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Civil War not only lived up to the monumental hype but somehow exceeded it. It's not just arguably the best Marvel movie ever - it's one of the greatest superhero movies of all-time. Oh, and that airport scene? The single best fight sequence ever shown in a superhero movie. EVER. THANK FUCKING GOD FOR THE RUSSO BROTHERS!
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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: about 1 hour ago

Civil War not only lived up to the monumental hype but somehow exceeded it. It's not just arguably the best Marvel movie ever - it's one of the greatest superhero movies of all-time. Oh, and that airport scene? The single best fight sequence ever shown in a superhero movie. EVER. THANK FUCKING GOD FOR THE RUSSO BROTHERS!
JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item about 10 hours ago

"4 ways Tyrion could be a Targaryen"

"The second episode of Game of Thrones moved the plot of season six along at a breakneck pace, but there's one scene in particular that made us stop and think. When Tyrion Lannister enters the Meereen dungeon where Daenerys has been keeping her dragons locked up and manages to emerge unscathed, it seemed like a pretty big indicator that the popular fan theory claiming that Tyrion is actually a member of the Targaryen family could be more than just a theory. Keep reading to see why it might hold some real weight, and check out all of Tyrion's most iconic Game of Thrones moments.

1. It Would Explain Tywin's Deep Hatred For Aerys

Although Tywin raised Tyrion as his own (albeit begrudgingly), a number of fans believe that King Aerys II — a Targaryen — raped Tywin's wife, Joanna, on their wedding night and maintained a secret relationship with her for years. This illicit union supposedly resulted in baby Tyrion, who Joanna died giving birth to. It's no secret that Tywin hated his youngest son for killing the woman he loved so deeply, but maybe he hated Tyrion even more because he knew that Aerys was his father. This theory would also support Tywin's decision to join Robert Baratheon's fierce rebellion against the Targaryens that nearly wiped out the entire Targaryen line.

It's worth noting that Tywin's grudge against the Mad King can also be explained away by saying that Aerys was extremely paranoid and out of his damn mind (hence his nickname) and had a habit of embarrassing Tywin publicly. Tywin was ruthlessly loyal to his own family, so if he thought for a second that delivering King's Landing to Robert would serve them better than defending it with Aerys, it wouldn't have been out of his character to do so.

2. Tyrion Has Distinctly Targaryen Traits in the Books

In the first book, A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin describes Tyrion as someone with hair so blond that it verges on white. While Lannisters are fair-haired, the Targaryens are known for their shockingly blond, almost silver hair (ex: Daenerys). Some assume this description alludes to the fact that Aerys is Tyrion's father.

3. Tywin Straight-Up Says That Tyrion Isn’t His Son

Although he raises Tyrion alongside Cersei and Jaime (which many think he only does because he can't bear to destroy something his beloved wife created), Tywin makes his distaste for Tyrion plain on a number of occasions, especially in a scene in the season three episode "Valar Dohaeris." "You are an ill-made, spiteful little creature full of envy, lust, and low cunning," he tells Tyrion. "Men's laws give you the right to bear my name and display my colors since I cannot prove that you are not mine." Taken literally, that last line seems like an obvious clue that Tywin is well-aware that Tyrion is not entirely a Lannister.

At the end of season four, Tywin brings Tyrion's lineage into question yet again when he says "You're no son of mine," just after Tyrion shoots him in the stomach with an arrow. To be fair, Tywin is probably only saying that given the circumstance (read: bleeding out on a toilet), but it could also be his final declaration of Tyrion's illegitimacy.

4. Tyrion Has a Connection to Daenerys's Dragons

Tyrion proves time and time again throughout the series that he's able to sweet talk his way into just about anything, and this apparently includes convincing Dany's dragons not to turn him into a grilled chicken nugget. Is this because he's a member of the Targaryen family, who's known for being able to tame and ride dragons? So far, no one else has been able to do anything remotely close to what Tyrion is able to in the Meereen basement where Dany locks up her dragons (remember this guy?). By acknowledging the fact that the dragons — Rhaegal and Viserion — are incredibly smart and probably understand what he's saying, they allow Tyrion to remove their chains.

On top of the dragons's clear acceptance of Tyrion, it's mentioned that Tyrion is fascinated with dragons in general. In the scene with Rhaegal and Viserion, he tells a story about how he begged his uncle for a dragon on his Nameday as a child, and the books hint that Tyrion has had dragon dreams (which is something Targaryens frequently experience).

