place for 466 yards and 3 touchdowns against one of the best defenses in the league, hanging on to beat Rex Ryan’s new NFC East rival in Buffalo. But New England is still far from perfect, especially on the defensive side of the ball. But until someone can stop that polar bear of a tight end, I think they’ll have no problem competing for yet another AFC title.
3. Packers - Aaron Rogers is the best quarterback I’ve ever seen. So as long as the defense and running game aren’t dreadfully bad, this team is poised to be amongst the NFC’s best regardless of what happens. But with BJ Raji seeming to return to his former state and Eddie Lacy giving the running game legitimate threat, the team may be it’s most well rounded since their Superbowl run.
4. Steelers - Pittsburgh’s offense has to be amongst the best in the league and they’re still without their star running back and second best wideout. But given the circumstances, DeAngello Williams and Darius Heyward Bey have done a phenomenal job filling in. But at some point, this defense has to start playing better. Even though the 9ers had hard time scoring on Pitt, they still racked up over 300 yards through the air. The Steelers’ defense of old is long gone and will continue to put all of the pressure on the offense’s scoring in order to win games. But if they play like they did Sunday, that shouldn’t be a problem.
5. Broncos - Peyton looked better in his second week of play but it doesn’t really matter how he looks if the Denver defense is going to continue to manhandle their opposition like this. An unbelievable 2nd fumble from Jamal Charles ended the game and gave the Broncos their 13th straight road win, tying the most in NFL history. The Broncos are technically sitting undefeated but I can’t imagine relying this heavily on their defense will be sustainable through a whole season.
6. Falcons - With another huge performance from Julio Jones and a surprisingly stingy defensive outing in the second half, the Falcons look much more dangerous this season behind Dan Quinn. This team looks as dangerous as they have in Matty-Ice’s reign in Atlanta and given the soft competition in the NFC South this season, the Falcons may find themselves on an easy path back to playing some postseason football in Atlanta.
7. Cowboys - It’s a good thing Dallas has a 2-0 head start on the rest of the NFC East because they’re in for an uphill battle the next 6 weeks or so without Tony Romo or Dez Bryant. And while DeMarco Murray’s performance against his former team showed that the Cowboys lost more than the Eagles gained, it would be nice to have the former work horse in the Dallas backfield to rely on for this next couple of months. It’d be a hell of a lot more comforting that going forward with Brandon Wheedon, Joseph Randle, and Darren McFadden as your offense. While the Cowboys definitely have the best roster in the East, surviving without Romo is going to be a challenge.
8. Chiefs - I don’t think there was a single person in Arrowhead stadium that didn’t think Thursday’s game wasn’t headed for overtime, including the Denver Broncos. I mean who could predict Charles coughing up the ball with just 27 seconds left in a tie game with their divisional nemesis? But thankfully we have week 1 to call back to for proof that the KC offense isn’t as inept as the Broncos made them look.
9. Bills - Despite 3 interceptions from Tyrod Taylor and allowing 500 yards of offense, the Bills were still incredibly competitive with their divisional bullies but ultimately, New England was just too much for the Bills to handle. At least for now. I still think Buffalo’s defense is good enough to carry them and if Taylor continues to mature and grow as a starting quarterback, he’ll be able to limit the mistakes he made in Sunday’s loss.
10. Rams - As good as St.Louis looked last week against the Seahawks, they were absolutely humiliated this week in Washington. The Redskins ran all over one of the best defensive lines in football and Kirk Cousins outplayed their new found franchise QB in Nick Foles. While the Rams may be playing better football than their division rival Seahawks, they’ve still got a ways to go in competing with the rest of the NFC but I still believe this team will prove to be much better than they looked this week against Washington.
11. Bengals - I think it goes without saying at this point that Andy Dalton looks a hell of a lot better when A.J. Green is on the field. The offense has looked much better with a healthy receiving corps and with Bernard stepping in for the struggling Jeremy Hill, the Bengals have an incredibly deep offense that should be hard for any team to keep up with. Now all we need is for Dalton to start adding some postseason wins to his resume.
