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KING Of All Schmoes
JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Nothing like a homemade hearty soup on an incredibly cold night.. this one is split pea with veggies and roasted ham which is thick enough to be a stew. That with some beers, football and Band of Brothers is what makes up my Monday night!
MonsterZeroNJ at 03:13 PM Dec 16

Sounds yummy!

Dr.Frankenstein at 03:54 PM Dec 16

..or maybe a meatball hoagie w/ extra provolone and pepperoni, baked of course.

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

The Smaug sequence was the crown jewel of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in my opinion and one of the stand-out film scenes of 2013. Aside from the obvious sentiments such as the back and forth quips with Bilbo and the technical wizardry of the visual effects I really, REALLY loved how his voice resonated through the sound mixing. It felt appropriately thunderous and as if it was coming from a creature that's larger than life, and Cumberbatch's performance was pretty damn brilliant. I was really worried that his distinct voice wouldn't be changed enough and I would keep thinking of Benedict or Sherlock the entire time but that happily wasn't the case. Just all around greatness IMO.
Mr.Blizzo at 07:58 PM Dec 17

AGREEEED. The way they made his voice sound was phenomenal. Everything about that sequence was stellar.

ottway at 11:39 AM Dec 18

after reading your review i am dying to get to the theaters locke cant wait to see my boy legolas steal every scene hes in and smaug will be a sight to see another year til there and back again we will be patiently waiting! Great Review

JohnLocke2342 at 10:55 PM Dec 18

^ Hey thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it and I hope you have a blast! Legolas once again steals the action sequences and kicks even more ass than he did in any one chapter of the Rings trilogy.

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JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

Time Magazine's 11 Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2013

11. Brian Griffin

Within hours of the talking dog’s out-of-nowwhere offing on Family Guy, devastated fans started a petition to resurrect him, notching more than 122,000 signatures to date. Meanwhile, rumors persist that he’ll reappear in future episodes.

10. Tony Stark

Five years after the first Iron Man film, Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.), still sits atop the Marvel superhero throne. Iron Man 3 was this year’s highest-grossing blockbuster ($1.2 billion in ticket sales worldwide), and its star even inspired a third-party iPhone app: J.A.R.V.I.S., a Siri-like bot named after Stark’s robo-conceirge.

9. Burka Avenger

The Pakistani superhero—and star of the animated series Burka Avenger—won international acclaim this year for both her gender (she’s the first female Pakistani superhero) and her mission (she fights corrupt politicians, using books and pens and knowledge as weapons, in an effort to promote girls’ education). The Urdu-language series is now in talks to go global, and may soon be broadcast in 18 languages in 60 countries.

8. Ron Burgundy

Anchorman 2 hasn’t even premiered yet, and its star (played by Will Ferrell) is already everywhere: In addition to co-anchoring a real-life news broadcast in Bismarck, N.D., Burgundy starred in a series of Web-only Dodge ads that helped monthly sales increase 59% in October.

7. Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips (GTA: V)

The three playable characters in Grand Theft Auto V drove the game to a record-setting gross of $1 billion during its first three days on market. Their on-screen actions also reignited the debate about whether games like GTA can encourage kids to enjoy real-life violence.

6. Frank Underwood

The calculating congressman (played by Kevin Spacey) built House of Cards into Netflix’s first hit original series, landing Spacey the first-ever Emmy nomination for an Internet role. That buzz was a boon to Netflix stock prices, too.

5. Carlos Danger

The virtual persona manufactured by Anthony Weiner—so he could chat with women online—wound up torpedoing Weiner’s New York mayoral dreams, once his lewd messages to Sydney Leathers, among others, became public. Before the scandal, Weiner was leading in the polls; afterward, he finished fifth in the democratic primary.

4. Sophia Burset

The inmate hairstylist (played by Laverne Cox) was a fan-favorite on Orange Is the New Black—not just because of her biting one-liners (“Please is for commissary hoes and Oliver Twist”), but because she’s the most dynamic transgender character in TV history. In the wake of overwhelmingly positive response to Burset, Showtime and E! Canada have both green lit shows about transgender people.

