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South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
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Night Of The Living Dead
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The Princess Bride
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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
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South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
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The Return of the King
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The Princess Bride
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Edward Norton
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jeo4 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Chiefs beat the Cowboys! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!
RandomK1NG at 04:26 PM Sep 15


jeo4 at 04:31 PM Sep 15

Sorry, dude. I'm usually the one shaking my head at the end of the game. I'm glad the defense found a way to hold Romo off and I'm glad Alex Smith found a way to gain ground. It was a very even matchup (for a change).

sLaShEr84 at 07:26 PM Sep 15

Good win I'm so tire of hearing about them.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Football and Dexter, featuring Yvonne Strahovski. I love Sundays.
sLaShEr84 at 07:28 PM Sep 15


jeo4 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

I've largely ignore the negative press Ben Affleck has received from being cast as Batman because he isn't such a terrible actor that he can't perform in this role. I've also largely ignored...well, pretty much everything Justin Bieber says, does, or sings because it is irrelevant to my taste and sensibility. If, however, this obnoxious and talent-deprived obscenity really has been cast as Robin for the upcoming Batman/Superman film, I will begin to question the sanity of Zach Snyder and the value of my time as it pertains to seeing this film.
jeo4 at 12:34 PM Sep 15


randychico at 01:18 PM Sep 15

I can't believe how some publications actually went with this story. It's soo far fetched, a quick search and you get a cracked video and I guess someone decided to spread it more as a rumor

klinteastwood at 01:32 PM Sep 15

I can't believe people fell for that beiber shit

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

I have two friends celebrating birthdays today. One in 1978 and one in 2001. I'm celebrating with them. There's no better way to commemorate this day than to take a minute and show some love to the people in your life.
jeo4 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Patrick Michael (Yahoo Sports): 1. Randy Savage "From stealing the show at Wrestlemania III to having a memorable feud with Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage is clearly one of the greatest WWE Champions in history. He and Miss Elizabeth also had what is unquestionably the greatest wedding ever in wrestling. Savage even went on to have a nice run in WCW. Whatever backstage machinations that need to be worked out must be done so to ensure Randy Savage of his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame."
timmyd at 09:53 PM Sep 03

Here here.

MonsterZeroNJ at 11:24 PM Sep 03

His family is the hold up. They won't approve him being entered unless they are inducted as a family as his brother Lanny Poffo (The Genius) and father Angelo Poffo were wrestlers too. Personally I believe Lanny Poffo does NOT deserve to be a Hall Of Famer though his dad probably does. Still Savage should be inducted on his own He was one of the greatest. Flair was inducted twice. Once as himself and again as one of the Four Horseman. They should do it that way.

Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 07:03 AM Sep 04

Co-signed since 2002. Savage should have been inducted years ago.

Like him or not, Triple H was responsible for getting the long overdue induction of Bruno Sammartino into the Hall. I have more faith in Triple H than anyone else in getting Savage where he belongs. Savage's wish was to be inducted with his father and brother as a family. And I'm sorry, if Koko B. Ware, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Sunny can be inducted, so can the Genius. Angelo deserves to be on his own merits and accomplishments.

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Costs too much to keep my cable service. I will more than likely be without it soon. Oh well. I can always get an antenna and a new ISP. I don't need cable to watch the NFL. Especially not Time Warner.
Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 11:55 PM Aug 31

What isn't insanely expensive and overpriced these days?!

jeo4 at 12:06 AM Sep 01

I'm thinking of looking for an ISP and then dumping cable altogether. Verizon may be an option.

@Dodong27: Who is your internet provider?

@Raiden: Nothing really, but when the budget monster strikes, the first thing to go is the overpriced entertainment.

Dodong27 at 12:27 AM Sep 01

I have Att uverse.
I watch all my sports on the internet live stream, and same with tv shows, free.

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jeo4 posted a VIDEO item: over 1 year ago

My Favorite Episode Of Friends (Continued)


Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 11:50 PM Aug 31

"You are ruining moving day for us!"

Great seeing Jennifer break character when Frank Jr. says his line. :D

jeo4 posted a VIDEO item: over 1 year ago

My Favorite Episode Of Friends


Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 11:51 PM Aug 31

This is so like one of the funniest episodes ever!

randychico at 09:57 PM Sep 01

Yeah the quiz game was one of the best moments from the series

jeo4 created a LIST: over 1 year ago

Classic TV Quiz: The Twilight Zone

1. When you first saw it: Early childhood, staying up late one Friday night.
2. Why we love it: It was the best sci-fi program of its era, bar none. It combined drama, suspense, and great story telling.
3. Favorite guest star 1: Burgess Meredith
4. Favorite guest star 2: William Shatner
5. Favorite guest star 3: Dennis Hopper
6. Best Episode 1: Time Enough At Last. Nuclear armageddon leaves a meek banker alone in his small town with unexpected results.
7. Best Episode 2: Nightmare At 20,000 Feet. A salesman notices something on the wing of his plane.
8. Best Episode 3: Living Doll. A bitter stepfather is antagonized by a chatty toy.
9. Episode That Made Me Shudder: He's Alive. A young nazi leader gets lessons in leadership from an unlikely mentor.
10. Did you like the 1982 movie? Absolutely. A great tribute to Rod Serling.
Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 08:21 AM Aug 22

Classic TV indeed. Burgess Meredith's episode is probably my favorite.

