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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Is this real life with the "Kelly Brook is flabby and fat" shit on her recently released photos? Really? Because she's a woman with real curves and is thick and sexy as hell she's called fat and asked to "tone up"? It's one thing to be a fucking asshole on the internet and another to be a degrading, disgusting human-being with insanely shameful judgments. It's shit like these comments that stir up controversy and get pushed into the limelight which continues the vicious cycle against women in mainstream media. Very rarely do you get a perfect specimen like Kelly Brook and her natural, curvy body in the spotlight and seeing it ridiculed and shamed by a couple of twat-bags is fucking disgusting. It's not even a way of growing up or learning to keep your opinion to yourself, it's delusional insanity.
Weapon X
Weapon X at 05:12 PM Jun 17

WHO is saying this?? Point me at 'em so I can slap the stupid right out of them!

AngryJohnnyN1930 at 05:40 PM Jun 17

Amen, brother!

JohnLocke2342 at 09:08 PM Jun 17

@Weapon X - I'm mainly talking about the basement trolls that have been ripping her on random fan sites and a ton from MovieHotties (is there something in the water there?)

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JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item 10 months ago

Movie Paintings

Mood: Chillin'

bowsty98 at 05:07 PM Jun 17

I love all of these.

sLaShEr84 at 05:48 PM Jun 17

Great pics.

grelber37 at 02:49 AM Jun 18

The first painting is very well-done. It uses red subtly on the uniform and the wall. Col. Hans Landa might be smirking away, but he has blood on him.

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

"What we do in life, echoes in eternity"
timmyd at 03:45 PM Jun 17

Fantastic .

X-KID at 04:34 PM Jun 17


Mr.Blizzo at 05:05 PM Jun 17

Holy shit I want that!

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

It's been four days since I've seen Man of Steel and the movie keeps festering in my mind the same way Star Trek Into Darkness did for a week after I got out of the theater. It's sad that I haven't even thought about Iron Man 3 since the second I left the movie theater on opening night and really have no desire to watch it again. If you would've told me in the beginning of the year that I would have those specific reactions to those three movies I would've laughed in your face at how wrong you were... but I guess that's just been the 2013 movie season for me.
X-KID at 04:32 PM Jun 17

Same here, I had forgotten about IM3 until you mentioned it, Into Darkness and MOS really stayed with me as well.

Terror Australis
Terror Australis at 05:13 PM Jun 17

"Iron Man 3" is definitely worth a rewatch. It definitely a better film than has been made out to be. I think it's the best one of IM series and having seen 3 times, I feel comfortable saying that.

Mr.Blizzo at 05:20 PM Jun 17

I loved it even more on a second viewing

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

"How did your brain even learn human speech? I'm just so curious."
JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Every time I get to an end of a firefly marathon I hope there's a bonus episode hidden somewhere on the DVD menu that I just don't know about. Ugh, the crushing defeat of the end of this glorious series. :(
M10dS6lence at 10:47 PM Jun 16

Apparently there's a Blu-Ray with three bonus episodes, IIC

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Venom3344 at 08:54 PM Jun 16

Holy Pelennor Fields, I want that first poster.

razgriz21 at 07:07 AM Jun 17

Prime vacation spot.

Otis_Driftwood at 08:07 AM Jun 17

Great stuff that has brought a smile to my face today!

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

One of my best friend's college roommate is now the personal assistant to M. Night Shyamalan and she was telling her last weekend that everything you heard about After Earth regarding Will Smith owning the movie was true. She said that Night shockingly had little say in the movie and Will Smith brought a lot of his own people/yes men onto the set everyday which kinda forced Night to just blindly agree. Do I think this made much of a difference in the final product? No, not really, but it's fascinating to see how badly Will Smith wants to carve out a career for his son by using his own star power to straight up override the guy in charge of the ENTIRE movie... interesting.
JohnLocke2342 at 09:09 PM Jun 16

@ WalkAway - and most people still don't realize that the entire script was commissioned beforehand by Will Smith specifically for his son, and for a ridiculous amount of money. It's a train wreck of epic proportions from almost every angle.