3. Katniss Everdeen

Beyond leading Catching Fire to a gross of $600 million—and counting—the Hunger Games heroine (played by Jennifer Lawrence) is also inspiring several real-world product lines. Among them: the Nerf Rebelle line of guns, quivers and crossbows for girls, Lucas Hugh “Capitol Label” workout clothes, and a makeup line from CoverGirl.

2. Olivia Pope

The D.C. crisis manager (played by Kerry Washington) became a bona-fide cultural icon this year. Beyond juicing Scandal‘s viewership—season 3 premiered to 10.5 million viewers, up 71% from the year before—Pope was a real-world lifestyle tastemaker: the Crate & Barrel wine glasses she sips from on the show sold out at earlier this year, as did her $2,6000 white Burberry trench coat.

1. Walter White

The chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin (played by Bryan Cranston) was TV’s most talked-about antihero, luring 10.3 million viewers to Breaking Bad‘s series finale—up 442% from season four—and sparking thousands of Internet debates about the nuances of morality. And White’s (spoiler alert!) death did real-world good: a funeral event staged by fans raised $17,000 for the Albuquerque homeless.


Mood: Happy
aturn4theworst at 03:23 PM Dec 16

I feel like someone from The Walking Dead should be on the list... But that's just me, lol.

WalkAway at 04:36 PM Dec 16

Broad and interesting list here

Weapon X
Weapon X at 05:12 PM Dec 16

DAAAANNGER! *does the John Oliver dance*

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JohnLocke2342 created a LIST: 11 months ago

My Top 10 Shows of 2013

1. Breaking Bad - The Final Season
2. Game of Thrones - Season 3
3. Orange is the New Black - Season 1
4. Arrow - Season 2 Part 1
5. House of Cards - Season 1
6. Spartacus: War of the Damned
7. The Office - The Final Season Part 2
8. Parks and Recration - Season 5 Part 2
9. The Walking Dead - Season 4 Part 1
10. Oh whoops, I only watched 9 shows that ran new episodes in 2013 this year.. Also I dug all of these and they're only ranked by how much I enjoyed them/how great I thought they were.
Derek237 at 05:16 PM Dec 16


Derek237 at 05:17 PM Dec 16

I'm sending you the goddamn blurays what's ur address

JohnLocke2342 at 05:57 PM Dec 16

UGH dude I need to see it.. is it on Netflix yet? PLEASE SEND THEM

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

I honestly keep forgetting that this movie is still happening. I guess it has to do with the 8 year gap between the first one and the fact that the per-production has been very secretive and quiet. I guess that's a good thing though since we now live in an age where you're basically seeing the entire movie in clips/trailers/stills/script leaks before it even comes out.
grelber37 at 01:41 PM Dec 16

Yeah, Sin City 2 has not been overly promoted (yet). And, a moviefan can appreciate that approach. We know that we want to see this movie. The first one amazed and (darkly) delighted. Rodriguez and Miller know their stuff. A person is okay with opening the gift later and being surprised.

Anakin at 02:11 PM Dec 16

That's Robbie Rodriguez for you. Guy just keeps his head down and does his thing. His studio in Texas is like a mini Hollywood. Guy can pretty much do whatever the hell he likes. Love him.

JohnLocke2342 posted a VIDEO item: 11 months ago

OMG I love this casttttt


JohnLocke2342 at 11:10 AM Dec 16

omgoodness Luke Evans iloveyousomuch

Weapon X
Weapon X at 05:18 PM Dec 16

Clearly Evans is ready to get his Elvis on.

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

This new Desolation of Smaug poster is probably my favorite one!!
Cochise at 11:06 AM Dec 16

1) that's pretty damn cool
2) are they actually still putting new posters out?? lol, cool nonetheless though.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 05:20 PM Dec 16

NICE. Communicates the scale of the interior of Erebor and the size of Smaug himself.

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Righteous_faustus at 09:35 AM Dec 16

Can't really see much of the body area of Wolverine but from what I can see it looks like he's dressing like a G.I. Joe

X-KID at 09:48 AM Dec 16

I'm just glad Wolverine will have adamantium claws again! But this image is so boss.

sLaShEr84 at 01:40 PM Dec 16

Nice cover

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JohnLocke2342 posted a VIDEO item: 11 months ago

Debut trailer for the Lego: Hobbit game!