12. Chargers - The 1-2 punch of Rivers and Gordon is going to be a staple in San Diego for quite some time but San Diego still needs to solidify it’s run defense if its going to elevate past the Broncos and Chiefs. The AFC West is stacked and while the Chargers are probably good for at least a wildcard in almost any other division, they’re going to have a tough time keeping up with their peers unless the defense improves.
13. Seahawks - Russell Wilson’s mobility and Marshawn Lynch’s tenacity have done a fantastic job of covering up Seattle’s inefficiencies on the offensive line. But trading away their starting center for Jimmy Graham may finally be too much for the offense to overcome. Especially when Graham has been a no show thanks to the line allowing non-stop pressure in the Seattle backfield. Add that to the vulnerability from Kam Chancellor’s absence and the Seahawks are in for a hell of a tough season trying to even keep pace with their divisional opponents, let alone return to the Superbowl.
14. Jets - Forcing 5 turnovers against the Browns is no big deal but doing it to the Colts on Monday Night Football the following week? Now you have my attention New York. And if you thought Revis was ready to sit back and enter pay check cashing mode for his return to New York, think again. He absolutely owned Luck as the Jets are off to their first 2-0 start since 2011. Now let’s just hope they can hold Tom Brady to under 450 yards unlike the Bills.
15. Panthers - Carolina is off to a 2-0 start to their season, largely in part to their superhuman quarterback Cam Newton, moving the ball any way he can. With the loss of yet another receiving target this week, you have think the Panthers will sign SOMEONE for him to throw the ball to, right? Or are you just going to count on him carrying the ball and doing front flips into the end zone all year?
16. Ravens - Baltimore may be 0-2 for the first time in John Harbaugh’s time as head coach but really, a few bounces the other way and they’d be sitting at 2-0. So don’t go into panic mode just yet. However, the defense seems lost out there without Terrell Suggs. In fact, Sunday’s game was the first in nearly 17 years the Ravens played without Ray Lewis, Ed Reed or Terrell Suggs on the field. They need to find a new identity and quick, because the rest of the AFC North looks to have outgrown Baltimore’s stranglehold on the division.
17. Giants - Blowing another late lead and losing their second straight game that they statistically dominated, New York has to take a good long look at itself in the mirror. With his new favorite target in Odelle Beckham, Eli Manning is playing some great football. That is if you don’t count the last drive of either of the Giants’ first two games. They’ve got to close out games better and it looks like the absence of a reliable running back will yet again keep them from doing so this season.
18. Eagles - Philly looked absolutely dreadful in their loss to Dallas Sunday afternoon. Bradford was inaccurate and inconsistent, the entirety of Sproles, Matthews, and Murray accounted for -2 rushing yards COMBINED, and the receiving corps continues to do their new quarterback no favors with their absurd amount of drops. This team has a lot of potential but right now, they’re a train wreck.
19. Dolphins - Ryan Tannehill had a much better game in week 2 but it didn’t matter thanks to his reckless defense. Philbin’s chair hasn’t even cooled from the way last season ended so I have to imagine he’s still coaching for his job after the surprisingly slow start for a defense that supposedly just signed the best player in the league.
20. Colts - Technically this is the same way the AFC Finalists started out last season, but it doesn’t feel the same whatsoever. Somehow the offense looked even more helpless against the Jets as Andrew Luck threw half as many touchdowns as Ryan Fitzpatrick and 3 times as many interceptions. It’s safe to go into panic mode Indy, this atrocious offensive line is about to drown any SuperBowl hopes you might have had going into the season. Poor Andre Johnson and Frank Gore…
21. Raiders - This is the Raiders team I expected to see on opening week. The team looked entirely different with Derek Carr behind center and with Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree in his receiving corps, this team isn’t your typical Oakland dumpster fire. And while they certainly got lucky on some terrible penalties from the Ravens, Oakland is a team on the rise. Sadly they just happen to play in one of the deepest divisions in football.
22. Redskins - After their new franchise quarterback RG3 carried this franchise to a playoff berth in his rookie year, it looks like the only position Washington doesn’t have figured out is quarterback. The improved defense held St.Louis in check while the ground game did whatever they wanted against the stingy Rams defense. The running back tandem of Jones and Morris may be amongst the best in the league and as long as Cousins continues to be careful with the ball, this team may actually be in better shape than I thought.
