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Collecting the Precious


With The Hobbit coming up soon and my profile becoming more and more of a LOTR breeding ground for images/videos I decided to put together a blog in the same vein as JoBlo's "Show us your Shit" but for my Lord of the Rings collection. This is most of the stuff I've been collecting since 2001 but there are some pieces I simply can't move to photograph... so hopefully you guys enjoy seeing my shit!

DVD/Blu-Ray Collection:


In this set are the DVDs, the Extended Edition DVDs, the Limited Edition DVDs, the Extended Edition blu-rays and the theatrical edition blu-rays in a collectible steelbook. I re-bought the theatrical trilogy on DVD months later SOLELY to get the packaging that put it together as "one trilogy" because I'm anal like that and sort of obsessed. As cool as the extended edition DVD cases are (the book quality of it is too awesome) my favorites are probably the Limited Edition sets because those are my three favorite posters of each movie.

The first piece I ever got was FOTR on DVD in August of 2002 and I remember it like it was yesterday. When you're 15 and can't have a job, license or credit card yet you rely on your parents for gifts or hope for the holidays. My mom told me she would buy me Fellowship for my Christmas but lied to me so that she could surprise me with it when I woke up one morning (it was laying on my bed). She's always been the cool Mom out of my friends, buying me R-rated tickets as a kid, letting me skip school to see each movie and have my friends sleep over to watch the previous ones the night before it but this was on another level.



Here is the 50th anniversary edition of the trilogy, The Hobbit and the trilogy in handheld form. That Hobbit bookmark is recently purchased but that Boromir one is one of my favorite things ever. I used it so much that the ring that was attached to the ribbon on the top fell off... but I still get to look at Sean Bean everytime I read so it's OK.


Those are the story guide companions and are humongous books with gorgeous production photos and a guide on each character/location. There's also some LEGO Pez back there with the limited edition "Eye of Sauron" piece because I mean, that's pretty fucking cool right?



The Lord of the Rings Limited Edition Monopoly, FOTR 3D sculpted poster, LOTR Mini Collectibles + LEGO LOTR and ROTK for Xbox. The monopoly board is probably my favorite because I can own the Shire and drive property tax through the roof like an evil son of a bitch but those two Xbox games are immortal. I used to have The Two Towers for Game Cube but that was donated along with my other Game Cube stuff to a local hospital years ago. Those games actually still hold up today and are just as enjoyable, specifically The Two Towers.


The Fellowship 6" Action Figure collection complete with a monstrous cave troll that literally trolls them at all times.

The Precious

Everyone's gotta have their own, right? This one was part of the pre-ordering of the Extended Edition movie and was only $10 dollars with the purchase of the set. I was browsing some actual replicas but I'll just wait for my wedding band since my girlfriend is totally cool with that (when she said that it sealed the deal).



Both the standard theatricals as well as the re-issued trilogy one with bonus tracks and 18 collectible mini-posters.



Comic-Con 2012 Artwork:

Currently Not Pictured (Rolled up without any room):

^Those two are probably my favorite posters I own because they're not just rare and sweet to look at but hold nostalgic value for me as well. I got both of them in 2001/2002 when the movies were in theaters and they're in pretty bad shape so they stay rolled up in canisters at the moment.



Welp, that's most of my shit right now and I'm sure it'll grow even more over the next 3 years with The Hobbit trilogy.. Thanks for checking it out.

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OldKingClancy at 03:51 PM Nov 29

Jesus fuck. This is either impressive or obsessive. Either way, good stuff.

RandomK1NG at 03:52 PM Nov 29

This is amazing. Like holy shit super duper goddamn amazingly awesome! ~nowordsjustlove~

WalkAway at 03:52 PM Nov 29

Anakin at 03:55 PM Nov 29

This was great! Thanks for giving us a peek at all this boss stuff.

Beauski at 04:00 PM Nov 29

Damn man! No denying you are a super fan.

XSsoCX at 04:01 PM Nov 29

You sir are obsessed. ;)

Good stuff, brother. I really like that "I'm kind of a big deal" Ring shirt. Have you seen the "Straight outta Mordor" rap video from the guys from Workaholics?

Invidtus at 04:08 PM Nov 29


horrorfan23 at 04:26 PM Nov 29

Well, I know I can't compete with you on being a fan with this display of dedication.

Vampjezzc at 04:29 PM Nov 29

I bow to you sir. This is...epic.

zombie_bro at 04:30 PM Nov 29

This is epic. You are most definitely a fan, well done!

Dodong27 at 04:33 PM Nov 29

Legolas' long lost cousin, Link, approves!

TheChanges23 at 04:41 PM Nov 29

WHOA! I dont even know how to describe this...except...

X-KID at 04:43 PM Nov 29

Cochise at 05:48 PM Nov 29

well done. Wow. haha that is awesome

joeyc5 at 06:24 PM Nov 29

very, very cool dude great collection!

chris_baños at 07:06 PM Nov 29

Thanks not only for sharing this stuff man, but also your stories, they reminded me of how cool beings mothers are (I miss that). Amazing collection, I don't see obsession here, just the child's heart many here also preserve.

Strider at 09:41 PM Nov 29

Very, very impressive. I want all this stuff!

Mr.Blizzo at 09:52 PM Nov 29

Wow dude....that is incredible. Awesome collection! I'm still really excited to pick up the Lego LOTR game.

JakeLikesMovies at 10:41 PM Nov 29

It's ... beautiful ...

Otis_Driftwood at 12:15 PM Dec 01

Awesome my friend. More'll OD on Tolkien.

TeamZissou at 07:57 PM Dec 03

I've revisited this blog post at least 5 times in just the last 2 days. I think Jake's gif sums up my face every time. Gazing upon such a collection makes this fellow collector of geek things so proud. I love it all. I must havz it! The posters, the figures, the ring replica, the epic shirts and limited DVD cases. This is the one collection to rule them (I didn't read through all the comments but I'm betting that was used at least 3 times before me).

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