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Hey Cochise, here's a quote from Armitage about your boy Azog.. "The first glimpse of the standoff with Azog in movie one, wasn’t really a battle. He managed to get about two blows in and Azog just completely annihilated him. That storyline is going to continue in movie three. That fight will end at some point. And that fight has been going on for a long time." I told you not to worry about his screentime! Oh, also, did you notice his arm in this close-up below from his banner? Yeah, HE ATTACHED A FUCKING SWORD TO IT. Azog is boss.
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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Did anyone else catch that weird viral marketing commercial during The Walking Dead with the rats scurrying into the sewers? It was shot on some sort of home video and the words translated to "he is here" at the end. I have no evidence to back this up but my gut feeling thinks it's "The Strain", the new show based on Guillermo Del Toro's book series.
OfficerFriendly at 03:58 PM Dec 02

I was wondering what that was. I figured it was either the Strain, or something for the new paranormal activity movie.

XSsoCX at 04:11 PM Dec 02

Isn't "The Strain" was going to be on FX?

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Unbelievable. I can't believe they pulled that issue of the comics off in television form. That was the single best episode of the ENTIRE SERIES.
Rebellion_Reborn at 02:04 PM Dec 02

I couldn't agree more. I'm fucking shaking from that. Powerful, powerful episode.

OldKingClancy at 03:33 AM Dec 03

I could sense it coming but it still hurts to watch, great, great episode. Definitely one of the show's best.

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

That sneak peek at The Desolation of Smaug during The Walking Dead just now was fucking phenomenalllll!!!!!!! I have goosebumps, I can't wait anymore.
Weapon X
Weapon X at 01:38 PM Dec 02

I entered a drawing today for an advance screening on the 9th. Failing that, I'm gonna save it for the Christmas Day Chinese-food-and-a-movie tradition.

JohnLocke2342 at 01:39 PM Dec 02

I can't even type coherent sentences due to the excitement, sorry for this status MFC

VitamanMan8 at 01:45 PM Dec 02


JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

New Zealand's Airport Wins yet again (and a great look at Smaug)

Mood: Chillin'
Rawzombie at 09:01 AM Dec 02


Rebellion_Reborn at 09:18 AM Dec 02

I'd love to have one of those "Dragon Handler" vests!

Otis_Driftwood at 12:56 PM Dec 02

That is great stuff!

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Yeah so Kate Mara is sexy as fuck on House of Cards, that is all
JohnLocke2342 at 07:35 AM Dec 02

Aye, she just has that "sexy" quality, I can't explain it.

TheHorrorfan at 03:44 PM Dec 02

Uploaded with

razgriz21 at 03:48 PM Dec 02

DAMN! She's so gorgeous

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JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

The Hobbit Countdown - 11 Days - Nori

Played by: Jed Brophy

Who is he?

He's known to audiences of An Unexpected Journey as the dwarf with the craziest hairstyle in the company and one that looks like a starfish is at the center of it... and that's really it. Nori is a master pick-picketer and an accomplished thief who mainly keeps to himself and comes to the aid of his brothers Dori and Ori in times of need. In the book he was the purple hooded dwarf (they were only color coded) who played the flute and ate nonstop, much like the other members of the company. Basically, he was a background dwarf and because of that he needed a little something to at least help him stand out from the crowd in the movies, and that's where the "thief" aspect and crazy hairstyle comes into play.

As for Brophy, Ringers will remember him from The Two Towers after his performance as two of the more memorable orcs in the franchise...

.. as well as a role in the background as an elf:

What we can expect in The Desolation of Smaug

Well we can definitely expect to see him stealing things nonstop from Mirkwood and Laketown as well as a ton of treasure in Smaug's lair, or at least that's what I'm assuming they'll do with the character. He's more of a background player who's there to provide a couple of quick-witted comments, some physical humor and possibly a one-liner here and there.. and that's needed when you're dealing with 13 principle dwarves.

Mood: Happy
Venom3344 at 07:25 AM Dec 02

I watched the EE special features and was surprised to find out he was an elf and those orcs. Really dedicated actor.

