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John Law
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People bitching and moaning about the second Pacific Rim trailer ... are you kidding me? You need CONVINCING to see a Del Toro movie?
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John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

My 5 faves of summer (because there weren't 10 worth seeing): 1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2. Cowboys & Aliens 3. Bridesmaids 4. X-Men: First Class 5. Hesher It's not worth bitching about yet another lousy slate of summer movies - it'll never change. To get five movies this good out of the deal is enough for me.
psykowrks at 03:46 PM Aug 21

3 & 4 were great. Haven't seen the others but I want too.

HarkonnenAmongYou at 04:03 PM Aug 21

Wasn't a fan of 1 or 2. Thought they were rather disappointing. HP7 and Super 8 would be my picks to replace those two.

optimusprime24 at 04:09 PM Aug 21

here is my top 5:
1. X-Men: First Class
2. Super 8
3. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
4. Fast Five
5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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John Law posted an IMAGE item: almost 6 years ago

tbondrage99 at 05:42 PM Aug 18

Haha yes! I love it!!

John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

"Hesher Was Here"
faz-plix at 08:40 AM Aug 15

saw it last night. a true-badass flick

John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

Plowing through 'The Larry Sanders Show: The Complete Series,' and in the Season 2 episode 'Off Camera' the guest stars were Gene Siskel, John Ritter and Warren Zevon .... all dead now. Also weird to see Bob Odenkirk as an agent basically playing the same character he'd do nearly 20 years later as Saul on 'Breaking Bad.' What a goldmine this show is.
LegendarySuit at 01:30 AM Aug 13

Fantastic show. One of the places Apatow got his first work as a writer.

John Law
John Law at 01:36 AM Aug 13

Bonus points for this episode: When Hank needs Siskel to explain the twist in 'The Crying Game.'
Siskel: "Hank ... there's a shot in the film, camera pans down the body, right below the waist there's a penis."
Hank: "I don't think so."

Fab-007 at 03:05 PM Aug 13

I wonder if I can get that on iTunes for my iPad. I loved that show.

John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

10.7 percent on the Geek Test ... I've never been so happy to fail something so miserably.
MJZ at 06:56 PM Aug 10


BigEvil84 at 09:44 PM Aug 10

I got a pretty low score too with a 9.8% and I'm cool with that.

PulpFictionFan1 at 10:40 PM Aug 10

10.4 but i was expecting more hahaha

John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

I just cannot believe the same guy that made 'Halloween' and 'The Thing' made something as terrible as 'The Ward.' What the hell happened to you, Carpenter?
WalkAway at 10:15 PM Aug 09

Amber Heard is in it so I will watch it

HarkonnenAmongYou at 11:20 PM Aug 09

This makes me very sad, I was really looking forward to this. As a Carpenter fan and a completest I must purchase this film though.

Desh Bouksani
Desh Bouksani at 01:10 AM Aug 10

I thought the same thing with George A. Romero. His new stuff sucks.

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John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

"This is the film where I met Sly Stallone and we became friends" Unbelievable ... if I ever start a review with a line like that, I want someone here to rip my head off and shit down my neck. What kind of ridiculous, pompous fucking blowhard says something like that? Full nauseating version here:
grelber37 at 09:16 PM Aug 09

He is discussing Spy Kids 3, one notes. So, the film itself might add a layer of awkwardness. But, we all know that there are layers of nerdiness and coolness and coolness by nerdiness.

Still, Harry's rhetorical stylistics do not suit my tastes either in this particular review.

Threat Poet
Threat Poet at 10:20 PM Aug 09


Jim Law
Jim Law at 01:03 AM Aug 10

What a fat ginger-vagina. He should put out a book simply titled "Name Drops" and just constantly tell us about the celebrities he knows.

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John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

I realize it's cool to bash 'Entourage' all of a sudden, but screw the haters - that was a killer ending to this week's episode. I'm guessing this will lead to Vince quitting the industry, which is how the show should end - Vince walks away from it all, and Johnny Drama becomes the star Chase brother.
PulpFictionFan1 at 06:59 AM Aug 09

I love the new season I dont understand all the hate the show is awesome.

Jim Law
Jim Law at 01:05 AM Aug 10

This is way different than your last prediction for the end of this show, where Vince wins an Oscar. I just hope this doesn't start a whole "suicidal tendencies" storyline.

John Law
John Law at 03:38 AM Aug 10

That's true, I thought a great ending would be Vince winning the Oscar for The Great Gatsby. But the way they've set it up this year, it looks like Vince is going to atone for all his excesses (and allow the producers to make a point or two along the way), and show he doesn't need 'the biz' to be happy or successful. Johnny Drama gets a huge movie role after the monkey show is a success - E marries Sloan - Turtle forms his own business - Ari sells his agency and repairs his marriage - they all walk off into the sunset.

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John Law posted an IMAGE item: almost 6 years ago

MJZ at 06:38 PM Aug 08

oh no... lol

John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

'Cowboys and Aliens' is the best movie of the summer - great job by Favreau playing it straight instead of turning it into a 'Men in Black' type of thing. This is the movie I was hoping 'Super 8' would be.
rriddle at 03:56 AM Jul 30

Woah, everyone's hatin' on Super 8! What gives, yo?!

brianandmichelle at 04:03 AM Jul 30

Well, Well said John Law!

LelekPL at 02:07 PM Jul 30

Well, Well said Jim Law!

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John Law posted an IMAGE item: almost 6 years ago
30 years ago? Fuck, I feel older than that idol.

Mongo at 03:26 AM Jul 28

Wow..that..that makes me feel sad..

John Law posted an IMAGE item: almost 6 years ago

writer19 at 04:14 AM Jul 26


dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 05:40 AM Jul 26

Where's tee fury when you need em?

Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear at 05:37 PM Jul 26

Game over man, game over!!

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John Law posted a VIDEO item: almost 6 years ago

Drunk Lassater!


John Law
John Law at 07:07 PM Jun 30

Lassater does the JoBlo Podcast, becomes a drunk - coincidence?

randychico at 10:22 PM Jun 30

He probably directed Cars 2 drunk right? He better clean up his act or he will become the next George Lucas

John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

'The Reef' - now that is how you do a kick-ass shark movie. And not a Debbie Gibson in sight.
WP-DFA at 04:46 AM Jun 30

Yeah I had fun with that one actually! The premise for Open Water was cool, but I just felt it was so boring and not scary (besides the fact that it really happened), the only good part was when that chick who was naked in bed rolled over in the beginning. From the way you describe it it sounds a hell of a lot better already though!

John Law
John Law at 04:47 AM Jun 30

I dug 'Rogue' a lot too, but 'Black Water' just had that raw, real-life feel to it (no CGI). Every time someone went in the water, shit got serious. Watching this the first time, I distinctly remember that scene where the croc surfaces in front of that guy .... I just went "fuuuuuck me."

JohnLocke2342 at 04:50 AM Jun 30

^ Yeah, Black Water was much more realistic and drawn out.. thus adding insane tension.. plus the ending of Rogue kinda seemed like we've been there before (hero battling gigantic croc and winning, really?). I felt the same way about the CGI.. too much, and it felt phoney at times.. I just dug the cast a lot.

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John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

God help me, I have seen 'A Serbian Film.' And now I can't unsee it. I need to go play with some puppies in a flower patch ...
WP-DFA at 04:30 AM Jun 30

well at least now you know you're going to hell, so live it up! ;)

Jim Law
Jim Law at 08:51 AM Jun 30

Don't blame us.

John Law
John Law at 07:08 PM Jun 30

The words "newborn porn" are now scarred onto my psyche.

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