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If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area and would like to see THE HARVESTERS on October 18th, let me know. Pretty damn excited for people to see it!
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jimmyo updated his STATUS: 4 months ago

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area and would like to see THE HARVESTERS on October 18th, let me know. Pretty damn excited for people to see it!
Scotch at 09:36 AM Oct 06

Won't be in the area but let us know when it's available to stream or rent!

jimmyo at 12:07 PM Oct 06

Will do man! Thanks for the support:D

jimmyo updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

Anybody going to Comic Con? Hope to see some of you there!
jimmyo updated his STATUS: 8 months ago

From the looks of it, exorcisms are popular in television and movies once again.
timmyd at 07:12 PM Jun 03

yay ?

jimmyo updated his STATUS: 8 months ago

Most critics are going to hate TMNT 2. But jeez, it's called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it is pure escapism. Frankly, I enjoyed it for the most part, and Stephen Amell was a blast as Casey Jones.
Sacamano at 06:50 AM Jun 02

I thought the first one was a blast. This one looks fun as well.

Haters gonna hate. Turtle power!

RandomK1NG at 08:29 AM Jun 02

Well the first one sucked, so if this is just more of the same, then I don't really have much confidence for this new one. Escapism is fine, but there still has to be an interesting story filled with interesting characters and these new TMNT movies don't really have either of those.

jimmyo at 03:11 PM Jun 02

You probably won't dig this one too much RandomK1NG, the story isn't terribly good. But I think for a number of fans, especially the younger ones, there is definitely an audience that will enjoy it.

jimmyo updated his STATUS: 8 months ago

Jaws may be the best way to start summer.
Glinda at 10:26 PM May 30

You said it my friend. I think I'll put that in tomorrow myself.

Scotch at 10:33 AM May 31

Uh huh!

jimmyo updated his STATUS: 8 months ago

So we have an unofficial cast and crew first trailer of The Harvesters, the movie I'm producing, and I'm pretty fucking pumped. Very excited to share more soon!!
jimmyo at 07:50 PM May 11

Would love to get a review Nick! Thanks! I'll definitely keep you all posted:D

cobb at 10:27 PM May 11

all right

Glinda at 10:04 AM May 12

That's great. Must be so exciting!

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jimmyo updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

Just started watching Outlander and so far I'm digging it. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I'm trying to catch up on a few.
Electroeels25 at 02:13 AM Apr 30

I've heard it's quite good. It was on my list of shows to start watching after I finished Ash vs. the Evil Dead and then I remembered that I had two seasons of Girls to catch up on and that I hadn't even started Homeland, Shameless, etc.

So no, not sure I'll get to Outlander anytime soon. But I do really want to check it out at some point.

OldKingClancy at 12:13 PM Apr 30

I finished the first season a few weeks back and I really liked it, a lot more graphic than I was expecting but I was sold right away with Claire's modern attitude to this primitive world. Plus I love watching her and Jamie together

jimmyo at 05:11 PM Apr 30

That's what I'm digging so far, love Claire and Jamie together.

jimmyo updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

I've seen Mad Max: Fury Road so goddamn many times and now that is on HBO, I can't turn it off. Love this movie!
Glinda at 12:08 PM Apr 29

It's so much fun!

jimmyo updated his STATUS: 9 months ago

Still stunned by the loss of Prince.
jeo4 at 09:26 PM Apr 22

Me too. 57 just seems so young now.

Glinda at 08:49 PM Apr 24

Same here, and agree jeo4. The older I get the younger these ages are and that's too young to die.

jimmyo updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Writing about the new Ghostbusters trailer... I'm predicting a lot of red bars.
YoshioKun13 at 05:16 AM Mar 08

TBH I'm being far more entertained by just looking at all the comments, reactions and diatribes about the trailer.

Than if I had actually watched it myself, which I shall continue to hold off of.....for as long as long as I possibly can.

oscarxp25 at 06:27 AM Mar 08

Not from me, sir. That is if I think you are going against the popular opinion that it looks terrible, which I don't think it does.

Dodong27 at 12:17 PM Mar 08

Here's my mini-Trailer review of the new Ghostbusters... Cheers!

jimmyo updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

So I visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for employee night last night. I've never been to the Florida park so this was my first experience. Holy hell that main ride is phenomenal!
jimmyo at 10:24 AM Mar 04

We only the the Forbidden Journey. But other than that, we only have the roller coaster in LA. Hopefully they can figure out a way to add more later on.

But man, that Forbidden Journey is incredible!

JohnLocke2342 at 11:17 AM Mar 04

Ooooooh you went to the Cali one!! Nice dude you got to ride it before everyone else?? Amazing!

jimmyo at 07:43 PM Mar 04

It was really rad dude. Just the design for the area is freaking incredible:D

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jimmyo updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Okay, I'm starting to really dig Periscope.
jimmyo updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

I'm a huge fan of The Gaslight Anthem, and so far Brian Fallon's solo record sounds fucking fantastic.
ericodarko at 10:10 PM Feb 24

Can't wait to listen to it. LOVE Gaslight

jimmyo updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

I'm very excited today. Last night we hit our Kickstarter goal and then some for THE HARVESTERS! We are officially going into pre-production! Thanks to those who supported our campaign!
timmyd at 07:04 PM Feb 19

great to hear . congrats.

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 04:08 PM Feb 22


jimmyo at 09:13 PM Feb 22

Thanks all! You guys rock:D

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jimmyo updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

Once again, I'm heading to Fury Road. A double bill of Fury Road and Road Warrior with a q & a with George Miller. Very excited!!
Scotch at 03:59 PM Feb 08

That sounds amazing!

timmyd at 06:51 PM Feb 08

awesome. enjoy.

Glinda at 09:00 AM Feb 09

Wow, nice!

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