23. 49ers - San Fran’s offense struggled to get in the end zone this week without Carlos Hyde. Even putting up huge numbers on the Steelers’ inexperienced defense, the 9ers redzone offense continues to be an area of concern for the decimated group. And while the defense made easy work of Teddy Bridgewater last week, they looked in way over their heads trying to keep up with Big Ben and Antonio Brown.
24. Vikings - This was the Adrian Peterson we’d been missing all last year. After a dreadful opener in San Fran last Monday night, the Vikings manhandled Detroit in Peterson’s first game in Minneapolis since week 13 of 2013. Bridgewater also looked much better, shouldering a much lighter load for the offense this week. And if Kyle Rudolph can stay healthy, he’s going to be a huge asset for this Vikings passing game moving forward.
25. Lions - I can’t believe how quickly the Lions’ offensive potency has eroded from under them. Stafford was under duress all game long against the Vikings and outside of Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate, the entire offense never got going. They looked handcuffed and without a Suh anchoring the defense, they can’t really crutch on that side of the ball like they did last year. Detroit’s in a bad place and I can’t imagine the team will continue under the Caldwell regime much longer if Megatron’s prime continues to go to waste (if it hasn’t already passed).
26. Browns - Manziel finally got his first win as a starting quarterback, handing Mariotta his first loss as a starter. And while the 60 yard game winner is nothing to shrug off, it was 1 of only 8 completions for Johnny Football. So don’t go crazy just yet Cleveland. The fact is Cleveland has a much better all around team than the Titans do. Just ask Mariota, who found himself sacked 7 times at the hands of the Browns defense. Cleveland’s offensive and defensive lines are phenomenal, it’s just the skill positions they’ve been lacking in. And against defenses as inept as the Titans’, the Browns offense should be just fine at managing a lead their own defense should provide them.
27. Titans - Mariota had another great game this week, but the rest of the Titans finally exposed their true colors. Sankey slumped back to mediocrity, the atrocious o-line let Mariota take on 7 sacks and the defense that made Jameis Winston look like a bust made Johnny Manziel look like a saviour. The rebuilding process in Tennessee is just getting started, so regardless of how well Mariota plays, this team still has a while before they’re legitimate contenders again.
28. Buccaneers - I think we all expected more from the Buccs than what we got in week 1 but a win over Drew Brees and the Saints? I’m not sure even the infinitely confident Jameis Winston expected that. Tampa has more than enough weapons for Winston to succeed in his rookie year but it’s the defensive unit that needs to improve for this team to take a step forward and playing against lackluster squads like New Orleans, the defense seems to be finding its footing.
29. Saints - I think we all expected the Saints defense to be bad. Since, you know, it’s been one of the worst in the league since the bounty gate scandal. But the offense? Drew Brees? Taking away Kenny Stills and Jimmy Graham shouldn’t make this big a difference, should it? Is he playing through an injury? Or is Brees at a stage where he can’t shoulder the entire weight of his team anymore?
30. Jaguars - When’s the last time you saw the Jaguars, Browns, and Raiders all win on the same Sunday? And in September? Jacksonville looked like a completely different team this week taking full advantage of some inexcusable Dolphins penalties and a disappearing act from Miami’s defense in the second half. Jacksonville has some pieces in place, they just need a better offensive line to protect them.
31. Bears - Just when it looked like the Bears’ quarterback was finding his rhythm against one of the best defenses in the league, he’s knocked out of the game on a pick six. That’s so Jay Cutler. The Bears defense is just as bad as it was last year and even with Forte playing a much more pivotal role in the offense, they can’t expect to go anywhere with Jimmy Clausen behind center.
32. Texans - Houston continues to flounder without their offensive powerhouse Arian Foster. Mallet looked just as inept as Hoyer did last week, so I can’t imagine things getting any better for the Texans until Foster returns. Mallet was remarkable bad, throwing for 244 yards on nearly 60 attempts. The only thing more inefficient for Houston was the running game. No matter how many names you have on a defensive line, you can’t expect that to carry you through a season, even if you do play in the AFC South.
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10 Favorite 90's Nickeloden Shows

