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We'd love if you fans of our forums can check out our new digs and try it out, give us feedback, etc:!/general. It's a "soft launch" for now as we work through the kinks. Just LOGIN as per MFC, some basic forums are on the right side.
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I'm JoBlo
JoBlo updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

We'd love if you fans of our forums can check out our new digs and try it out, give us feedback, etc:!/general. It's a "soft launch" for now as we work through the kinks. Just LOGIN as per MFC, some basic forums are on the right side.
Nick KEWL at 04:25 PM Dec 22

Cheers mate!

Moviefreak2010 at 05:36 PM Jan 23

will do

JoBlo posted a BLOG item 11 months ago

Testing 1-2-3!

Hi there everyone! This is just a test...

Mood: Happy

Scotch at 08:59 PM Aug 28

Weapon X
Weapon X at 09:26 PM Aug 28

A test?? Ah crap, I didn't study!

writer19 at 10:57 PM Aug 28


JoBlo updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

IMAGE UPLOADS not working! We're aware of this issue and fixing it as we speak. Will let y'all know when it's fixed. Thanks for your patience.
Laksmikanti at 07:07 AM Feb 06

Is working now so thank you! :)

arda at 02:11 AM Feb 11


JoBlo updated his STATUS: almost 2 years ago

We made some internal changes this week, please let us know if anything on the MFC becomes BUGGY, etc...
Sp90nman99 at 05:54 PM Oct 04

I sent you a PM about something buggy.

JoBlo updated his STATUS: about 2 years ago

BAD NEWS for our discussion forums. Due to recent Google changes in their algorithm, our forums are negatively affecting the rest of our site, so we will be shutting them down (after 12 years!) within the next week. We'd like to try and add some new discussion forums to the MFC after that, so if you have any suggestions of cool companies with unique discussion forums, please PM me!
JoBlo at 11:35 PM Jul 28

Sorry QUENTIN, but it will all be deleted. Part of the reason we started MOVIE FAN CENTRAL 3 years+ ago was so that more people would upload their LISTS to their own profiles, so that it would never be removed, etc... Ideally you can still copy/paste some of them over before we make remove the forums tomorrow.

I'm very proud and happy to see your development in the film industry, bro! Keep on rocking that shit!


jagged halo
jagged halo at 03:58 PM Aug 11

Things change, it was inevitable given the low number of posters. MFC fills the void ;)

DR35150 at 03:51 PM Aug 19

Does the site have some kind of infection? Only on this site I keep getting a strange page when I click on links. Two different ones actually. One, I get sent to Musix something. And the other,a page pops up saying I have a virus and to call a certain number. There is also a audio warning at the same time? Have any other reports of this?

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JoBlo posted a POLL item: about 2 years ago

Is this a test?:

JoBlo updated his STATUS: over 2 years ago

We have a new MFC chatroom. Just click on CHAT in the menu above, or click via this link: Please let us know what you think about it. Thanks!
JoBlo updated his STATUS: over 2 years ago

You can now post COMMENTS under our *new polls* as well, just a head's up!
BATeMAN at 09:18 AM Feb 07


Glinda at 10:31 PM Feb 12

Is it possible to have a delete or edit option?

Loving the polls btw.

JoBlo updated his STATUS: over 2 years ago

You can now post POLLS in your own MFC profile. Let us know what you think of them!
JohnnyPHreak at 06:35 PM Feb 04

I think this is a pretty cool option.

JoBlo at 03:42 PM Feb 06

We have now added the COMMENT option on polls as well. Thanks for the feedback.

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 02:34 PM Feb 22

I love the new poll option!

Is there a way to edit them? In my latest poll, I used VEDIO game instead of VIDEO game.