Rawzombie at 12:44 AM Aug 25

I love this.

jeo4 created a LIST: over 1 year ago

Classic TV Quiz: Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

1. When did you first see it: Early childhood during afternoon cartoons.
2. What still draws us to it: Mysteries, ghosts, a dog and a hippie van.
3. Favorite Character: Norville Rogers, aka Shaggy (Casey Casem)
4. Why: He loves his dog, he's a foodie and he runs like the wind.
5. Cool Episode 1: Nowhere To Hyde. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde bring a classic back to life.
6. Cool Episode 2: What a Night For A Knight: The gang discovers a suit of armor and delivers it to a museum...and The Black Knight emerges.
7. Cool Episode 3: Which Witch is Which? The gang investigates a swamp witch and her right hand zombie.
8. Spinoff City: What's your favorite spinoff? The New Scooby Doo Movies. So many celebs, so much awesome.
9. When it jumped the shark: Two words, Scrappy Doo.
10. Scooby gear you were proud of: A video game called "Scooby Doo: Night Of 100 Frights". Had a blast playing it.
Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 08:21 AM Aug 22

Great list and I like to see Scrappy Doo's head mounted on my wall. :D

jeo4 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

I'm having a blast making my Classic TV Quiz lists. What are some of your favorite classic shows, people?
Scotch at 02:05 AM Aug 19

I've never watched Buffy but I bet that would be a popular one. Also The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park. Love the ones you've made so far though!

jeo4 created a LIST: over 1 year ago

Classic TV Quiz: Married...With Chilldren

1. When did you first see it: 1989, at the urging of my best friend and my grandpa, both of whom loved it.
2. Favorite character: Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill)
3. What made the show work: It wasn't formulaic sitcom crap, it was jaded and satirical.
4. Upon first viewing I said: This is on Fox? Really?
5. Hilarious Episode 1: The Razor's Edge. Steve comes home from a trip with a new beard and Marcy hates it. Al takes full advantage.
6. Hilarious Episode 2: Route 666. The family along with Marcy and Jefferson, are stranded in New Mexico when the Dodge breaks down. The family buys into a story about a gold mine.
7. Hilarious Episode 3: Ride Scare. Al carpools with plus-sized models.
8. When did it jump the shark: When rival networks ripped it off.
9. Buried treasure: Katey Sagal made a name for herself and she never ceases to amaze me to this day.
10. Best guest stars: Bubba Smith and Ava Fabian
Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 07:24 AM Aug 19

Excellent list. I'm wondering how many people had to bust out Google on #10. Ah, how I would love to Google Ava Fabian. :D

Glinda at 05:10 PM Aug 19

Great list, I love this show!

I so agree with #9. Love her!

HTX0811 at 06:56 AM Aug 22

Great list. Will always love this show.

jeo4 created a LIST: over 1 year ago

Classic TV Quiz: Seinfeld

1. When did you first see it: 1991. The Episode was called "The Baby Shower". Made me and my grandpa laugh.
2. Who's your favorite: Jerry, of course.
3. Why: He's a smart character with a good sense of humor. He doesn't apologize for himelf, either.
4. What would the cast be doing today: The same things they did twenty years ago, maybe in a different locale, maybe not.
5. Hilarious Episode 1: The Opposite. George goes against everything he's done or said with startling results.
6. Hilarious Episode 2: The Jimmy. Elaine gets tickets to an event to benefit mentally handicapped people. Kramer goes to the dentist. The guys play basketball with "The Jimmy".
7. Hilarious Episode 3: The Soup Nazi. The gang goes to a cafeteria to get their favorite soup from a temperamental chef.
8. When did the show jump the shark: Never, really.
9. Best recurring guest: Frank Costanza, played by Jerry Stiller. Just a great comic talent.
10. Best guest in a non-recurring role: Mel Torme as himself
Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 07:23 AM Aug 19

Hell yeah to #6 again to my favorite episode of the series.

Glinda at 05:12 PM Aug 19

Such an awesome show. Love Opposite George! I agree this is one that never jumped the shark.

timmyd at 08:36 AM Aug 20

My name is George , I'm unemployed and I live with my parents

jeo4 created a LIST: over 1 year ago

Classic TV Quiz: Friends

1. Where were you when you saw your first episode of "Friends": September 1994, at my apartment downtown flipping channels. I loved the apartment I had and I identified with the show right away.
2. Your favorite friend: Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry)
3. Why is he your favorite: He was consistently funny and something of a cynic. I've been told I have both of these qualities, but I see them in him.
4. Favorite recurring guest star: Elliott Gould as Jack Geller. The man has such terrific timing and he made the most of each moment he was there.
5. Favorite guest in a non-recurring role: Brad Pitt as Wil Colbert. Ah, the genius of the "I Hate Rachel" club.
6. Hilarious Episode 1: The One With The Prom Video. I laughed so many times in that one episode.
7. Hilarious Episode 2: The One With The Embryos. I loved the roommate game. Every line had me in stitches.
8. Hilarious Episode 3: The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister. Chandler had me dying this whole episode
9. I knew the show jumped the shark when: Ross kissed Charlie and Joey kissed Rachel. Easily the worst storyline of the series. I was glad to see them drop it.
10. Best surprise of the series: Chandler and Monica. So many great moments between the two of them. The season following Ross's wedding was just gold to me.
Joe Scorpio
Joe Scorpio at 07:22 AM Aug 19

This is awesome! Totally agree with #6 which happens to my all time favorite episode.

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 03:30 PM Aug 19

6# . "Looking good Mr Koh------ter...

Glinda at 05:15 PM Aug 19

Yes to #5 !! I love Brad as Will and he and Rachel were so cute in this ep. The look on her face when she hears about the I Hate Rachel Club was priceless and his "hair flip" with snotty look on his face -LMAO!!

Great list, these are fun.

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: over 1 year ago

Had a great time with friends at a cookout this weekend and then saw "We're The Millers" with them. Hilarious film, worth your time if you like to laugh.
XSsoCX at 10:37 PM Aug 11

Sounds great. Happy to read people are digging that movie, I really want to check it out soon.

vladyv at 04:27 PM Aug 18

i loved that movie

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