1. Adventures of Pete and Pete
2. Hey Arnold
3. Are You Afraid Of The Dark
4. Doug
5. KaBlaam!
6. The Ren & Stimpy Show
7. All That
8. Rugrats
9. Kenan & Kel
10. Clarissa Explains It All

Based on a list by JohnLocke2342

JohnLocke2342 at 11:55 AM Sep 18


Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: 18 days ago

Week 1 Power Rankings

1. Cowboys - After being weakness for the majority of Tony Romo’s tenure in Dallas, the Cowboys have the best offensive line in football. Which I’m guessing is why they didn’t sweat losing the league’s leading rusher to a division rival in the offseason. But even still, you’ve got to replace him with somebody better than Run DMC and Joseph Randle. Without a run game and an injured Dez Bryant, the Cowboys offense stalled frequently against the Giants in a game that should have been a blowout. Dallas still has one of the best rosters in the league and I believe their week 1 missteps will likely end up as irrelevant as Dallas’ sloppy opener last season against the 49ers.
2. Cardinals - Arizona looked to pick up right where they left off last season with Carson Palmer behind center. The team’s offense shredded through New Orleans’ sloppy secondary and the 2007 Fantasy Dream team of Palmer, CJ2K, and Larry Fitzgerald was just too much for Rob Ryan and company to handle. Ok, Chris Johnson didn’t have much to do with it, but with literally anyone besides Ryan Lindley behind center, the Cardinals are destined for their second straight year atop the incredibly deep NFC West.
3. Packers - While Green Bay didn’t decimate the Bears as many expected, they still looked impressive. Lacey looks bigger than ever and Rogers will continue to carry the team in spite of his team’s shoddy defensive efforts. As a side note, it was nice to see James Jones reunite with the guy that made him a star in the first place, giving him his best game since leaving the Pack.
4. Rams - St. Louis has been the unsung hero of the gritty NFC West ever since Jeff Fisher took over as head coach. But now with a starting quarterback that will actually take the field without street clothes, I think this team is finally ready to take a leap forward. Especially once Gurly is inserted into the offense. The defensive line is arguably the best in the league and with Foles providing some stability in the offense, this was certainly more than a fluke win over Seattle.
5. Patriots - New England got to start their season off WITH Mr.Brady behind center and Gronk and the army of Boston frat boys couldn’t be happier. But New England really lucked out taking advantage of a disoriented Pittsburgh defense and a Jaguar kicker botching two field goals for the Steelers. The defense is going to struggle without their top 3 corners from last year’s Super Bowl squad and the run defense doesn’t look much better, coughing up a buck twenty to an over the hill DeAngello Williams. Take this opening win with a grain of salt New England, you’ve still got a long way to go to pickup back to back titles.
6. Steelers - A couple of missed field goals could have made the season opener a lot closer for the Steelers but never the less, this team is going to look a hell of a lot better once LeVeon Bell and Martavis Bryant are back. Not that DeAngello Williams didn’t fit in surprisingly well but the Steelers red zone offense is in serious need of some more fire power. The young defense is also clunky at best but hopefully they’ll iron out some of the kinks as the season progresses.
7. Chiefs - Like the rest of us, I’m sure Kansas City was tired of hearing about how great JJ Watt and the Houston defense was going to be. The Chiefs have had one of the best defenses in the league ever since Andy Reid came to town and they made sure to let Houston know that if there’s any team with a marginal quarterback that’s going to be carried into the postseason by their exceptional defense, it’s going to be the one without a wide receiver touchdown in over a calendar year. Go Travis Kelce!
8. Falcons - Huge games from Julio Jones on Monday Night have become a given from the Falcons but a defensive outing like the one they put up against the Eagles is something that’s been missing in Atlanta for quite some time. Dan Quinn seems to have found a formidable pass rush to give the Falcons some depth and if the Atlanta offense can stay healthy, I don’t see any reason why this team won’t coast to an NFC South title considering the dreadful competition they have within their division.
9. Broncos - Peyton Manning fans hoping to rediscover the legend they know and love sadly only got more of the dusty, inaccurate shell that got hammered by the Colts last January in Denver’s opener. Even still, Wade Phillips has the defense playing at an unthinkably high level and good enough to carry this team. That is, unless Peyton completely unravels, which seems to be on the horizon. He’s a time bomb at this point and it seems like Elway and company are all holding their breath hoping that the defense can drag Manning’s water logged corpse to a second Superbowl for the Broncos before he evaporates into dust before our very eyes. The scary thing is, the defense is playing good enough to do it.
10. Bills - While it’s incredibly easy to scoff at Rex Ryan’s boasting bravado, there’s definitely some substance to the preaching he’s been doing all offseason about his defense. Buffalo looks even more dominant than last year and with Greg Roman maximizing Tyrod Taylor’s abilities behind center, the Bills could finally be on their way to breaking their postseason drought. Or the Colts’ defense is really just that bad, we’ll find out soon enough. But for now, I think this team has incredible potential to push for a wildcard berth or better this season.
