JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

I legitimately LOVE this new pic of the Justice League. Batman's new armor looks unbelievable and like a spot on replica of the Arkham Knight gear. Aquaman is the favorite for me in terms of tweaking a costume but still keeping it familiar, Wonder Woman looks great like before and Cyborg's gear looks dope. The only one I'm not feeling is The Flash. The muddled looking brownish red armor looks like shit and I'm hoping Bruce Wayne goes all tony stark and builds him another suit before the finale.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 04:56 PM Jan 09

That's what I'm betting happens. As it stands, I can accept Flash's gear as a homemade job with spare parts collected and assembled on a budget.

writer19 at 05:10 PM Jan 09

that is pretty fucking badass

Boogie Buddha
Boogie Buddha at 06:53 PM Jan 09

JUSTICE LEAGUE ASSEMBLE!!! Or can only The Avengers assemble? Lol, Whatever, I agree it's a badass picture. Looking forward to it! :)

sLaShEr84 at 07:21 PM Jan 09

Looks good.

unbinkable at 09:22 AM Jan 10

Cool pic, but I still have zero faith in this movie being any better than BvS.

jeo4 at 04:20 PM Jan 10

What ^he^ said.