Source: Pop Sugar

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OldKingClancy at 03:01 PM May 05

I'm not a believer of this theory, there's just too many arguments against it. Particularly in regards to Tywin, not only was his beloved wife killed by a dwarf, a physical representation of weakness that Tywin despises, but thanks to Aerys naming Jamie in the Kingsguard, Tyrion is now the sole heir to Casterly Rock (adding to Tywin's hatred of the Mad King). Plus I don't like that this takes away from the Tywin/Tyrion relationship, there's just so much weight and hatred between the two men that a lot of it would be lost is Tyrion was a Targaryen.

If the three heads rule is true then the books have a potential Third Head that I'm interested to see if it comes to fruition on the show or if they'll go in a different direction, making Tyrion the third Dragon Rider so as to keep things within the already set confines of the show.

JohnLocke2342 at 03:12 PM May 05

^ Aye, agreed with all 3 of you. Even though the Tywin stuff is more twisted to fit this than it really is I think it's a really fun fan theory to play around with.

cerealkiller182 at 03:51 PM May 05

New theory on reddit suggests Hodor is the unfortunate result of warging too much. That he has the ability and overused it as a stable boy and is now more horse than human. Occam's razor says he probably suffered massive head trauma though.

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JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item about 11 hours ago

Tonight's Feature - Captain America: Civil War

Mood: Chillin'

Scotch at 04:06 PM May 05

Enjoy bro! I know you've been anticipating this one for a long, long time

timmyd at 06:12 PM May 05

Beautiful . have a blast , brother.

sLaShEr84 at 06:51 PM May 05


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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: about 15 hours ago

Here are your new Power Rangers costumes
southofheaven at 11:25 AM May 05

i dig it

unbinkable at 04:56 PM May 05

Iron Rangers*

timmyd at 06:18 PM May 05


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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: about 16 hours ago

sLaShEr84 at 01:32 PM May 05

Box Office

timmyd at 06:22 PM May 05

wheeeeeee !!

jimmydevito at 08:48 PM May 05


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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

"Captain America: Civil War is the incredible Avengers movie that Age of Ultron should've been". OMG GET HYPED! ONE MORE DAY!!
JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

The Shallows was already one of my most anticipated movies of the entire year but now it's skyrocketed right up to the top 5. The new trailer is incredible but I turned it off halfway through because this type of isolation survival movie deserves to be seen without any prior knowledge of the situation. It works best that way IMO. Either way this film can't get here soon enough! I put the link to the trailer in the comments below.
grelber37 at 10:49 AM May 04

You were wise to watch only the trailer's first half. The second half gives away a major plot occurrence.

Glinda at 04:40 PM May 04

I can't wait for this movie. I'm so in the mood for another fun movie and this fits the bill.

timmyd at 07:29 PM May 04

I'm sooooo there . I'm not even watching the new trailer.

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 1 day ago

Star Wars. Everyone has their own specific experience with the franchise whether it was in their youth or discovering it later in life. For me it was one of my earliest childhood memories which helped spark a passion for film that only grew stronger over time. It taught me that all Princesses can handle themselves, to be open to a world full of diversity in the form of man, woman and alien and to never be told the odds. That even a scoundrel values friendship over money and you should let go and trust your instincts. Reach for the stars because a hero can be anyone from anywhere and always, ALWAYS let the wookie win. May the Fourth be with you!
Glinda at 04:41 PM May 04

Beautifully put.

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

Fuck me, TMNT 2 looks like a fun time at the movies
oscarxp25 at 11:09 PM May 03

Yeah, I will definitely pay for it.

Moviefreak2010 at 03:21 AM May 04

can't wait love the gif

timmyd at 07:36 PM May 04

miles ahead of the first one .

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JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item 2 days ago

The 80 Best Directed Films of All-Time (The Director's Guild of America)

"With editors and cinematographers chiming in on the best examples of their craft in cinema history, it’s now time for directors to have a say. To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Directors Guild of America, they’ve conducted a poll for their members when it comes to the 80 greatest directorial achievements in feature films since the organization’s founding in 1936. With 2,189 members participating, the top pick went to Francis Ford Coppola for The Godfather, one of three films from the director making the top 10.

