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Ghost in the Shell


Directed by: Rupert Sanders
Written by: William Wheeler
Cast: Beat Takeshi, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Pitt, Juliette Binoche, Chin Han
Studio: DreamWorks SKG
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Science-Fiction
Official Site:
Plot: Rupert Sander's Ghost In The Shell is smart and a visual feast from start to finish


Ghost In The Shell' is a remake from internationally acclaimed futuristic Japanese hit in 1995 directed by Mamoru Oshi of the same name and based on Masamune Shirow manga published in 1989. I just saw it yesterday morning and in its first 10 minutes, I was starting to think that this could be one of the best, visually impressive dystopian sci-fiction films ever put onscreen with a vibe of Ridley Scott's sci-fi masterpiece, Blade Runner 1982 plus the aura of The Wachowski Brothers', The Matrix 1999. It's hard not to think of some other films we've seen in the past years that content same subject as Ghost In The Shell but Rupert Sanders was able to find ways to continuously make it seem new to us.

The year is set in 2019: Major (played terrifically by Scarlett Johansson) is a female human-android and being called the first of her kind, designed to kill world's most dangerous criminals. Major has mind and soul, she was told that she was saved from a terrific accident and only her brain survived. She is having visions, memories from her past that led her to the truth why she was brought to Hanka, a corporation that develop state-of-art robotics.

Scarlett Johansson's work as Major is the key of Ghost In The Shell. The film had been receiving controversies after casting white actors to play Japanese manga characters. I gotta say, Johannson is perfect for the role. Her intelligence and physicality makes her ideal for the character. Has there been a better actress who can play Major as good as Johansson's? Don't think so. Her creation was fully detailed shown in the film as well as similar shots we've seen in the original anime film. This year's Ghost In The Shell is meticulously and expertly done by the team behind its exquisite production design and jaw-dropping visual effects as well as the action set pieces. The supporting cast gives impressive performances, too. But that doesn't end there, the film succeeds not just in giving us eye-popping special effects but the soul it offers us.

Major doesn't have heart but her mind gives her feelings and Scarlett Johansson is excellent exuding those emotions that's why we care for her. We care about her past and audiences joins her uncovering it and that's one of the reasons why this film feels refreshing. It's easy to say that you've seen something like this movie before but after seeing the actual package, the world they created, it feels insanely unique and exciting.

Overall, Ghost In The Shell is highly entertaining sci-fi movie, bristled with new ideas, amazing performances and astounding visual effects.

Please DO NOT wait to see it on a device you can hold in your hand. I was blown away by the entire film. SEE THIS FILM.

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good movie

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