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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

Found this surfing, and, well...Great Scott...
Weapon X
Weapon X at 08:55 PM May 10

This is heavy.

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 09:19 PM May 10


grelber37 at 10:06 PM May 10

As Arsenio would say, "Things that make you go hmmmm." LMAO.

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

Aced the finals, aced the semester...gimme a "Hell yeah!"
Glinda at 08:38 PM May 10

Hell yeah great job!!

timmyd at 01:07 AM May 11


Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 01:24 AM May 11

Hell yeah! Congrats!

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jeo4 posted a MOVIE REVIEW item: 6 months ago

Captain America: Civil War


Directed by: Anthony Russo
Written by: Anthony Russo
Cast: Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Robert Downey Jr., Chadwick Boseman, Daniel Bruhl, Martin Freeman, Tom Holland, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, Don Cheadle, Frank Grillo, William Hurt, Elizabeth Olsen, Emily VanCamp
Studio: Marvel Studios
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comic Book
Official Site:
Plot: Following a series of disastrous campaigns, the United Nations attempts to take control of the Avengers. Some members of the team are willing to cooperate with the plan. Captain America is not.


Since 1920, approximately 170 superhero films have been released, with an estimated 30 to 40 more due within the next five years. One begins to wonder if the industry is going to overstay its welcome with the viewing public at such a pace. That said, Captain America: Civil War sets the bar very high for upcoming projects, to say the very least...[more]...


Other reviews of this film: cerealkiller182 (9/10) , oscarxp25 (7/10) > Display all
jeo4 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

I had an incredible time with Captain America: Civil War. I hope to see it again soon.
XSsoCX at 02:11 AM May 09

I cannot wait to see it tomorrow evening.

Glinda at 08:11 PM May 09

Glad you loved it jeo4!

the hash slinging slasher
the hash slinging slasher at 04:12 AM May 10

me too!

jeo4 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

At long last...Civil War this afternoon!
sLaShEr84 at 10:43 PM May 07


jeo4 posted a BLOG item 6 months ago

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today


We were married at 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 4, 1996. My best friend Joe and my brother Bill were my best men, along with my brother-in-law. She went to have her hair spiral curled before the ceremony. I thought she might be getting cold feet. She never did. Her mom tried to talk her out of it, but as her mom so often does, failed miserably. My mom didn't come to the ceremony because she hated my dad at the time. I was unhappy with that, but I got over it. Everyone else showed up, and that's all that mattered.

Everyone looked great...except for my dad, who had tried to send a model rocket up for his buddies at work in the days before, but it stalled, blew up on the launch pad and set his hair ablaze. (My brother and I agreed he looked like a chunky George Peppard from the A-Team at the time.)

When my wife walked down the aisle, I didn't really expect her dad to be able to make the trip with her. He had been ill for a while and in a coma for about a month before the event took place. He managed to walk the aisle and stayed standing long enough to give her away. She looked beautiful. I was very happy, regardless of our lunatic mothers.

There we stood in front of our pastor, who, in his thick Nigerian accent, recited Paul's letter in Corinthians..."Love is patient. Love is kind..." I remember her mom and my 'stand-in mom' lighting our unity candle and 'stand-in' had a husband who sang and played guitar at our ceremony. The line that stuck out from his song was "...most of all, I love you because you're you."

We said our vows and Brother Michael pronounced us husband and wife. We kissed and headed to the reception. We actually had two receptions, no thanks to the busybody who was married to the church deacon. She didn't want to go to the lake and be outside in the weather. Meanwhile, we had already rented a lake house and had the reception there, too. So we did double duty, one at the church and one at the lake. No worries, it was still fun.

I worked the room, getting hugs and kisses from crying family members, at least a couple of whom were relieved that I had changed my mind about marriage once I found the right one. Her father wasn't much for emotion on any level. But he walked up to me and put his arms around me for the only hug we would ever exchange.

I remember telling people how she liked the same things I did. She loves Star Wars (R2-D2 is her favorite) and she watches tons of movies, especially Pixar and horror films. She collects things like I do and plays video games and board games to this day.

