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Need For Speed - Need to speed back to the ticket booth, collect my money back. Okay, Aaron Paul was good, Imogen Poots is stunningly gorgeous, and the movie delivered some amazingly shot car chases. I'll give credit where credit's due. But the story, hell everything else, stunk.
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JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: over 3 years ago

Need For Speed - Need to speed back to the ticket booth, collect my money back. Okay, Aaron Paul was good, Imogen Poots is stunningly gorgeous, and the movie delivered some amazingly shot car chases. I'll give credit where credit's due. But the story, hell everything else, stunk.
Cochise at 04:04 PM Aug 21

damn sucks you didn't dig it man. I didn't think it was revolutionary but as a whole better than any Fast and Furious movie, even the original.

JohnnyBiggs at 03:10 AM Aug 22

Mmm sorry man I think I gotta say I enjoyed Fast Five and Six alot more... I think my initial reaction was a little too harsh when it was done, but with some time and reflection I realized Need For Speed did deliver what it promised... it's a good time waster, y'know?

JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: over 3 years ago

Noah - Not at all what I was expecting. A fusion of the Bible and Lord of the Rings. Some flashes of brilliance only Aranofsky can give, fantastic performances from all, great battle scenes and FX. Some may be thrown off by the more fantastical aspects but man I loved it!
Cochise at 07:07 PM Aug 03

agreed! I loved that LOTR vibe

JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: over 3 years ago

Sabotage... Arnie's most vicious film yet. Entertaining, dark, unpleasant, action packed. Everyone in the film is a major asshole, minus Arnie of course, well maybe Sam Avatar (he looked badass), and enough gore to remind me of the best moments of Hellraiser.
Cochise at 05:02 PM Jul 30

Some people cool well done action/violence for sure. Sam did look Badass. Also thought that Joe guy was super good at being psychotic lol

JohnnyBiggs at 05:55 AM Aug 03

Man I thought they were all sociopathic haha

JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: almost 5 years ago

Hey all, I shot a trailer for a Canadian film grant competition. Any chance you schmoes can vote for me? Takes two secs and the trailer is only 1:30 sec. Horror genre. Thanks!
Cochise at 10:29 PM Mar 07

will check it out man!

JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: about 5 years ago

What a shame The Last Stand bombed... good flick...
jimmydevito at 03:44 AM Jan 21

definitely man, definitely a fun time

JohnnyBiggs at 01:55 AM Jan 22

I hope King Conan still gets made... now I think it's up in the air...

Glinda at 07:30 AM Jan 22

Seems so many of us loved it, such a shame.

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JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: about 6 years ago

Best films of 2011: I Saw The Devil, Warrior, Super 8
JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: over 6 years ago

Thor for me was overall a decent film and one of the better comic book adaptations I have seen. Didn't blow me away though, but hey, I'll take good over crap. Now, debating whether to check out Priest
JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

Scream 4... overall the best sequel of the series and a decent time at the movies. Nothing more, nothing less. Wes, you are forgiven for My Soul To Take.
JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: almost 7 years ago

I own way too many movies!! Time to cut down...
JohnnyBiggs created a LIST: almost 7 years ago

My Film Resume

1. Your favorite film of all time: Robocop
2. Your most hated film of all time: Mystic River (fuck that garbage)
3. The film that makes you happy every time you watch it: Die Hard
4. The film that makes you cry every time: I don't know about every time, but the speech Stallone delivers in the middle of Rocky Balboa hits hard
5. The craziest film you have ever seen: Salo, the 120 Days of Sodom was some seriously disturbing stuff
6. The sexiest film you've ever seen: Underworld, mostly because of Kate Beckinsale
7. The favorite movie starring your favorite actor: American Psycho
8. Your favorite movie starring your favorite actress: Mulholland Drive (Naomi Watts baby!)
9. The scariest film you've ever seen: The original Black Christmas... not that god awful remake
10. The funniest film you've ever seen: This is a hard one... it's a tie between Clerks, Harold & Kumar, Freddy Got Fingered, Old School, Waiting, and the recent The Other Guys had me rolling around in laughter
11. The oldest movie you've ever seen: Birth Of A Nation
12. Your favorite decade in movies: Late 70s-80s
13. The most controversial movie you've ever seen: I Spit On Your Grave
14. Your first R-rated movie: A Nightmare On Elm Street (thanks Dad!)
15. Your favorite movie by favorite director: Escape From New York... LOVE CARPENTER!
16. The movie that turned you into a film geek: Toss up between Robocop and Friday The 13th
17. The first film you saw nudity in: A shitty horror movie that was called Jack-O
18. The movie you could quote word for word: Die Hard
19. The movie you would most like to be in: Wanted! Curve them damn bullets!
20. Your most anticipated movies currently: Looking forward to Hobo With A Shotgun, Sucker Punch, Green Lantern, Thor, and Super 8
21. Your favorite animated movie: Beauty And The Beast
22. Your favorite foreign film: Hero
23. The movie you would use to torture your enemies: My Soul To Take or House of The Dead (what the fuck was that crap???)
24. The least scariest film you've ever seen: The Fog remake... what a joke
25. The movie you thought you would hate, but you loved: Wrong Turn 2 - Dead End
26. The movie you thought you would love but you hated: Friday The 13th remake (great trailer, horrid film)
27. Post image of your favorite Holy Shit moment:

Based on a list by AlmostFamous91

bananaboy at 03:38 PM Mar 23

I am a butthead! haha love it.

JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Holy shit! Piranha 3D... felt like I was ass raped by ten black dudes and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT... fucking epic
Jim Law
Jim Law at 11:48 PM Aug 23

Best mini-review ever.

jekupka at 01:32 AM Aug 24

^^ You are correct sir.

JohnnyBiggs created a LIST: over 7 years ago

Top Ten Reasons Why Kick Ass Kicked Ass

1. The casting is spot on. We can all relate to Aaron Johnson. Mark Strong is a terrific bad guy. Nicholas Cage is hilarious. Chloe Moretz... well... I want her to win the Oscar for "BEST FUCKING CHILD ACTRESS EVAAAARRRR"
2. It's the ultimate wish fulfillment fantasy that's been properly brought to the big screen. We all wanted to be a superhero. And this movie shows you what would happen, while never forgetting it's a popcorn flick.
3. Unlike so many action films before it, it doesn't hold back. Not on the violence, not on the shock value. It's gory and Hit Girl swears like a f$&#$@^ sailor.
4. It's almost every genre thrown into one flick, all expertly directed by Matt Vaughn. It's a superhero flick. It's an action flick. It's a teenage comedy. It's torture porn (hate that label but it applies). It's a mob flick. Etc. All perfectly handled.
5. Forget that shaky cam, quick cutting bullshit. The action scenes are expertly staged, thrilling, and all have that pizazz you come to expect from the movies. I dare you not feel thrilled during Hit Girl's rescue of Big Daddy and Kick Ass.
6. So many quotable lines. My personal favorite... "Now switch to... KRYPTONIIIIIIITE!"
7. This movie has made me realize not to lose hope in the film industry. Seriously. In an age of remakes and shit films, nice to see one like this and take a chance on something relatively different.
8. It shows that McLovin has some range, and may not be typecast as McLovin forever now.
9. Look at the response it's gotten from fanboys! Finally, something we can almost all agree on. Kick Ass brings people together. Except for Ebert, apparently.
10. And finally, because it had heart, depth, and soul underneath the silliness and insanity. It's hard not to root for the Kick Ass character.
BigEvil84 at 07:29 AM Aug 05

I 100% agree. I love 'Kick-Ass'.

John Law
John Law at 10:14 PM Aug 05

What's surprising is that as violent and unhinged as it is, the comic it's based on goes even further. Not to mention it doesn't have the same happy ending.

JohnnyBiggs at 04:22 AM Aug 07

I heard about that. Sometimes you have to take artistic liberties though. I'm glad Kick Ass ended the way it did. I hope a sequel comes out, in the quality of T2 or Aliens of course :)

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JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

Kick Ass = Movie Of The Year. Only looking forward to Expendables, Piranha 3D, and Machete now.
bananaboy at 06:05 PM Aug 06

Hell that sounds like a good time to me. The tail end of summer is going to rock the hizzle!

JohnnyBiggs at 04:23 AM Aug 07

I hope so bro! It's been such a shitty year for movies!

JohnnyBiggs updated his STATUS: over 7 years ago

I love Dane Cook, but Good Luck Chuck Sucked.
VitamanMan8 at 03:57 AM Jul 27

Agree on both counts. That's such a painful movie.

JohnnyBiggs at 06:12 AM Jul 27

It's too bad. I saw My Best Friend's Girl and that movie killed me... underrated and hilarious... Dane is at his best when he can let loose... GLC was way too tamed.

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