Cochise at 11:12 AM Dec 16

lol nice, really wish I could get into these Lego games (the Pirates one especially) but I've tried a few of the demos and I just don't think they're my thing. Oh well. I did hear that this game will only feature stuff from Unexpected and Desolation, so I wonder if they'll have a second Lego Hobbit game purely dedicated to There And Back Again? I still really want EA to make a co-op action game like Return of the King for PS2, that was awesome and I think the big war and all the action that I assume there'll be in TABA would be perfect for it

JohnLocke2342 at 12:27 PM Dec 16

^ Dude YES!! Those two games (The Two Towers as well) were fantastic and one of the few "smash em up" action games that really stood out.. and they were based on movies which is a rarity anyway.

JohnLocke2342 at 12:27 PM Dec 16

As for the Lego games, yeah, they're not my favorite but they're kinda like harmless gaming fun.. and my girlfriend loves them haha

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

Now that Tolkien Week and all of its unbelievable glory has ended I'm starting another December tradition, the masterpiece that is Band of Brothers.
Invidtus at 07:03 PM Dec 15


Righteous_faustus at 07:47 PM Dec 15

Good marathon.

ericodarko at 08:25 PM Dec 15

probably the greatest mini-series ever. what a ridiculously great cast

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

Wow, what a great day of football we've had so far!
Righteous_faustus at 01:27 PM Dec 15

It's always a great day when the pats fall

Rebellion_Reborn at 02:11 PM Dec 15

It really has been! And I couldn't of said that better Righteous_faustus.

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

Back from the theater and relaxing after shoveling the shittt out of this snowstorm tonight. I'm thinking coffee and a movie.. but which one?
JohnLocke2342 at 06:12 PM Dec 14

Dude, Jingle All the Way.. YES!


Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 06:36 PM Dec 14

^ umm these cookies, i've gotta get the recipe from liz.

Great christmas movie.

WalkAway at 06:50 PM Dec 14

Orphan Black or OUAT :-)

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

The Desolation of Smaug round two tonight!
wallcrawler383 at 12:12 PM Dec 14

you're some kind of cinematic hero, dude. enjoy your second time!

MJZ at 10:12 PM Dec 14

cripes I haven't seen it once haha
And I really want to see it too

Mr.Blizzo at 11:33 PM Dec 14

Right on man! I'm gonna go again probably Tuesday or Wednesday

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JohnLocke2342 posted a VIDEO item: 12 months ago

This video fucking slayed me


ericodarko at 08:45 PM Dec 13

Those two are hilarious. He's been especially hilarious as a new member of the Parks & REc crew from Eagleton

feverdream at 01:04 AM Dec 14

lol "this man will not say snow"

Mr.Blizzo at 09:43 PM Dec 14

"Huh? Arrow!? No NOOO not dealing with that bullshit name!" lol

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

MFC, my friends, I can't tell you guys how utterly satisfied I am with the wonderment that took place last night. As soon as I get home I couldn't stop thinking about it until I fell asleep for 5 hours and awoke this morning furiously putting to words all of my thoughts, both good and bad. I've been writing this review for the past 4 hours or so and while there are some minor spoilers I'd say it's more of a reactionary piece to the film that doesn't disturb any key plot points in large detail. I will say, however, that it is pretty damn long and possibly the longest I've written. In short DOS greatly improves on AUJ with some of the best action sequences I've ever seen and a much darker tone, but the faults of CGI and a visual effects abundance are still there at times. It doesn't hinder the picture and it's source material too much though, and the importance of the emotional core of the characters shines through from the very center. My favorite film of the year.
Beauski at 11:39 AM Dec 13

Can't wait to see what you saw tomorrow man, sounds awesome!

TheChanges23 at 12:05 PM Dec 13

I'm ecstatic that you enjoyed it JL! You've been waiting for this a long time so I'm happy it was well worth the wait and you treasured the experience.

JohnLocke2342 at 12:51 PM Dec 13

Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate the kind words.. I hope if you see it you enjoy it as well!

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