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JoBlo posted a POLL item: over 2 years ago

Do you like the new poll option on the MFC?:

JoBlo updated his STATUS: over 2 years ago

The MFC will be adding a POLL option to each account in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. Basically, you'd be able to set up a POLL of any kind on your own profile page, on which your friends can vote, etc...
Glinda at 09:28 PM Jan 28

^What he said! Nice.

girlcreeture at 09:18 AM Jan 29


Laksmikanti at 05:19 AM Feb 03

Awesome! always wanted to do one.

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JoBlo updated his STATUS: almost 3 years ago

MFC UPDATE: We will be creating a new discussion forums area on the MFC, and essentially transferring all of the older threads from the current forums on, over here. This will be happening over the next month or so.
Laksmikanti at 04:35 AM Aug 03

Huge move!, Many of the members who are very active in the forums have an MFC profile, but they are not active over here, this move may change that and make this MFC community ... bigger.

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JoBlo updated his STATUS: about 3 years ago

Our new MFC promo article is up on Hopefully we see a lot of new members over the summertime:
Laksmikanti at 12:06 PM Aug 02

Looks terrific.

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JoBlo posted an IMAGE item: over 3 years ago
I was writing up a small "16th anniversary of" article for the site, when I came across this old comic strip from ~ 2005 or so. Fun stuff. Article should be up in the next few days.

ericodarko at 09:53 PM Apr 03

I'm still hoping to run into you at the Colisee, Joblo! Btw, how's the fantasy league going? Who's gunning for my crown?

JoBlo at 12:44 AM Apr 04

I'm there on Fridays sometimes with my niece, although we see stuff like FROZEN and LEGO MOVIE... ;) Or you can find me in the arcade. The Fantasy League is winding down (semi-finals now), and it looks like I might end up with the finals against Team R. That said, I think I will stop next year, as with only 8 teams this year and only 4 of them were really "active". Next year I'll probably just watch hockey...for the fun of it! ;)

ericodarko at 12:48 AM Apr 04

I'll keep an eye out in the arcades if I'm there on Fridays! And that's a real shame about the fantasy league. It was so much fun but obviously, when you played against an inactive guy, it just wasn't the same. We decided to just make a regular pool to avoid these situations and surprise, surprise, I'm currently in the lead haha

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JoBlo updated his STATUS: over 3 years ago

Sadly, it has come to my attention that the MFC is not as "fun" a place as it used to be, as several ex-members have emailed us to say that certain "cliques" have started up in here, and some old-timers are using the MFC as their own private playpen, which is obviously NOT why we created this place. This is a MOVIE COMMUNITY, which should be respectful towards all members and people, and we will be keeping a lot closer eye on the things (and people) in here over the coming months, because a community cannot thrive when there are cliques working against its very definition on the inside. Chastising other members publicly is not what we're about and people doing such things will get warned/banned going forward, so if you're one of these people, be sure to change your behavior or you are gonzo.
JoBlo at 08:57 PM Jan 28

Oh and to that end, we'd like to ENCOURAGE all members to help us weed such people out by either 1) EMAILING either myself or Paul Shirey 2) PMing either myself or Paul Shirey or simply just 3) REPORTING them by using the REPORT links connected to each and every post on the MFC. Nobody needs to know that you're helping us but if you too want to "clean up the MFC" a little, please help us out.

Dodong27 at 01:01 PM Jan 29

I think we all know what JoBlo was trying say and it's to the benefit of MFC. I surely like my stay here at MFC! Though I know what JoBlo was trying to say. A lot of people have been on MFC for a very long time (veterans), and we may see them as "cliques" even though they themselves don't see it that way. And that's natural when you've been involved in groups for awhile. But I've never seen any veterans act in a negative manner, they have been open, and welcoming to new members. I for one was a new member back then, and I sensed the "clique" mentally in the beginning (again, which is just natural), but MFC welcomed me with open arms and I've never had any issues with it. Everyone has been positive from my experience.

Though my only concern is at times, I do not know who's a real User or just a Spam User or a Fake User? That is all.

cobb at 04:03 PM Feb 19

thankfully people dont do that to me anymore

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