She has so much in common with me, our opposite personalities were drawn together in such a way that we complimented each other. I admit that's a taller order for her than me, considering I have my cranky moments compared to her more even personality. She calls me Shrek, I call her Fiona...we looked at her mom and said "Donkey!"

We made it through the honeymoon phase and we had our share of ups and downs, our share of arguments and apologies, We've been through losses, but we've had some of the best wins we could have hoped for. She encourages me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. She spoils me from time to time with surprises and I sometimes do the same for her. It's a rare thing to compliment one another so well.

There are no secrets to what we did. We were committed and we were patient when the going got rough. We still see through the unhappy moments and still know there's a terrific big picture there. That picture has only gotten better with time. I know it will continue to do so. Here's to another twenty years.

Mood: Happy

Dr Jan-itor
Dr Jan-itor at 07:34 PM May 05

Beautiful blog, Man. The Shrek part. "Donkey!" lol

Pat Hatfreet
Pat Hatfreet at 04:37 AM May 09

Happy Anniversary!

HTX0811 at 03:24 PM Jun 29

Great blog and congratulations!

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

Me after finals: I won't need the rub down, though.
Laksmikanti at 04:41 AM May 04

Jeo4, such a hard word will pay hun!, and what best reward that time with your loved one after finals, congrats in the anniversary and here is for more and more years of happiness to you both.

jeo4 at 05:20 AM May 04

@Laksmikanti -Thanks! Hard to believe we made it so far, but I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Glinda at 10:54 PM May 04

Congratulations as I know you're done with finals by now, and also congratulations on your anniversary!

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

Finals week for me, then a new round of classes.
timmyd at 01:34 AM May 03

nice. good luck.

Slick Nick
Slick Nick at 03:04 AM May 03

Good Luck!

cobb at 04:39 PM May 03

good luck j

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

Comcast buying DreamWorks...any thoughts, MFC?
cerealkiller182 at 07:43 PM Apr 28

Seems nice for Comcast. But I hate Comcast.

Cronos at 11:10 PM Apr 28

Prepare to see Donkey on all Comcast ads.

jeo4 at 12:30 AM Apr 29

Since Comcast owns NBC Universal and the network itself is totally fucked, I can't see any good coming from them owning anything else.

jeo4 posted an IMAGE item: 6 months ago
Enough Said.

jeo4 at 07:46 PM Apr 28

It's crazy how these are popping up everywhere. I can't help but laugh, though.

timmyd at 12:20 AM Apr 29


Glinda at 12:24 AM Apr 29


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jeo4 posted a VIDEO item: 6 months ago

My favorite song from Prince & The Revolution


jimmydevito at 06:59 PM Apr 25

So good

Glinda at 09:30 PM Apr 25


timmyd at 02:08 AM Apr 26

amazing song.

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jeo4 posted a VIDEO item: 6 months ago

On Your Mark, Get Set, Act!


Glinda at 10:06 PM Apr 25

This is so good. My favorite is focusing on the fly to look shifty eyed and the love scene making sure the director and cameras are there. lol (rookie mistake).

jeo4 added a DVD to his collection: 6 months ago
The Peanuts Movie

the hash slinging slasher
the hash slinging slasher at 11:28 PM Apr 22

Tried watching this but could't get through it for some reason...

timmyd at 12:40 AM Apr 23


Glinda at 01:39 AM Apr 23

I've got to pick this up this weekend.

jeo4 added a DVD to his collection: 6 months ago
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

the hash slinging slasher
the hash slinging slasher at 11:29 PM Apr 22


timmyd at 12:40 AM Apr 23


sLaShEr84 at 01:28 AM Apr 23

Great movie.

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jeo4 updated his STATUS: 6 months ago

Well god damn it, Prince is dead.
jeo4 at 06:32 PM Apr 21

Confirm on CNN, MSN and Yahoo...among everyone else.

piranhafeast at 07:09 PM Apr 21

Yes I just heard it was confirmed in here too.Terribly sad news.

timmyd at 12:28 AM Apr 22

sad fuckin' day.

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