1. The Godfather Francis Ford Coppola 1972
2. Citizen Kane Orson Welles 1941
3. Lawrence of Arabia David Lean 1962
4. 2001: A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick 1968
5. Casablanca Michael Curtiz 1942
6. The Godfather: Part II Francis Ford Coppola 1974
7. Apocalypse Now Francis Ford Coppola 1979
8. Schindler’s List Steven Spielberg 1993
9. Gone With the Wind Victor Fleming 1939
10. Goodfellas Martin Scorsese 1990
11. Chinatown Roman Polanski 1974
12. The Wizard of Oz Victor Fleming 1939
13. Raging Bull Martin Scorsese 1980
14. Jaws Steven Spielberg 1975
15. It’s a Wonderful Life Frank Capra 1946
16. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Stanley Kubrick 1964
17. The Shawshank Redemption Frank Darabont 1994
18. The Graduate Mike Nichols 1967
19. Star Wars George Lucas 1977
20. Blade Runner Ridley Scott 1982
21. On the Waterfront Elia Kazan 1954
22. Pulp Fiction Quentin Tarantino 1994
23. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Steven Spielberg 1982
24. Annie Hall Woody Allen 1977
25. Saving Private Ryan Steven Spielberg 1998
26. Seven Samurai Akira Kurosawa 1954
27. A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick 1971
28. Raiders of the Lost Ark Steven Spielberg 1981
29. Vertigo Alfred Hitchcock 1958
30. Sunset Boulevard Billy Wilder 1950
31. To Kill A Mockingbird Robert Mulligan 1962
32. Psycho Alfred Hitchcock 1960
33. The Searchers John Ford 1956
34. Forrest Gump Robert Zemeckis 1994
35. Singin’ in the Rain Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly 1952
36. 8 ½ Federico Fellini 1963
37. The Third Man Carol Reed 1949
38. The Best Years of Our Lives William Wyler 1946
39. Rear Window Alfred Hitchcock 1954
40. The Bridge on the River Kwai David Lean 1957
41. North by Northwest Alfred Hitchcock 1959
42. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Miloš Forman 1975
43. The Sound of Music Robert Wise 1965
44. Taxi Driver Martin Scorsese 1976
45. Titanic James Cameron 1997
46. The Shining Stanley Kubrick 1980
47. Amadeus Miloš Forman 1984
48. Doctor Zhivago David Lean 1965
49. West Side Story Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise 1961
50. Some Like it Hot Billy Wilder 1959
51. Ben-Hur William Wyler 1959
52. Fargo Ethan Coen, Joel Coen 1996
53. The Silence of the Lambs Jonathan Demme 1991
54. The Apartment Billy Wilder 1960
55. Avatar James Cameron 2009
56. The Hurt Locker Kathryn Bigelow 2008
57. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre John Huston 1948
58. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) Alejandro G. Iñárritu 2014
59. All About Eve Joseph L. Mankiewicz 1950
60. The Deer Hunter Michael Cimino 1978
61. There Will Be Blood Paul Thomas Anderson 2007
62. The Sting George Roy Hill 1973
63. The Wild Bunch Sam Peckinpah 1969
64. Alien Ridley Scott 1979
65. Rocky John G. Avildsen 1976
66. The Conformist Bernardo Bertolucci 1970
67. Gandhi Richard Attenborough 1982
68. The Bicycle Thief Vittorio De Sica 1948
69. Cinema Paradiso Giuseppe Tornatore 1988
70. Brazil Terry Gilliam 1985
71. The Grapes of Wrath John Ford 1940
72. All the President’s Men Alan J. Pakula 1976
73. Barry Lyndon Stanley Kubrick 1975
74. Touch of Evil Orson Welles 1958
75. Once Upon a Time in America Sergio Leone 1984
76. Unforgiven Clint Eastwood 1992
77. The Usual Suspects Bryan Singer 1995
78. Network Sidney Lumet 1976
79. Rashomon Akira Kurosawa 1950
80. Once Upon a Time in the West Sergio Leone 1968

Mood: Chillin'

razgriz21 at 05:33 PM May 03

Wait?! Avatar made the list but not Aliens or The Terminator?

Titanic is understandable but Avatar.

Other then that, impressive list.

Scotch at 05:58 PM May 03

Incredible list of films! Coppola's Godfather at the top of the list is well deserved.

Zeus9 at 07:42 PM May 03

Damn ... I pretty much agree with that entire list.