11. Ravens - Flacco had a shot to ruin Denver’s home opener in the closing seconds of Sundays game but that opportunity bounced right off of Steve Smith’s face mask. One play later, Flacco threw his second interception and the defensive slugfest finally came to an end. Baltimore’s defense is nasty and without Denver’s defense to worry about, I expect the offense to look much better. Because if it looks any worse, I think Joe Flacco needs to give all of his money back. All of it.
12. Chargers - San Diego piled on 30 straight points in their comeback over the Lions in their first game of the season behind 400 yards passing from Phillip Rivers. The dude is unbelievable and clearly warrants the extension he received in the offseason as he continues to be one of the most overlooked qb’s in the game. Stevie Johnson may also turn out to be one of the best under the radar additions of the offseason, giving this high octane passing game even more fire power. I just wonder if they can keep up with the rest of the wild AFC West…
13. Seahawks - I’m usually so reluctant to buy into a team that was just in the SuperBowl but somehow Pete Carroll won me over with the addition of Jimmy Graham. I guess I never thought about the game manager they have behind center actually having to throw for more than 20 yards at a time for the offense to actually change any. And I didn’t think the Kam Chancellor situation would linger this long and his presence is dearly missed in that Seahawk backfield. But lingering even longer seems to be the lasting effect of Carroll’s play call that lost Seattle last year’s Superbowl. Why in the living hell would anyone try to onside kick in overtime?! Pete, you’re losing it man!
14. Eagles - I definitely bought into the hype surrounding Chip Kelly’s fantasy football experience in Philadelphia this offseason but I too forgot the one gaping issue the Eagles failed to address this summer - their offensive line is awful. It’s the reason LeSean McCoy underperformed last season and Nick Foles was sidelined. And Monday it gave way to a whopping 13 yards rushing combined for their two new star running backs, DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews. Bradford looked decent but forcing him to drop back 50+ times a game because your offensive line is so inept at setting up a running game - that’s a problem. The defense did look surprisingly good though, even with Julio doing whatever he wanted all night long.
15. Bengals - Finally offering some help for A.J. Green, Tyler Eiffert should be huge for the Bengals offense this year. But then again, when you play the Raiders, anyone can look great. Hell, look at Dalton’s numbers. Cinci’s impressive week 1 win is nothing but momentary bliss. This team is still only going as far as Andy Dalton can take them, which if you’re keeping track, is no further than the first round of the playoffs.
16. Dolphins - Those of us looking for Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins to take a huge step forward this season were likely watching Miami’s season with much disdain for the product on the field. Granted, a road win the NFL is always hard to come by, but it’s not supposed to be that hard against a team as bad as the Redskins. And even more so, your budding young quarterback isn’t supposed to mirror the opposition when it’s someone as bad as Kirk Cousins. It’s only a one game sample but for now, I think Miami has a hell of a lot of work to do to keep up with the rest of the AFC East.
17. Colts - All of the cynicism about Indy ignoring their gaping holes on defense and the offensive line while adding aging stars at the skill positions were front and center against Rex Ryan’s bruising Buffalo Bills. The defense did whatever they wanted to the Colts and had they a better offense, this game wouldn’t have even been close. Luck can’t do it on his own out there and it doesn’t matter how many receivers and running backs you bring in if he’s on his back before he can even look down the field. It already looks like people are willing to roll Pagano under the bus if this season’s a bust but the true culprit is management. They’ve ignored the offensive line issues for years in Indy and bringing in another head coach is just another push in the wrong direction for this mismanaged franchise.
18. Lions - Detroit’s had some unbelievably gutting losses over the past couple of years so I guess blowing an 21-3 second quarter lead was probably a pretty fitting way for Detroit to open the season. Stafford looks like he’s playing scared out there, playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Which is incredibly odd, given the weapons he has at his disposal. And without Ndomuhkan Suh, it’s going to be much harder for the defense to carry the team the way they did last year.
19. Texans - So maybe there’s some merit to Cleveland throwing in the towel on Brian Hoyer. Although he was going up against the criminally underrated Kansas City defense, I think he still may be the best option for Houston at this point. But without Arian Foster, it really doesn’t matter. He’s just as pivotal to the offense as JJ Watt is to their defense, so the Mallet v.s. Hoyer discussion is frivolous. This team won’t win without Foster.
