JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Have you ever hated something you've never seen - like just from the commercials? I've never watched an episode of The Goldbergs but I already hate that show. Nostalgia pandering fan service to the 80's that's so obnoxious in a 15 second ad that I can't imagine watching an entire episode.

unbinkable at 11:26 AM Jan 05

Keeping Up with the Kardashians comes to mind lol

HAIL_TO_THE_KING at 11:45 AM Jan 05

its not a bad show

Glinda at 02:52 PM Jan 05

Very often yes. Waaay back when that Ernest guy was doing commercials (can't remember what for) in the early 80s, I just got so annoyed with him and his commercials. Then later he started making movies (Ernest Scared Stupid, etc), and I have hated them without seeing them ever since. They looks so dumb (to me), and as hard as his commercials were to get through I can't imagine a movie.

I have many more examples than just that one.

razgriz21 at 04:45 PM Jan 05

Supergirl comes to mind. It comes across as corny.

BATeMAN at 04:55 PM Jan 05

I've seen a couple of episodes, nah it's not for me and why is the father always shouting?

timmyd at 08:11 PM Jan 05

too many times to count .

HTX0811 at 05:52 AM Jan 06

I love The Goldbergs myself. It's very broad but it works for me.

As far as hating something I've never seen, I think the teaser for The Emoji Movie did that for me recently.