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 2 days ago

Is it just me or is it sort of baffling how little we've seen from Star Trek Beyond? It's the third entry in a well established, incredibly popular franchise that's out in TWO MONTHS yet we've only gotten a 90 second teaser trailer. No official synopsis, no footage, no official images.. nothing. All in the 50th anniversary year of the Star Trek franchise. I don't know, this marketing seems odd.
Zacharia at 01:52 PM May 03

I would welcome this kind of marketing more with franchises like Star Trek or Marvel movies or anything that's a sequel because lets face it people will go see them anyway. One simple trailer that just says "Avengers: Infinity Wars coming May 2018". That's all you need. And a poster obviously. There's too many Civil War clips out there already.

grelber37 at 03:27 PM May 03

The Star Trek Beyond silence is baffling. Perhaps, the plot has some huge twist that promotional materials must not reveal. However, I am likewise surprised that Paramount has not drummed business more.

JohnLocke2342 posted a BLOG item 3 days ago

Civil War in Hogwarts Houses

Captain America
House: Gryffindor

Steve Rogers would go into Gryffindor before the Sorting Hat even touched his golden hair. He epitomizes bravery, courage, and goodness. While some may say his kindness, devotion to justice, and loyalty could make him a strong candidate for Hufflepuff, his chivalry and nerve just make him too perfect for the red-and-gold house. – Matt Goldberg

House: Gryffindor

There’s little room for argument here. Whether you take Sam Wilson’s comic book path that saw him grow up on the streets of Harlem, losing both parents to street violence, or his Marvel Cinematic Universe version as a former pararescueman of the United States Air Force, there’s no doubt that the Falcon is a courageous and determined individual. You might be swayed toward thinking that Falcon’s unwavering loyalty to partner Captain America and related sense of fair play would lead the Sorting Hat to place Wilson in Hufflepuff, but he’s made of stronger stuff than that. This is a man who flies through the sky on a rocket-powered wingsuit while fighting super-powered individuals without any superhuman powers of his own. That takes real steel. It’s clear that Falcon belongs in Gryffindor. – Dave

Scarlet Witch
House: Slytherin

Though Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) is an Avenger now, she has a checkered past that feels rather Slytherin in nature. She embodies all the best Slytherin traits: cunning, resourcefulness, ambition, and especially fraternity (of course). With Magneto as her father — even though she wasn’t born a mutant — her heritage and inclusion in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants would surely appeal to the House. And while what we saw of her briefly during Avengers: Age of Ultron may lead to more a middling Ravenclaw-esque classification, her use of Chaos Magic and being responsible for what is known as “M-Day” in the comics (when she decided to end the mutant genome and reset reality) seems to seal her serpentine sorting. — Allison Keene

House: Hufflepuff

Oh Hawkeye. This guy is always getting the shaft in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, be it an awkwardly shoehorned introduction in Thor or being reduced to a mind-controlled minion in The Avengers, but we finally got to see shades of Clint Barton’s true colors in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the dude is definitely a Hufflepuff. Jeremy Renner’s character is loyal to the bone, with an intense dedication to his work even if his outward attitude seems to default to “annoyed” or “bored” most of the time. Shine on, you brooding badger. – Adam Chitwood

Iron Man
House: Slytherin

Just to show that all Slytherins aren’t inherently bad, but Tony Stark’s ambition and ego know no boundaries. They come from a deeply flawed place, but it’s charming all the same. Additionally, his resourcefulness makes him an ideal candidate for the house of Salazar Slytherin. The only thing that might keep him out is that he probably wouldn’t buy into any of the “pureblood” nonsense. – Matt Goldberg

War Machine
House: Gryffindor

James Rhodes was one of the first characters audiences were introduced to in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, albeit in the form of Terrence Howard, not Don Cheadle. But Cheadle now has three and a half Marvel movies under his belt as the straight-shooting Marine, and there’s really only one clear house choice for Rhodey: Gryffindor. Even when donning the War Machine armor, Rhodey is all about dutifully keeping folks safe, exuding the kind of courage the exemplifies what it means to be a Gryffindor. Rhodey can still cut loose with the best of them, and his BFF is a Slytherin, but the guy is a Gryffindor through and through. – Adam Chitwood

Black Widow
House: Ravenclaw

While Natasha Romanov could easily go into Slytherin with her level of cunning, really what a spy needs, especially one who works undercover like she does, is wit, a signature trait of any good Ravenclaw. You also need to study up on your targets, figure your way out of sticky situations, and work the intelligence gathering community. Again, it’s close, but I’m sorting Black Widow into Ravenclaw. – Matt Goldberg