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

So I'm incredibly late to the party but Oblivion was absolutely gorgeous and I mean GORGEOUS with some really stunning visuals , so that was a huge plus. Sadly though that was all I could say I found memorable about the flick since the rest was pretty stale, underwhelming and lacking any kind of heart.. plus that ending was a little creepy, no? It's not a movie I found bad in any sense but it's also a movie that I already don't remember, will never watch again and was one that felt like something I've seen a thousand times before in other movies/TV shows/video games. It's a harmless way to kill a couple of hours but if you're expecting anything more than that you'll probably be disappointed.
oscarxp25 at 06:10 AM Dec 02

I loved the movie. I had trouble putting into words how I felt about it but then read a blogger say it was kind of like a great cover band. The movie was a mish mosh of all great ideas perfectly put together with beautiful cinematography.

JohnLocke2342 at 07:33 AM Dec 02

^ A cover band, wow.. that's a good way to look at it!

Cochise at 08:59 AM Dec 03

at least you dug it a bit, I had a total blast with it. Fantastic experience in IMAX. It did have some familiar elements but they didn't detract from the experience for me, I thought it was great

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

"I'll have the tuna... no crust". Hands down my favorite Paul Walker line and that delivery was something my friends laughed at and rewound time and time again back in the day. Aw man, RIP, thanks for the memories..
Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 10:36 PM Dec 01

The tuna/fight scene is one of my favorites
"what'd you put in that sandwich?"

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

I'm finally getting around to checking out Oblivion and I have the lowest of low expectations... I'm honestly just looking for a fun and interesting SciFi flick.
Weapon X
Weapon X at 12:48 PM Dec 01

If you dig shiny visuals and a bitchin' soundtrack, Oblivion ought to entertain just fine. Joe Kosinski's two for two on that.

Mr.Blizzo at 01:50 PM Dec 01

It's ok....I enjoyed it for the most part.

Laksmikanti at 10:42 PM Dec 01

I am not a fan of Sci-Fi movies, but certainly I enjoyed Oblivion a bit.

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JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

The Hobbit Countdown - 12 Days - Bofur

Played by: James Nesbitt

Who is he?

Most notably to audiences who saw the first movie, Bofur is the warmhearted and life-loving dwarf who got the most screen time of the 13 outside of the Fab Five. That warmth and insane amount of likability spawned a massive outpouring of love for the character who I greatly enjoy myself. The scene in which he responds to a sarcastically mean comment from Bilbo with a gracious and kind reply even spawned a meme!

Brothers of Bombur and Bifur, Bofur (jesus that kills the brain when saying them all together) is a delightfully optimistic spirit who loves food, friends and good company. Like his brothers he did not come from royalty and that's reflected in his dirty, worn appearance as well as his use of a weapon (a pick axe). He was a miner who also took an interesting in toy making like his brother Bifur, and now he provides the group with his own songs on their loonnngggg trek to Erebor.

Fun Fact, the Deleted Song and Dance at Rivendell was a tune that James Nesbitt came up with and sang by himself for the movie!

What we can expect in The Desolation of Smaug

First things first we can expect an insane amount of likability and charm as well as some great comedic timing from the criminally underrated James Nesbitt, and you can guarantee that. I'm hoping that we see some more screen time of him with his brothers since they barely got to be around each other too much in the first movie, and that makes me sad. I'd also love to see him whooping some ass since in the book he is known as a feisty warrior and definitely holds his own in a fight, like most of these bad boys. Basically, we just want more of Bofur!

Mood: Happy
Mr.Blizzo at 02:03 PM Dec 01

^And what a great game it is! If you got the balls for it.

Otis_Driftwood at 05:12 AM Dec 02

Definitely one of my fave of the party of Thorin. And can actually play the flute as well!

The "Man in the Moon" song that was cut was awesome.

Cochise at 04:48 AM Dec 05

my favourite of them all!! Guess I missed this when you posted it initially! Reeeeally hoping we see more Bofur in Smaug, love him! And that new song in the Extended Cut, is that what you're talking about, it's done by Bofur? In that case I may actually be excited for that new tune/scene!!

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JohnLocke2342 posted an IMAGE item: 11 months ago
my favorite Christmas ornaments!

Glinda at 09:44 AM Dec 01

So cool I love them!

Mr.Blizzo at 02:05 PM Dec 01

No Christmas is complete without Indy and Gandalf.

Otis_Driftwood at 05:14 AM Dec 02

Got quite a few of these as well JL, but with 3 cats in the house (one relatively new addition), I'd rather see what they do to the tree this year than risk them destroying my collectibles. Next year, we'll probably put out the good ones, but for this year...many plastic baubles and balls.