Glinda at 09:39 PM Jun 16

That's terrible and in the long run I don't think he's doing his son any favors.

randychico at 12:34 AM Jun 17

M. Night Shyamalan and Will Smith's nepotism is like drinking and driving, please say no.

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JohnLocke2342 created a LIST: 10 months ago

Hi! I'm JohnLocke2342! You may remember me as the guy who.....

1. is completely obsessed with The Lord of the Rings and constantly floods your newsfeed with gifs/pics/videos of those movies

Based on a list by horrorfan23

Derek237 at 04:39 PM Jun 16

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 05:15 PM Jun 16

And if you ever stopped we'd all be VERY worried.

randychico at 12:35 AM Jun 17

Really? Huh... never noticed it...

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Finishing up a playthrough of my favorite game series of all-time: Uncharted.
Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 01:24 PM Jun 16

Awesome! I just finished Uncharted 3 in time for the release of The Last of Us, also from Naughty Dog.

wallcrawler383 at 02:12 PM Jun 16

fucking amazing series

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 03:34 PM Jun 16

Not played the 3rd, but the previous games were awesome.

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

I can honestly attribute 98.6% of my passion for movies and geek life to my Dad who basically took me under his wing at a young age. There I was as a 5 year old introduced to the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies, while he told my Mom one realllly late night that we were watching a football game when we were actually watching Jaws. One year later he took me to see Jurassic Park in theaters and blew my mind and it was him who got me hooked on Star Trek, Aliens, The X-Files and my favorite gift of all, J.R.R Tolkien. It might've just been a book for a present on my 9th birthday but it opened a door to a story I would never put down to this fucking day. We've bonded over many things over the years (like drunken misery at Jets games every Sunday) but that's been our one constant and always will be. I just figured I'd share that with you guys and hope you all have a good day with your families.
Invidtus at 09:03 AM Jun 16

nicely put Bro-omir-

timmyd at 09:56 AM Jun 16

great stuff , Buddy .

Glinda at 11:46 AM Jun 16

What a nice tribute to your dad JL. He sounds like a great father and gave you such nice memories.

JohnLocke2342 created a LIST: 10 months ago

My 10 Favorite Movie Dads (Happy Father's Day)

11. Honorable Mention: The always heartwarming Denethor
Glinda at 11:48 AM Jun 16

This is so awesome I love this list! Every one!

cp27502 at 12:54 PM Jun 16

Nice list!

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 03:39 PM Jun 16

Nice! mufasa is a great father, love the Kings of the past scene.

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

I fucking love firefly so much and "Out of Gas" is really the crown jewel of the series to me. The transitions between present time and flashbacks that always begin and end with the same character action is just ridiculously clever. On top of that you get the emotional pull of the episode, some of the best music in the series and a great family aspect within the crew. So. Damn. Good.
WalkAway at 08:10 PM Jun 15

I was just telling Kate that I love the flashbacks in this one.

Mac136187 at 08:47 PM Jun 15

Great great episode. This is the one that made me love the series

MonsterZeroNJ at 11:25 PM Jun 15

One of the best episodes. This and the last one with Jubal Early are my favorites.

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

It's only been five days but I've already watched the trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug about 57 times.
Invidtus at 12:33 PM Jun 15

Like beer-

Weapon X
Weapon X at 03:50 PM Jun 15


Otis_Driftwood at 08:42 PM Jun 15

I've been watching it too. Very excited!

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Happy Birthday Glinda! She's one of the sweetest, most generous Schmoes we've ever had on this site and always puts a smile on my face, We love ya
Glinda at 11:49 AM Jun 15

Thank you JL for your birthday wishes and kind words! It's a beautiful day so far, and I love you all back, so much.

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