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Justice League


Directed by: Zack Snyder
Written by:
Cast: Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comic Book, Fantasy
Official Site:
Plot: Batman needs to form a team of heroes to battle against an unknown (at the beginning) force. Then, an unknown force BECOMES known after Batman starts his recruiting process. Great timing on his part! Then, it’s up to Cyborg, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Batman to keep the fight alive to save the earth from a nightmarish terraforming process.


After the lackluster response (or outright scorn) I have dealt upon the previous installments, I have to say that the DCEU has once again shown attempts to adjust to numerous complaints from previous installments. Since I haven’t reviewed the other movies, I’ll just add an addendum to each quick comment I make, along with a longer explanation after the review if you choose to read a little more about my comment(s) on certain plot points or references.
The issue with trying to “lighten up” – both visually and character-based – this series is that it then causes the diehard fans of the previous movies to perhaps feel a little abandoned. With that said, this is very much a Zack Snyder movie, not really Joss Whedon. It’s obvious to see where his influence came into play (Superman’s fake CGI upper lip hahaha. Opening SCENE!). Whedon’s hand was most apparent in the attempt to lighten up certain sequences and moments. I am pretty sure Aquaman’s amusing speech before going into the major battle was influenced by him, as well as the overall color palette/lighting scheme. It is a “brighter” movie, and easier to see what’s going on versus BvS or MoS (“Batman Vs Superman”, or “Man of Steel”).
It’s far from spoiler territory to mention that Superman comes back. It is the world of comics, where no one truly dies. Also, there’s been plenty of hub bub about Henry Cavill’s mustache during reshoots. With that said, his return contained one of the funnest moments in the movie. When Barry Allen (The Flash) realizes that Superman can see him while in Fast Mode, there is an eerily entertaining sequence that made for one of the best moments in the series. Superman is not the dark brooding scowler that we’ve had in recent installments *(1), and that is a good way to move forward for the next sequel(s).
In fact, the whole cast is serviceable for their roles. For the first time ever, I enjoyed Ezra Miller. The guy has always annoyed the ever-loving shit out of me in his other movies, but this time he was great! He’s a little more humorous and lighthearted than what I consider Barry Allen to be. He feels more like maybe a Wally West, but that’s small beans. He’s fine. So, too, is Cyborg. I love looking at Wonder Woman, even though she’s not the best casting choice *(2).
Finally, Aquaman is kinda alright, I guess. I don’t mind a bigger, wiser Ronon Dex taking to the high seas. He learned a lot while spending his time in Atlantis, and I’m glad he’s back, and on the Big Screen. I feel that they tried a little too hard to make him “A Rock Star”, and an anti-hero. There has been strong effort put in place to make him more Hardcore than what non-fans know about Aquaman. I’m OK with that. Oh, and Ben Afflecked his ass off as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Whatever. He’s OK, I guess.
However my feelings are for the movie as a whole, what is most important is that the cast and how their characters are portrayed are decent. The foundation is there for improvement going forward in the series due to such a good cast. I consider this an important factor in the DCEU, and if this movie isn’t the biggest success, I still have hope for the course being steered in a better direction in the next movie(s). The cast is fine.

Story-wise, there isn’t much to say. There are three Not Tesseracts that when combined will unleash hell on earth. Steppenwolf is the bad guy. He looks like a purple knockoff of LEGEND’s “Darkness”, but has no discernible characteristics that makes him stick out from any other throwaway bad guy. He comes into a location that has superpowered people, and he effortlessly destroys them before moving on. Just like the weak Hela in THOR RAGNAROK, or Ronan from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. When you write a bad guy destroying an entire army of Trained Warriors, it’s a weak and lazy way to show the audience that this character is overpowered, and will require a team of heroes to band together to take him/her out. Cheap, pointless, and uninteresting.
I don’t care that the movie’s storyline is overly simplistic. I don’t need depth and drama as long as I’m being entertained, and that it’s not SOOO stupid it is daring me to say “Come on, say you hate it because then you’re going to come off as superior and that you ‘just don’t know how to have fun’ with a movie.” Like, for example, TRANSFORMERS. That is the lowest of the lowest denominator when it comes to loud, bombastic “stupid” action. Thankfully, JUSTICE LEAGUE doesn’t delve that far into the Stupid. It kind of dances a tightrope between “just a little too simple and stupid” to “eh, it’s good enough”.
Overall, I think the most important elements of this movie were done right. The cast is good, there has been a nice attitude adjustment to Superman *(3), and it was a simple, “fun enough” piece of movie fluff entertainment. I can’t bash on it too hard, since I essentially got what I was expecting from it. Also, the seeds are in place to allow future installments to blossom into something better.