House: Hufflepuff

This one’s tricky. In both his comics and movie background, Scott Lang is a criminal. Sure, he may be breaking the law to save his daughter or to expose corporate malfeasance, but his cunning and resourceful subversion of the law suggests he might be a good fit for Slytherin. But when you consider that he’s a well-meaning rogue who believes in a level playing field, it’s hard to put him in amongst actual villains. He’s loyal to his friends and allies, as well as dedicated and patient enough to put himself through quite a bit of bodily harm in order to perfect using the Ant-Man suit. I think you’ll agree that Ant-Man, at heart, is a Hufflepuff. – Dave

Black Panther
House: Gryffindor

Black Panther is the ultimate Gryffindor, and not just because he assumes the visage of a ferocious jungle cat. The sovereign ruler of Wakanda, Black Panther isn’t just royalty, he is consummately regal; a dignified, honorable and honest champion of justice, who never shies from necessary conflict. While he may bear some trademarks of the other houses — the cunning of Slytherin, the loyalty of Hufflepuff, and the ingenious intellectualism of Ravenclaw — he is above all else, both in his comic tradition and Chadwick Boseman’s scene-stealing portrayal, a fearlessly brave warrior committed to his ideals. — Haleigh Foutch

House: Ravenclaw

Of course Vision is a Ravenclaw. What else could he be? A synthetic humanoid spawned from Ultron’s skewed sense of rationality (well, that’s his lineage in the MCU, at least), Vision possesses a wisdom and intelligence that surpasses even his exceptional peers’, and yet he is defined by a humanity that makes him infinitely curious. He’s elegant without haughtiness, intelligent without arrogance, and given his immense power, Vision always seeks to resolve conflict through logic rather than fisticuffs. Played to a tee by the ineffably graceful Paul Bettany, Vision is a creature of mind and measure that would make Rowena proud. – Haleigh Foutch

House: Ravenclaw

While Civil War will introduce us to the new iteration of Peter Parker (as played by Tom Holland), audiences are already very familiar with this particular character. He possesses a bit of the freewheeling ambition of a Gryffindor, but ultimately Parker’s personality is much more knowledge-based, thus Ravenclaw is the perfect fit. Science is his forte, and while he’s definitely a teenager, this kid’s got the smarts to pull off becoming a superhero before he can legally drink. – Adam Chitwood

Source : collider

Mood: Chillin'

WalkAway at 09:44 AM May 03


Glinda at 02:16 PM May 03

I love this. Unfortunately for me I only know
Ant-Man, Spiderman and Iron Man, but I read it all anyway and it's really interesting.

I love Iron Man as Slytherin.

timmyd at 05:54 PM May 03

cool read.

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

Walter Goggins was the clear cut star of The Hateful Eight for me
jimmydevito at 07:14 AM May 03

No doubt about it

klinteastwood at 09:41 AM May 03

great great performance ..tarantino and goggins are a match made in heaven

unbinkable at 05:42 PM May 03

Well I'll be double dog damned!

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JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

Rewatching season 1 of Game of Thrones after last night's brilliant episode and I forgot how absolutely terrible Sansa was. I hated her so much and it was so warranted. Kudos to the writers for that transformation.
ericodarko at 09:13 PM May 02

I think it's time for me to rewatch this show from season 1 as well

Glinda at 09:18 PM May 02

She was quite the entitled brat way back then. She definitely grew up with life experience.

JohnLocke2342 updated his STATUS: 3 days ago

I have zero sympathy for people who have their favorite shows "spoiled" for them the day after it airs on social media if they haven't seen it. In fact it's a pretty selfish move on that person's part to think that the entire fucking universe will stop itself until they've seen the episode. It's nobody's fault but your own if you're cruising through social media and come across something that happened the night before since, well, social media is made for widespread discussion and interaction. It's your responsibility to take yourself out of the equation and no one else's. Movies are a different story entirely but television shows are so based around weekly instant reactions that it's just the way the narrative process moves now.
timmyd at 07:43 PM May 02

oh Derek , you're the man .

JohnLocke2342 at 09:08 PM May 02

Derek I love you

piranhafeast at 01:28 AM May 03

And all because of the Internet...
More seriously I agree.Nowadays ya have to be very careful where to click on if ya don't wanna be spoiled 1h after the release of everything and even before its release actually.And it's only the fault of random people.A lot of times serious of respected websites spoil important things even in the title of the news.That's pretty fucking annoying.

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