20. Jets - Don’t get too excited just yet Jets fans, the final score looks a lot better for New York than it actually was. It’s really more a statement of how bad the Cleveland Browns played, turning the ball over 5 times in the game. New York’s still the worst team in the AFC East and while it’s kinda cool to see Cromartie and Revis reunited, it’s not enough to keep this team above .500 with the offensive pieces they have.
21. Saints - While Ingram had a great day catching the ball, the Saints still lack a power running game that can get them 7 instead of 3 when in the red zone. A Drew Brees offense settling for 4 field goals is unheard of but when the defense knows you’re that one dimensional, it’s a lot easier to prevent the opposition from reaching the end zone. And is there anyway Rob Ryan would still have a job as defensive coordinator with how bad the Saints have played if he wasn’t Rob Ryan?
22. Giants - New York caught some huge breaks from Dallas to remain in this game but overall, they’re still clearly behind the NFC East race for supremacy. The defense looked feisty under the return of Spagnulo but the offense is still incredibly unreliable without a proven running back to bail out the underachieving Eli Manning.
23. Bears - John Fox looks hell bent on getting the most out of Matt Forte this season. Jay Cutler’s rebound is still a work in progress but he definitely didn’t look as bad as he did last year. And surprisingly neither did the Chicago defense. The Bears may not be a laughing stock this season but that still doesn’t mean that they’re not the worst team in the NFC North.
24. 49ers - Colin Kaepernick may be growing into a franchise quarterback before our very eyes. It’s just a shame there’s not much of a franchise left in San Francisco after this offseason. Though with what’s left, Kaepernick and Hyde should be able to keep this team much more competitive than I initially anticipated. But sadly for Jim Tomsula, they don’t get to play the Vikings every week. They play in the toughest division in football and suddenly find themselves looking up at the other three power houses after missing their first NFC title game in 4 years.
25. Titans - So the Buccs looked awful but let’s pump the breaks on Mariotta. The dude only thew 16 passes, none of which were more than 15 yards. So take this beatdown of the Buccs with a huge grain of salt, even though you’re currently the only team in the AFC South with a win. I don’t imagine this game will amount to anything more than an interesting footnote on these two young quarterbacks’ careers.
26. Vikings - Looks like everyone’s Cinderella pick (including mine) is already a turned into a rotten pumpkin by midnight of the first Monday of the season. AP was nearly out gained by Jerrick McKinnon on a third of the carries and Teddy Bridgewater seemed to be overthrowing everyone in the Vikings opener Monday night, where the offense only managed a measly 3 points. The defense also gave up 200+ on the ground to Carlos Hyde, who carried the 9ers past the inept Vikings. Looks like Adrian Peterson might be human after all…
27. Panthers - I can’t recall a franchise quarterback being neglected the way Cam Newton is in Carolina. Limited to Ted Ginn, Jericho Cotchery and Greg Olson - Newton is utterly alone in running the Carolina offense. It’s unbelievable that the Panthers have given such little thought to not only getting Newton a running attack, but ANYONE to throw the ball to.
28. Redskins - Same ol’ Kirk Cousins, same ol’ Redskins. I don’t know what Jay Gruden saw in the preseason but it sure as hell wasn’t improvement from Cousins so I can only imagine how bad RG3 looked. On the plus side, the defense does look quite a bit better and recommitting to Alfred Morris is the smartest thing Gruden’s done as head coach.
29. Buccaneers - I really couldn’t think of a worse way for the Buccs to begin their season. Mariota / Winston comparisons were inevitable but to put the two head to head in a blowout like this in week 1 is an awful way for the Winston era to begin in Tampa. But at least they can only get better from here, right?
30. Raiders - This game was over the second that Derek Carr left the field. He’s the lone bright spot for the struggling Oakland Raiders and without him leading the offense, this team is beyond hopeless. Poor Jack Del Rio, I have a feeling his uncomfortable press conferences are only going to get worse from here on out.
31. Browns - It’s such a shame to see teams like Cleveland flounder at the bottom of the league for so long. And whether it’s Johnny Football or Josh McCown, this team is in for a lot more Sundays like this. The defense is still above average but their offense is just so unspeakably bad that it’s never going to matter how good the defense plays, they simply can’t score.
32. Jaguars - While I think we can all agree the more football the better, watching these two expansion teams begs the question if we really need 32 teams in the NFL. The Blake Bortles camp is quickly running out of scape goats as his turnover count continues to mount like the impending doom of yet another 3 win season for the pathetic Jags. And while Jacksonville managed to keep it competitive with last year’s NFC South division “champs”, this team does’t really do anything very well. The offensive line is criminally bad and may end up sacking Bortles out of the league in a David Carr-esque fashion. This franchise can’t relocate to L.A. fast enough.
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Top 15 Songs Of 2015 (So Far)

