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South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
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Night Of The Living Dead
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The Princess Bride
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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
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South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
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The Return of the King
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The Princess Bride
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Edward Norton
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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Happy Birthday to MFC's favorite diva, WalkAway.
WalkAway at 10:02 PM Jun 23

Haha thank you

jeo4 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

The more I hear about Charlie Sheen, the more I think he needs psychiatric help. Anyone else have a take on this?
Beauski at 10:22 AM Jun 19

Yeah, there is definitely something not firing right in his brain. He is a great talent and that is a fact, but he goes apeshit monthly for no apparent reason. I'm sure the years of drug abuse have contributed to it.

Glinda at 11:23 AM Jun 19

Yeah I agree with you both. It's sad, really. He continually makes his life and those lives around him so much harder than they need to be, professionally and personally.

timmyd at 01:29 PM Jun 19

love Charlie , but sometimes he really makes me wonder what in Hell is going on with him .

jeo4 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 10 months ago

Man of Steel


Directed by: Zack Snyder
Written by: David Goyer
Cast: Julia Ormond, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Henry Cavill, Laurence Fishburne, Harry Lennix, Christopher Meloni
Studio: Warner Bros
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comic Book, Science-Fiction
Official Site:
Plot: The last born son of Krypton carries the future of his people to Earth, and with it threats from enemies from his home world. (Warning: The following review contains spoilers.)


In the years since Richard Donner delivered his initial Superman film featuring the iconic performance of Christopher Reeve, the challenge in Hollywood has been to deliver another original film that entertains on his level or better. The results thus far have ranged from unimpressive to 'missed it by that much'. And the news of Zack Snyder directing the film didn't enthuse me. Snyder has had some measures of success in the form of films such as Dawn Of The Dead and Watchmen, but he also has a tendency to let visual effects take the place of the story, in such films as Sucker Punch and 300. I'm happy to report that the finished product is very good...[more]...


Other reviews of this film: Weapon X (8/10) , Derek237 (7/10) > Display all
Glinda at 03:20 PM Jun 16

What a great review and I love hearing a positive report about Michael Shannon's Zod and Amy Adam's Lois. I am so excited to see this in a few hours!

Raiden at 05:13 PM Jun 16

Brilliant review my friend, just bloody brilliant. I'm glad you enjoyed it as well.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: 10 months ago

Man Of Steel this weekend. I'd like to think that with Chris Nolan working on this project and Zack Snyder directing, we should see a solid film. Even so, I'm walking into this film with no real expectations. All I can hope for is an entertaining way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I hope everyone enjoys it and I hope it delivers in a big way. The Man Of Steel deserves no less.
Forgotten at 10:55 AM Jun 14

In my opinion, you have nothing to worry about, going to be posting a review in a minute.

YoshioKun13 at 04:19 PM Jun 14

It delivers, but not in a big way........IMO.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

I had the best time with friends last night playing games. Spent the day recovering and now I'm looking forward to something scary on the tube. Fun times.
DREW SAFS at 09:50 AM Jun 02

Right on those are the best nights

Raiden at 12:59 PM Jun 07

Game nights are always fun. Even when you're losing, they're a blast.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Happy Friday, MFC! Looking forward to a beautiful weekend. So what does everyone have planned this weekend?
Glinda at 01:29 AM May 31

Mud hopefully Saturday and Jaws (Cinemark Classic series) on Sunday!

cerealkiller182 at 07:41 AM May 31

beer fest on saturday

Raiden at 09:45 AM May 31

My wife and I are going to some friends tonight for couples' game night. We will destroy any and all who oppose us. :D

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jeo4 posted an IMAGE item: 11 months ago
The more I see of Rose Byrne, the more I want to see.

Terminal_83 at 01:22 PM May 31

Her eye brows are so adorable.

timmyd at 03:03 PM May 31

simply wonderful .

Zo! at 04:10 PM May 31

Absolutley gorgeous in Troy

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Feeling lots better this week. Thanks to all the well wishers out there for your support. Joined in on the list of Hometown movies (in no particular order), with a photo of the late great Robert Altman. Enjoy!
Glinda at 11:39 PM May 22

Glad you're feeling better!

jeo4 created a LIST: 11 months ago

Movies Filmed In My Hometown (Kansas City)

1. Kansas City
2. Mr. & Mrs. Bridge
3. Kansas City Bomber
4. The Day After
5. Article 99
6. Ride With The Devil
7. Raising Jeffrey Dahmer
8. In Cold Blood

Based on a list by horrorfan23

XSsoCX at 11:44 PM May 22

Cool topic and list.

horrorfan23 at 12:23 AM May 23

The Day After is a damn good made for TV movie.

Raiden at 12:58 PM May 23

I remember the whole "The Day After" thing when it was filmed here. Cool list!

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 11 months ago

Spent the last five days fighting a cold. Watched "Mama" this weekend. It sucked. I need something to get the taste out of my mouth. If I could leave without feeling like somebody dropped a fucking Volvo on me, I'd go catch the new Trek film. I hate being sick. Oh least there's Mad Men.
Cochise at 10:37 PM May 19

just watch Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman and it won't seem that bad =p

Scotch at 10:51 PM May 19

Feel better soon, man.

Glinda at 10:53 PM May 19

So sorry you're not feeling well jeo. Feel better.

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jeo4 posted a VIDEO item: 12 months ago

Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy (Audi commercial)


JohnLocke2342 at 11:52 AM May 08

Absolutely fantastic commercial

Zo! at 04:54 PM May 08

Fucking awesome.

Raiden at 05:57 PM May 09

Spock rules no matter what generation.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

Had a great anniversary weekend. Watched Iron Man 3, took the wife to dinner, and spent some quiet time at home together.
Scotch at 10:57 PM May 05

Couldn't ask for much more.

Laksmikanti at 12:05 AM May 06

17 years together ... and still counting, Nothing but respect for you Sir.

Raiden at 07:57 PM May 06

Awesome dude. Congratulations, my friend.

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

Has anyone been paying attention to the NFL Draft?
Scotch at 02:08 PM Apr 27


timmyd at 02:50 PM Apr 27

off and on

Ocelot_Snake at 02:52 PM Apr 27

never need to, the amount of cursing from my father keeps me well informed

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 12 months ago

Iron Man 3 looks terrific.
Scotch at 10:16 PM Apr 24

Johnboy16 at 02:28 AM Apr 25

funny gifs

Raiden at 07:21 AM Apr 25

Yes! Hopefully, will get the bad taste of 'Iron Man 2' out of my mouth.

jeo4 updated his STATUS: about 1 year ago

Finally, two weeks after receiving it as a birthday gift (I love my wife), watching Game Of Thrones: The Complete First Season on Blu-Ray.
Anakin at 05:11 PM Apr 21

Enjoy, it's fantastic!

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