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Yes Man


Directed by: Peyton Reed
Written by: Nicholas Stoller, Jarrad Paul, Andrew Mogel
Cast: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper, Rhys Darby, John Michael Higgins, Danny Masterson, Terence Stamp
Studio: Warner Bros
Genre: Comedy
Official Site: yesisthenewno.warnerbros.com
Plot: Carl Allen goes to a seminar to learn not to lie - I mean - to only say YES to everything. He's a boring person, so he has to learn to do fun things in life.


A friend implied that it was expected I wouldn't like Yes Man. I just said, "Yeah" to save making an argument, but inside I was a little ticked at that comment. It's like people saying "you didn't like it because you're more critical of movies than I am", or "you just don't understand it". I hate being pigeonholed into these cheap and subversively negative comments. Maybe to many peoples' surprise, the movies by Jim Carrey that I straight up DON'T like essentially boils down to Ace Ventura, The Mask and Fun with Dick and Jane. If I at least can sit through and enjoy (or more) Dumb & Dumber, Liar Liar, Me Myself and Irene, Bruce Almighty, and consider him a legend as Lemony Snicket... then WHY would you say "it's kind of a given that you wouldn't like it"?

In the vein of Liar Liar, Carl Allen decides to follow a program that makes him say "yes" to everything, replaced with the no lying theme. Like so many other simple story comedies that rely on the humor to carry the flick, this leads to a series of comedic encounters while also helping him get his life straight. This is no genius of a comedy that Liar Liar is, sad to say. I had some laughs for the first 20 minutes. I liked that Murray (Gingerballs!) from Flight of the Conchords was in it. Terence Stamp ("KNEEL before Zod!!") was pretty damned funny, but once Stamp leaves the scene and the "real comedy" is supposed to start, I became alienated. I found NOTHING that he goes through to be humorous. It's bad enough that I knew what was going to happen before it happened, but even worse is that I predicted the exact way in which it happened. Take for example the old lady neighbor that wants him to help her with chores at her place. The second she's on screen I think, "She's going to request sex from him and he'll have to say yes". This scene happens, and I think "OK, so now she's going to take off her false teeth - woah, there they are! - ha. ha. fucking ha. Now he's - what a suprise - it's AMAZING sex!"
Each time he says yes, better things happen to him in his life. Until the time comes for the final act in which his life starts to fall apart.
I walked out when he started singing "Jumper" in the ledge. Bless Luis Guzman's heart, that was the final straw for me. Carl's guitar lesson in the montage foreshadowed the "Jumper" moment, so when the suicidal man gets mentioned I assumed that he'd start singing it. I just can't stand spectators singing along with him. And Guzman filling in the lyrics that Carrey couldn't remember. Man, this is SO not funny!

I'm going to predict the final act, and if you're willing to reply (those who've seen this), let me know if I'm right or wrong on how it all pans out:

In the previews, he's riding a motorcycle in a hospital gurney. I assume this is the bike he approved the loan for the male nurse. Also, you'll see his ass crack on the bike. You know, 'cause it's funny.

He ends up in the hospital because his saying "yes" is starting to cause him some troubles and he gets injured. Most likely he's riding the bike to chase after Allison.
At one point, his ex-wife will want him back and he says no because he realizes he doesn't love her any more. Oh, he says NO and ends up getting injured! That's it!
Allison has left him because she found out that he's a yes man. She can't trust him, and there's about 10 minutes of screen time where he's depressed and can't get his life in order. She has left him, and his life is in disarray.
He'll meet Terence Stamp again - like Jack Black meeting Tony Robbins at the end of Shallow Hal - to learn that he shouldn't take the program so literally. Much like when God teaches Bruce Almighty his lesson about living life. It's not always about saying yes. This is the same as Jack Nicholson teaching Adam Sandler the err of his ways in Anger Management.
Then he's on that bike I mentioned, speeding along like a novice (because he only learned to drive Allison's scooter. See how the Checkhov's Gun principle kicks in for about the 20th time?) in his gurney chasing after Allison. He tells her he loves her and she forgives him. Like any other comedy of this type, if he's still in the gurney, there will most likely be another ass crack shot while they're kissing. This means he's in public where others can see his ass.

Let me know how on or off the mark I am. Either way, I hated this flick not because it's SIMPLE and painfully predictable, but because it's almost completely unfunny.

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