1. Pss Pss by Death Grips
2. Your Sweetness by Adventures
3. You, In Weird Cities by Jeff Rosenstock
4. Inanimate Sensation by Death Grips
5. C.N.B. by Vince Staples
6. Gosh by Jamie xx
7. Easy Rider by Action Bronson
8. My Oh My by Choke Up
9. Let It Happen by Tame Impala
10. Moth by Runaway Brother
11. Summertime by Vince Staples
12. Crayon by Joanna Gruesome
13. Circle by Ghost
14. Obvs by Jamie xx
15. Beyond Alive by Death Grips

Based on a list by OldKingClancy

Kevin Smith fan updated his STATUS: about 1 month ago

Anyone else ever notice that New Line sneaks Critters into a lot of their other flicks? Just spotted it in NOES3 & the original TMNT
YoshioKun13 at 05:15 PM Sep 01

They also put MORTAL KOMBAT into the first BLADE

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Video Game Consoles I Love: PlayStation 3

1. Favorite game: NBA2k
2. Was it a launch day purchase? Nope
3. First game[s] and/or launch day game[s]: GTAIV
4. Favorite part of the console: The free internet access rules. Even though they promised us internet on PS2 that never came, PS3's internet capabilities along with the PS Store and Trophies make for one hell of an interactive system
5. Maximum number of games owned at one time: 6
6. Any drawbacks to the system: Still really bums me out that I can't play my PS2 games on it.
7. Do I still own the console: Yep

Based on a list by Joe Scorpio

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 01:25 PM Sep 01

Hell yes! One of my all time favorite consoles.

jeo4 at 05:39 PM Sep 01

My wife still has mine since I upgraded. She plays her Sims games on it all the time.

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Video Game Consoles I Love: PlayStation 2

1. Favorite game: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
2. Was it a launch day purchase? Yep, my first and only.
3. First game[s] and/or launch day game[s]: SSX
4. Favorite part of the console: Not sure if it was just because I was playing the most games at the time, but PS2 seemed to have the most universally appealing library of games of any system. Tons of games I still play today like Hot Shots Golf, Crazy Taxi, NBA Street, the GTA series and The Warriors. It was also when sandbox games and the Madden franchise hit their stride. PS2 was also my first DVD player and got my movie collection going.
5. Maximum number of games owned at one time: At least 20 or so.
6. Any drawbacks to the system: those 3 dreaded words "Disc Read Error"
7. Do I still own the console: Yes but I think it's either my 2nd or 3rd one. Can't remember how many times mine crapped out on me.