Grade: C
Score: 5/10


*(1) – Many supporters of the DCEU's take on Superman proclaim that “we don’t need the Boy Scout of 1978/Christopher Reeve’s Superman. It’s a new age, and he should be represented as a reflection of darker times.” I call bullshit on this. Yes, he shouldn’t be as Goody Two-Shoes as he was in the 1978 Richard Donner classic. However, the very representation of what Superman stands for has been excised, leaving a Superman in name only. Superman is an alien, yet the core of his sense of morality is based on the optimism of the best that humankind has to offer. This was instilled by his Earth/human parents, who raised him to understand that we are capable of love, acceptance, and tolerance. That’s the CORE ELEMENT of Superman. His unwavering devotion to the Better Good.
Man of Steel has a father that forces Clark Kent to see him die for no fucking reason other than to teach him “you can’t save everyone.” But the thing is, Clark could save his father in that situation. It was just bad writing and a sloppy scenario put in place JUST to make Clark suffer and feel Drama. If anything, the beauty of Pa Kent’s death in the 1978 movie is more poignant. He dies of a heart attack, right in front of Clark. This is a perfect example of how Clark can’t save everyone, even the ones he loves. It was something that “just happened”, and the pain of his loss changes Clark and sets him on a quest to learn more about himself, and his powers.
Then there’s Martha Kent, who in BvS flat out tells Clark “You owe nothing to [the human race].” This is a fucking terrible thing for his mother to say. Once again, it was a cheap tactic to help Clark feel more conflicted inside. Allow him a chance to brood, and to shirk his responsibility to Always Do What’s Right. That’s like telling Batman that he can’t use gadgets or his money to fight crime. Oh, and he has to only fight during the day.
I don’t care that Superman ultimately destroys an entire city while fighting Zod. I don’t even care that he killed Zod. What I hate is that MoS – and even BvS – went out of its way to make Superman a conflicted soul in a cheap, forced and overly-simplistic sequence of events… which culminated into an ultimate “fuck you” to Superman fans when he kills Zod. That, to me, was just the icing on the shit cake that was cooked beforehand.

*(2) – Gal Gadot is a drop dead gorgeous woman. I loved looking at her in the Fast and Furious movies. However, I felt it would have been more appropriate to have a woman with some curves, and some meat on her bones to portray Diana. In the end, I’m not too upset with her being WW. I’ll accept it enough.
By the way, I thought the movie WONDER WOMAN was average at best. Some of the worst CGI in a big budget comic book movie I’ve ever seen, and it was just too dumb to be taken seriously. The last half hour was even worse, and should have been completely removed. Also, what was the point of building up this damned sword that was made to kill Ares, yet ends up being melted the moment Ares reveals himself? Once again, a cheap way to write in the “superior strength and abilities” of the villain. But all that time the movie was building up and discussing that damned sword. *sigh*

*(3) – Another odd detail is how it feels as if people were mourning over Superman’s death. The opening scene of this movie has some kids interviewing Superman and they ask him what he likes best about earth. Superman just smiles, and I assume he's thinking about either Lois Lane, easy access 4k porn off broadband, or that humanity is worth fighting for (probably the first option). I’m fine with that, but there was never a moment in MoS or BvS that presented a happy, or even caring, Superman. All of Metropolis seemed to hate him, think he was an oppressive god-figure, and now we have a flashback of him being HAPPY? Huh?
However, him being “reborn” is also a good way to provide Clark Kent’s character with a fresh outlook on life in general. That was more than hinted at during this movie, and it’s a decent (ahem) retcon punch to shift Superman’s sensibilities back in line with my complaints presented during addendum *(1).

Reviewed 11/27/17


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