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

I was so stoked to find out that we'll get our first look at Interstellar in front of The Desolation of Smaug and now there's word that we'll get a full Godzilla trailer too?! The most epic release of the year just got that much more epic.
MonsterZeroNJ at 08:53 AM Dec 01

I hope that's true, been waiting for a full Godzilla trailer for some time!

Cronos at 09:21 AM Dec 01

GODZILLA!!!! Screw Intersteller, gimme the giant monster trailer!

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

I just started House of Cards and I'm only two episodes in but I'm loving the style and writing of the show. Plus having Fincher direct the first two episodes is a pretty good deal tbh
Scotch at 04:32 PM Nov 30

It's an extremely solid show. Each episode has its own story. Spacey and Wright dominate their roles too.

ericodarko at 01:06 AM Dec 01

That show just gets beter and better every episode.

Glinda at 06:05 AM Dec 01

I really need to start this. Every time I talk to my brother he asks when I'm going to.

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JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

The Hobbit Countdown - 13 Days - Bifur

Played by: William Kircher

Who is he?

Bifur is the dwarf who's low-key, quiet, a toymaker and OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND. Seriously, he's borderline batshit crazy and that makes him the ultimate wildcard that you want on your side in a throw down against trolls and goblins. This is, of course, based on the fact that HE STILL HAS A LARGE CHUNK OF A FUCKING BATTLE AXE EMBEDDED IN HIS GODDAMN FOREHEAD. This has completely destroyed his ability to speak in anything but the ancient language of the dwarves so he communicates with hand signals and vocal grunts.

Example of Bifur's communication:

This was a nice way to help individualize a dwarf who otherwise would've been forgotten in the background behind the more notable characters of the company... and it also makes for some hilarious moments.

What we can expect in The Desolation of Smaug

Well since the company meets up with the race of men in Laketown and another race in the elves of Mirkwood you can expect Bifur to be at a communication meltdown in both instances. Which means that you can also expect some high comedy from him in a couple of those areas as well. I have a feeling that he's going to get some interactions with the animals at Beorn's house since they're easier to communicate with than living people so keep an eye out for that. Oh, and he'll of course be wielding his hunting spear like a crazy mother fucker as soon as someone steps to the company, which is what we all wanna see.

Mood: Sad
WalkAway at 03:34 AM Nov 30

The axe in his head freaks me out but I like him.

joeyc5 at 04:04 AM Nov 30

he does have one of the more entertaining back stories that was laid out in the extras

Ocelot_Snake at 04:42 AM Nov 30

Never noticed the ax head

JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

The Hobbit Countdown - 14 Days - Bombur

Played by: Stephen Hunter

Who is he?

Let's not beat around the bush here, Bombur is the fat one and that's also the reason I chose him for Thanksgiving.. so.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND EAT LIKE A FUCKING TRUCK MFC! In all seriousness though, Bombur is often seen as the "slow and lazy" dwarf in the book and they often describe him as "poor Bombur" many times over. He literally falls asleep for a solid portion of the journey through Mirkwood in the novel and he also passes out during a few other key scenes. However when he's up and has a few turkeys in his stomach he is ready to get kick ass and take names like we saw in the goblin tunnels in An Unexpected Journey. He even used his goddamn stomach as a battering ram and it worked wonders! YOU GO DUDE!

Fun Fact: He actually caught this egg in his mouth without CGI on the very first try which makes those reactions from everyone involved 100% genuine!

What we can expect in The Desolation of Smaug

Well, hopefully for starters more of this:

...and maybe more of this:

..but we'll definitely get more of this:

In the book it's Bombur who gets poisoned to shit during the spider attack in Mirkwood and is otherwise tirelessly useless during the first portion of that journey. How much they'll bring over of that character remains to be seen but what we do know for sure is that there will be plenty of comical opportunities in Beorn's house for this beautifully fat and awesome dwarf to feast like a mad man. LONG LIVE FOODIES LIKE BOMBUR!


Mood: Sad
Mr.Blizzo at 05:25 AM Nov 29

Haha I love their reactions when he catches the egg. So awesome. I would love to have seen what everyone's reactions were like.

Happy 2 weeks til DoS!

WalkAway at 02:34 PM Nov 29

I love that fun fact!

Moviefreak2010 at 02:51 PM Nov 29

love bombur

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