Based on a list by Joe Scorpio

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 03:57 PM Sep 01

SSX was a good game. SSX Tricky is an absolute blast!

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Video Game Consoles I Love: PlayStation

1. Favorite game: Silent Hill
2. Was it a launch day purchase? Nope
3. First game[s] and/or launch day game[s]: Crash Bandicoot 2
4. Favorite part of the console: Advanced saving with memory cards meant you could take your game progress anywhere. Also made more in-depth games like Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill easier to digest than planning out huge sums of time to play.
5. Maximum number of games owned at one time: Hell, probably 20 or so.
6. Any drawbacks to the system: While it did have better graphics than the 64, going back now it's pretty tough to decipher all the jagged and cubed edges.
7. Do I still own the console: Nope

Based on a list by Joe Scorpio

YoshioKun13 at 02:53 PM Sep 01

SILENT HILL 1 is the best PSone horror game.

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 03:57 PM Sep 01

PS1 was way ahead of its time.

sLaShEr84 at 04:33 PM Sep 01

Good list.

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Video Game Consoles I Love: Nintendo 64

1. Favorite game: Mario Tennis
2. Was it a launch day purchase? Nope
3. First game[s] and/or launch day game[s]: Super Mario World 64
4. Favorite part of the console: The 4 controller ports made it the best party system. 4 player Smash Bros, Mario Party, Mario Kart, and WWF titles made it a must have.
5. Maximum number of games owned at one time: 10
6. Any drawbacks to the system: Had incredibly boxy graphics compared to the PS1. Plus the controller was kind of obnoxiously large.
7. Do I still own the console: Yep

Based on a list by Joe Scorpio

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 03:58 PM Sep 01

Totally and completly agree on #4. One of the best consoles ever.

sLaShEr84 at 04:33 PM Sep 01

Good list.

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Video Game Consoles I Love: Sega Genesis

1. Favorite game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
2. Was it a launch day purchase? Nope
3. First game[s] and/or launch day game[s]: Aladdin
4. Favorite part of the console: A lot of the games that were released on both SNES and Sega seemed to play much better on Genesis. Mortal Kombat, Aladdin, and Jurassic Park were all much better on Genesis.
5. Maximum number of games owned at one time: Probably 20 or so.
6. Any drawbacks to the system: None that I can think of. Could have used a few more franchises to build around but Sonic held shit down pretty well.
7. Do I still own the console: Nope, without saving capabilities there wasn't a whole lot of replay value to the Genesis.

Based on a list by Joe Scorpio

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 03:58 PM Sep 01

Yup, I had the Genesis and SNES at the same time...woo boy did I have a lot of games back in the day! Great times.

sLaShEr84 at 04:33 PM Sep 01

Good list, I love playing Sonic and etc on this system.

Kevin Smith fan created a LIST: about 1 month ago

Video Game Consoles I Love: Super Nintendo

1. Favorite game: Zombies Ate My Neighbors
2. Was it a launch day purchase? Nope
3. First game[s] and/or launch day game[s]: Super Mario World (My all time favorite Mario game)
4. Favorite part of the console: Started integrating game-save capabilities. Being able to pick up where I left off at in Super Mario World was awesome to me.
5. Maximum number of games owned at one time: About 15 probably
6. Any drawbacks to the system: Seemed to have a less expansive catalogue than NES, but still tons of great games.
7. Do I still own the console: Hell yeah, I still play Zombies Ate My Neighbors all the damn time

Based on a list by Joe Scorpio

JohnLocke2342 at 09:42 AM Sep 01

Zombies ate my neighbors!!

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 03:59 PM Sep 01

SMW is a fantastic [and very difficult!] game.

sLaShEr84 at 04:32 PM Sep 01

Good list.

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