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X2: X-Men United


Directed by: Bryan Singer
Written by: Dan Harris, Michael Dougherty
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Anne Paquin, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Bruce Davidson, Alan Cumming, Kelly Hu, Aaron Stanford, Katie Stuart, Shawn Ashmore, Brian Cox, Peter Wingfield, Alfred E. Humphries, Jill Teed, James Kirk, Ty Olsson, Kea Wong, Shauna Kain
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Action
Official Site: www.x2-movie.com
Plot: Magneto once again is pursuing efforts to make mutants the Master Race. Wolverine is trying to discover more about his mysterious past, and William Stryker just may have the answers. Unfortunately, Stryker is not the nicest of dudes, and he also has plans of his own, throwing a monkey wrench in the X-Men's plans for world peace with the human race.


Well, if I thought that the original X-MEN movie was a fluke of comic-book-movie nature, then I had myself quite a treat with X2! Singer and friends (the writers) managed to top themselves in nearly every department with this sequel. We have already been introduced to the main characters from the first movie. This second time around, we are given a few more key supporting mutant characters, and were given a slew of brief glimpses of many OTHER mutants. Since we already know our main mutants, being introduced to only a FEW more helped us accept them logically and affectionately.
The greatest addition to the mutant world is Alan Cumming's rendition of Nightcrawler. He was a PERFECT choice, and played his role with tender loving care. I can't think of anyone doing a better job than he did. Even more kickass is the opening scene, with Nightcrawler teleporting all through the White House, systematically destroying secret agents until he finally reaches the President himself. This opening scene is MAJORLY kickass! Thanks for putting my balls in a vice grip from scene one, Mr. Singer!
Even though we are given more screen time with Iceman, Pyro, and a few other newer characters, this is Wolverine's movie. He gets the most interesting storyline, and we follow his sequence of events more than any other characters'. That's fine with me, because after all, Jackman is Wolverine, and Wolverine kicks ass! Give him as much time onscreen as he wants! Do what you can to help us understand more about his origins! I'm all for it! Even more awesome was him going berserker on the intruders to the mansion. What I was praying for all throughout the first movie was for Wolverine to sink his claws full-on into someone's chest, yet we never got it. One of his first victims in X2 gets this full-service treatment against a fridge. YES!! YESS!! Thanks for the carnage, may I have another? Oh, I DO get some more! Yes! This movie ROCKS!
X2 once again fails with the Main Villian's Master Plan scheme. I feel that William Stryker is not a particularly formidable foe, and isn't enough to keep me interested as much as he's used during the movie. He likes to talk a lot, he has everyone else do his work for him, and he's just plain lazy and OLD. It's great that he might be able to tell Wolverine more about who he is and where he's from, but the problem is that he won't stop talking about himself and what he knows, therefore I get bored with him and just want him to die so that he'll shut the fuck UP!
With the new villians, the main attraction this time is with Stryker's right-hand man - er, WOMAN - Yuriko/Deathstrike. I thought that yeah, she's pretty cool, but she was as underused in this movie as Darth Maul was underused in The Phantom Menace. Here's this killer hottie (according to the majority, but for me she's just 'alright') with adamantium claws and skeletal structure, making her as dangerous as Wolverine. She never talks, is in only a few scenes and has a devastating showdown with Wolverine near the end. OK, that's cool, uhm... wait, she almost NEVER TALKS! She's not in the movie very long! She was hyped to the max before this movie's release! She is a really cool villian! What the hell happened here, man? Did they cut out like 20 minutes of her screentime or something? All she turned out to be was a major cocktease. Even worse is that the movie-goers will not be able to understand why Yuriko was such a big deal to the comic book geeks. Gee, thanks for kinda fucking up that storyline, guys!
My other major complaint lies in the movie's runtime. It kinda overstays its' welcome by the time they are in the damn dam. OK, so everyone's running around, and the dam is about to burst or something... ANOTHER group of people are running around, something's going on with Professor X; oh, he's incapacitated - AGAIN! - because he's such a powerful mutant that we can't have him solving everything. The X-Men have to solve things on their own! He has to be made useless in some way to make the rest of the mutants WORK for peace! That's right!
Even though I felt that maybe 30 minutes of the movie could have been cut down, it probably is more like 10 minutes that FEELS like 30 minutes. It doesn't make me like the movie much less that it could have, though. This sequel kicks ass, and it did a lot BETTER with things from the original movie. Who knows, with Singer doing a part three, it could have been THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM, right? Oh well, we'll never know.

The concluding scene with the burst dam, Jean Grey's efforts to save the X-Men, and the final shot of the movie really hyped me for what was to come in the next installment. That in itself was enough to make me anxious for the third X-MEN movie. I have to give Singer major props for giving two very solid comic based movies.


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