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Directed by: James Gunn
Written by: James Gunn
Cast: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, Gregg Henry, Tania Saulnier
Studio: Universal
Genre: Horror
Official Site: www.slithermovie.net
Plot: In the small southern town of Wheelsy, a comet strikes the earth with a dangerous flesh eating alien inside. Poor Grant Grant gets possessed with this evil force, and the town soon becomes monstrously endangered.


Ahhh, yes, it's a breath of fresh air to finally get a horror movie that delivers in its intent. This isn't trying too hard to be frightening, nor does it throw a limp-dicked twist ending in hopes of making it something more than what it is (and failing, therefore lessening the movie as a whole). SLITHER works as a brainless funfest that will bring laughs and a few grimaces from the gooey goodies. However, the amount of thought that went into the project is deceptively clever. The characters are fleshed out (literally and figuratively), with distinct personality traits, made more sympathetic due to the great performances of the cast. It helps that they play it serious, even though everything that happens around them is bat-shit outrageously ridiculous.
What I liked the most was Grant getting drunk with a woman that has wanted him for ages, and he turns her down because he loves his wife - even though she refused him sex, which made him go to the bar in the first place! It's a small touch, but it really added a lot to the heart of the story.
One of the main elements of fun for me was in a lot of practical effects. This is a lower-budgeted movie, but they managed to do a better job with the budget they're given than most movies that have ten times the budget. The attempt at mixing CGI into onscreen rubber and latex is admirable, and although they didn't quite get it perfect, they sure got the right idea. They didn't do a Spielberg War of the Worlds ILM CGI-fest on us, and instead used the CGI to enhance what was already on the set during filming. I'm very thankful for this, that's the smart way to do it. What I also found fun was some of the just plain silly gruesomeness of the victims. A woman eats herself into a balloon, and then... well, see it and love it hahaha!
The gore isn't the only thing that makes this movie so good for what it is, though. By the third act, the antics get promoted to a new level. Elizabeth is put into some tough choices, and when pushed to the limit, she really loses her shit. When she gets her adrenaline spike, put a spike in her hand, and THIS becomesthe reason to see these kinds of movies!
When it came to boobies, there wasn't hardly any of that, but hey I can't complain much because the movie doesn't actually call for it. There's a chick in a bathtub, and if you blink you'll miss the boobies, but I don't mind much. Most of the rest of the movie followed through in its' intent, and so tits or not, it doesn't change the outcome of the movie.

Last and most certainly not least on the list of notables is in the homages to the classic horror movies of the 80s. SLITHER is a love letter to the latex and rubber classics of the 80s, and the allusions to classic horror movies of that time are ever-present. Take for instance a lot of the characters' names, and one of the shops was called the "R.J. McReady" something (like Kurt Russell's character in The Thing), pulling weapons off the shelf in preparation of The Big Hunt to a soundtrack that's a LOT like Predator, as well as visual cues in makeup design that reminds me of Society, The Fly, anything John Carpenter related, Romero's Dead series with the zombies, topped off with the overall kitschy flavor of the small town setting and characters themselves. Seriously, if you love GOOD horror movies of the 80s, you'll probably love this movie!

All in all, I had a pretty good time with Slither. It made no qualms about what it was, and didn't try harder than it needed to to provide the thrills that this movie is capable of providing. If you like cheesy horror along the lines of Troma (yes, I pulled that card out) - it's written and directed by a writer of Troma movies, but with a bigger budget, and more impressive dialogue, then you'll be hard pressed to not feel you've gotten what you went in for with this one. Bring some friends and have a good time, that's what this one's all about.


Reviewed: 4/3/06

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