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John Law
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People bitching and moaning about the second Pacific Rim trailer ... are you kidding me? You need CONVINCING to see a Del Toro movie?
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Super Schmoe
John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

Finally caught up to 'The River' - man does Spielberg have shit taste in TV shows.
grelber37 at 07:03 PM Feb 12

Yeah, The River is not very good. I watched for twenty-five minutes. It is a composite monster of Paranormal Activity (surprise, surprise), a reality TV show (Survivor?), and The Relic. Later, I guess the show rips-off The Puppetmaster or Child's Play or some shit. Don't know. Didn't watch.

Strider at 09:02 PM Feb 12

I tried watching it, and I fell asleep. Haha!

razgriz21 at 01:22 PM Feb 20

First hour OK.

first 10 minutes of hour 2, all downhill.

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John Law posted an IMAGE item: almost 6 years ago

dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 04:29 PM Feb 07

Why do I get the impression that those pancakes are going to taste like boogers?

horrorfan23 at 04:33 PM Feb 07

^That face in the second picture is clearly a sign of booger pancakes.

WalkAway at 08:58 PM Feb 07


John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

Man, did I LOVE the ending to 'Take Shelter.' That is how you do it, Shyamalan ... remember?
VitamanMan8 at 12:25 PM Feb 05

Still really need to see this one

HTX0811 at 12:43 PM Feb 05

Me too, I love Michael Shannon.

John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

"It's too late. It was already in the glass, not in the jar"
acerky at 12:38 AM Feb 03

Great show. My only complaint is that towards the end of that season, Raylan looked pretty weak. He got beat up twice and had to be saved twice by someone else.

John Law
John Law at 08:04 AM Feb 03

Doesn't that make it more realistic than 'Raylan kicks everyone's ass each week?' And the fact Boyd saved his hide makes for interesting developments in Season 3.

John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

Am I seeing things or has MFC's resident agitator had his account deactivated? Not sure how I feel about that - his posts were always entertaining, in a 'poke bear with stick' kind of way.
drc5145 at 11:16 PM Feb 01

Sure looks like it's gone.

John Law
John Law at 11:17 PM Feb 01

When I say "poke bear" I mean "poke Moreno."

horrorfan23 at 01:55 AM Feb 02

^Poking anyone for that matter.

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John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

Screw every one of the artists and writers doing the Watchmen prequels. You are pissing on your own industry's Holy Grail, and you won't realize it until long after the checks clear. I've always believed nothing was sacred in comics except Watchmen ... guess that's over.
elmariachi01 at 10:17 PM Feb 01

dude, they brought back Jason Todd and Bucky... nothing's sacred.

nerd85 at 12:03 PM Feb 02

I don't think they'll be trying to upstage or equal the story. The comics will probably be harmless, character studies. Anyone who thinks this is undoing Watchmen is naive.

John Law
John Law at 11:29 AM Feb 05

The fact they exist at all is pathetic. I hated 'The Dark Knight Strikes Again,' but at least it was Miller himself who shit all over his masterpiece. This will be shitting-by-committee.

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John Law posted an IMAGE item: almost 6 years ago
I'm worried if I ever start collecting Mondo posters, I'd never stop. But this is where I'd start.

joeyc5 at 06:32 PM Feb 01

this fits the style of the movie really well !

TeamZissou at 08:00 PM Feb 01

this is fucking beautiful. wish we had something more akin to this style for the blu-ray cover.

John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

How to make 'The Grey' a comedy: Replace the wolves with dachshunds.
Jim Law
Jim Law at 08:27 AM Jan 30

You would cry every time Neeson ganked one.

Weapon X
Weapon X at 10:41 AM Jan 30

Hey, if they were dumb enough to take on Neeson, the little weiners had it comin'.

John Law updated his STATUS: almost 6 years ago

Having finished 'Shadow of the Colossus' for the first time in years ... is the (apparent) death of Agro not the saddest moment in video game history? Maybe it's the effect of a game which relies on solitude so much, but when he plummets to his doom you almost instinctively reach towards the screen to try and save him. What a masterpiece this game is.
John Law
John Law at 09:03 PM Jan 26

I'll take a wild guess here Yoshio ... the video cassette scene from Silent Hill 2?

YoshioKun13 at 09:16 PM Jan 26

Actually no, but you're in the same ballpark...

It's in SH1, your final scene with Lisa Garland and you learn the truth about her. The whole cut scene, with Yamaoka's sad piano tune, is pretty emotional yet disturbing. And then, when you go back into the room to read her diary, it's truly heartbreaking.

SH2 has its fair share of sadness towards the end too of course.

dead anchoress
dead anchoress at 09:54 PM Jan 26

My favorite game of all time, man. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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John Law updated his STATUS: about 6 years ago

Uh oh ... R.I.P. MegaUpload:
ElderPredator at 04:17 PM Jan 19

Whoa...that's massive! Rapidshare, Hotfile and the rest better stay on their toes.

John Law updated his STATUS: about 6 years ago

This week's new stuff - The Ides of March, Bucky Larson, and more:
John Law updated his STATUS: about 6 years ago

This week's new stuff: Moneyball, Boardwalk Empire, and more ....
John Law posted an IMAGE item: about 6 years ago

Dr.Frankenstein at 05:00 AM Jan 09

In the age of "earbuds", it's nice to see old school "headphones" in use. ' )

John Law updated his STATUS: about 6 years ago

This week's new stuff: Contagion, Justified, and more ...
John Law updated his STATUS: about 6 years ago

My life for the past three days has been the bridal store bathroom scene from 'Bridesmaids' ... only not as funny.
Shabs at 06:27 PM Jan 03

I know it's not important but I have to ask, why have you been wearing a bridesmaids outfit for the past three days??

jekupka at 10:38 PM Jan 03

Your bro might call this Karmic Payback.

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